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Tamara was quite young at thirteen, but was she really a virgin. Sometimes I still like to think that she was.
Fbailey story number 238

Too Young

I knew that she was way too young but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. She was just so young and innocent. She was also all alone. I knew that because I had been keeping an eye on her. Her mother had dropped her off an hour ago and had never came back.

I watched her lying on the beach in her little girl bathing suit. It was a two-piece but by no means was it a bikini. It had “The Little Mermaid” cartoons on it. The best thing about it was that it was too small for her and it fit her really tightly.

I saw her looking at the concession stand as other kids were begging their mothers and fathers for something to eat. I took a five-dollar bill out of my pocket and walked up behind her. I tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around I told her that she had dropped it. She very politely thanked me, took the bill from me, and then got in line.

After she got a hotdog, fries, and a drink she came over to the table that I was sitting at and sat down right across from me. She thanked me for the money and then she gave me the change. She said that she had not dropped it because she hadn’t had any money with her, but that she had been hungry. She introduced herself as Tamara, told me that she was thirteen years old, and that her mother had dropped her off as usual without any money again. Again? Well her mother was a single parent, she had a poor-paying job, and they didn’t have much money to spare.

Even though Tamara was thirteen years old she was only in the sixth grade. She had failed the third and fifth grades and had to repeat them. Tamara said that she didn’t like school and couldn’t wait to turn sixteen so that she could drop out.

The one thing that Tamara had going for her was her looks. She was a pretty little thing, her blonde hair was a very nice length, and her figure was not too bad either.

Tamara sure talked big for a little girl. She talked about boys and making out. She even talked about ‘doing it.’ However I didn’t think that she actually had ‘done it’ with a boy. Something told me that she was all talk.

We hung out for a while and then she said that she had to go over by the swing set to wait for her mother to pick her up. She asked me if I would be there the following day and I told Tamara that I would be. She smiled and told me that I could buy her lunch again if I wanted too. I told her that I would be pleased to buy her lunch…or anything else that she wanted.

I was right there waiting for her the next day when her mother dropped her off at the park entrance. Once her mother was out of sight, Tamara came running right to me. She asked me if I would really buy her anything that she wanted. I assured her that I would…within reason of course.

Apparently Tamara had thought about what I had said to her all night long. She said that she really wanted some clothes. She wanted a completely new outfit that no one else had ever worn including panties, bra, and shoes…and she wanted a new bikini too. That was certainly okay with me.

So she got in my car and I started to take her to a shopping mall to buy her some fancy expensive stuff but she had her heart set on shopping at Wal-Mart. I tried to tell her that you usually get just what you pay for at Wal-Mart and not the quality stuff that you can get elsewhere. However that was what she wanted so who was I to argue with her. Besides I would definitely get out of it a lot cheaper her way.

Tamara seemed to know exactly what she wanted too but I made her try everything on. She really liked shopping. She had trouble deciding between a pair of jeans or a miniskirt so I told her that I would buy them both for her. Hell I got of there for a lot less than a hundred dollars and made Tamara a very happy girl. She got her bikini too and it sure looked good on her when she came out to model it for me.

In the car Tamara asked me if she could put her new clothes on. When I said yes she just started to pull her top up over her head. I stopped her before anyone saw us and told her that we needed a safer place for her to change. So I told her that I would take her to my motel room. Tamara was pleased because that way I could fuck her too. What! She expected me to fuck her in exchange for the clothes that I had bought her. She explained that he mother always let the guys that bought her stuff fuck her. Her mother had told her that sex was the way to get things that you wanted and that it was no big deal to let them fuck you. Tamara also confessed to me that she had not ‘done it’ with anyone before. She sure looked like a virgin.

Well I just couldn’t pass that up. I knew that it was wrong and that I could get into some serious trouble over it too but I just had too.

So instead of taking her to my motel I went to a sleazy motel on the other side of town and paid cash. Once inside the room Tamara started to get undressed as I watched her. She was not at all shy about it either. When she was completely naked she turned around slowly for me and walked over to me so that I could touch her if I wanted too. As I was ‘feeling her up’ she told me that she had to do that for her mother’s boyfriends all the time. Her mother won’t let them fuck her but other than that they could play with her tits and finger her pussy until they got hard enough to go into the bedroom and fuck her mother. She said that it used to bother her when she was little but not any more. When she was little? No I decided not to ask.

Anyway she was your typical thirteen-year-old. Tamara had nice budding breasts, a slight amount of pubic hair on her pussy, and she was starting to develop curves.

Tamara watched me intently as I undressed for her but there was nothing special in that since she had seen lots of naked men before.

She willingly got on her back on the bed and opened up her legs wide for me. I entered her easily thinking to myself that she couldn’t possibly be a virgin. Tamara told me that my cock felt good in her pussy and that it was longer than the fingers that had fucked her in the past. As I fucked into her tiny body I kept wondering if she was really a virgin. Finally I just decided to fuck her and enjoy it as much as I could. After coming to that conclusion, I noticed that I got much harder and that I was thrusting into her a little harder too. Tamara did seem to enjoy it and she even encouraged me to go faster and deeper just like other women that I had been with.

After I filled her almost hairless pussy with my cum I asked her one last time if she had really been a virgin. She smiled, lied, and told me exactly what I wanted to hear…yes she had been a virgin…swear to God!

We got dressed and then I dropped Tamara off at the playground to wait for her mother to pick her up.

I checked out of my real motel right away and headed out of town. I could not believe that I had just fucked a thirteen-year-old girl, hell I had three daughters older than that. Then of course I could not stop wondering what it would be like to fuck my own daughters. I had a constant hard-on until I got home and fucked my wife. Then an hour later I had to fuck her again. She was happy that I had missed so much.

I never did fuck my daughters but I never looked at them in the same way either.

The End
Too Young
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