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Sequel to Just Friends. Fair warning, it's a bit long. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as the first one!
Just Friends 2: A Wii Bit of Encouragement

It has been a couple of a days since I've seen Xavier last. I guess I've been feeling some good old fashioned Catholic guilt. After all, he was my friend's ex-boyfriend. Last I checked, most girls were pretty possessive, even over boys they chose to get rid of.

Despite any pangs of guilt, I get excited when I hear my phone jingle with a text message: "Want to play some Wii?" He knows I'm a sucker for Mario Kart, so I text him back, "Sure. Be there in a little bit." Again, I get excited, just knowing that I get to hang out with him. This time, however, there is a bit more to that excitement. I can already feel the heat building between my legs thanks to the memory of his thick, long cock sliding in my cunt.

I snap from my reverie in time to realize I'm about to run a red light.

"SHIT!" I slam on my breaks.

"Keep it together, girl," I think to myself.

I pull up at his house and knock on his door. He's wearing a black button down shirt with a pair of baggy jeans. I resist the urge to rip the shirt off of him and step inside. His brother's playing guitar on the sofa, and we all make small talk for a few minutes before Xavier and I go upstairs to play the game.

We set the game up and begin the play. I must admit, I completely suck at the Wii controls, and it shows as he easily trounces the crap out of me the first round. I pout and challenge him to another round, only to receive the response, "What do I get?"

I laugh and start the next round. He sits behind me, his legs spread around my own. I can feel his breath on my neck. I mentally make the excuse that I'm trying to distract him from the game as I begin to rub my ass between his spread legs. He teasingly moans and playfully bites me on the neck. I win the round, probably due in part to my motions. It doesn't take more than a few games and double entendre jokes to get us both teasing each other. His hands rub the sides of my stomach, pulling up my loose blue shirt over the tight black tank top.

"Mmmm I love your abs," he whispers in my ear, tickling me softly with his fingertips. I giggle, falling back on him. Xavier's hands slide up towards my breasts, teasing the bottom of my bra. I smack his hands playfully, and then I sit up.

There's a knock at the door, so we readjust ourselves.

His younger brother comes in, and I toss him my controller. The two brothers battle it out, the younger brother complaining the game was "lame" because he was losing. The brother leaves, and Xavier wastes no time tossing me flat onto the bed. He crawls up my body, dragging every torturous, glorious inch of his body. He begins to kiss my neck, slowly, letting his lips drag on my soft skin.

Damnit, he knows my every weak spot.

When he gets to my collar bone, he uses his teeth to pull down the shoulder of my shirt and my bra strap. I can feel my breath coming ragged, knowing it's only a matter of a time before he makes me lose all control. I can feel the cool air on my neck as he leaves moist spots on my skin. I can't help but let out a moan, and he gives a low laugh.

I see him reach for something, and I resist the urge to stop him and simply fuck him right then and there. Instead, he pulls out a sword he used for Halloween. Only thing is, it's not a prop sword- it's real! I suppose any other girl may be afraid and stop him, but I bite my lip and moan as the cool steel tickles across my cleavage. After all, I have my own toys to play with that may not be considered conventional in any sense. Xavier slides the inside of the sword towards my neck, and I arch my back, exposing my neck to him. He laughs, a low, sexy laugh, and begins to drag the blunt edge of steel across my skin, following the trail of kisses he's leaving.

I flip him over, grabbing the sword from him. I can see the top button of his shirt has come loose. Taking the sword, I begin to tease him back, dragging the tip gently down his chest.

"How much do you trust me?" I ask, putting the tip of the sword at the base of his throat.

His blues eyes show no fear, only lust. "I trust you with my life."

I smile, dragging the tip away from his neck. He speaks, "What else am I suppose to say when a hot girl has a sword to your throat?"

I laugh, and lean over, searching for the scabbard beside the bed. This puts my breasts near his face, and I can feel him rubbing his cheek against them. I 'clean' the blade, sliding it across the top of the scabbard before putting it away.

"MMm good girl. You even know to clean the blade," he teases.

"Well it wouldn't be proper pirate etiquette to leave the blood to rust the blade," I joke back.

"Speaking of pirates, love, I forgot to show you something."

I sit on the bed while he walks over to his wardrobe. Inside, he pulls three bottles of rum his mom brought back from Nicaragua. Xavier brings them to the bed, and I examine them. He knows I love rum.

Suddenly, his eyes get big with imagination - "I have an idea!" he says.

