Dreams of an old man that eventually happened
Dreams Can Come True

I happen to be a 65 year old man, well past his physical, sexual prime. Long gone were thoughts of young, nubile, female flesh. I had dreams of course, but never thought it could come to pass.
Little did I expect it to progress from simple friendship when Deena, a sixteen year old girl from my neighborhood, a small mobile home park in our mid-sized quiet, southern hamlet, began to stop by my front porch and casually chat with me. We had talked about general things like home life, school, and boys and such. She informed me that she had lost her virginity in the past year and was occasionally active.
We had begun to chat on a pretty frank level and I found that strong language didn’t offend her in the slightest. Like most youngsters are these days. I informed her that my wife of 25 years had divorced me for a much younger man. She asked me wasn’t it lonely with no companionship after so long a time and I proceeded to tell her how I passed the lonely moments.I watch porn movies frequently, and also pleasure myself by hand. She found that extremely interesting since she knew, from previous conversations that I was unable to obtain a good erection. I asked her if she didn’t get herself off sometimes and she said that she sometimes would play with herself late at night in bed. Kiddingly I suggested that we should do what the boys in my youth called a “circle jerk”. I explained the procedure to her and her eyes lit up as I graphicly
Told her how we accomplished it. I asked her if she had ever watched a guy playing with himself and she said no. “Would you like to?”, I asked. Cupping my crotch with my right hand. “Sure“ she said. I told her that this would have to be our little secret and she readily agreed.
My front porch is screened in and our street has very little traffic at this time of day.It was getting toward dusk ant there was just enough lite to see. I asked her if she minded if I removed my shorts and she said, “Go ahead.” I slowly stood up on wobbly legs from the excitement and pushed my shorts to the floor.I never wore underware so my limp dick immediately dropped into her view. I heard her gasp as she saw me in my unadorned state. I slowly sat back down in my chair and began stroking myself as she intently watched. Her eyes got wider as I pulled my foreskin back to reveal the shiney purplish head of my still limp dick. “Just because I can’t get it hard, doesn’t mean I can’t Still get off” I said. She wanted to know how I could do it and I told her that there were other ways such as manually as I was doing, or orally. “Do you do it orally very often? I told her that I very seldom had an opportunity for that anymore but that I DID let gay guys suck me off when I had the chance.
“Why don’t you show me how you do yourself. Nobody can see us here but if you want to go inside, we can be more comfortable, and it’s a lot more private.” She stood up so I stood and picked up my shorts and went inside with her close behind me. I sat in my recliner and told her to take off her clothes and sit on the couch. As I watched,stroking my cock, she took off her shirt revealing a pair of smallish, perfectly round tits, with small, round, nipples already hardened. As I watched, she lowered her shorts and panties with a fluid movement and stood before me with a slight blush on her cheeks. Her sparse pubic hair shimmered in the dim lamplight. I said, “Has anybody ever watched you do this before ?” “No.” she softly replied.
I began to stroke myself faster and told her to sit om the couch and spread her legs so I could watch.
We played with ourselves for awhile and I suggested that we play with each other since we could get more enjoyment that way. She agreed so I went over to the couch and sat beside her. As I started to rub her thigh, I took her hand and layed it on my still limp member. She wrapped her fingers around my 5 inch length and stroked me a little reluctantly. It had been quite awhile since I had felt a female hand and I felt the excitement rise. I closed my eyes and let my hand slide up her thigh and cupped her soft pussy with my palm. It was already wet with her juices and I heard her breath coming in small gasps as I slipped my finger inside her. It was soft and pliable and my finger entered her easily.
She started to stroke me more confidently and although my cock remained soft, it regained almost the length that I had when it was hard. She spread her legs as wide as she could as I slowly finger fucked her.
“Have you ever sucked a man’s dick before ?” “Yes, a few times.” She leaned over and took the head of my cock between her lips and slowly slid the whole length of it in her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down and as she did, I felt the cum start to rise in me. “Stop hon, I’m about to cum already ! Has anyone ever licked that sweet pussy before ?” “Only once but it sure felt good.”
I had her to get on top of me in the 69 position and she lowered her pussy over my head and as my tongue alithered up and down the length of her slit, I heard her groan loudly. I pushed her head down on my cock and sunk my tongue in her cunt as deep as it would go. She immediately started to move her hips up and down as I licked faster, tasting her juices as they began to flow . She fucked my tongue rapidly and groaned loudly as she started to reach orgasm.
My old dick felt like it was as hard as a rock, although I knew it was still as limp as a wet noodle. Even though I was impotent, I felt the cum rise faster as she sucked and moaned. I felt my cock as it exploded rather weakly. The orgasm was still as intense for me as it had been in my younger days. The volume of my cum was much less now, it only dribbled out but when she felt me cum, not a drop was lost as she hungrily drank it all down. As I shot my wad, she started cumming and I thought she would drown me. Her juice ran down my cheeks as she fucked my tongue faster and faster.
We laid there in the afterglow, regaining our breath and I heard her belch loudly. We started to laugh and then sat up on the couch and hugged each other, playing with each others wet organs. I leaned over and pressed my lips to hers and kissed her passionately. I told her that I loved kissing a girl after she had sucked a dick and she asked why. I said, “Because it makes their lips so swollen and puffy!”
She smiled and kissed me again, then put her clothes back on and said, “I’ve got to go home now. Cause mom will be off work soon !” *You will come back won’t you ? I asked. “Whenever I can get away.”, she said.
As she walked out, I leaned back and though to myself, a dream come true and hopefully more on the wa

