Chapter 2 of a nasty fantasy story about a girl who turns depraved for life - wanting nothing but nasty sex in all forms that it comes in. Chapter 2 focuses upon one specific, important event in the fuckpig life of this little girl. BEWARE - most all of this story is very, very nasty and unless you've got a filthy, nasty mind you will not like parts of this FANTASY. The longer it goes on, the nastier and more depraved it gets. It's purely written to get my fellow dirty fuckers cumming. I hope you enjoy it and cum hard. Please let me know if you do. If you don't like it then don't tell me because I know it's certainly not to all tastes. Thank you. EXTRA NOTE - I thought I'd better warn that this story also includes some birth & vomit fetish, as well as the other themes!!!
Lisa was a slut. Lisa and mommy were still spending all day everyday making each others pregnant bodies cum and Lisa, at 8½ months, just looked delicious. Her angelic face and shoulder length blonde hair were constantly covered in the bodily fluids of herself, her Mommy and her Daddy, and so was the rest of her slut body. Mommy and Lisa's new thing was squeezing their lactating udders and squirting milk all over each others bodies and then rubbing their pregnant, swollen bodies all over each other. Lisa was now 13 and her big pregnant belly hung far out in front of her. Her young breasts were large for her age due to the baby growing inside her, but still had a lot of growing to do. From the third month onward she spent her pregnancy naked and completely fucked. Mommy was 6 months pregnant and was just a larger image of her daughter - blonde, beautiful, naked, nasty, pregnant, incestuous and covered in cum, spit, piss and cunt juice, with huge swollen adult tits. Daddy was the luckiest man in the world to be able to watch, fuck and degrade to extremes his wife and their daughter.

Just around the time Lisa’s babyslut was due Daddy decided that due to the nosey authorities they would have to move if they were to keep up their nasty, sex fuelled lifestyle. Daddy got in touch with his brother and a few days later they went to move in with him a long way from home. Daddy sold their house and most of the furniture, quit his job and packed up the trailer. Daddy and his brother had talked about setting up business together for years and this would be the perfect opportunity for them to do it.

“Our baby girl fuck toys are going to be even fucking nastier than you are after all the piss and cum they‘ve been fed by us”, Mommy said to Lisa as she rubbed her cunt, sat in the passenger seat of the car on the long drive to Uncle’s. She continued: “They‘re going to be addicted to all kinds of filth and think it‘s natural“. “I hope so, Mommy. I can‘t wait to be fucked pregnant again and have Daddy fucking me as my new little fucktoy sucks on my tits. I want to breed a whole army of fucktoys pigs“ Lisa cooed as she squeezed her tits so her milk drenched her own face.

During the 9 hour drive Daddy had to have his big, fat fuckstick sucked several times by Mommy, and Lisa and Mommy had huge toys stuffed up their cunts keeping them just satisfied enough not to go mentally insane. Lisa spent most of the drive led across the back seat with her tiny dress pulled up over her huge belly, reaching around the unborn cunthole and fucking herself with the dildo. She would be spitting on her tits and huge stomach and squeezing her udders more and covering her body in tit milk as she did so and gave many truckers a delicious view.

One trucker saw the show as he was overtaking and slowed down to watch - who could fucking blame him? The trucker looked to be about the same age as Lisa’s Daddy and was obviously horny as fuck seeing this 13 year old, heavily pregnant piece of babycunt covered in tit milk and spit, fucking herself on the back seat with her parents in the front, the Mommy stroking the Daddy‘s 8-inch meat and sliding a huge vibrator in and out of her stretched snatch. Lisa saw the trucker get on his radio and 5 minutes later the car was boxed in by three trucks. They slowed down as the car was slowly forced to pull over and stop on a remote stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. “Oh fuck…we’re gonna get raped, Lisa” Mommy said, and both fuckpigs came hard on their dildoes at the thought.

Daddy got out and met the three truckers as they got to the car. “Guys, you can fuck them in any hole, you can spit and piss on them, you can slap them about and cum where you want. Be as rough as you want, and if you like you can be cumming all over the little baby girl fucktoys as well in the future”, Daddy told them. “All-fucking-right! Did you put the kids in ‘em both?” said one of the fuckers. “Fuck yeah…both are baby girl meat, and as soon as possible they’re all gonna breed more whores for our hard cocks”

Lisa and her Mommy were dragged from the car by their hair into the dirt on the side of the road and had what little clothing they had left was ripped off by the truckers. They knelt down naked as the four men spent 5 minutes just spitting on their faces and telling them what fat, disgusting fuckpigs they were, until their faces and tits were drenched with thick saliva. Next, 13 year old fuckpig Lisa and her cumbag Mommy were put on their hands and knees in the warm sun with their pregnant bellies hanging into the dirt below. Daddy and the three truckers took positions so that both whores had a cock at their babyholes and a cock at their mouth cunts. All four fuckers slammed their cocks into the holes at the same time. The three big truckers all had big, fat, greasy dicks and were slamming away as hard as they could and moving around to sample all of the whores’ fuckable holes. The dirty fucksticks were going from Lisa’s experienced young cunt to her stretched little shithole to her Mommy’s mouth to her Mommy’s twat to her Mommy’s ass before finishing the route into Lisa’s facecunt. All the while the guys were spitting on the pieces of meat and sticking fingers in the free holes.