He unbuttons the top two buttons to his shirt, revealing his bare skin beneath the dark fabric. I can't help but stare and do everything but drool as he pours some of the rum onto his chest. I watch the precious liquid threaten to slide down his side before I lean forward, licking up the liquor like a cat licks cream. The alcohol burns my blood, and I know if we keep this game up, I'll have no excuse not to fuck him.

Xavier then pushes me onto the bed - "my turn" - he almost whispers. I pull my shirt down, only revealing my cleavage. He pours on the rum, the liquor's cold against my skin, and he laps up his treat, spending plenty of time to ensure he got ever last drop. I can smell the rum on his breath as he leans close, our lips nearly touching. Again, he begins to kiss and suck on my neck, and I finally give in.

I pull the rest of his shirt open, earning a groan from him as he pushes into my body. I desperately try to get the fabric off his shoulders, but I quickly become frustrated and give up, instead sliding my hands beneath the shirt to hold on for dear life as we begin to grind into each other.

"OOhhhh fuck.. wwaittt, oh god stop me.." I moan, biting his shoulder.

He dutifully stops, gently kissing my forehead. "God DAMN that was hot," he says. I untangle myself from our tryst, about to pick up the rum bottles and return them to the wardrobe just so I have something to distract me from him. Xavier grabs my wrist as I try to get off the bed, gently pulling me back down to the silk black sheets.

"One more," he says, with a slightly begging tone.

I bite my lips, "Okay.." He pours the liquor on his skin, and I lick up every drop, enjoying the flavor of his skin mixed with the sweetness of the alcohol. He then lays me on my back, repeating his own treat - pouring the liquor on my skin, and licking every drop that hangs between my breasts. We now both smell like expensive liquor and passionate sex, and to be quite honest, if I could bottle the smell, I'd be a goddamned billionaire.

He then lifts my shirt, exposing my navel and the piercing that I have. He pours some rum into my belly button, sucking the alcohol out and licking the spot clean before teasingly kissing a line down towards the top of my panties.

"Turn over," he orders.

I do, and I squeal in surprise as he pulls down my pants below my ass. My black thong is on display, and I squirm, trying to figure out what he wants to do. I soon realize when I feel the cool liquor on my skin, and his tongue as it licks it up, playing with my panty strap around my hips. I groan slightly, grinding my hips into the bed.

"Okay, now you can put the rum up."

I get up, hair mused from the sheets, and gather the bottles. As I carry them to the cabinet, he follows me, sword in hand. He gently pushes me onto the cabinet, the sword across my neck. "Regina-" he calls me by the character's name from my story, about a pirate wench who steals more than just gold booty - "What are you doing in my rum cabinet?"

I fall into character, "You know I can't resist a good bottle of rum, captain."

I feel the blunt edge of the sword between my legs. Xavier begins to slide the edge against me, rubbing against my clit. I moan and my fingertips dig into the wood of the wardrobe. "Do you know what happens to thieves on my ship?" he growls.

"Mmmm.. perhaps I should walk the plank-"

"I certainly have some wood you can walk on," he teases, nuzzling my neck.

His phone interrupts our fantasy.

"Hello? ... Dinner's ready?... okay, be right down."

We compose ourselves as best we can, still smelling like liquor and our glazed eyes showing we were enjoying the best drug of all - lust. Heading downstairs, we make small talk with his family. At one point, his mom compliments his dad's cooking, teasing, "At least he's good for something." Somehow, it turns into an innuendo about his cooking skills in public were equal to his skills in private.

"Hmm like father like son," I muse thoughtfully.

Taking that as our cue, we head back upstairs.

When we enter the room, Xavier pushes me against the wall. "I like this position."

I laugh and turn around, facing the wall, "I like this one, too."

It's only a short trip to the bed, where he bends me over. "You're favorite position though, right?"

I giggle, turning around to lay on my back and putting my knees over his shoulders, "I'm told this one's good too..."

He leans in, but I flip him onto his back, straddling him, ".. although I always have loved being in control."

His eyes go wide as I do a right-legged split, still able to grind into his dick.

"Fuck, you are good."

"Oh, I know."

I grab the game controllers, content with my teasing game. I, however, have riled Xavier up, and he challenges me to a game of strip Mario Kart. I know I have zero skills, but I accept. We battle, shooting each other with the colored turtle shells, yelling and cursing as the points gather. I win, so he loses his shirt. Thankfully, he's sitting behind me, so I can't be distracted with wanting to lick and nip every inch of his body. We play again, but this time I lose. I take over my over-shirt, leaving me in a black tank top and a pair of loose grey long shorts. Another battle- it's heated, but I win somehow. He whines jokingly, but locks the door and drops his jeans. I see the boxers that had teased me earlier, peeking from his jeans. I try not to stare, knowing his dick is mere millimeters from my touch.

