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male/female rape/first time
We had just gotten to the house and the guest where all ready in the back yard waiting for us to arrived we got in to the house and I Went up stairs to get out of my wedding dress in to a baby powder blue dress with diamond strap’s that went on my shoulder’s and I put on a pair of black lace panties and a strapless black lace bra as soon as I was done getting dressed Kevin my husband called to me Claire are you almost done the guest are awaiting us to come out to the back yard so that the party can start I yelled down to Kevin and told him yes dear I am almost done. I sat to myself why didn’t they already have started I would have.
I put on my white dress sandals and I went down stairs to the party we dance, ate and talked it was a wonderful time when Kevin asked me to dance and as we where dancing he whispered in my ear I cant wait for tonight I have been waiting for this night for 1 year and after he said that I agreed with him even though I was truly scared not of Kevin but it was going to be my first time being with a man sexually not to mention I have never even seen a man naked so yes I had a scary night coming to me.
At 10:30 Kevin told are guest that we where tired and it was time to leave and he said being funny "you don’t have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here" everyone laughed but they did start leaving we said are good byes and they gave us there blessings and then the last guest was out the door and we sign in the piece and quite of our own home.
I told him I was going to clean up a little bit and put the food away mind you I am stalling now because the bed room is the last place I want to be. So he was like ok honey I am going upstairs to take a shower then I will be down to take out the trash and then I am bringing my wife to bed with me so we can make real.
A half hour went by and he came back and he started kissing me on the back of the neck and I told him to hold on a little longer so that I could finish cleaning up so he took the trash out and had a smoke and came back in and starting kissing me and feeling up on me I felt uncomfortable, asked him to stop he grabbed me by my arm and dragged me up the stairs when we got to are bed room door he pushed me in and I feel to my knees and he shut and locked the bed room door.
He walked over to me and whipped him 9 ½ inch cock out at me and told me to suck it I told him no and I asked him why he was being like this to me
Kevin looked down at me and said you teasing little cunt you want to know why I am doing this it is cause I can and I am in less you want me to call a few of my friends over to help me brake you in if not I sagest you do it my way the easy way and that is where he gabbed both sides of my head and he pushed the head of his cock in my month it was so thick I was having a hard time doing it then without we warring he tighten his grip on my head and shoved his dick in my mouth and started throat fucking me I was gagging and almost puked I whimpered and he laugh then he pushed in one last time and shot his hot goo in the back of my throat he pulled out his cock and told me to swallow every drop or he would make me bleed.
He then pulls me up to my feet by my hair and brought me over to the bed and I was facing him and he pushes me down on the bed and gets on top of me and he started kissing me hard and deep then he sits up and stare in to my tear filled eyes and grabs the top of my dress and tares it down the middle and then grabs my bra and rips it right off my breast showing off my 36D tits bouncing around he goes and captures one of my nipples in him mouth and sucks and pulls then grinds his teeth very gently to cause a little bit of pain a moan escapes out my throat then he mover down to my stomach and sits back up and rips my panties off and it burned me a little bit I cry out then Kevin starts rubbing his finger up and down mu pussy lips then he opens um and puts his head down and spits on my clit then slips his tounge in and licks at my clit making me moan and my legs shake then he sticks his middle finger in my pussy and It’s a little painful then starts finger fucking me in and out while he is licking my clit I start to feel a sensation going thru me and I start to scream and Kevin says that’s it cum for me my dirty little cum whore he pulls his finger out but keeps licking to get all the cum juices out then he stops and moves up to kiss me and then I feel something probing at my pussy lips.With his free hand he grabbed his cock and put it pass the lips of my pussy and to the entrence and he worked the head in till he felt my cherry he pulled back and thrusted in fast and then let my pusst ajust to his cock and then he pulled out and thrusted again by this time i was screaming for him to stop but it fell on deaf ears as he pulled out again and thrusted even hard and faster i was trying to get him off me he stopped and got off of me and went in to are closet i thought he was done but boy was i wrong he grabbed a box and brang it to the bed and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and hand cuffed me to the head bord and he got back on top of me and said to me by the end of the night you will be begging me to not stop fucking you,you will be my lil cum whore! he then grabbed my legs from behind my knees and put then in the crook of his arms and took his cock and thrusted back inside my broke cunt and keep pushing deep in to me cirvix .i was crying and begging him to stop and he just keep going when all of a sudden i felt my body betray me and i was cumming again i started moaning AHHHHHHH YES I AM CUMMIN HARD KEVIN!

After i was done cumming he busted in deep in my pussy with loud GRR. he rolled off of me and uncuffed me and then pulled me close to him and held me while i cried and he said that it was the best sex he had ever had but he said we aint down yet i still have one whole i have to fill i asked where and he said my ass and i said please nomore i cant take it he then said that he would be gental and he would use lub to help get his cock in me we layed there for a while and he had a smoke then he put it out and rolled me over on my back and told me to get my hands and knee's he then thrusted back in my cunt a fucked me and i was moaning loud and he was thrusting faster and he bent over and wispered in my ears saying " see i told you my bitch would love it by the end of the night then he pulled out and went to the box and grabbed some lub and squeezed the tub at my rosebud puckered asshole and then rubbed it around and pushed a finger in then pushed another one in i was asking him to stop that i counldnt take it. he stopped a second only to put his cock in and instead of doing it gental like he said he would he shoved it in and i screamed out in pain as his cock ripped me open and i balled up the sheets in to my fist so tight my knuckles turned white and he was fucking me with every thing he had i could feel his balls slapping me agaisnt my cunt and then the pain eased and i started moaning and i was about to cum again and he bent over in my ear and told me he loved me and this would be a every night ordeal and i told him i loved him to and then i screamed FUCK ME YOU BASTERED HARDER HARDER MMMMMMMMMMM I AM CUMMING! right are i cam i felt him slide out of my ass and he thrusted back in to my cunt and let his seed go in to my cirviz as i felt it splash up at my cirvix walls. he got off me and we fell asleep.

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It's a sex story not a book going to get sold good story

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DdAaMm i feel bad 4 her a 9.5" cOck in her pussy and in her azz... And all of his dick was n her DdAaMm... LoL im barely 6inch LoL ×_×


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dam i didnt know people got off by punctation lol my spellcheck wasnt working

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Sentences too long, punctuation missing, needs more proper capitalization of words..

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