One guy pushed his hand and forearm up Mommy’s ass, stretching her out good and proper, then put his cock inside her ass, it wasn’t touching the sides, and started pissing. After filling her up to overflowing they moved Lisa onto her back between her Mommy’s legs before making Mommy move into a squatting position over her face. Lisa had her mouth open and got her mouth filled up and her face and hair drenched with dirty, shitty piss from her Mommy’s gaping orifice. She swallowed without hesitation, feeding her babywhore the mess. Mommy kissed her deep, wanting to taste the piss from her own dirty asshole. Daddy and the three truckers came hard all over little Lisa’s shitpiss covered face at watching the disgusting, depraved preggo whores, making her into a 13 year old cum covered doll with her head resting in the piss puddled dirt. Her lovely blonde hair was soaked, with mud and shitpiss in it.

Mommy started licking the piss, cum and spit off Lisa’s face and spitting it back into her mouth before kissing it between the two and then swallowing it in equal measures.

“Well doesn’t that just look fucking delicious” a female voice said. All six of the group suddenly looked back to see a female and a male police officer dressed in full uniform. For a moment the truckers thought about getting out of there as fast as they could until they realised the male cop had his huge cock out. It must have been 10 inches and thick as Mommy’s forearm and was oozing pre-cum all over the woman cops hand as she stroked it, while her other hand was down her pants rubbing away at her cunt.

“Why don’t you come on over and join the party?” asked Daddy with a big smile. “Well, I should just arrest you all and throw you in jail for the rest of your lives…but this looks like so much more fun” said the female officer. She let go of the big, oozing cock and walked over towards Mommy and Lisa, who were both still led in the dirt with messy faces. The lady cop looked down on them both as she started to unbutton her blue uniform blouse to reveal her unsupported, perky, large, round fake tits and spat on them. She looked straight at the pregnant, naked 13 year old who was led in the pissy dirt with her face covered in cum, spit and piss and said “Imagine what she’d look like with a pair of tits like these”. Everyone groaned in horniness as they saw the picture in their mind of 13 year old Lisa with a huge pair of fake tits too big for her little body hanging over her big pregnant belly. Next she asked Lisa: “What’s your name and how old are you, honey?”. “I’m thirteen, ma’am. My proper name is Lisa, but you can call me any name you like.” Lisa replied. “OK, and what’s your favourite thing to do, you piece of shit?”

“Anything that makes me feel and look like a depraved fuckpig, ma’am” Lisa moaned sexily. The truckers and Daddy’s cocks were getting hard again. The woman officer had taken her pants off and now was naked except for her open blouse and her cap. She straddled Lisa on the ground, rubbing her shaven slut hole on Lisa’s bump, and got right in her face. She stuck her tongue in Lisa’s small mouth, tasting the disgusting mixture of fluids that had been in there. She pulled back away a couple of inches and said “Well, depraved little fuckpig, being in the position I’m in, I know all of the little girl rapers for miles around. I’m going to make sure every single one of them wrecks these nasty holes so hard that you won’t ever be able to stand up. You’ll just have to lie on the floor and let anyone and everyone use your body however they want”. Lisa began to cum, thinking of all the kiddy fuckers that she hoped would use her to fulfil all of their disgusting fantasies. “I’m gonna get them all together at one time and have them all punchfuck you until you’re just one big pussy”. Lisa’s cum got harder and harder, especially as now the woman was spitting hard in her face and mouth from inches away and reaching between their bodies to stuff four fingers up her public hole. Her Mommy had started eating her asshole deep, screwing her tongue up her cumtoy daughters cave and tasting her shit.


Lisa was having one of the hardest cums of her life. The reason for this was that the latest cum she was having had set off contractions and the babywhore fucktoy was on it’s way out. The policewoman realised this and told the male cop to get the first aid kit from their car. “Holy fucking shit” said one of the truckers, stood to the side with his pants around his ankles and stroking his fat cock, “She’s even cumming when she’s in labour!”. Lisa was only in labour for 15 minutes. During that time her Mommy ground herself to orgasm on her face as Lisa groaned and screamed into her Mommy’s cunt. The policewoman was delivering the baby and couldn’t believe the ease in which the baby was sliding out of this tiny 13 year olds gash, covered in its Daddy‘s cum from earlier that day. Daddy, the male cop and the truckers just stood around in various states of nudity and stroked away, their cocks dripping pre-fuck as they watched the scene. As the baby came out Daddy cut the cord and held his daughter/granddaughter in his arms.

Daddy looked at his new born whore plaything and a tear formed in his eye. He was so happy. He was so proud. He was so turned on. With that he pursed his lips and let a big load of drool runs from his lips, then spat it hard into the girlcunts face. “Welcome to your life, fuck whore” he said. The baby gargled happily.

