Chapters 3A & B of a nasty fantasy story about a girl who turns depraved for life - wanting nothing but nasty sex in all forms that it comes in. Chapter 3A focuses upon the rest of the journey to Lisa's Uncles, Chapter 3B is about arriving at Lisa's Uncle's. BEWARE - most all of this story is very, very nasty and unless you've got a filthy, nasty mind you will not like parts of this FANTASY. Please let me know if you do. If you don't like it then don't tell me because I know it's certainly not to all tastes. Thank you. EXTRA NOTE - I thought I'd better warn that this story also again includes some birth & vomit fetish, as well as the other themes!!! Finally a big thank you to all those who have emailed me and this one's for you - sorry for the delay!
Chapter 3 - Part A

Lisa was a slut. She had passed out toward the end of the nastiest orgy of her 13-year life, during which she gave birth to a baby girl that had been bred as a sex toy. Due to the impending birth of the baby fucktoy Daddy, Mommy and Lisa were on a long car trip to go and live with Lisa's Uncle, Daddy's brother.

She woke at 3am, led in a puddle of tit milk on the back seat of the car. Her right hand was up her still very loose cunt and her left hand was squeezing her right tit. She had been unconsciously squeezing it for a long time and there was now just a small dribble coming from the swollen breast and running down over her left tit and onto the seat. As she laid there, alone in the dark, she wondered why her skin was so tight, not just all over her body, but her face as well. She slowly started to remember the last thing that happened to her before she had passed out. She remembered the female police officer kicking her dirty foot up her post-birth fuckhole and kicking her cunt until she couldn’t stand it anymore and passed out from the sensations of all that had happened that evening by the side of the road. She remembered everything in reverse, as her mind wandered back to her Mommy and the police woman taking such pleasure in pushing their hands into each other’s throats and vomiting into her mouth, all over her 13-year-old cuntface, hair, slut-udders and the newborn fucktoy baby that was in her arms. Lisa recalled how good it felt to drool the woman’s and her Mommy’s puke onto her baby fuckmeat.

Next, she remembered her Daddy, the male policeman and the three truckers pissing and spitting all over her and her baby as she knelt in the piss-puddled dirt. “That’s why my skin feels so tight” she said quietly to herself, running her hands over the dried puke and piss all over her filthy body and face. Thinking about it had made Lisa even more ready to be used than usual, but with nobody around she made do with pushing her hands up her cave of a cunt and her loose, but tighter, asshole. After just a few minutes of abusing herself she moved into a position where her face was in the puddle of tit milk on the seat and started sucking and licking the mess up. Where the tit milk had run from one udder and across the other, it had washed some of the puke off of her and it was mixed in with the milk. Lisa lapped it up fast as she could whilst bringing herself to cum with her little ass stuck up in the air and a hand thrashing deep in each hole.

After she’d cum, Lisa finally began to wonder where her parents and her little fucktoy had gone. She raised her head up just far enough to look out of the window to see that they had pulled off of the mainly deserted road and into an even more deserted diner car park. The diner obviously wasn’t 24-hour as it was shut, and the car park was empty except for the car Lisa was in. Rubbing her clit some more, Lisa suddenly heard a scream and knew her Mommy was being used. A couple of minutes later Lisa saw her Mommy and Daddy in the distance, walking back towards the car. Mommy was looking amazing, Lisa thought. She took a moment to appreciate her mothers’ sexy 28-year-old body, knowing that one day she would have looked the same if she wasn’t such a fuckpig that’d be worn out by the time she was 25. Straight blonde hair down to just below her shoulders, a beautiful round face, delicious huge milk-filled udders that sat on top of her huge round pregnant belly, a shaven cunt and, just like Lisa, a tight ass and lovely toned legs from all the nasty fucking she had been getting. Daddy had taken to using his fuckpigs outdoors recently and Mommy and Lisa both had tans all over their slut bodies.