Deena came by again Saturday afternoon. It had been about a week since our first episode which was still clear in my mind. She had just returned from an early picnic with a group of her friends. She seemed very flushed and I inquired as to the reason. She told me that she had been in an isolated part of the park with a real sexy guy and while they were getting it on, they were interrupted by a couple of smaller kids. It was just getting hot and heavy with her hand feeling his crotch through his pants and he had a hand under her skirt with a finger teasing her clit.She was getting excited and was still craving release, even this much later after the picnic.

She said, “God I’m still so horny.” “Can I help?” I asked. “After last week, I could only think of you to help me.” Deena replied. “John,I’m so horny I could screw a monkey !” I told her that that was a serious condition and thought I might be able to help.I asked her if she had ever used a dildo and she told me that she had seen a few but was was reluctant to use one. I told her that I had a small one about the size that my cock used to be when it was hard. About 6 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter. I told her that size didn’t matter if you knew how to use what you had and I had never heard a complaint yet. She wanted to know if I had ever used it on a woman and I said “Oh yeah, I’ve had my share !”

She asked if she could see it so I took her to the bedroom and removed a small box the size of a cigar box. I opened it and inside she saw the pink dildo and a tube of K-Y jelly, and a strap and harness for the dildo.
“what is that other stuff for ?”she wanted to know. I said, “The jelly is for lubrication and the harness is so I can wear it in case a woman wanted to be fucked.”(I could no longer get an erection.)
You want to see how it works ?” “Sure” she said I proceeded take off my shorts, strap it on and inserted the firm piece of plastic in place and stood in front of her. “Wow. That is awesome.” she said with wide eyes staring. She reached out and grasped it in her hand and remarked that it felt almost real.
“I’ll bet it would feel even better in you. You want to try ?”I asked. “Might as well I guess, I told you how horny I was didn’ I?” She stated matter of factly. “Get ready then.” I told her.

She couldn’t undress fast enough. Skirt, pullover, bra, panties, and shoes, seemed to hit the floor simultaneously. She looked as lovely as she did the last time we were together. Slightly pale pimk skin, small rounded pert breasts with already hard nipples.Her sparse pubic hair slightly wet and somewhat tangled due to her earlier exertions in the park. I had her get on the edge of the bed on her knees with her legs spread as wide as she could. After smearing K-Y liberally on the instrument, (as she didn’t need any) I stepped between her legs and rubbed the false prick up and down along the lips of her swollen pussy. She gasped suddenly and I asked her, “Are you ready?” “I’ve been more than ready for hours.” she said.

I slowly inserted the dildo into her pussy about half way. She started to move her ass up and down on it and I asked, “Are you ready for more ?” She said to just do it so I slid the rest of it in her to the hilt. It went in her effortlessly all the way and I felt my stomach slap against the cheeks of her sweet ass.

“Get ready for something extra hon,” I told her. Then I reached around her, under her belly and between her legs. I started to flick her clit back and forth and she started to cum before I had fucked her a couple of strokes. Her body was shaking and convulsing so much that I thought she would come totally off the fake hardness that I had inside her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back on it all the way. She let out a steady groan and started to moan with a slight growl. I thought to myself, she is really a hot one. Maybe I should go even further with her.

“Wanna try something new ?” I asked her. “What ?” she said. “Have you ever had it in your back hole baby ?” “No, that would hurt too bad.” she said. “Only for a minute or so, You might like it.” I told her.
“O.K. but will you stop if it gets too bad?” she asked me. “Sure honey, you just say the word.” I mumbled.

