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Chapter 4

Jason heard his alarm go off and kept his eyes closed tight against the signal that it was time to wake up and get ready for work. He didn’t want to leave his dream, it was hot, horny, and realistic that he could almost feel his daughter’s tight little cunny tight around his erect cock. But he knew that couldn’t be right, there was no way he’d ever do something that dirty, that sleazy, that horny, not with his own daughter. Then the alarm clock cut off and he felt Karen’s arms wrap around his chest to give him a hug and his eyes popped open to look down at his daughter’s naked body as it pressed against his and she wiggled her hips to rotate her pussy around the prick still buried deep in her cunny.

“Morning daddy,” Karen said as she stretched to give him a kiss.

“Karen,” Jason said slowly after he returned the thirteen year old’s tongue filled kiss. “Did I fuck you in the middle of the night?”

“Twice,” Karen said with a satisfied smile. “I woke up for both fucks, but the second time you looked like you were half asleep.”

“I must have been,” Jason said with a weak smile, “because I don’t remember the second fuck.”

“Well I did, dad,” Karen said with a broad grin on her face, “and I enjoyed both of them enough for both of us. In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I’d love to have another one right now.”

“I’d love to fuck you again,” Jason told his daughter regretfully as he pulled his cock out of the girl’s cunt. With three loads of cum in the girl’s pussy he expected a flood of juices to flow out of her slit when he pulled out but he didn’t see a single drop and he realized that Karen’s cunt must have absorbed all his baby juice. “Unfortunately I don’t have time to fuck you, I have to get ready for work.”

“But daddy you’re the boss,” Karen whined, “in fact you’re the owner. Who’s going to complain if you show up late?”

“No one will say anything,” Jason said with a sigh, “but as the owner it’s my job to set a good example for my employees.”

“Oh come on dad,” Karen said suggestively as she cupped her tits and squeezed them slightly to make her nipples pop out enticeingly. “I’m sure you can come up with some excuse for being late one morning.”

“I can,” Jason admitted, licking his lips as he watched his daughter’s nipples circle in front of his eyes “but I shouldn’t so I won’t. If I make an excuse for being late just so I can fuck you then it will get easier and easier to do that every day. I’m sorry Karen but I just can’t give into that temptation.”

Karen huffed as she watched her father get up from the bed and walk into his private bathroom. She listened as he ran water into the sink and started humming tunelessly as he shave the stubble from his chin and cheeks with his razor and then she started to grin as she realized something and padded into the bathroom herself. As she expected her father was still naked as he stood in front of the sink and checked himself in the mirror. He was so preoccupied with his own reflection that he didn’t even notice that his daughter had entered the room until she scooted into the space under the freestanding sink and grabbed his cock in her hands.

“What are you doing?” Jason asked when he looked down to see his daughters face smiling up at him.

“I happened to think of something daddy,” Karen said, smiling up at her father as she started to stroke his hardening prick. “We may not have time to fuck before you get ready for work, but if I give you a blowjob while you shave that won’t take any extra time. And if we decide to shower together and something happens - well that won’t take any extra time either. Will it?”

“Not really,” Jason said, remembering the times he and his wife Elizabeth had done just what Karen was suggesting. “But I’m not promising another fuck, you understand?”

“Yes father,” Karen said with a grin before she slid her lips down along her father’s shaft.

Jason groaned with pleasure as the thirteen year old girl once agin demonstrated her cock sucking experience and his cock grew harder in his daughter’s throat. He turned back to his reflection and nodded in satisfaction before he rinsed off the last of the shaving cream and looked down at the naked girl sucking his cock.

“Time to get in the shower Karen,” he said as he pushed the shower curtain aside and turned the knobs to start the shower.

“You mean we’re really going to shower together?” Karen said excitedly as she let her father’s hard cock pop out of her mouth.

“That’s right,” Jason said as he tested the water streaming from the showerhead before he gestured for his naked daughter to step in ahead of him. “It’s the best way to conserve water, and time if we decide to do something while we’re scrubbing each other’s backs.”