Lisa looked to her Daddy, who was carrying their child, and admired him as well. He had been 19 when he had got Mommy pregnant when she was 14, giving birth to Lisa when she was 15. Up until that point Daddy had been somewhat of a pedo, something that Lisa had brought right back out of him 9 years later, but he used all of his will to go straight and settle down and support his young family, moving them all in together when Lisa turned 1. Due to all the constant depravity, just like Mommy and Lisa, Daddy’s body had become a lot more defined over the last year or two, with a muscular stomach, chest and thighs, from all the fucking in all manner of positions. His cock had actually grown up to 2 inches more, depending on just how depraved things were, from the constant use and hard sucking. Lisa looked at the drivers seat and Daddy’s clothes and confirmed to herself that his chest, cock and thighs were, in fact, covered in puke and cum. Lisa stuck both of her hands up her gaping cunt and started fucking it again.

Daddy reached the car and opened the door. “Ah, fuckpig, you’re awake” he said. “Yes Daddy, and I need your cock in my ass as hard as you can” Lisa replied. Daddy said he couldn’t right now because of the vile things he had just been doing to Mommy and their babycunt toy. Lisa nearly sobbed as this was the first time ever that Daddy had declined to use her. “Why?! What have you been doing?” Lisa sniffed. “Well I was driving along and Mommy was sat there naked with our baby fucktoy in her arms and it was pissing all over her and she was talking nasty and I was pulling on my fuckstick and spitting on myself. I was just so crazed I told her to puke on me, which she did. It made me cum so hard. Mommy told me to find somewhere to stop so I pulled over here and we slept for a few hours. About an hour ago she woke me up and told me to follow her. We went to a field over there behind that diner and she put the little cuntmeat on the floor and said “if you’re going to piss all over grandma, I’m going to shit all over you, you fucking little breathing dildo”. So your Mommy squatted over our girl and took a shit right onto her face and body and then started smearing it around with her fingers and pushing some in its mouth. Of course the little cunt ate it and giggled happily. What could I do except stand there and ram my cock down your Mommy’s throat and make her cover our tiny whore in some more puke as well? Oh, for fuck sake…I can’t even go 10 minutes…” Daddy said as his cunt wrecker got hard again as he told the story and watched his 13-year-old daughter double fist her gash. He grabbed her arm and pulled her from the car. “Hold this” he said and gave the puke, shit, spit and cum covered baby to its mother. Lisa was then pushed down onto her elbows and knees on the car park tarmac and Daddy slammed his big, thick slab up her shit hole and his man-sized fist up her loose bucket of a cunt.

The puke and shit smeared baby looked too delicious too ignore as she got ass fucked, so Lisa started licking and sucking the little cunts body, reveling in the situation of eating her Mommy’s shit and puke off her own baby that was only born several hours ago. Mommy came around the car and sat on the puke covered drivers seat with her legs out the door. “I’ve got an idea” she said. “Lisa, why don’t you fuck yourself with your shit and vomit covered newborn baby fucktoy? When you’d passed out, me and that lovely pig of a cop stuck one of your baby’s arms and legs up our cunts and fucked ourselves with it. It was so fucking nasty, we both came so hard. Daddy came on it too as it was up our holes” she continued. Lisa suddenly needed her baby back up her sluthole, so she sat on the tarmac, under the moonlight, covered in dried puke, spit, piss and cum and positioned both of her piss, shit, puke, spit and cum drenched baby’s feet and legs at her dripping wet cave. Daddy put his cock in Lisa’s mouth and started to fuck it in reverse so he could watch his 13-year-old daughter push their baby daughter back up into her body for sexual pleasure. Lisa was cumming non-stop as she did it, just for the fact that she was fucking a baby like a dildo. Mommy had spread her legs and had started pissing and cumming all over them as she stuck fingers up her shitty asshole. Daddy was fucking Lisa’s throat harder and harder. His current goal was to get Lisa to puke all over herself and her baby as she fucked it up her cunt, and he achieved that goal several times. Puke and throat slime gushed from Lisa’s mouth over and over, all down her chin, tits and stomach and all over the baby sticking out from her twat. Daddy couldn’t help but cum and did it deep down Lisa’s throat mid-vomit. It felt and looked amazing. When Daddy removed his meat from Lisa’s mouth she immediately sat more upright and jammed three fingers down her own throat, making herself puke more, directly onto her cunt toy.