I lubricated the dildo again after slowly removing it from her hot, dripping pussy. Getting some of it on my finger I rubbed her asshole good and inserted my finger up her ass to the first joint rimming it out before removing it. “That wasn’t so bad was it ?” I asked her. “No, did you do it already ?” “No, I said, I was just getting you ready. O.K. here we go “. I placed the head of it at the small pink star of her anal opening and pushed slowly. About an inch went in with a soft popping sound and I heard her go Uhhhh! “You o.k. hon ?” I asked her. She said o.k. so far, so I proceeded to push a bit harder. The whole length sid up her tiny ass and I felt her stiffen and groan deep. I held it deep in her to let her become accustomed to the fullness.
When I felt her start to relax, I pulled all the way out and inserted it all the way up her again. She started to coo and moan as I slowly fucked her. “ OOOOOHHH, Oh my goodness, Don’t stop. I never knew it could feel soooo good. I can’t stop cumminggggg.” I heard her exclaim over and over again. I started to speed up my fucking motions until I was fucking her as fast as I could. Her gyrations excited me so much that I felt a few drops of weak cum dribble out the head of my limp cock and run down my thigh. Her orgasm was so intense that she completely lost consciousness and fell forward on the bed, breathing very fast, the fake prick popped softly from her stretched asshole..

After a time, she came to and told me that she had never had anything to make her feel like that. I had her to take a cool shower and she seemed to regain her composier. She asked if she could do something for me and I told her she already had. I told her what had happened to me and she just smiled. “As long as it was good for you.” she said softly. “You sure solved my horniness. I think I could sleep through the weekend after that.” I told her that there was more to come if she was willing and she said she was ready for anything now. We kissed and she walked out the door on very wobbly legs. I sat down as thought to myself, What will happen the next time

I Hadn’t seen Deena in about 3 weeks since she was busy at school, so I had a few sessions with a bi-friend of mine named Tommy. He’s 17 and likes both cunt and cock. We did each other a few times and we both enjoyed it a lot. I told him about Deena and he seemed very interested so I told him I would ask her, and to be ready if I called him. He said that he would come a running. Tommy was hung pretty good, about 8 inches but small diameter. I figured that Deena could take his rod and probably like it .

Deena stopped by on her way home from school on Friday and said that she had some free time Saturday and could she come over. I told her sure, just come ready to spend most of the day with me.
She said, “Oh I plan to.”with a playful smile and a little blush

Well, Saturday came and no Deena yet. It was getting about lunch time when I finally heard her knock on the door. I asked her to have a sandwich with me and we snacked in the living room and watched a porn movie together. I was sitting on the couch with her and could see that she was getting all hot and bothered watching the action on the screen. The guy in the movie was fucking a girl with a monster cock and Deena wondered how she could take all that. I asked her what was the biggest she had ever had and she told me that her uncle had been her first and he was about 9 inches, the biggest one she had ever seen.

We snuggled closer and I slipped a hand under the edge of her shorts and a finger between her vaginal lips. I could feel her start to get fidgety and she kept moving her butt around on the couch.She asked me if I noticed anything different about her and I told her no. She said, “I shaved it.” I told her that I could feel it now, and that I loved a shaved one. “Honey, you’re sure doing a lot to please me for sure !”
“Well, baby you’ve been pleasing me so turn about, fair play !” she told me. I told her that ome thing she could do for me was to let someone fuck her and let me watch. She told me sure,who canwe get and I said that I had a friend in mind that would be glad to do it. She said that she wouldn’t mind as long as I was there and I said that’s the only way I’d want to do it. I then raised her t-shirt over her head and started sucking on her rosy red nipples. Between that and my fingering, she was really getting hot and bothered.

I figured that the time was right so I asked her when she wanted to try it and she said, “I’m ready right now !””But why do you want to watch ?” “I said, “Well, since I can’t do it myself anymore, I like to watch those do it that can. Besides I like watching a hard cock sliding in and out of a hot snatch !” She blushed slightly and smiled as she dropped her gaze. “Just let me make a quick call and I’ll be right back.” I stepped into the bedroom and called Tommy. He said sure I’ll come right over. I went back to the couch and handed her a robe of mine and told her to take off her clothes and put it on . She did, then sat back on the couch. “He’ll be here shortly,” I told her, “He lives just 4 or 5 streets over.“ I wonder if I might know him.” She wondered offhand. “You might,” I told her, “But you don’t have to worry, He can keep our secret.” I said. “He’s 18 and has a good sized cock, I think you’ll like it” “I’ll bet I will.” She said with a smile. I told her that Tommy and I had been together and that we had done it a few times. She asked me what had we done and I told her that he had sucked me a few times. She wanted to know if that was all and I said no, that I had sucked him too. “So you go both ways ?”she wanted to know. “Yes and so does he.” I told her.

