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Chapter 3 and Epilogue; The finale.
----- 3 --

“It all seems to be happening way too fast. I don’t know how it all exploded like it did.”

“Darling, calm down,” his wife comforted. Both were changing into their night outfits in their bedroom. “I can’t remember a day where you simply couldn’t stop smiling like you were today; and Alex looks like the happiest little girl in the world.”

“How does this not worry you? Three days ago you were scared at how young she was. Now you’re giving me a pat on the back for sticking my thumb up her vagina then making her drink my cum.”

“Alex never was a normal girl honey. She gets that from you. She ignores what she doesn’t want to know and hyper excels in what she’s interested in. There’s no slow speed for her, only on and off. And as much as you think there is one on you, you’re a light switch just like her. Ignoring something in pulses doesn’t count as slow.”

“Well, she obviously gets her determination from you. I’m just afraid now that this is how she’s going to relive all her future relationships. Kiss a boy, and the next day she’s on his bed naked.”

“Honey, she’s eleven years old. She’s not taking any relationship outside of this house for quite a few more years. Besides, if there’s one defining feature of me inside that little body, it’s her possessiveness. She won’t be trading you in for a looong time.”

“She’s not possessive.”

“Please, why do you think we can never hold a babysitter for more than two hours when she knows that we’re going out on a date?”

“She doesn’t trust new people.”

“Yeah,” Riley scoffed. “You just keep that light switch in the off position.”

“You’re not possessive to begin with, what are you talking about? Pimping another girl out to me.”

“You don’t buy the best computer around and then not install any new games or programs on it. You got to keep it running and testing itself to the limits, add new components, keep it up to date. Otherwise it’ll just collect dust and get in the way, slowly fade into the background until there’s no interest left between you two.”

“Are you trying to say our daughter is a flashy new monitor?”

“Monitor, speakers, ram, video card, hell, a whole new power supply,…”

“Daddy,” Alex called in from the doorway. “Can I sleep with you guys tonight?”

Jonas looked to his wife giving her the responsibility of answering. She turned to her daughter and took that role.

“Sweetie, from now on, you don’t even have to ask.”

Alex bolted into the room and jumped onto middle of the bed. She latched herself onto her father’s arms as he positioned himself under the covers. Riley turned out the bedroom light.

“Goodnight kiss,” Alex said a tiniest moment before her mouth made contact with her dad’s. She held her face on his for nearly fifteen seconds and then pulled back. “I’m cold,” she lied as she wrapped her arms around his body. And then she smiled feeling him tug her scorching body into his warm, hard chest.

The three said their goodnights and fell asleep.

“I had a dream last night and it made me remember something,” Alex spoke at the breakfast table.

“What did you remember?” Jonas asked as his wife sat down with them.

“I remembered seeing that gooey stuff that comes out of you before. Sometimes a lot, I find it in my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you give me for lunch when I’m at home. Is that the same stuff?”

Jonas gulped.

“Yes honey.”

“Does that stuff come from other places than?”

“No, it only comes from the one place.”

“So, but,…” she clearly lost her ability to talk.

“Sweetie,” her mom spoke up. “Daddy likes to cum, that’s what it’s called. He likes to cum in your food sometimes and watch you eat it when you don’t know. How does that make you feel?”

Jonas sat silently waiting to see what would happen, even though his wife had no room to talk, most of the time being behind him as he made her sandwiches and jacking him off onto them, or frequently encouraging him to do it on his own and tell her about it after she got home from work; sometimes even knowingly talking to her over the phone while she ate it.

“Do you do that to mom’s food too?”

“No honey, just yours.”

Alex smiled.

“It makes me feel good. How many times do you have to cu-cum? Like per a month.”

“Well, it varies. Sometimes just two or three times a week, sometimes two or three times a day.”

Alex’s face went wide.

“Can I help you do it?! I’ll eat it all, I promise!”

“Well save some for me,” her mom joked. Alex returned a mean look to her comment.

“I’m home all day for the whole summer so I’ll always be here for you.”

“Yes, sweetie, you can help sometimes.”

“Do you need help now?” she asked with hope.

“Well, I could always use help, but I thought we’d start the day out with something else.”

“What?” Alex was intrigued.

“Roller Coasters,” he answered pulling three theme park tickets up from under the table.

The little girl in Alex came back to the surface with a vengeance at that sight. Every muscle in her face spread out in excitement.

“Why are we still eating?!” she jumped, pulling her bowl of cereal away from the table as she headed for the sink. Within the half hour, she had thoroughly guided both her parents into the car, and they were off.