“I’ll scrub your back if you scrub mine dad,” Karen said as she stepped into the tub. Jason watched the water hit her hair and realized that when it was wet it looked almost as red as her mother’s had been.

“That’s a deal,” Jason said as he stepped into the shower behind Karen and tugged the curtain back into place. Even before he let go of the curtain Karen had grabbed the soap and was rubbing it all over her body and Jason couldn’t help but notice how sexy his daughter looked with the suds running down her tits and between her thighs, but since he still had to finish getting ready for work he tried to ignore it even as his cock tried to demand his attention. He took the soap when Karen offered it to him and scrubbed himself down as quickly as he could. Then Karen offered to scrub his back so he handed the soap back to her and turned his back to her and the showerhead.

“Daddy, are you sure you don’t have time to fuck before you have to leave for work?” Karen asked as she pressed her tits against his back as she scrubbed it.”

“I’m sure,” Jason said with a sigh of regret as he thought about how much he’d love to leave for work with the feel of his daughter’s tight cunt wrapped around his hard cock one more time.

“Your mouth says no but your cock says yes,” Karen said with a giggle as she reached between her father’s thighs and fondled his full balls with one hand while she slid the fingers of her other hand along his shaft.

“Karen I don’t have time for this, now turn around and I’ll scrub your back,” Jason said as he turned around and grabbed the soap from the soap dish.

“Whatever you say daddy,” Karen said as she turned around to offer her back to her father. As Jason scrubbed her back Karen kept giggling and wiggling her whole body until her butt made contact with his thighs and his hard cock brushed the valley between her ass cheeks. “Are you sure you don’t have time for something?” Karen asked as she arched her back and tilted her head up to look at her father’s face.

Jason looked down at his daughter’s hopeful face but the thing that decided it for him was the way the water from the shower bounced off her erect nipples and slid down the sides of her breasts to form a river flowing across her nearly bald slit.

“Stand up honey,” Jason said, helping Karen to standup straight in front of him as his cock continued to bounce between her ass cheeks.

“But I like watching you in the shower dad,” Karen protested even as she obeyed.

“Now bend over,” Jason whispered in a husky voice right next to his daughter’s ear.

“What?” Karen said, feigning confusion at her father’s request.

“You heard me,” Jason said excitedly, “and you know exactly what I want.”

“Yes I do,” Karen said as she bent forward at the waist and put her hands out to support herself against the shower wall, “but I wanted to hear you say it again,” she finished as she spread her legs so her father could slide his cock between her thighs and into her hot cunt.

Karen took one hand off the wall and guided the head of her father’s cock to the mouth of her cunt. With a soft grunt Jason popped the head of his cock between his daughters pussy lips and closed his eyes in pleasure as her slit massaged every inch of his shaft as he slid it into the girl’s hot wet fuck hole. Karen’s large erect clit bounced against the underside of his prick with every stroke and he reached around to play with his daughter’s tits, pinching her swollen nipples between his thumb and index finger until the teenager gasped with pleasure.

“Fuck me daddy,” Karen screamed over the sound of the shower as she thrust her ass back to smack Jason’s belly with a spatter of water.

“Careful Karen,” Jason said, his breath coming in gasps as he enjoyed his daughter’s massaging cunt as it clamped tight around his invading prick with every stroke. “We don’t want to wake up Nancy. What would happen if she woke up and came in here to investigate.”

“Daddy I keep telling you,” Karen gasped in an exasperated voice as her belly started to quiver with her approaching orgasm, “you don’t have to worry about Nancy. Besides, she sleeps like a rock. She won’t hear us no matter how much noise we make. The only thing that wakes her up once she goes to bed is a big thunderstorm.”

“That’s true,” Jason gulped as he slammed his cock into Karen’s cunt from behind, he could feel the cum bubbling up in his balls and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. “It usually takes a really big storm to wake her up, but I’ve when it happens I usually find her snuggled up against me in my bed.”