“AHHHHHH Uhhhhhh…Fucking take it you little cunt, fucking EAT MY PUKE, you’re going to BATHE in my PUKE AND SHIT AND PISS AND FUCKING SPIT EVERY DAY, you little CUNT…GOD I’m going to fucking RAPE YOUR LITTLE BODY WITH MY FIST and EAT you with my FUCKING HUNGRY CUNT!!!” she shouted at her 8-hour-old baby girl. Mommy and Daddy managed to cum again whilst watching Lisa and listening to her out-of-control rant. Lisa pulled the baby meat from her huge gash and was getting ready to stick some fingers up its babycunt when Mommy and Daddy stopped her. “Don’t!” cried Mommy. “We’ve got a surprise for you, but if you rape our little girls snatch now then you won’t be able to have it!” Daddy said. Lisa calmed herself down by having Mommy and Daddy stick their arms up her cunt and ass and fuck the holes as hard as they could until Lisa fell asleep again. Having a baby, being kicked and fisted senseless and repeatedly puking all over your newborn baby takes it out of a 13-year-old whore, and Lisa was feeling those effects at 4am.

Mommy and Daddy found an outside tap on the diner’s wall and washed themselves, Lisa and the baby off, cleaned the car out of some of the puke and piss and continued their journey.

Chapter 3 - Part B - Arriving At Uncle's.

A couple of hours later, shortly after the sun had started to light up the land, Daddy pulled off of the deserted road and onto the gravel and dirt track that made up the 3km long driveway to Uncles’ house. Mommy had just woken up and, having never met her brother-in-law or having been to his house before, she took in the place that she would be living for the foreseeable future. The road they had turned right off of onto the track was lined with trees and having passed through the trees Mommy could see that the trees continued, forming a perimeter around the land that belonged with the house. The land looked to be about 6km across and between the trees all that could be seen was the big farmhouse in the middle, a few outbuildings and stables scattered around and a separate smaller house about 500 metres away from the main house. There were long fences of old wood and chicken wire forming several other rings inside the trees and other than that there were just a few farm animals wandering around the barren land. The earth was dead – the relentless, scorching sun killing anything that dared to start growing, except for a few small patches where the odd tree and patch of grass had grown. When the house had been built back in the 1700’s, the ground was good, but the rain dried up and there had been a total drought for over one hundred years. As the car drew closer to the house Mommy could see that it hadn’t had any work done on it in a long, long time and was in desperate need of some repairs. Despite the sun only just having risen above the trees it was already very warm, with a slight cool breeze keeping Mommy from breaking out in a sweat.

Mommy had never met Uncle as he had already left home when she had met Daddy. Daddy’s Mom, Julie, had told her that Uncle, whose name was John, had joined the army when he was 20 and Daddy was 18. The last time Mommy had seen Julie was at her wedding to Daddy. Recently Daddy had been phoning his brother more and more before he announced to his family that they would be moving out to John’s place in the middle of nowhere. The car pulled up in the dirt yard at the front of the house. The door flew open and John walked out onto the porch. “Little brother!” John shouted as he stood there. As Daddy got out of the car Mommy’s jaw just dropped at what she saw. John stood about 6’2, with short, scruffy dark hair, a scruffy beard – unshaven for a couple of weeks, his body was toned and deeply tanned with a nipple ring in both nipples, his thighs were muscular and his cock was a monster – around 10 inches and as thick as Mommy’s wrist as it hung and swayed between his thick thighs. He was completely naked and he looked as though he was covered in a layer of sweat. Daddy had gotten out of the car also completely naked and Mommy realised that his body was very similar to John’s, only his cock was about 2 inches smaller when soft and not quite so thick and he wasn’t as deeply tanned. She also noticed how, as the brothers embraced, both men took a quick feel and stroke of each other’s large fuck meat.

Daddy and John walked down the porch steps and Mommy noticed 2 leads in his right hand reaching back through the door. Mommy’s mouth dropped even lower when she saw them attached to the necks of two naked women as they walked through the door. One of them was Julie, the men’s mother. She was quite different to the last time Mommy had seen her, dressed in a blue trouser suit with her arm around her husband, who had died six years ago. As far as Mommy was aware, the funeral was the last time Daddy had seen Julie, whilst Mommy had stayed home and looked after pre-fuckpig Lisa. Now Mommy was staring at Julie, completely naked, being pulled by her son on a lead around her neck, her black hair down to her shoulders with skanky blonde highlights thrown in, and her tanned, toned 49-year-old body was topped off with quite new, huge fake tits with gold nipple rings through each. Her face was attractive and the entire package sent a bolt of lightning through Mommy’s cunt.