Riley found herself more alone at the park than with her family as Alex had dragged her husband faster than a walking pace into every line filled with kids twice her age. She didn’t mind too much though as she derived much more pleasure out of seeing the two of them having such a great time over her being on any of those rides.

Even during lunch where they all ate together, she was more of a third wheel as her spouse and child retold to each other what they just experienced together and made further plans for the hours to come. But again, it was the role she adopted with open arms when little Alex started being able to walk on her own and followed her daddy around everywhere. If she didn’t feel like the wife of the most amazing husband, she felt like a mother of two of the greatest children.

Hours and hours passed by with roller coaster after roller coaster. Occasionally, an insanely tall, spinning, swinging ride made its way in the agenda while jogging to the next track. Dinner turned into food on the go where it almost came back up after the drop tower they rode just after scarfing down the last bites before the operator would let them on.

The drive home was silent. Both Jonas and Alex were on the brink of passing out under the monotonous sound of the highway under them. Their bodies were drained.

Riley pulled into the driveway finally, leaving them to stretch themselves awake.

“Alex honey, go take a quick shower and leave some hot water for your dad. I don’t need sweaty people in bed with me tonight.”

Alex hopped out of the car and obeyed. She just had the greatest day. Her bones still felt like they were swinging around all over the place as she tried walking straight.

She was down to her underwear in the bathroom with the water running when the days passed begun flowing back into her mind. She opened the door and yelled down the hall.


Her mom came to her call.

“What is it honey?”

“I want daddy to take a shower with me.”

“You go on ahead. Daddy will take one after you. When you’re done though, just put on your towel, nothing else, and go wait in your room. Lie down and go to sleep. Daddy will wake you back up with a surprise.”


“Would I lie to you?”

Alex grinned. “Okay.” She turned around and pushed her underwear from her legs before climbing into the falling water. Her mother quietly closed the door.

Drying her naked body, she wrapped herself in the towel and nearly skipped to her room. She sat down on her bed, then decided to lay down under the exhaustive weight of her body. She was determined to stay awake. Unfortunately for her, the day’s events played their toll on her and before the bathroom door opened back up, she was asleep.

Jonas walked from the bathroom in just his boxers with his nightshirt over his shoulder. He moved to his daughter’s room and stopped, meeting his wife at the door. He looked in to her sleeping form.

“Why’s she in a towel? And I thought she would want to sleep with us.”

“Baby,” Riley said softly to him, pulling her fingers down his chest. The body wash aromeating from him was exciting her quickly. “I want you to do something for me.”

“What?” he responded kindly interested.

His wife reached into their daughter’s room and turned the light switch off.

“Go in there, take her towel off, and lick between her legs. Try not to wake her up though.”

“Honey. She just had a really fun innocent day. Let her keep it.”

“If she wakes up and tells you to stop, I won’t ever question again how slow you should raise her. This is something only you can do.” Her eyes cried with passion as she undid the knot holding her robe closed. Jonas’ eyes met his wife’s naked frontside. “Don’t forget to give her a midnight snack,” she whispered as he reluctantly stepped into the room.

Riley’s fingers quickly slid down her belly and onto her crotch as she peeked through the door, turning the hall light off. Slowly her eyes adjusted to the light piercing through her daughter’s window.

Jonas dropped his shirt to the floor and reached down to the seam in the towel covering the eleven year old girl below him. Gently, he slid his fingers under it and pulled up, draping its damp ends to either side of the naked body. The dim light reflected so well off her smoothest skin.

His knees crumbled and his nose fell to her belly. He inhaled deeply. Minutes passed by as all he could do was breathe his little girl in. Slowly his mouth opened and he began tasting her flesh, her tummy. Alex shifted under the tickly feeling. Jonas climbed up onto her mattress and crouched over her pelvis. Almost caressingly, he took her armpits into his hands and lifted her up further to the top of her bed.

“Daddy?” Alex cooed so incredibly softly.

“Shhhh sweetie. Pretend that you’re asleep,” he whispered so lightly back, dropping his chin down to her incredibly springy mound.

Without breaking the single motion, his mouth opened and his tongue unraveled over her slit. Alex grunted at the hot soaking muscle’s contact.

Her daddy then licked up and enclosed her whole private part into his wide lips. She couldn’t stop her body from shivering and squirming about. And then a sparking cry broke through her throat.

Jonas had just stabbed his tongue into her reproductive organ.

Alex’s knees drew in. Her finger’s curled and she was at a loss of what to do with her hands. She tried so desperately to pretend being asleep. She didn’t open her eyes one bit and the only movements she made were involuntary.

