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First story, hope you enjoy!
Sitting in the passenger seat of the car, while the ferry steamed toward its destination, 14-year old Kevin felt his boner crying out for attention. Deciding he could take in no longer, he opened the door, and made a beeline for the nearest single bathroom. He arrived, and was glad to see the green "unoccupied" sign on the lock. He opened the door of the bathroom, and was surprised to find a 18ish year old girl fingering herself on the toilet. She moaned with pleasure as she thrust her hand in and out of her pussy. She looked up, and saw him. He was about to leave, but she beckoned him inside. He walked in, shut the door, and locked it. She still was on the toilet, with her shaved pussy exposed. She pulled off her shirt, and unclasped her bra, revealing her wonderful tits. "Want to touch them? she asked. He did, and went over and squeezed them. "Can I see your penis? she asked, and he quickly stripped off his pants and boxers, revealing his 7" uncut penis hard and erect. Oohh, she said, what a big boy! She reached over and took ahold of it, and slowly began to stroke it up and down. He tilted his head back and groaned with pleasure as she slowly moved her warm hand, moist from her pussy, over his hard cock. Her hand felt like heaven as it moved up and down his shaft, pulling back his foreskin to reveal his swollen head, the tip beading with precum, and then pulling it back over. "Oh yeah..." he moaned, closing his eyes, feeling the familiar tinging feeling, his balls growing tighter as he prepared to cum, wished that he could prolong this feeling just a little bit longer.
Then, suddenly, she took her hand off his cock. He opened his eyes, and she said: we don't want to tire you out just yet, right? And besides, I want a bit of help too. He smiled nervously, and said "what can I do?" She lay back on the toilet seat, her legs spread far apart, giving him a great view of her dripping-wet pussy. "This" she said, and took his hand, guiding it between her legs. He felt the warm, smooth, wet flesh on his hand, and began to explore it. He rubbed her outer lips, and she said "nice, but let me suggest this," moving his hand closer to her sacred hole. Here it was even wetter and warmer, and he moved all his fingers independently, feeling around. "ahhh...." she said. "how about you put a finger in?" He couldn't have been happier to hear that. Tentatively, he took his pointer finger, and began to push it in. It was greeted with slick flesh on all sides, and he pushed deeper. "oh, deeper!" she said, and he went deeper, all the way until his index finger's knuckle was wet with pussy juice. He felt her squeeze down on his finger, and withdrew it partially, and then put it back in. "faster!" she said, breathing harder now. In and out it went, her pussy accepting it in easily, and hanging on as he withdrew it. He added his index finger, and now both began moving in and out of her, her moans becoming louder, as she said "ohh yeah.... don't stop.... faster.... don't stop...."
But stop he did, and as she looked up at him, he smiled slyly, and said "my turn again." "ok," she agreed, and pulled him closer. Now his erect dick, dripping with precum, was right at her face. She took the shaft into her hand, and held it up, pointing at the ceiling. Then, she took her tongue, and with the very tip, started right at the base, right above his balls, and moved all the way up to the very sensitive spot right below his head. "fuck, that's great" he managed to say. He had done the same thing with the back of his electric toothbrush, and it felt pretty damn good, but it wasn't as wet and squishy as her tongue, perfectly conforming to every groove of his dick, and lingering at that magic place, pushing gently in. He felt like he could've cum right there, but somehow managed to stop himself. She did it again, but quicker this time, and with nearly her whole tongue, enveloping his cock in its warmth. "Oh god..." he had time to say, and then she pursed her lips, and began to take the whole thing into her mouth. He felt her lips conform to his cock's head, touching every inch of it, and then stop as her lips fit into the place between his head and foreskin, touching that magic piece of skin on the underside. Then, he felt her tongue circling his head, wetting is, licking off the pre-cum from the tip. The feeling of her licking his hole was indescribable. Then she moved her mouth down again, past the top of his foreskin, and down to where half of the shaft was in her sweet, warm mouth. His eyes closed, his mouth agape, he could not believe he could feel this good. Then she moved her lips up toward his head, pulling his foreskin with them, until she had just the top of his foreskin and a bit of his head in her mouth, both of which she licked and sucked on, sending wave after wave of pleasure crashing down on his brain. "oh...." was all that he could say at this point. All his concentration was on his dick at this moment, and her mouth that began to move up and down his shaft, slowly and first, then quicker. He couldn't believe it. He was being jacked-off by the mouth of a naked, 18-year old babe. "OH GOD!!! YESS!!!" he yelled, and she increased her speed. Now he wanted nothing more than to orgasm, to feel the unimaginable pleasure sear through his entire body, to send the raging torrent of cum building in his balls down her throat in an endless stream of glorious spurts. "FUCK!" he yelled, and bucked his hips forward, forcing his entire cock into her mouth, his eyes rolling back into his head with sheer pleasure. Then, she stopped once again. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" he yelled, and almost grabbed his cock and jacked himself off on her face. But then he realized what was coming was going to be almost as fun as what he had just experienced, and decided against it. She lay back once again, spreading herself wide for him to see, and winked at him, saying "want a taste?" And of course he did. He fell to his knees, and not wanting to be chastised, thrust his tongue directly into the center of her pussy, tasting her sweet flowing juices, and listening to her yelp with delight. She thrust her pussy into his face, and he moved his tongue up and down, side to side, tasting every part of her, and then deeper into her hole. Barely able to speak, she said "move your tongue up; try my clit" and so he did, finding her love button throbbing, and he took it into his mouth, sucking hard. "OH FUCK!!! YESS!!!! DON'T STOP... OH THAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!" she screamed, and he kept on sucking, now adding two fingers that he began to thrust into her. "OH FUCK!!! I'M GONNA CUMMM" she screamed, and at that moment, he took her clit out of his mouth, and pulled his two fingers out of her dripping wet pussy. "wait" he said, as she looked up, livid. He then lay down on the floor, his wet cock pointing straight up, and she instantly knew what he had in mind. She got up, and walked over, positioning herself over him, taking his cock in one hand, and opening her pussy lips with the other. Then, he watched as that delicious ass, and the pussy in front of it, moved closer and closer to his waiting cock, being guided by her hand. He took one last look at his cock pointing straight at her waiting pussy hole growing ever closer, and closed his eyes, waiting for the next amazing moment. Then it happened. He felt his cock against something moist, and then felt it being drawn into that hot, tight, wet hole, deeper and deeper, her pussy surrounding his cock on all sides, squeezing it, as he went ever deeper. Then, it was all the way in, and he opened his eyes to see her ass resting right below his belly-button. He felt as if he could stay like this forever and never grow bored, his dick encased in a warm, tight tomb. But she had other intentions. She lifted herself up, and then brought herself down, and they moaned in unison, both loving what they felt. He placed both hands on her ass cheeks, and she began to bounce up and down on his cock as if it were a pogo stick. Up and down her ass went went, and he watched it move up and down, his cock head nearly visible when her ass was at its highest. And that FEELING! Nothing ever, even her amazing blowjob, could have prepared him for this. His cock moving in and out of her pussy, both parts sliding in unison, perfectly lubricated. Her breathing became short, and she uttered "oh, oh, Oh, OHHH, OHHHH!" again and again, and he began to grunt and moan, and watch his cock go in and out of that wonderful hole. His cock was in absolute heaven, all sides, every part stimulated at once, and he thought he could never feel as good for the rest of his life as he did right now. He once again felt the cum beginning to boil in his balls, and this time, he know he would have relief. She too, began to tingle all over, as his dick thrust in and out of her pussy, and her cries became louder and louder, and all of a sudden, she screamed "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" and he shouted back "ME TOO!" and she forced his cock in even farther, feeling her pussy lips spread out over his pubes, and she stayed there, feeling the waves of her most powerful orgasm ever tear through her, her pussy clamping down on his cock, as just at the same moment, his cock began to convulse and spurt stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her. He felt the orgasm carry him away, and he threw his head back, closing his eyes, unable even to breathe, as his cock pumped still more cum into her. It felt as if it would never end, but eventually his cock gave a last jerk, and was still. She, however, was not yet done, and he felt her pussy squeezing and letting go of his erection again and again, and for a moment, he thought he might cum again. Then her pussy finally stopped squeezing and relaxed, and she laid back against him, her head nestled beside his, her boobs standing straight and tall, his cock still nestled deep within her. There they lay, his dick still to sensitive to move, until he finally felt it start to return to it's normal size, and he withdrew it from her pussy. She stood up, then so did he, kissed her, put on his clothes, and went to the door. "Thanks" he said, and started to unlatch the door. "wait" she called. "I ride the boat every saturday for dance practice." "Will you be here next time?" "Yep." he said. "I guess it's a date!"

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2009-06-17 17:43:50
I just like that he was young :p


2008-08-14 02:27:10
not even credible

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2008-08-12 16:20:38
right.......................bulll shit

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2008-08-12 02:29:32
A thrill to read quick and complete very well done

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2008-08-12 00:19:23
very good i agree about the paragraphs but overall get some spaces in there and your a born story writer

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