About then, there was a knock on the door. ”Tommy, come on in and lock the door.”When Deena saw him, she gasped loudly and said, “ “Hey, I know you. You went to the same school that I’m goung to. I always had a school girl crush on you but you were a couple of years ahead of me.” “Yeah, I noticed you then too.” Tommy said. “So hon, you alright with Tommy then?” I asked her. “I reckon so,” she said in a low voice.

“Well Tommy why don’t we get the ball rolling here. Strip and show her what you’ve got.” I said.
He stood up and took off his shirt, kicked off his loafers and unsnapped his pants and let them fall to the floor. After kicking them off, standing there in only his boxers, he dropped them slowly to the floor also.
When his cock came into view, Deena’s eyes widened and she bit on her lower lip. “O.k. baby now your turn.” I said. She stood up and let the robe slip to the floor.Tommy walked over to her and she reached out and circled his dick with her fingers, and started stroking it slow, and with purpose. She dropped to her knees and looked his cock over. It had a rather large bulbous head, purplish and shiney, and a long rather slender shaft. She leaned forward, taking the head between her lips. She slid about half of it into her mouth and started rocking her head forward then back. I could see it starting to rise and fill her mouth. He just stood rigid, not moving, watching her intently. I told them, let’s go to the bedroom where we could be more comfortable and we all went in and as we did, I dropped my shorts and kicked them off. Deena led Tommy by his dick. She didn’t plan to let him get away !

I was getting as excited as they were. This was something I had been thinking about for a long time. Just never had the chance til now. I asked Deena to suck me while Tommy screwed her. I lay on the bed with my head at the edge and had Deena assume the 69 position over me. Tommy stepped up between her legs and his cock was at the perfect height with her pussy. I could see that the lips were swollen and puffy. Tommy stepped up closer and I said, “Let me do it.” His cock was at it’s fullest extension. I put my fingers around it and guided it in place, rubbing it up and down her wet slit. I had him put just the head of it in her and her pussy expanded to take it in. She moaned and went “Ummmmmmmm.” I told him to give her about half of it. I heard her cunt make a soft squishing sound as it went in. The lips spread wider and the powerful young shaft made it’s way into her pleasure portal. He drew back and I could see the glistening drops from her pussy on his hard member. I had him to give her all 8 inches and she stiffened briefly. I had him to begin fucking her with long, slow strokes. I pulled her head down on my prick and she took all of it in her mouth and began to suck me like a baby at her mother’s nipple.

I watched as Tommy’s throbbing member slid in all the way to his balls, then he withdrew back til only the head was still in her. Back and forth back and forth, glistening with their combined slippery juices.
She sucked me harder and started to groan and growl deep down in her throat. Her body started to quiver as she started to reach her orgasm. It wasn’t taking her long. Tommy’s balls tightened up as he started to fuck her faster. I reached up with my tongue and licked at her clit as Tommy shoved his cock in her to the hilt. That was enough to bring all three of us to the edge. We all started to cum simultaneously. Tommy’s dick started to throb, Deena’s cunt leaked a generous flow of juices and I started to cum. All three at the same time.Tommy’s steaming cum was leaking from Deena’s hot slippery pussy Deena’collapsed on me and Tommy fell on the bed beside her. We lay there together for what seemed like forever. I wondered what we could ever do to top this.

It had been quiet and pretty normal for about 2 weeks until Deena called me this week and said she needed to talk to me. I told her to come on over. She arrived about 10 minutes later and came in. She was wearing a very short thigh high, white skirt and a button down blouse tied at the bottom and flip-flops.

I was just in my robe tied at the waist. We sat on the couch and I started rubbing her leg. She scooted lower on the couch. I asked her what she needed to talk about. She said, “It’s hard to talk when you’re playing with me like that,” as my hand slid under her skirt. I discovered that she was pantiless and started to finger her always hot, wet cunt.

“Do the best you can baby,” I said with a grin. She proceeded to tell me about this young friend of hers that she was very close to. A 13 year old girl, a little better than 4’8” tall, pretty well developed for her age with orange sized breasts, and really chubby. Deena told me that her name was Krystal and she liked to let the young boys fuck her. She got herself screwed almost once a week.She was also on birth control furnished to her by the school she went to , and that was a relief to me.

Deena had told her about me and Krystal was real interested in meeting me since she had never been with an older man. I scolded Deena for talking about us but she said Krystal could be trusted. By this time her pussy was getting really wet and her fluids were flooding down to my wrist. Her ass was vibrating up and down and she was cumming as she was talking.