Jonas instigated a pulsing rhythm with his lips onto her littlest bulge as his tongue flexed inside of her. He was milking her liquid out from her body. His fingers gripped at her sides holding that one point still while her wriggling form pivoted around it.

He withdrew himself and started a series of digging into her at the base of the slit. He scooped his bowling muscle up until he was forced out. He repeated innumerous times, squeezing and sucking in his lips, memorizing the tininess and tenderness of his daughter’s eleven year old vagina, so compactly fitted between her fifth grader’s legs.

“Daddy…” Alex moaned dreamily.

Jonas could never fill himself on her modestly leaking canal. He sucked and poked into it with his taste buds for fifteen minutes before he heard his daughter squeaking and felt her entire body shake with tenseness. He silently moaned into her then pushed his wrist below her belly as a small pouch of cream traveled down his tongue.

His joint slid down her pelvis to his nose where he moved it back up and repeated the process. Painstakingly, he compressed all the milk from her quivering inner tissues.

Alex’s knees were high in the air by than, surrounding her father. All the sweat she just showered off had returned. Her daddy not only drank down her girl lubrication, but her prepubescent vagina perspiration.

In a renewed interest to swallow his daughter’s orgasm again, his oral muscle made its way to the top of that tiniest crack, beyond her vaginal entrance, and onto the smallest little bump. With no desire to feel her struggle, he took it slow. He massaged her preadolescent clitoris with his hot soaking tongue.

Alex wanted to scream in the sensations. He was making her feel stuff she had never in her life felt before. Were she the one in control, she would be squeezing and tugging on that new spot of euphoric bliss until a blinding finale; but instead, she was being tortured by a slow nonstop lather.

Easily another ten minutes passed as struggled shifting about echoed between the walls of her bedroom. And then Alex’s vocal tract contracted into a squeal as she released. The feeling flowed from her entire being out that littlest hole sandwiched amid her quaking legs. It was as if she were a single battery drained in seconds flat from running a toy way too large. It felt soo good but she had nothing left to give. She couldn’t handle anymore.

Her little hands pressed at the top of her daddy’s head as he again used his wrist to funnel the tweenaged milk from the spasming, soaked, internal tissues between her legs. Sucking her as dry as he could manage given the constant self lubricating feature he seemed to have broke in the ‘on’ position, he pulled his face back with his daughter’s crying pushes.

Taking her legs in his grip and gently pressing them down to the bed sheets and towel, he soothed her with his daddy voice.

“Keep pretending,” he whispered so lightly. He climbed himself from her bed and dropped his boxers, leaving himself as explicitly naked as his shivering sprawled out daughter. His cock was throbbing hard. He wouldn’t need much stimulation to finish this job.

Alex felt her daddy’s hand pressing between her resoaking thighs before it wiped up, collecting her juices. She peaked out from her eyelids to catch him standing tall and strong just before her, using her special liquid to rub his no-no place.

Jonas was already about to cum looking down at his molested eleven year old. Bending down and balancing himself against the wall to press the head of his dick into her little sleeping lips concluded his agonizing wait.

Cum fauceted into Alex’s mouth. It inoculated the girl with absurd force into the back of her throat and with only a few shots, her jaw was spilling over as she began coughing it up.

Jonas struggled to hold his sex inside her cheeks while she started gagging. His sperm poured into her face for seconds on end. Eventually, the new hot liquid piping into her just pumped out the moments old glue from her quivering lips. And then finally, he stopped.

As he withdrew, squeezing any remnants up the length of his shaft with his fingers, Alex began gulping his cum down, tears from her choking streaming down her face. Jonas pushed off the wall and stood straight up staring down to his little girl. She coyly as if half asleep, mopped up the sperm she couldn’t hold in. He took a step back.

“Daddy?” Alex cooed.

“Yes sweetie?”

“Will you sleep with me tonight? I don’t want you to leave me alone after this.”

“Of course I will honey. It wouldn’t be right if I just left you now,” he said more for the spy than his daughter to hear.

Carefully, he stepped forward, climbing over his offspring, and rested himself behind her.

Riley stood on her knees outside the doorway peeking in not a moment away from releasing the greatest build up she ever remembered having. But it was over. All she could do was squeeze her fingers into herself watching her pornographically nude husband crawl into bed with their naked, molested daughter. She was so close.

And then she observed her finale. She stared unbelievably while her spouse ignorantly shifted into a more comfortable position; she witnessed her eleven year old child poke her finger into her mouth, scoop out a glob of her father’s cum, and reach down to prod it inside of her vagina.

