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This takes place when I was in my mid-30's
I was watching one of the best baseball games in a long time and really getting into it,when ,the serenity of an afternoon ballgame was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell.After about the 3rd ring,I came back from the ballgame and got up to answer the door.Opening it,I saw my youngest sister,Carol,28,in the doorway,sobbing her eyes out."Its over,David,she wailed.I already knew it was about a guy.It always was.
She came in,walked slowly into the living room and plopped herself on my couch."What happened?",I asked softly,sitting next to her.She cried a bit more,then,sniffling,she began."Rich and I had a big fight.We called each other all kinds of names and I threw things at him.He told me to get out.I have been crying the whole 40 miles up to your apartment."She broke down again and I sat there with my arm around her,soothing her.
A few minutes passed by as she cried some,blew her nose,and started to calm down a bit."He doesn't have interest in me anymore.In bed,he won't even touch me.I wore this outfit for him and he didn't even notice."She stood up and I was surprised by how short her denim shorts were.Her small ass was halfway out of them and they were very tight.I couldn't take my eyes off of her gorgeous ass.I looked away and felt a stirring in my pants.I sat back and put my hands in my lap in case something decided to pop up!
I asked her if she wanted a Diet Coke and after her yes,I proceded to the kitchen to get our sodas.I noticed her top was a thin sleeveless,skimpy top with spaghetti straps.Handing her the glass,she said to me,"Last week,I was in the market just thinking about him and my panties got all wet."Stop here.Dear reader,my sister is the type of person who is not afraid to express herself and she was not going to stop now.I almost dropped my glass as I choked on the soda.She giggled and said,"Ohh,David.Did I startle you?"Looking at her with a grin and a embaressed look,I said,"Oh,no!Not you!By all means no!"She giggled again as we went back to the couch and she said seriously now,"One of his favorite things he used to loooove to do is lick my pussy.He was good at it,too."The ice cube in my mouth almost slid down my throat and could have choked me!"Doesn't he even touch you anymore?"I asked curiously."No",she answered."This is what he does."Grabbing my hand,her soft tongue licked between my 2 fingers as if it was a pussy and caused me to feel that feeling in my crotch again.This is where it gets interesting.
Sitting back on the couch with legs crossed and arms folded,she asked,"David,do me a favor.Please tell me in your own words how you would lick my pussy if I was your girlfriend."I have always lusted after my youngest sister ever since we were teens.I cleared my throat and looked at her."Are you sure?",I asked."Give it your best shot.",she said sternly."Just imagine I'm your girlfriend and I am naked in your bed.Go!"I took a deep breath and started."Well,first off,I would kneel in bed and drink you in because you are a very beautiful woman even though you are my sister."She smiled a little and said softly,"Why,thank you dear brother.""I would start at your knees or just above them,nibbling on your inner thighs and slowly making my way up your thighs.I would use my hands to caress you as I was nibbling and licking.I would very slowly work my way up your legs until my fingers were opening your thighs wider and wider until I was looking down at your pussy."
By this time,my cock,which I was trying to cover was rock hard and throbbing against my hands.So far,I had not been looking at her at all.I continued."I would begin giving the area around your pussy tiny kisses and licks,all the while getting closer to the target.Then,I would lightly lick the outer lips,hardly touching them and as I licked more,my tongue would lick harder.It would worm its way between the lips and lick just inside,working its way up to your clit,which hoping would be getting harder by now."I had to stop.I felt a small amount of precum at the head of my penis.My breathing was a bit heavy.I looked at her and stared.She sat there with her eyes wide open and her cheeks flushed.Her nipples were hard as pebbles and she said softly,"David,that was wonderful.Can I kiss you?"I stuttered,"S-sure."Our faces came closer together and finally her ever-so-soft lips touched mine.It wasn't a small peck,but,a deep crushing kiss that lasted a long time.I heard her moan as we kissed and I felt another glob of precum seep from my dick.Our lips parted and met again and again as we kissed deeper and deeper.We stood up and crushed against each other,now,our tongues caressing against each other.She broke the kiss and said,"We have to do this right." and proceded to undress in front of me.Off came her shorts,top and I moaned this time at seeing how sexy she looked in her bikini panties.She slid them down as the last of my clothes were dropped to the floor.As she led me into my bedroom,I knew our lives would never be the same again.End of Part 1.

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2010-04-25 15:22:28
wannabe writer typical for this site can't finish a simple story what a loser idiots like this need to be banned and thier stories put in the do not read area

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iam no detective but she sounded like she planed this all along and she played her part well nice story

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good storie


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If part 2 is like part 1, don't bother.

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