Now I can really feel his cock against my back, and it's not helping my game. I lose, and I ditch my bra, trying to stay clothed as long as possible thanks to the last few shreds of my 'good girl' morals. He gropes my breasts through the thin material of the tank top- "Ohhh god they're so soft," he says, before I playfully smack his hand and get back to the tournament.

"SHIT!" I lose again, this time pulling the pants off. I know it's getting hard for him not to throw the game controller and drag me flat against the bed, thanks to my thong-covered ass showing. Instead we battle. The scores are close- his team has 15, no now 16, but wait, my team comes back 17, 18, his up to 19, the time runs out - 20 to 21. His team wins.

I pull off my shirt, and for a second, neither one of us says anything.

Xavier hugs me from behind, his hands massaging my breasts, "Mmm a bit cold, are we?"

I pout, pretending to be upset at losing. He holds me tight and pulls me to the bed -"Forget the game," he pleads, ready to pounce.

"NO! We are tied, I'm so getting the final win!"

It's his turn to pout as we begin the final race. Whoever loses ends up naked. The game begins. He pulls ahead at the start, a solid 10 points to my measly 4. Then a comeback, I rally for 6 points, making the score even until his team scores more, 16 to 10. The time gets closer to running out, and I realize I'm not going to win. He pulls ahead to 26, 27, and my points stall at 20. The time runs out, and I realize, I have lost.

Xavier puts his controller down and looks at me. I'm usually a woman of my word, but I stand up and walk toward the console, as if to put another game in. He follows me, pushing me up against the wardrobe.

"Please.." he whispers. Doesn't demand, doesn't claim his prize- he almost begs. Our lips collide, soft skin desperate for contact. We manage to get to the floor, and I straddle his waist. I rock against him, rubbing my panty-covered mound into his dick. He leans up, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking hard. I moan in pain and pleasure, rocking faster against him. He leans up again, grabbing the rum and pouring it onto my nipples. He sucks the liquid off of them, leaving tiny marks for me to remember him in the morning. "Oh god, touch me, please!" he begs, and I don't have to be asked twice.

He pulls down his boxers, and I reach behind me. "Good GOD!" I think, feeling his erection. Xavier's cock is so thick, I can barely get my hand around it. Even though I've felt it before, everything happened so fast last time that I didn't get a chance to realize just how much of a monster I was sucking and fucking. He was easily 7 inches long, and nearly as thick as my wrist.

"Oh god I can't wait!!!" I think, spitting on my hand, and beginning to rub his gorgeous dick. A deep moan escapes his throat, and Xavier throws his head back, eyes closed in pleasure. I rub him faster and harder, and he begins to thrust his hips into my hand.

"Oh fuck!! Suck me dry," he moans.

I tease him, twisting and sliding my hand slowly up his dick, "You want me to do what?"

"Pllleassee.. I need you. Suck me off."

I continue to stroke him, moving to where my mouth is mere inches from his dick head. I know he can feel my warm breath on his cock as I speak, "Aw.. is this what you want?"

I take a quick lick of the underside of his dick head. He gasps, his hips jumping up from the ground, "GOD YES!"

"Aww.. I don't know if you're ready for it."

I feel Xavier's hands tangle in my hair at the back of my head, encouraging me to go lower. I do, finally taking the head into my mouth and sucking on his delicious cock. He groans loudly, and I feel myself leaking through my panties.

I just love it when a guy moans, especially when his dick's in my mouth.

I begin to bob on his cock, my warm lips and tongue covering the huge shaft, left hand massaging his balls. He's groaning and writhing under me, watching me as my red lips swallow his dick.

Xavier stops me, picking me up and tossing me to the bed. It's animalistic, and I almost flinch, afraid he may hurt me accidentally. He kisses me hard, calming my fear, and grabs my breasts. Using the slickness of my saliva, he begins to tit fuck me, sliding his cock between my cleavage. I lick the head of his cock as it appears, savoring the pre-cum oozing from the tip.