Riley’s body keeled over onto the hallway floor as she lost all the strength in her body. Right there, her entire most massive buildup, drained from her body through her flaring, stinging, gushing womanhood. She unleashed a puddle onto the carpet where she laid panting in silence for half an hour regathering herself.

Alex woke up the next morning before her dad. She immediately turned around and began playing with his bare chest in her fingers. She didn’t know or even understand why he did what he did the night before, but she hoped he would do it every single night from then on. And best of all, even though it was a tight squeeze with both of them on her bed, she hoped he would come in her room and sleep with her only, just him and her, and no mom on the other side, all the time.

By the time they both had gotten out of bed, Riley was well already at work. Alex wouldn’t let her father up until she had exhausted at least an hour and a half of an amazing kissy session. She just loved all the new things she could now do with her daddy. She did nearly nothing right and was purely experimenting to feel what she liked best, but it all still felt like daddy was her boyfriend. This was one subject she wanted to accelerate through as fast as possible. She wasn’t about to take a breather and think about it, and was determined not to give her daddy that luxury either. Daddy thinking meant daddy lecturing, she preferred the daddy reacting to her tongue in his mouth.

Finally putting clothes on, the two made their way into the kitchen to prepare lunch. Grilled cheese; three kinds of cheese, tomato, and some mayonnaise. As Jonas spread the mayo on his bread, Alex held her slice up in front of him.

“Daddy, can you put your cum on mine instead?”

“Of course,” he responded a little taken back.

Alex instantly placed the bread on the counter and began tugging her father’s belt off. Before he finished putting his own sandwich together, his pants had already fallen to the ground and his boxers were being yanked likewise. Then the softest little hands enveloped his rapidly expanding organ.

The little girl rubbed at it in all directions vigorously until it became to frictiony from the tacky sweat on her palms.

“Will it work if it’s sticky like this?” she asked pulling the skin up on it in no fluid manner.

“No, it’s got to be very smooth to do it right.”

“How do I get it smooth again?” she wined trying to dry her hands onto her pants and attempting again.

“Put some of your drool on it.”

Alex quickly had her fingers in her mouth and began salivated all over them. She pulled out and took a new slippery hold of her daddy’s penis. A smile of victory crossed her face as she returned to spinning and pulsing her fist up and down onto him. Soon though, she dried back up and had to dig her hand back into her lips.

After repeating that process about three times, Jonas stopped her before the next and took her head into his hands.

“Open your mouth.”

Alex obeyed. Then her face was guided down to his private part and his penis started entering her oral cave. He stopped pushing her down when he poked the back roof of the cavity.

“Close around it and bob up and down. It’ll stay wet for sure than. Watch your teeth.”

As he removed his guiding grip, his eleven year old daughter did exactly what he said. She had never been so eager to learn new things.

“Lick it with your tongue for extra wetness. Don’t worry if you start leaking extra onto me.”

Alex did it all. She focused incredibly hard on trying to do everything right. She remembered what it felt like when he licked her special place the night before and wanted everything to be able to make her daddy feel that insanely good.

She continued for several minutes listening to him groan and slowly move back and forth with her. He was feeling really good and all she had to do was bob back and forth. It felt awesome.

“Honey,” Jonas took a hold onto his daughter’s shoulder. “Use your hand now like before and hold your bread in front of it.

His little girl pulled her mouth off his cock and replaced it with her squirming fingers. She held out a piece of staling bread and pumped him hard.

“Pay a little more attention to the tip of it than you do the rest baby.”

Alex’s hand immediately moved to the purple head and spun around. Really quickly, she poked her head forward and snuck in several licks before she was pushed away. And then the semen erupted from him.

The bread was coated with his reproductive goo. As he kept shooting more and more out, Alex continued playing with the base of his mushroomed tip. Her father had to guide her hand down to the less sensitive shaft. When he was done, Alex looked sadly to the cum covered bread.

“You’ll get that in a few minutes. If you want some now, you can very gently continue sucking on me until there’s nothing left and it’s all soft again.”

Alex’s mouth instinctively slurped back onto the hanging rod and softly, she sucked it like a pacifier. She dipped her finger into the puddle of daddy juice on her slice of bread and smeared it evenly around before pushing it onto her sandwich. She then cleaned her finger quickly with the only second she dared to remove his organ from inside her face.

As his daughter sucked him flaccid, or really just to a half hardened state (flaccid wasn’t an option inside an excited eleven year old’s mouth), Jonas brushed butter over their tops and put the sandwiches onto a tray, sliding them into the toaster oven.

