A short chapter this time but I hope it's hot enought to make up for it. Enjoy
Chapter 3

Jason felt his cock give a slight lurch in Karen’s hand as his daughter’s hair brushed along his thighs and her tongue touched the tip of his shaft. “You know daddy,” Karen said as she licked her father’s prick clean. “There’s nothing like the taste of a girl’s cunt juices just after she loses her virginity.”

“I wouldn’t know about that,” Jason said as his cock started to harden in his daughter’s hands. “Like I told you before, you’re the first virgin I ever fucked.”

“Well daddy,” Karen said, looking up and giving her father a seductive wink as she licked her lips, “I’ve tasted my own cunt juices before now, and there really is something special about this time. Of course, it could be your cum mixed with mine, but I think there’s more to it then that.”

“I wish I could taste it,” Jason said, licking his own lips as he looked down at the thirteen year old girl licking and stroking his turgid cock.

“Maybe we can do something about that,” Karen said slowly. “All I have to do is turn around and then you can eat my cunt while I eat your cock.”

“Ok,” Jason said, giving Karen a broad smile as shifted her body around until she was straddling his head with her knees and lowering her crotch down to her father’s lips and tongue as she returned to his hardening cock. As her father’s tongue ran along her dripping slit she opened her mouth and sucked the tip of his cock between her lips and took a deep breath before she let the shaft slide down her throat.

“Oh my God,” Jason groaned as his cock slid down Karen’s throat. “You’re got to tell me how a virgin learned to deep throat like that.” Karen’s only answer was to wiggle her nearly bald cunt in his face and Jason realized that he wasn’t keeping up his own end of the bargain. He grabbed his daughter’s hips and held her steady as he went back to licking the juices that dripped out from between her pussy lips. As the taste of Karen’s deflowered slit filled his mouth he had to agree with her that there was something special about the taste, something that he realized he might never taste again.

While Jason had no idea where his daughter learned how to suck cock it was obvious that Karen had a lot of experience. He could feel every inch of his prick as the shaft pushed against the sides of her throat as they vibrated around the shaft and made him harder and harder as the girl pushed him closer and closer to another orgasm. Jason could also feels the lips of Karen’s pussy fluttering against his mouth as moved his tongue around inside her fuck hole and teased the girl’s oversize clit with his bottom lip. Just as he felt his balls starting to tense with his impending orgasm Karen spat his cock out of her mouth and pushed her thumb against the base of his cock.

“Oh no you don’t daddy,” Karen said softly, her breath passing across her father’s pubic hair as the spasms of his orgasm died before he was able to shoot his load. “I’ll be happy to eat your cum later, but if you’re serious about wearing condoms from no on I want to make sure I get every possible drop of your baby juice in my cunt tonight.”

“Karen,” Jason said as he patted his daughter’s ass cheeks affectionately, “if I thought you knew what you were talking about I’d be worried.”

“Daddy, I’m not that young,” Karen said as she pulled her wet cunt away from her father’s face shifted around until she was straddling her father’s stomach with her pussy juice dripping into the well of his belly button. “I know what I want and I’m not going to stop asking for it - or begging for it if that’s what it takes - until you’re ready to knock me up.”

“If you say so,” Jason told his daughter with a weak laugh.

“Yes I say so,” Karen said as she slid her crotch down her father’s body until his erect cock poked her in the ass. “And you know that I’m stubborn enough to keep at it until you give in.”

“Or come to your senses,” Jason said, trying to remember if there were any occasions when his daughter had ever changed her mind about something she thought she wanted.

“Just keep telling yourself that, daddy,” Karen said as she raised her ass up high enough to jump over the lump of her father’s erect cock so that it sprang up and nestled between her cunt lips. “You just lay there and enjoy the ride, dad,” the thirteen year old said as she reached down between her legs and adjusted the angle of her father’s prick so the head was wedged against her slit. “This time I’ll do all the work.”

Jason let out a little gasp of pleasure as he watched the head of his prick disappear between his daughter’s nearly bald cunt lips. He could feel the walls of her slit pulsing against his cock as it slid into the horny girl’s vagina an inch at a time.

“Do you like it dad?” Karen asked with a purr of sexual pleasure when her oversize clit buried itself in his pubic hair. “I do, fucking you is better than I ever dreamed it could be. By the way, daddy, I practiced with the dildo mom gave me.”