The other lead was attached to a pretty girl of about 25. She looked quite a lot like Mommy as she had the same kind of blonde hair, a lovely face with stud piercings in her nose and right eyebrow, several small rings in her ears reaching all the way up her earlobes and a delicious pair of natural tits, slightly smaller than Mommy’s currently milk-filled udders. The girl also had a quite toned body and she also had a big pregnant bump, around 6 months gone, Mommy thought to herself. The girl was nursing a baby on her left nipple and Mommy could see that both her nipples were topped off with gold rings as well, the baby with the left one in its mouth.

Daddy waved back to the car and Mommy got out, also naked, pregnant and holding a baby. As she walked over to the group Daddy introduced her to them: “This is my brother John. You’ve met our Mom before, Julie, and this is mine and John’s sexy little sister, Lucy”. Mommy stared stunned at them all as the others stared at her hungrily. “Wha...?” was all that Mommy could say, her pussy burning despite the questions burning her mind. “I guess I haven’t been fully honest about my family’s past, have I honey?” Daddy said to his wife. Daddy explained everything: “Let me fill you in. When I was young, about 7 years old, John was 9, we used to masturbate together. He’d found out about it and showed me how to do it. A few years later we’d moved on to doing dirty things to make ourselves feel good, like fucking each other’s asses and sucking each other off. With Luce here being a few years younger than us it was a perfect opportunity for me and John to get some free, tight, young snatch. We stuffed our fat young dicks in this gorgeous little creature every day and she loved having her big brothers attention and love. As you know, our Dad was quite a powerful man in the local community, so when Luce got pregnant with John’s baby when she was 13 he paid for this house all the way out here and told John and Luce they were moving out here, out of the way, so as not to embarrass him. Of course he still came out here every now and then as he realise he wanted to plunder his pregnant little girl, but he generally ended their relationship and disowned them both, despite giving them money every month. John was never in the army, it was just what they told the locals, and they told everyone Luce had gone off to boarding school. When Dad died John went back to claim Mom. She’d been left stacks of money from Dad and John used it to buy these huge udders for Mom. The money left was just about enough for them all to live on for the rest of lives.

“Meanwhile, I was back at the family home with no brother or sister to fuck. John and I had other fucks of course. For example, we’d gotten Luce to bring home several of her little friends for us to fuck ragged, and I managed to keep getting hold of that sweet young meat over the next few years, and one of them was you...who I got knocked up. Babysitting was good to play with babies as well. Dad, again, wanted to get rid of his son who got a little girl preggo, so I moved away with you when I’d saved up enough money. As it wasn’t my own sister I’d fucked pregnant he didn’t mind quite so much, so gave me some time and paid off your family to let you move away with me, telling them to leave us be and I’d make you happy and we’d have a nice little family. You know what happened with us though, I went straight with you for several years before our little fuckpig got my juices flowing again and you turned into a depraved cunt as well.

“Meanwhile, John and Luce were out here making more babies and getting more and more depraved as each day passed. From records over the last hundred years not a single boy has been born on this land, only girls, and they now have a small football team of them. Not to mention the stables, but I’ll tell you about them later. Mom here, however, occasionally lost her well-to-do attitude when we were younger, and when she caught us fucking Luce’s cunt and ass when I was 13, couldn’t help but beg me and John to fuck her own cunt and ass. She sucked Luce’s lovely little cunt as we did so. Afterwards she seemed really guilty. She didn’t stop us kids fucking each other and we didn’t hide away so much. Every now and then she’d come in and find us wrecking Luce’s holes and she’d lose control again and beg for our young cocks. One day she came home deliberately early to find me, John and Luce babysitting our next door neighbours 1-year-old. When she walked in and saw Luce naked and fingering herself, John holding the baby over his dick, 2 inches inside its cunt and me stood to the side, cumming on its face and on John’s stomach, she fell to the ground and couldn’t rip her clothes off quick enough. Her panties were literally dripping cunt juice and we fucked her, the baby and Luce ragged, over and over, for hours until just before Dad was due back. I kept fucking Mom a few times a month after John and Luce were sent away but when I left as well it was just Mom and Dad, who didn’t fuck her nearly dirty enough. When Dad had a heart attack and died quite young, John went back for Mom and after a long weekend of fucking her brains out and degrading her she came back with him to live a life of disgusting depravity and utter, complete, 100% filth. And that’s about it for now. There’s more, but we’ll get to that later...I’m pretty horny now so I’m going to fuck my sisters unborn babies face for a while.” Daddy turned to his sister and kissed her, they made out for a minute or so before Daddy pushed her onto her back in the dirt and pushed the entire length of his throbbing fuckstick up into her gash, trying to get deep enough so as to rub it against the unborn fuckmeat inside, whilst still making out with his gorgeous sister.