After a lunch of watching his little girl smile so incredibly brightly to him at every large cheesy bite she took into her meal, Jonas found himself staring at an old activity book.

“Let’s see if we can do the whole thing before you take your nap.” She had a box of crayons at her side.

Every time they completed a puzzle, Jonas was planted a not so innocent kiss on the lips. Not so innocent, but still innocent enough to remind him that he was half making out with a fifth grader. The sheer simplicity of the word searches, mazes, and variety of other games also pressed into him that the child’s tummy that he so satisfyingly played with, was indeed only a child’s tummy.

Alex bounced around on his lap, asking questions every other page that drove mixed feelings into his mind.

“Daddy, how do you say that word?”


“What does that mean?”

“It’s a type of tree, usually found in Australia.”

“Soooo… Would it go with the koala? Do they eat you-ka-lip-tus?”


Unfortunately for Alex, the book was just a little too easy for her and eventually she began doing progressively more on her own. After several pages of happily being able to just challenge herself enough so she didn’t need help, she turned around with another question to find her daddy sleeping. Only five pages left too. She put the book down and curled herself up leaning onto his chest, closed her eyes, and found herself in a much more mature fantasy. Going camping with daddy no longer involved dangerous ventures ending the day with a bath and bed at home, but mysteriously having the zipper jam on their tent and being trapped inside all day long with only the two of them to keep themselves entertained.

Riley walked through the living room finding her husband sleeping in his chair and their daughter nearly in a ball laying onto him seemingly asleep herself. Her little fingers were unconsciously squeezing at one of her near absent breasts.

“Alex,” Riley half whispered.

Alex heard her mom calling her name just as her daddy had pushed his lips to hers while fondling her nipple. The scene on the inside of the tent unraveled and her body jerked violently finding her mom looking down to her. The jolt woke her father up from under her.

“I brought a movie home for tonight,” she consoled. Alex just leered back at her for disturbing the both of them.

By movie time that night, Riley was becoming a bit annoyed with her daughter. She began feeling like her daughter didn’t really want to be her daughter anymore.

All three sat on the couch watching the movie, husband and wife side by side with daughter on her daddy’s lap. Every time Riley leaned over to kiss her husband for the fun, Alex felt the movement and tilted her head back to catch them.

“Me too,” she demanded.

And to her greatest pleasure, her daddy kissed down onto her upside-down lips.

“Can you sleep in my room tonight daddy,” Alex asked running to her bedroom to change into her nightgown.

“Daddy’s got some business to take care of with mommy tonight honey so he can’t,” her mom answered for Jonas.

“Then I’m sleeping with you,” she yelled from her room standing only in underwear while looking for where she last threw her nighty.

“Alright,” Riley smiled.

Alex came darting into her parents’ room to discover them climbing into bed naked, her father in the middle of the bed.

“What’s going on?” she asked with a little fear.

“We’re going to have sex. Hop in; you can watch if you want.” Riley sported a nice grin.

Alex walked over to the bed, anger boiling from her face.

“I can help daddy if he wants,” she stated boldly.

“Licking and touching is only good some of the time,” her mother told her. “A lot of the time, your daddy needs the real thing, not make pretend.”

As Jonas climbed over her body, Riley pushed the blankets off his back making sure their daughter saw every detail of the coming act. Her husband’s fully erect cock hung below his body. It was a mammoth to the eleven year old girl.

Alex climbed onto the bed watching carefully.

“Although sweetie, if you wanted to, I could let you take my place. You could stop pretending to be daddy’s wife, and I’ll let you actually be a real wife, taking my place in bed with him every night, and of course having real sex with him whenever he wanted it.”

It was again, one of the few times he let his wife take control of a situation like that. In the incredibly fast growing relationship with his daughter and the imminent urge to stick his cock into a vagina right then, his judgment making ability was a bit swayed into just letting the pieces fall as they may.

Alex was stumped. She was being handed her father on a platter, all to herself, but at a price she really, really didn’t think she could pay. But to take her mom’s place in bed every night by her daddy, just them two.

“Okay,” she reasoned.

“Alright honey,” Riley smiled up to her husband, “don’t go easy on her, she’s made up her mind.” She looked over to Alex who was shivering in anxiety. “Take off your clothes sweetie; it’s time for real sex.”

Those last five words struck the little girl like a baseball bat.

Alex’s muscles jolted about as she painstakingly removed her nightgown. She couldn’t control her shakiness. She always imagined staying a virgin for her husband when she was way, way older. She was going to lose that in two minutes. So badly she wanted to back down. Sitting there in her underwear only, she wanted to give up, say No. But then her mom would win. Alex knew when she was being challenged; all she had to do was get this over with and she would beat her.