Lisa was panting and the cops were looking at her cunt as it spasmed. “Shit…this fucking slab of meat is still fucking cumming!” the guy said. “The gang are gonna be blown away by this pig. She‘s easily the nastiest gash I‘ve ever had the good fortune to lay my eyes on” the woman said. Mommy had gotten up and was now stood next to Daddy. She too spat in the babies face, which made her loose cunt tremble again.
Daddy cleaned the baby of the womb slime and placed her on the floor in the shade of one of the trucks.

“I think it’s time for this little cunts baby shower, and you’re all invited” Daddy said. He instructed everybody to their places: Lisa kneeling at her feet, Mommy and the woman cop kneeling either side of her head, the three truckers and the cop kneeling and stood all around the babycunt and Daddy was to be stood over the newborn fuckmeat. Daddy started fucking Lisa’s mouth and really plunging deep into her throat. Before long Daddy had Lisa gagging and retching all kinds of slime and the cum from earlier all over herself and her first born sex toy. “Oh fuck, man…am I dead? Have I gone to heaven?….This is the best day of my life!” the male cop muttered, and all of the truckers agreed with him. The lady cop and Mommy began to squat and started pissing all over each other and the baby’s face. Daddy’s power fucking of Lisa’s throat made her puke on the throat slime drenched, piss covered mite on the ground which set the guys off, cumming all at the same time, all over the little 15 minute old baby fucktoy. For the next 10 minutes they all took some time to spit and piss on the baby as her 13 year old mother held her in her arms. The two older women, Mommy and the cop, fisted each others throats, gagging and puking all over the young duo.

Daddy collected the phone numbers of the truckers and the cops and promised to invite them to an even nastier session soon. Lisa was left breathing hard, kneeling in the dirt with her new little baby girl in her arms. Both Lisa and her child were covered from head to toe in spit, piss, cum and puke, the Sun glistening off all the slimey mess that was slowly cascading over their bodies, and babycunt began sucking on Lisa‘s udder for her first feed of milk. The female cop retched some more onto Lisa’s head and kicked her dirty, bare foot into her gaping pussy, fucking it in and out. Lisa was gone into another world, her eyes glazed over (with more than just slime) and her mouth hanging slightly open. She’d reached a whole new stage of sexual depravity and was trying to take it all in as she fought the constant orgasms. She managed to shakily put her baby down in the dirt next to her. Finally all the feelings her brain had shut down to over the past 10 minutes came crashing to the surface at once, sending her body into convulsions on the woman’s foot, thrashing wildly and screaming out the new biggest cum of her young life and then passing out in the dirt.

The woman cop pulled her foot out of Lisa’s bucket cunt and made Mommy suck it clean of womb slime and cunt spray. Then Daddy and the other guys fucked the shit out of each other and all came hard on each other. To finish off, the nasty lady cop got Mommy to pick the little sex toy girl up and lick the nasty mess off of its leg. “Stick that baby’s leg up my cunt and fuck me with it”, the pig grunted. Mommy’s knees went weak and she had a touchless cum as she stuffed her new granddaughters left leg up this perverted female cops drenched cunt and fucked it in and out as the baby meat cooed and giggled, feeling a steaming wet cunt squeeze her leg. Daddy grabbed the baby’s body as Mommy started using the baby as a double-ender and slid the girls right arm up her own pregnant snatch as well. Daddy rubbed his re-hardening meat over the puke covered dildo-baby and all three came on the little fuck toy moments later. The baby, a true slut from birth, continued giggling happily.

The nine of them all sorted themselves out after that as it had started to get dark. Lisa’s stinking, slimy body was picked up and thrown into the back of the car as she still hadn’t woken up. They said their goodbyes and licked the baby’s pussy until next time. Mommy held the baby for the rest of the journey and had a pleasant surprise when the fucktoy pissed on her tits and pregnant tummy. “Oh yes, mmmmm, piss on me you cunt…piss all over yourgrandmother and unborn auntie sister. You two are going to spend your entire lives being pissed on…you’re going to live on spit, piss, cum and puke….by the time you can talk you won’t be able to go half an hour without having something fucking at least one of your holes, even if you‘re too young to feel anything and cum…it‘ll feel wrong to be empty” Mommy said. Somehow she managed to restrain herself from stuffing a finger straight up the dried-puke drenched newborns cockhole; that was to be saved for a later date. She made do with fisting herself up her cunt and ass and yanking her udders, spraying the babygirl with milk. Daddy nearly crashed on the abandoned road several times, driving one handed in the dark as he pulled his slimy womb splitter and spat on his naked chest. "Puke on me, cunt" he growled nastily. Mommy turned to Daddy and stuck her fingers down her throat. With a loud retch she vomited all over his chest and lap. Daddy groaned and came hard all over himself, his fat balls working overtime. What started with Lisa having an itch on her cunt when she was 9 had developed into the whole family becoming so depraved they had nearly hit rock bottom four years later.

In her unconscious state on the back seat, Lisa slid her hand up her cunt and placed her other hand on her stomach where her bump had been; she was dreaming of being fucked full of cock snot as promised by her Daddy and the police lady, being used as a fuckpig breeding machine for hundreds of pedo’s. She was craving carrying her next babyslut already.

End of Chapter 2.

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