As the two rutted in the dirt John walked closer to his sister-in-law that he had never met before. “I can see why he took you. You’re something special.” John leaned in and kissed Mommy, before pulling his face back and spitting hard in her face. Mommy’s knees trembled and her cunt dripped. Julie stood several feet back and rubbed her cunt slowly as she watched. John knelt in front of Mommy and kissed and then licked her huge pregnant belly. “Mmmm, more fresh baby cunt for me to use, fuck and keep with all the others” he said in a slow, sadistic sounding tone. John slowly started pushing his hand into Mommy’s cunt and it wasn’t long before he was up to his wrist and Mommy was lying in the dirt, cumming like a train on his fist.
Mommy slowly fell to the ground and John removed his arm from her gash. Lisa’s baby was taken from Mommy’s arms and John held it up to his face. “That’s Lisa’s, she gave birth to it about 12 hours ago” said Daddy, balls deep in his sexy sister, who was still nursing her 1-year-old girl. “LISA, IF YOU WANNA SEE YOUR BABY GIRL FUCKMEAT GET BROKEN IN, YOU’D BETTER GET YOUR LOOSE CUNT OUT HERE PRETTY QUICK!” shouted Daddy. Lisa stirred on the back seat of the car, and hearing her Daddy’s words quickly hopped up and out of the car. “Lisa, this is your Uncle John, your Nana Julie and this gorgeous hole I’m drilling is your Auntie Lucy” Daddy continued. Julie walked over to her daughter-in-law, still lying on the ground twitching, and squatted next to her head before pissing all over her face and tits. Mommy caught a couple of mouthfuls and swallowed as she started to reach around her huge bump and frig herself mercilessly. When she was done Julie stood up and walked back to where she was before, looked down at her huge tits, spat several times on them and continued to spit and drool on them, rubbing her cunt as she watched her family in the dirt.

Lisa marvelled at the scene she had woken up to: the early morning heat of the sun, the trees all around miles away, her Daddy fucking his pretty, pregnant, nursing sister in the dirt, her pregnant Mommy also in the dirt, having just been pissed on by her huge titted Nana and her Uncle John, oh her Uncle John, the body and cock of depravity itself, holding her newborn baby girl, eating its tiny cunt and now pissing all over her Mommy as well. John looked at Lisa. “Oh yes. Oh yes. Lisa, my niece. You are truely as beautiful and angelic looking as your Daddy told me. And if you’re as nasty as he tells me you’re going to love it living here with me. Oh baby, I’m going to make you feel things you haven’t even dreamt of.” John said. “I doubt it, Uncle John. I’ve dreamt and done lots and lots of really nasty stuff. I was covered in puke, piss, spit and cum, holding my newborn girl in a dirty ditch yesterday and my Mommy and a police lady puked on me over and over and some truckers fucked me and pissed on me and came on me.” Lisa replied. John had finished pissing on his sister-in-law and his cock was now like steel as he dropped the baby to his crotch. “Well Lisa, that is impressive, but by the time 100 men have finished abusing you, you’ll know exactly what I dream of.” John stated as he lined up his massively thick cock at the entrance of the baby’s pussy. “Surprise!” said Daddy to Lisa and Mommy as they watched, spellbound as John’s huge cock slowly started disappearing into the 12-hour-old baby girls cunt. Mommy came again as she now fisted herself, knowing the surprise was that they were going to fuck the baby that day, but not that John was going to do it, or do it that deep. Lisa walked right up to John and watched his huge cock disappear, all 14 hard inches of it, into the tiny 20 inch baby. “Oh my God! You’re going to kill her!” said Lisa as John groaned crazily, his entire cock stuffed into a newborn baby. “Don’t worry honey, look at her face. She’s giggling, she likes it. For some reason, on this cursed, scarred land, you can fuck anything as hard as you like and, unless it’s supposed to hurt, it won’t. Unless it’s supposed to kill, it won’t. I can fuck this baby’s asshole full of my fist and throw her against a wall when I’m done, and it might not look like she could survive it, but somehow she would. It’s almost like this area, between these trees, is suspended reality. If you think it, you can do it, if you want to do it, just think it. It’s not like you can grow a third tit but...I think you understand me, little fuckpig” John explained. “Awesome.” Lisa breathed. “It sure is. Keeping your cock down a 4-year-olds throat for 20 minutes and watching her throat bulge is something special. Especially when she gasps for air when you pull out as if it was only 20 seconds.” Lisa began thinking about just how far and how many fists she could fit inside her and just how big her holes could get.