Jonas pulled his daughter’s panties from her frozen body. He dropped them to the floor and repositioned her frame flat on the bed spread eagle.

“Do you really want this honey?” he asked her kindly. “Do you want to lose your virginity to me?”

That last sentence made her speak somewhat easier.

“Yes,” she cried. Her daddy was the only person in the world she could think of at the time who she would actually want to lose it to.

Jonas climbed his body over the eleven year old girl’s and dropped his pelvis. He ran his dick down her slit and rested in at the entrance to her vagina, rubbing artificial lubrication up and down his length. He could see in her eyes that this wasn’t statutory rape, this was rape, in its most native form. But she was a year past a decade of life and given everything he had witnessed her live through, he knew as far as the whole game had progressed so far, this was the fastest, most definite way to fix it all for good. Yes his little girl would never forget he stole her virginity against her will, and she would always resent him a little for it even if he fixed it all, but he hoped eventually she would learn it was for the best, or at least not the worst. It had already gone beyond his control. This was the best way out to his chemically altered, depraved mind.

He sunk massive amounts of pressure into the insanely small hole that was between her tensing legs. Alex’s entire body went stiff as she screamed into her mother’s hand. Tears streamed from her eyes. No holding back, his cock almost, in the literal sense, tore into the tweenager’s body, spreading her hipbones a little further along into their future womanly form. He shredded what was left of her hymen and displaced half the organs in her body to accommodate himself.

He could feel each inch he penetrated with a new obstacle; the oh-so-illegal first entrance into her body, that tiniest thin hymen of hers wrapping and ripping around the nonspongy solidity of his shaft, then the meeting of her back wall.

The little girl’s cervix was forced one last extra inch up into her belly before there was no more elasticity left in her unprepared tissues. Jonas reached as far as he possibly could only two thirds of his length in. Her insides squeezed tighter onto him than the strongest grip his wife had ever managed with her hands. Beyond that, she was all molten, wet, internal girl membrane inside. He could swear he felt not only his own heart thumping through his cock, but that of his daughter’s as well.

It took just as much force to pull out of that little girl as it did to push in. Very liberally, he had to recoat his manhood in lubrication before having half of it squeezed back off onto his little girl’s vaginal opening at the next entry. She was so insanely tight and her tensing legs helped nothing at all.

Ten to fifteen times he slowly forced his way into her screaming and crying body before in the combination of dying muscular strength and her body’s exhausted springiness, she finally became loose enough to speed up just a bit. Eventually Alex stopped her squeals of pain beyond her mind’s capability to analyze any more. The room fell into near silence. Her body just started going numb past the spikes of agony she felt pounding against her cervix. She was soo away from being adequate for her daddy.

Seconds passed by in minutes. Minutes in hours. The destruction of her lower body felt unending. And without her yelling pleas, her ears had only her quietly watching parents to focus on. Her eyes just simply stared straight up to the ceiling, surveying the spiraling dark glow of its texture through her swirling tears. Smell and taste were blocked from her brain under the pooling mucus and saliva that mixed one with the other in and outside her mouth.

It was the longest five minutes of her life before her father lost his ability to clutch back and savor the feeling of vaginally penetrating his only child. He couldn’t tell which of the conditions took more responsibility, the unparalleled tightness of the soaking pocket he was having sex with, or the fact that the pocket was in a comatose, defeated preteenaged girl that was his own flesh and blood.

Sperm erupted from his testicles and semen from his prostate in unmatched quantity and power. It flooded into the littlest body, filling the only space unoccupied with the first torrent.

The sticky goo bubbled out around his invading pipe, popping and oozing with his daughter’s blood. It drooled between her sweat soaked butt cheeks and coated her dad’s ball sac with a pink, water colored paint; almost with the consistency of a strawberry cheesecake ice-cream syrup. The sphincter of her still virgin butthole squeezed and sucked in under the warm run of the honeymoon pulp she made with daddy.

Jonas’s muscles gave way onto her body. His nostrils just couldn’t inhale enough of her perspiration. It took an amazing determination to roll his dead weight from her crushed, lifeless form. His cock slurped from her swollen, beet red lips unleashing a surge of cum, lubricant, and blood. The combination trio quickly began plastering itself all between Alex’s legs, not quite wanting to leave its most beloved home yet.

“Well honey, how do you like being daddy’s wife?” Riley asked. Alex just cried softly. “What about you dear, how do you like her?”

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll have another go to more refine my opinion.”

Alex coughed and continued crying, she was completely and utterly beat. Riley tugged herself up onto her husband to get closer to their daughter.