“What do you mean?” Jason groaned as pleasure flowed from the cock stroking in and out of his daughter’s cunt and up his spine to fill his brain so that he couldn’t even think straight.

“You wanted to know how a virgin could be so good at eating cock,” Karen said, leaning forward as she fucked her father’s cock so that the shaft ran across her clit with every stroke. “Well when mom started getting me ready to fuck you she bought me a dildo and told me to practice licking and sucking it until I could deep throat it without gagging. She told me that she searched for months to find a vibrator with just the right proportions to match your cock and I’ve practiced with it every day just so I’d be ready for today.”

“They do say that practice makes perfect,” Jason muttered as he watched Karen’s small tits jiggle every time she bounced off his crotch. “And you certainly know how to eat my cock.”

“In that case,” Karen said as she closed her eyes in pleasure and rode her father’s cock enthusiastically, bouncing her hard ass off his full balls and her oversize clit off his belly, “I hope you plan to give me a lot of practice fucking because I want to get perfect at this too.”

“Trust me, Karen, you don’t need that much practice,” Jason said with a groan as he reached up to tweak his daughter’s bouncing tits. Even with her hard erect nipples Karen’s breasts weren’t much more than a handful, but they bounced like they were fuller than they really were.

“Now I know you’re lying,” Karen said, grinding her cunt into her father’s groin so that his cock swivelled around in her cunt and her clit rubbed across the slight paunch of his stomach. She leaned forward to ruffle Jason’s thinning hair as she continued. “This is only my second fuck and I know I have a lot to learn - even if mom did tell me a lot about fucking before she died.”

“You’re such a natural when it comes to fucking I think you’ll do just fine if you follow your instincts,” Jason told his daughter as he slid his hands down and around her naked body until he was squeezing her ass cheeks as she started riding up and down his shaft again. “What else do you want to learn about fucking? What it feels like to have my cock in your ass?”

“Someday,” Karen said as her breath started coming in gasps as Karen’s fuck tunnel started vibrating around his cock. “But first I want to get pregnant.”

“Karen,” Jason said with a groan as his balls started to quiver under his daughter’s assault. “I already told you it would be a bad idea for me to knock you up.”

“I know you said that dad,” Karen said with a slight frown, “but I still want your baby and I don’t intend to stop until you give me what I want. Tell you what, I’ll let you fuck me in the ass after you get me pregnant.”

“And how long do you think a hot horny little girl like you can hold off a fuck in the ass,” Jason asked Karen as he ran a finger between her ass cheeks.

“As long as it takes,” Karen gasped, slamming her cunt harder and faster along her father’s prick with ever stroke. “Just look how long I kept after you until you finally fucked me.”

“Good point,” Jason said, his balls twitching with his impending orgasm. “But knocking you up is something I can hold out on longer than you can hold out on ass fucking.”

“I guess we’ll see,” Karen said with a smile as she slammed her cunt down one last time and held her pussy lips tight against her father’s groin as her body shook with her newest orgasm. With his daughter’s fuck tunnel massaging the whole length of his prick Jason shot another load of cum into Karen’s unprotected cunt with a loud groan of pleasure.

“Thank you daddy,” Karen said as she leaned down to give her father another kiss as her cunny milked every last drop of baby juice from his balls. “If we’re lucky you could be fucking my ass before you know it.”

“If I’m lucky I’ll be fucking your ass,” Jason said as he returned his daughter’s kiss. “And tomorrow I am picking up condoms - a whole lot of condoms - so we don’t have to worry about luck after tonight.”

“I’ll be happy if I’m lucky tonight,” Karen said with a sigh as she draped her naked body across her father’s. “Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?”

“After what we just did?” Jason said with a chuckle as he stroked Karen’s back, letting his hands rest on her ass cheeks with every stroke, “why not?”

“And can we sleep with your cock stuck in my cunt?” Karen asked hopefully.

“Sure we can,” Jason said with a benevolent smile. “But just to warn you, your pussy feels so good around my prick that I could wake up hard and horny enough to fuck you all over again.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for,” Karen said as she closed her eyes and wiggled her body against her father’s naked chest as she drifted off to sleep.


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"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 3" - Jason and Karen Carter - (Father and Daughter)

And the sage continues along in fine feddle! Projections of the outcome are starting to emerge that Karen has, or is, become pregnant, fulfilling her decased mother"s desire to produce many children of incestual parents! Go Karen, GO!!

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