Daddy was still on top of his sister and sucking on her free tit. Lucy was cumming hard, having her brother fuck her cunt and suck on one of her tits for the first time in nearly a decade, her baby sucking on the other. Daddy stopped sucking his little sister’s udder and moved to the baby, licking and fingering its tiny bare twat as he came all over the unborn cunt in his sister’s womb.

John was pulling Lisa’s tiny, 10-hour-old fucktoy up and down his monster cock as Lisa stood hunched over and watched in awe. Stuffing her hand up her cunt and furiously fisting herself with her legs bowed, she came several times as she watched her baby get literally filled with her Uncle’s fuckmeat. Mommy was also fisting herself deep, nearly stroking her own baby’s head through her womb, as she sprawled out in the dirt, milk running from her nipples, all over her big tits, tummy and neck and mixing with the piss.
All of a sudden Uncle John came with a loud growl, as his entire body stiffened and he pushed his entire cunt wrecker into the baby’s tiny body. For a moment the baby stopped moving or breathing, only for a few seconds later some cum to splatter out of its little nose and mouth and over its body, and then it started gurgling happily again. “Ugh...fuck that was some good little cuntmeat” John said as he removed his dick from the baby cocksocket and dropped it to the floor, where again it giggled. “Come on, fuckers, time for you to meet Laz and all of the girls and take the grand tour of hell on earth”. "Who's Laz?" Daddy asked. "Well, I found him out in one of the stables one day about 3 years ago, when he was 14. He'd just walked onto the land and he was completely naked stuffing his young cock into one of the babycunt fucktoys and spitting on its mother. Seeing a youngster as perverted as me, I kind of took him in and he lives here with us. He'll fuck anything and I like to think of him as my protege! But you'll see what I mean in a few minutes, he's probably got his cock in something or slapping some young whore meat around".

Lisa came again as she watched everybody move towards the house and disappear inside. Julie spat in her Mommy’s face as she walked by, then grabbed her daughter-in-law, licked milk and piss from her neck and kissed her hard and passionately, pushing her tongue into her mouth. As the two whores broke the kiss Mommy spat hard in Julie’s face. Both of the cunts broke into a smile as they walked inside. Lisa was amazed at everything she had seen in the short amount of time she had been awake. She bent over and picked her baby up and quickly examined it. She looked at the baby’s cunt and saw that it had already returned to its normal size, although a large load of thick cum was leaking from it. Putting the fucktoys tiny gash to her mouth Lisa sucked the creamy cum out of it. When that was all gone she licked up the drops of fucksnot that had splattered out of the baby’s mouth and nose over its body. She spat the last little bit back on her baby’s face, much to its enjoyment, and licked it back up again before drooling it into the little cunts mouth. The baby swallowed it down and, yet again, the happy little thing gurgled. Lisa held the fucktoy to her left udder and walked to the wooden steps that led up to the front door, a big smile on her face as she wondered what further delights could be waiting inside the big, old house.

End Of Chapter 3

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