“How about you go back to being the daughter; and then me being you’re mommy will protect you from daddy’s need to have a wife.”

“Okay,” the little girl gurgled through a mucousy puddle over her throat. Riley turned to her spouse.

“And I’m holding you to the second on that ten minutes. You’ve got to break your new, old wife back in.”

----- Epilogue --

Alex inhaled sharply as her daddy squeezed the bulbed syringe into her pouty lips, filling her baby canal with cold, cold apple juice. Her back and head rested on the kitchen table. She wore only her top clothing, a tight fitting t-shirt outlining her most rarely worn training bra, while her bare butt smooshed itself into the hardwood. Her legs dangled down around her daddy.

“Hold it all in now,” he said pulling the empty syringe away and catching a trickle of the juice leak from her slit. “Now we shake it.”

Alex screamed playfully as her father gripped her by the hips and shook her body around, pivoting from her tensed shoulders. The freezing juice in her had no room to slosh around but it definitely did stir. Tiny lines of drops squirted out from her jolting legs.

“Do you think its warm enough yet?”

“Yes, yes daddy, it’s warm enough,” she lied. Her insides were freezing and her muscles were tiring after this third time.

Jonas set her butt back down on the edge of the kitchen table and held the half full cup of already warmed apple juice to her entrance.

“Okay,” he said as he pressed her belly button.

At that queue, Alex sighed in relief as she slowly let loose the liquid inside her. Four days after losing her virginity and this was how the last of her soreness went away. Completely drained, her father tongued inside to squeeze out any remaining flavor.

Alex sat up as he pulled out and lifted the glass to down a gulp.

“I want some too,” she complained, scared he would drink it all.

“Ahhh,” he sighed pulling the cup away and leaving a wet mustache over his upper lip. Alex grabbed the juice from him and defensively finished it off.

“I don’t mind this,” she said taking a breath, “so I don’t see why you don’t want to eat your own special sandwiches.”

“Well, if I ate them, then what would you eat?”

“I know, I’m not complaining, just wondering.” She smacked her lips as she set the empty glass down. “What now?”

“Well, do you feel all healed down there now?”


“Then I was thinking maybe…, we cover the window in the playroom with blankets and play glow bracelet tickle wrestling on the mats.”

“With pillows?!”

“Would I have it any other way?”

Alex’s entire face beamed up to him.

“Now put your underwear and skirt back on and get the bracelets from the freezer.”

As Jonas went to fetch some blankets, Alex hopped from the kitchen table onto her bottoms and obeyed. Fitting the last blanket over the large window, Jonas turned around to his daughter shutting the door and packing towels in the cracks. He jumped over to behind one of the toy shelves and pulled out the gym mats, throwing them to unfold on the floor. Meanwhile, Alex was already putting four glowing bracelets on her ankles and wrists, getting ready to turn out the lights.

Riley came home to a silent house. Finding no one around and the playroom door shut, she forced it open despite blocking towels to find her husband sleeping on the floor with his arm pulling their daydreaming daughter into his chest.

Friday finished out with a nice restaurant and a board game afterwards, including all three of them. Alex went running into bed that night after showing daddy the new see-thru nightgown her mom brought home for her, yelling that she needed protecting. Jonas jogging in after her was swung around and flung onto the mattress where Alex watched mommy milk all the excitement from him until they all fell asleep half intertwining each other.

Saturday turned out fruitful with an entire day in the pool playing see if Alex can get daddy to do what mommy said. It proved to be the most interesting and long game they had ever played.

Sunday was a day of mostly relaxing, getting ready for the greatest week to come, the week Alex so dreamily fantasized about the entire year. Their third annual Daddy/Daughter camping trip. Five days of just them two exploring the wilderness, alone.

Riley showered with Alex that night before bringing her to bed with her and Jonas. After drying though, she sat the eleven year old down on the toilet seat for one last piece of motherly advice before she set her off for a whole week in seclusion with a child molester.

“Honey, you have very small fingers so this is all in your advantage. But if you want to make daddy happier than you’ve ever made him, you want to,” she broke into a whisper as she moved closer to her ear, “take one or two of your fingers and push them into his bottom. He has a special place deep inside that’s smooth and tense. Rub that and put just a little pressure there. You’ll know when you’ve got the right spot. If you’re sucking on his thing when you do this, he’ll feel like he’s in heaven.”


“Yes. But you have to catch him off guard. Don’t ask him if you can do it or he’ll say no. Just push your fingers in and do it. He’ll be shaking when you’re done with him.”