I push him onto the bed, and resume his blowjob. I run the tip of my tongue up the underneath of the shaft, massaging his balls as I do so. I'm rewarded with another moan, and I finally get into a rhythm to make him cum. Twisting my right hand, I jerk his cock of at the base, while my lips and tongue suck him, sliding up and down the shaft. Everything moves at the same rhythm, my left hang massaging his balls, my right twisting up and down, following my sucking lips. His fingers curl in my hair, pushing me down further, choking me for a split second. I continue on, knowing he's about to cum. His moans get deeper, faster, and I hear him, "Oh fuck I'm cumming."

Xavier's cum shoots into my mouth, and I keep sucking, making sure to get ever last drop of him. He wriggles beneath me, panting hard, and I make sure his dick is clean of all cum before swallowing like a good girl. His eyes say it all: "You're a fucking goddess."

You would think he would be drained, but oh no, he's only getting started. Xavier pushes me flat, and, using his teeth, pulls down the black thong I'm wearing. I lift my ass up, and he uses the fabric to tie my hands to one of the posters of his bed. One of his hands rests on my chest, almost around my throat. I moan and expose more of my neck to him. He looks up at me from his place down by my wet pussy. "Ah, you like it a little rough, huh?"

His hand applies only a slight pressure to my neck, but that coupled with the panties made the battle between me and my impending orgasm no contest. His tongue licks up my outer pussy lips, teasing the smooth skin and the hard clit begging for attention. I am practically screaming for him to make me cum; I've waited so long. All he has to do is slide a finger into me, and suck my clit. I cum so hard, I nearly pass out.

"Aw, that's no fun," he teases, still fingering me as I lie there panting.

He speeds up, his finger slick with my juices. His tongue circles my clit, and I arch my back and hips off of the bed. He slides his wet finger around my asshole, and begins to tongue fuck me. I scream his name, wrists red from chaffing at my restraints. The tip of his tongue flicks against my clit, and I cum again, spilling my juice onto his lips and tongue. Xavier continues licking, cleaning me up, and I wriggle beneath him.

He puts my knees over his shoulders, like the position I showed him before. He leans down, kissing me hungrily on the lips, and then slides that monster dick into my pussy. I groan, feeling him stretch me. Xavier goes slowly, always the gentleman. When he finally makes it to the hilt, he rests for a second allowing me to get used to his size again. I playfully bite him on the neck, "Don't you remember what I told you last time? Fuck me like a man."

I see the hungry gleam in his eye as he begins to fuck me fast and hard. His dick is soon as slippery as my pussy, pulling and pushing as fast as we can go. My knees are back by my shoulders at this point, allowing his dick to go as deep as possible.

He suddenly turns me over. "I'm going to make you cum in your favorite position." Xavier pulls my hair, forcing my head back as he fucks me. Using my hair like reins, he pushes harder into me, occasionally pulling all the way out just to ram his dick back in. I begin to moan loudly; he pulls out and teases my clit with the tip of his cock.

"FUCK don't tease me just FUCK ME!!!"

"Mmmmm princesses aren't supposed to talk like that," he teases, ramming into me twice before continuing to tease my clit.

I whimper, "Ppplllleeeeaassee.. pleasepleaseplease MAKE ME CUM!"

He gives me my wish, fucking me fast. Xavier's balls hit my clit, and I cum a third time, my muscles rippling around his dick. He groans at the feeling, but manages to speak, "One more..."

He unties me and faces me against the wall. He holds my wrists in one hand, running his other one all over my body as he begins to fuck me again. I feel his breath on my neck as his warm cock penetrates my wet and even warmer pussy. Xavier thrusts furiously for a minute, earning whimpers and moans from me.

Then he stops.

I protest, groaning and rotating my hips on his dick. He turns me around, wrapping my legs around his waist. He then kisses me, sweetly, and instead of fucking me hard, slides with the same passion but less force. It's a slow friction building, and my clit's rubbing his pelvis while the tip's hitting my G-spot. I see stars before my eyes, and I feel my muscles clench around his cock as I hit the best orgasm of the night. I groan his name, burying my face between his neck and shoulder, and he then does the same, cumming into me, groaning against my lips as he gets one last kiss.

We fall to the bed exhausted. Again, he doesn't allow me to leave, let alone search for my clothes. Xavier simply covers us both with the cool silk sheets, chilling the dew drops that have gathered on our bodies.

I open my eyes to find him staring at me. I can only stare back, wondering what the future will hold.

With a little bit of encouragement, we might just turn into something more than just friends.. with benefits.

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these stories are uh- mazing! on to the next 1

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Absolutely awesome. You're a talented writer. I love the story. The foreplay, everything.

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