“Lucky girl,” Karen said with an exasperated sigh as she pushed her butt back to meet her father’s hard strokes. “I wish I had an excuse to get into bed with you like that.”

“You don’t exactly need an excuse now,” Jason told his daughter as he fucked his cock in and out of Karen’s tight little pussy as her cunny massaged every inch of his shaft. “After tonight I’m not about to kick you out of my bed, I may fuck you to death, but I won’t kick you out of my bed.”

“And that’s just the way I want it,” Karen gasped as her belly started to spasm from all the sexual energy flooding into it. “I can’t think of a better way to die than getting fucked to death by you daddy.”

“I’m gonna cum,” Jason screamed as he slammed his cock as hard as he could into Karen’s cunt and held it there as he shot wad after wad into the girl’s spasming pussy as it milked every last drop of baby juice from his balls.

“I’m cumming too daddy,” Karen gasped as she felt his cum filling her pussy. “Do it daddy, knock me up.”

“I hope not,” Jason panted, even as he realized he was lying. Even though he knew it would be a bad idea to knock up his thirteen year old daughter one corner of his mind hoped he was actually doing it so he could watch her belly growing big with his baby.

“Thank you daddy,” Karen sighed as she turned her head to give Jason another kiss. “I hope my luck is better than yours with this fuck. Unless you change your mind about the condoms that is.”

“Sorry honey, that won’t happen,” Jason said, regretting his own decision even as he enforced it.

“Well if this is my last chance to have your baby I’m going to make the best of it,” Karen said as she pushed her father away and stepped out of the shower. Jason watched as his daughter grabbed the nearest towel and dried herself off before she turned back to the bedroom.

“What are you going to do?” Jason asked as Karen left the bathroom.

“You’ll find out,” Karen said with a quick grin as she turned back to look at him. “You just finish your shower and get ready for work.”

Jason rushed through the rest of his shower, as he rinsed the last of the shampoo from his thinning hair he wondered what Karen was doing to improve her chances of having a baby. He’d already decided that he wouldn’t stop her from doing it, but he wasn’t sure if he should wish her luck or not.

As he left the bathroom and crossed the bedroom to his chest of drawers he couldn’t help but notice that Karen was stretched out on her back with a pillow stuck under her ass. “You know Karen,” he said as he grabbed his underwear and socks out of his drawer, “your mother use to do that when she was trying to get pregnant.”

“I know,” Karen said with a giggle, “who do you think told me about putting a pillow under my ass so the cum would stay inside longer?”

“If you’re telling me the truth,” Jason said thoughtfully as he opened the closet to choose a shirt, pants, and tie, it was casual day at the office and he wasn’t expecting any visitors so he didn’t bother with a suit. “If you’re telling me the truth than your mother taught you a lot about sex, but she never told me she was doing it.”

“That’s because she knew you weren’t ready to accept the idea of fucking your own daughter - especially since I was so young,” Karen said as she stretched on the bed. “But like I said last night, when you finally reacted to my advances I decided you were finally ready and I better take advantage of it before you got too nervous to go through with it.”

“I’m glad you did,” Jason said as he finished with his tie and turned back to the bed to give Karen a quick kiss. “Since I’m stopping at the store to pick up condoms tonight I’ll pick up supper so you don’t have to worry about it. How does Chinese sound?”

“Chinese sounds great dad,” Karen told her father as she rubbed her flat belly suggestively.

Jason stopped just long enough to look in on Nancy - glad to find the ten year old gently snoring under her blankets - before he hurried down the hall to the kitchen. Jason glanced at his watch as he poured some cereal in a bowl and was happy to see that he was only running about five minutes behind his usual time, he should still make it into the office before anyone else. As he poured his coffee Jason wondered how many condoms he’d need. Considering the fact that he’d fucked his little girl five times during the night he figured he’d need to pick up several boxes. “I wonder if the store even carries that many condoms,” he muttered with a satisfied grin.

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