“Really?!” Alex was copying this down word for word into her memory. Daddy feel so good that he shakes. She could picture him there squeezing her into his quivering body, kissing her so much in the greatest gratitude.

“Use one of these too,” Riley continued ripping open a condom wrapper and pulling the contents out. It’s already extra slippery and will keep you extra clean so daddy won’t not want to hold your hand afterwards.” She pulled up her daughter’s right hand and unrolled the condom over her two dominant fingers. “I put some in your backpack. And try not to get any of his cum into your vagina until after you come back and we go to the doctor’s.”

Alex squinted in disgust at that.

“Alright, fine, just don’t be hoping that you get pregnant.”

“Alright, but you have to promise me that you won’t ever get pregnant.”

“I’ll be getting pregnant with another little girl for your daddy once you get a boyfriend.”

“Ha, I’ll never let that happen.”

“Good for you. Now let’s go keep daddy company before he gets too lonely.”

Fifteen years plus…

“Dad?!” Alex yelled out walking through the front door. She marched through the house to the bedroom to find her father walking from the closet with a shirt in his hands and a towel around his waist. His toned chest still glistened from the steamy shower he just finished.

“Honey,” he said a little surprised to see her. “How’s your new job at NASA going?”

Alex pushed herself into her father, dropping her fingers down his tensing butt cheeks and flung the towel from him. Pressuring him backwards, she lightly shoved his naked figure back onto the bed where she then used her hands to pull the shirt from her twenty-six year old body. With the pull of a string, her bra was at her feet.

“I’m pregnant!” she squealed as her father reached for a condom. “After a year of trying with Joshua, I’m finally pregnant.”

“Does he know?”

“Not yet, I had to tell you first.”

“Well, I guess I don’t need this,” he said flinging the condom across the room. “Not like you use to be though.”

“I’m sorrrry I can’t hold the fertility of my thirteenth birthday for a lifetime.”

“That was you very second time too.”

Alex had just finished removing her panties when she tripped herself onto her father’s body.

“Get inside me now.” Her voice was humid and nearly deprived.

Jonas grabbed her by the arm and happily obliged, flipping her body over and dragging her up the bed. Pressing his fingers below her belly, he used the base of his palm to force down the tip of his penis into her entrance. At contact, he smoothly rolled through her soaking internal tissues. Alex sighed in sweet, sweet relief.

Her mouth hanging wide open, Jonas took her bottom lip into his teeth.

“Daddy,” she moaned airily feeling him pump into her a second time with the fluid motion of a rocking piston.

His hands ran up the back of her scalp into her hair as she wrapped and locked her legs around his flexing butt. Back and forth they recoiled together. Her dad let go of her lip and she quickly raised her head with his supporting grip to his neck where she timidly bit and inhaled him.

They grunted in unison through the movement of his manhood gliding in and out of her pulsing, quivering lips. Her excess inborn lubrication ran down and over her puckered rear hole. Jonas removed his hands from her hair and quickly repositioned them over her soft, springing breasts. His teeth then took a hold of her neck as he nibbled and sucked her scent in. Minutes passed with the never ceasing sounds of slurping from the father penetrating his daughter with such fluidity.

The two naked forms moved complimentary with each other, but never quite the same. Jonas pushing into his little girl was sometimes met with her moving up with him, every so often forcing down deeper onto him, a few moments where she kept pace but lagged a second or two behind creating a random combination of the two, or occasionally just not moving at all, absorbing him as he came and went.

She milked him from every gyration her frame could accommodate. Swirling him around, raising and lowering her hips. The feelings she knew it gave him, oh how sweet, and it was her daddy. Nothing could kill that taboo she so often dampened herself over listening to her friends speak about how little their sex lives were worth, how diluted they were, how so tediously average they lived them. But she had daddy. She had had daddy since she was eleven. And even still after she was married. And her so wisely selected amazing husband completely understood. Her mouth was creaming itself right then under her father’s repositioned not so family kiss.

And then Alex squeezed and squinted tightly onto him. The orgasm flowed from her body twenty times faster than it had rhythmically entered. The liquid just drained from her, running the length of the intruding, living organ.

Her latching muscles held for countless seconds before falling limp.

“That didn’t take long,” he questioned, pulling back to look into her exhausted eyes while he still pumped into her, his ball sac than soaked in her juice. She just laid still under his driving plunges, staring past him. Jonas followed her gaze to the doorway.

There his eyes met his wife and twelve year old daughter, both standing in the frame, watching with the most mischievous grins on their faces.

Alex felt her pelvis fill with a milky warmness unmatched in its comfort.


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