Oops I fucked her best friend!
First off let me just say that I do not condone what I did but I do admit that the story is worth being told for all of those out there who love a good story about hot steamy sex.

It started with a fight between my girlfriend and I. I don’t remember what that fight was about but it was enough to set me off.

My girlfriends name is Allison. She is 17 and one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Her best friend’s name is Brittany. Shes 18 and is , at least in my eyes very pretty.

Anyway back to the story.

I angrily hung up the phone with my girlfriend and raced down the stairs. I jumped on to the cpu and logged into my yahoo messenger.
There were only a few people on, my girlfriend, her best friend Brittany, and a few others that I don’t really talk to anymore.

I popped up a conversation with Brittany and we started talking. Pretty soon the talk turned to hanging out that day. We agreed that I would come pick her up and we would go swimming in my pool.

When I got to her house we chatted for a few minutes. As we were driving back to my house we made small talk. She was wearing a pair of black biker shirts and a tee shirt so I couldn’t see much of her body.

We pulled into my drive way and after a brief check on my emails we got ready for the pool..

She was wearing the hottest little pink bikini I ever saw. Let me describe her body for you ; she was about 5’5 with dirty blond hair, glasses and 36 c tits. She looked amazing.

We swam around for a little bit before things started to progress.

You see Im a Semi Pro wrestler so I know a lot of throws. So naturally being the goof that I am I started throwing her around the pool.

We ended up holding each other. It wasn’t anything sexual, just 2 friends relaxing in the pool.

After a while I started acting up and I pulled her hair tie out of her hair and threw it into the shallow end of the pool. She moved away and bent over to pick it up. She bent over with her ass facing me and I couldn’t help but look. I saw a few hairs sticking out the sides of her bottoms and I knew she had a little bit of hair which is perfectly fine with me.

After a while we got out of the pool and I went to my room to change. I came out and went to go into the bathroom but when I got to the door I saw that it was slightly ajar. I couldn’t help it, I peaked in. we have a mirror on the wall that allowed me to see her reflection. What I saw floored me: she was standing there completely nude fingering herself! My girlfriends best friend was fingering herself in my fucking bathroom! Her head was back and her chest was raising and lowering with every one of her exaggerated breaths causing her tits to rise and fall.

I got hard instantly.

I couldn’t believe that I was getting hard by my girlfriends best friend. I quickly walked passed the door to go to the living room and I sat down.

After a few minutes Brittany came out of the bathroom and we discussed what we were going to do.

We decided that since it was almost diner time we would go back to her house and eat since there was an awesome pizza joint on the way.
We were on the way to her house when she asked me to play an in-car game with her. The rules of the game were simple…every time you see a car with a headlight out you hit the roof of the car and shouted the code word. The last person to see it had to remove an article of clothing. Of course I was game so we started playing. Unfortunately for me she had more clothing on then me but we had to stop anyway because we were nearing the pizza joint but we agreed to continue the game at some point. I went inside and got the pizza and came back out to the car. As I got in I heard her say into her cell phone “ok mom. Ok I love you!”

She turned and looked at me and said “my moms going to work now. We can still be at the house though.”

So we went to her house and ate dinner.

Afterwards we went upstairs to check out our myspaces. Well while I was waiting I looked over and saw that she had a deck of cards on the table and I got an idea.

“hey Brittany lets play cards.” I said.

“for what?”

“For cloths”

“what game?”

“its your house your call”


So we decided we would play speed.

Again. I should have worn more cloths. I got her down to her bra and panties but unfortunately woman naturally wear more than us guys do.

She totally wiped me out so I stood up and removed my boxers , which was all I had left and stood there in all my “glory”.

She stared at me for a minute looking me over from top to bottom.

“ok so have you learned your lesson yet? it’s a bad idea to challenge me to a card game” she crowed.

That set me off I jumped up and unhooked her bra since she was laying down on her stomach on the floor leaving her strapless

She tried to reattach it and I took it off and threw it across the room ensuring that if I was gonna lose id still get a consolation prize of seeing her tits.