“I haven’t had anything like that for almost 2 weeks now,” she babbled. I withdrew my fingers drom her sopping pussy. She had already cum about 3 times now. She continued to tell me that Krystal would suck some of the boys off but they would refuse to return the favor and eat her pussy. They would use the excuse that no men they knew would eat pussy and they weren’t going to do it either.

I told her that a real man would go to any lengths to see that a woman was satisfied. Deena said that she told her the same thing and that she needed to try an older man instead of messing with those little boys. I grinned as she said that. That’s when Deena asked me if she could bring Krystal over with her next time. I said it would probably be alright if she could keep quiet about it.

She wanted to know if I would eat her out and I said that I had never been with one that young but since she was already sexually active, I thought it would be alright. She said, “When,?” and I said since tomorrow was Saturday,how about then. About noon the she asked? I said o.k. Deena flipped my robe open and her hand went straight to my limber cock and stroked it a few times. Then she leaned over my lap and sucked on it slowly.

I told her that she probably couldn’t get anything out of it today because I jerked off earlier. She said she just wanted to do it cause she missed doing it a lot. She got up and smoothed out her skirt. I could see that her nipples were still hard. “We’ll see you at noon tomorrow then,” as she walked out the door, a very satisfied little lady.

The girls arrived at about 11:45 the next morning and introductions were made. The conversation was strained for a few minutes. We all knew what we were there for. Krystal was about like Deena had described her except she was not just chubby, she was a little beyond that. More like paunchy, not quite fat though., but a nice meaty package. It sure wasn’t babyfat ! Both were dressed alike in short, short skirts and pullovers, but different colors.

Krystal tossed her little purse on the coffee table and it slid off on the floor. As she bent over to retrieve it, I saw that her skirt rose up to reveal her panties. I reached out with my fingers and goosed her pussy. She yelped “YEOWEEEEE !” and straightened up quickly. All three of us laughed uproariously and from then on, the tension was broken.

We all retired to my bedroom and I showed the girls some toys that I had acquired. All dildos. Different sizes and styles. Krystal was really interested in my collection and I asked her if she had ever been fucked by a woman and she shook her head no. I said had she ever used a dildo. She said no and I said let’s try one and they agreed. We all undressed and I handed Deena one about 7 inches long that was a strap-on with a lifelike set of balls henging underneath. It was soft but firm rubber and when Deena strapped it on, Krystal laughed at the sight.

I had Krystal get on her knees on the bed and spread her legs. Next, I lubed her then the dildo with K-Y and Deena slowly inserted about half of in in the waiting pussy. Krystal gasped as it went in and I asked her if it was too big. She said no but it was cold. I nodded to Deena and she pushed all of it in her as far as it would go. Deena fucked her awhile and made her cum a couple of times, then pulled out. I asked her how she liked it and she replied, “It felt real good. I even felt the balls bouncing against me.”

I had her turn over on her back and raise her legs as I kneeled between them. I said, “Now here’s what you wanted hon.” I lowered my head to her wet pussy and felt the hotness coming from her crack as I touched my lips to her. Her young pussy lips were close together and slightly puffy from being recently fucked. I slipped my tongue in her as far as I could and ran it up and down the length a few times then zeroed in on her small clit. Flicking my tongue over it, she started involuntarily moving her hips as I licked at her vigorously, almost bringing her to orgasm quickly. She moaned as I worked her cunt over, “Ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohh, don’t stop, I’m getting ready to cumm.””Ugggghhh, I’m chumming,” she said. I raised my head when she had finished cumming and saw our combined fluids matted in her sparse pussy hairs.

“Wow !” She said breathlessly,”I haven’t had that done to me in so long I almost forgot how good it felt.” I said to them, “You know girls, you could do that to each other if you wanted to. You both will suck a cock and a pussy is the same so what’s the problem ? Your pussy doesn’t care who’s eating it. It just wants to cum.” Deena said, “Want to try it sometime Krystal ?” “Sure why not.” She answered. “Let me know how it goes.” I told them. Thinking all the time that I’d really like to watch them. Maybe it could be arranged.

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that was so gay, get rid of the old guy, and krystal, shes fat, bi-sexual, fukin get rid of that, i almost threw up reading it, a guy who cannot get his dick hard, BS, every1 can, unless ur ova 100 or something, and a 16 yr old giving her pussy to an old guy, almost as old as her grandfather if she had one, yeh some1 could be that stupid, gimme a break, rite a better story u moron, or if u cant, then don't do it at all, lots of other writers on this site r betta then u.

PS; u also sound gay

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