Suddenly I had an idea..she was still on the ground with her arms tucked in so I sat on her back and took off her panties too leaving her butt naked. She was helpless and we both new it…she was at my mercy.

I put my hands under her and carried her to the bed, all the while she tried her best to keep herself covered. I laid her down on the bed on her back and laid down next to her.

She and I looked at each other and both said at the same time “NOW WHAT?”

She and I made small talk mostly pertaining to how she was gonna get to her cloths without giving me a free show.

Finnaly she made a mistake. She mentioned the fact that I wasn’t naked. So I quickly rectified that situation.

After I was completely naked on the bed I rolled over on my stomach next to her and mentioned that she had had time to put her cloths on when I was getting naked and she said “I know.”

I didn’t hesitate another moment. I couldn’t take it. I had this hot assed barely legal girl naked on the bed. I new that id never get another shot at this so I leaned in and kissed her.

We started making out heavy when all of a sudden she broke away and said “no I cant-” but I silenced what I knew to be a weak protest.

I laid her down on her back and started to kiss her and I moved my and down to her tits which she moved her hands away from to alow me access. They were so firm. I tugged on her nipples and explored her mouth with my tongue.

She was moaning beneath me and it drove me crazy. I lowered my mouth to her tits and began to suckle on her ripe tips.

“oh ,Jeremy” she moaned.

I slid my hand down her belly and stopped just shy of her pussy and looked into her eyes. It always turns me on to watch a girls face when I touch their pussy for the first time.

I slid my fingers into her wetness. She was so tight. I had trouble getting 2 fingers in.

She arched her back and started humping my hand. I penetrated her pussy with my hand again and again driving her over the edge.

I felt her muscles tighten around my fingers and I knew she had came.

I leaned down and started to lick up her wet secretions. She tasted so good. I buried my tongue deep into her and felt her arch her back again and heard her moan my name again. I couldn’t take it any more.

I rolled over on top of her and began kissing her.

She must have known what was coming because she raised her hips again and grabbed my throbbing 7 inch cock.

She placed it at her soaking wet entrance and said “FUCK ME HARD”

I love a girl who knows what she wants

I slid into her and bottomed out on her. She was so tight.

I began thrusting into her hard, her tiny body sliding up the bed.

“oh yeah! Fuck me Jeremy !” she yelled.

I was in heaven. I placed my hands around her waist and began to pound her as hard as I could and laughed as her head started flapping around.

I kept at it for about 10 minutes when I finally got bored of missionary and decided that I was gonna show this girl what fucking was all about.

I flipped her onto her hands and knees and started fucking her doggy style. She loved this .

She started screaming my name but the thing that really turned me on was when she said “oh yeah Jer! Fucking punish me! Ive been a really bad little girl! I’m a nasty slut!”

I pushed her chest down to the bed so now she was face down ass up and I went to town on her fucking her senseless her body moving to the motion that my hips made.

I felt her tense up again and I felt her cum again and I lost it I pulled out of her and turned her around and shoved my dick into her mouth and fired load after load of the hot sticky stuff into her mouth and let out a moan as she slurped it all up and swallowed every drop.

We both collapsed on the bed and laid there for about 20 minutes .

“I cant believe we did that” she said.

I only smiled . Cause I knew we weren’t done.

this is my first story... i plan on more.
if anyone wants to chat hit me up on msn at
and yahoo messanger at hbkcubsfan19872000

hope to hear from ya!

Lol L2SNReport

2010-06-10 04:13:42
So you took off your "cloths" eh? Usually I just wear clothes.

Lol L2SNReport

2010-06-04 03:18:25
So you took off your "cloths" eh? Usually I just wear clothes.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-01 12:36:31
Great story!! Tell more about their adventures.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-21 00:30:57
I liked this story. I'm a girl, so for some reason I only get turned on when I read stories about guys cheating on girls and not the other way around. Write More! Thanks!

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-26 22:51:47
she knows and was cool with it...after i made it up to her...over and over again ;)

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