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imagine you've landed your dream job.....
The Perfect Gig.
by signatory12

I watched her enter my office with a fair amount of anticipation. She was about five foot-four, maybe 110 pounds dripping wet. Her nice C-cup sized tits were encased in a blouse that was a size too small for her frame, she had on a skirt that ended about three inches below her ass, and she was wearing five inch tall flame-red heels. The only part of her that didn't seem to scream "Whore!" was the part above her neck. She had shoulder-length pale blond hair framing a dark blue eyes in a clean, smooth face that looked far younger than the sixteen years old she said she was. It really didn't matter to me, though, how old she was. She was here, and that meant that she wanted to join The Group, so she knew (or would find out) what that entailed shortly.
I looked again at the results of her blood work. The doctor (our doctor, so I knew I could trust him) said she was completely clean: no STD's of any sort. I hadn't asked Doc to find out if she was clean because she was careful, or if she was a virgin. Part of that was because I knew the Doc: if he was asked to find out if a girl was a virgin, he did it the old fashioned way, by fucking her. The other part of it was that, like everyone else in The Club, he was on a limit, even if his dues were paid in full by his providing medical services to all the girls in The Group. Doc had used his time for the month up already, so he wasn't due yet, and I wasn't about to put temptation in the way so that he might decide to "cheat", even a little bit. Time for her finals.
"So......Heather, your blood work is back. You're clean, that's good. It means you're eligible for employment with us. It doesn't, however, mean you've got a job yet! And you also understand that, if we do hire you, you'll be responsible for staying clean. If you have sex with anyone outside The Club, you're to make sure they wear a condom at all times. If you don't, and you contract any, and I do mean any, STD's, you'll be fired immediately. You'll be required to undergo weekly blood tests too: to make sure you stay clean. Also, if you're hired, you'll be going back to the Doctor for another appointment, this time to get a Norplant implant. Once all of that is done, you'll be an employee and we can begin to work you into the schedule and get your pay going. Now, this is your final interview. Over there...." I pointed towards a closet that lined the wall of the room, which used to be a bedroom, "'ll find all sorts of clothing, all sizes and styles. I see you dressed up in your own stuff. Well, go over there, select something that will fit you that you think makes you look super-sexy, get out of your clothes, and I mean all of them, then come over here so I can get an idea of your tastes."
Heather gave me a look, either unsure about why I was asking her to change, or actually shy about undressing in front of me. "Come on! Pretend I'm a client, someone who wants you to dress up special for them, and, yes, that does happen, a lot! Get something, get naked, and get dressed....and don't put any underwear on when you do, that's part of the test! Get to it! If you can't strip in front of me, how are you going to manage when your alone with a stranger who's going to fuck you?" It happened, sometimes, even at this point. A girl would come in, having heard through the grapevine about us and the organization, they'd go through everything else and come to this point, of getting naked in front of a stranger, and they'd loose their nerve. When it did, I usually gave them a few bucks for their time and showed them out, no hard feelings. Sometimes, though, you'd get one that would tetter on the brink, not sure which way they'd go, and they just needed a push from me to get them going again. Heather wasn't one of those. She opened the closet, started rifling around, looking at the different things hanging there, trying to find something she liked, or to find if it was in her size (I always made sure there was a size tag on every hanger), but getting into the spirit of it all.
As she did, I took care of a couple things myself. The first was to activate the cameras that were hidden around the room at various points. They'd capture and record Heather getting naked, no doubt with enough detail that we could use a few of the shots on our member's page. They'd also capture everything else that happened, which was important for other reasons. The second thing I did was to unzip my jeans and free my cock, which was starting to get very hard. Watching Heather move, the way her body looked in different positions, how her muscles played under he skin. Seeing her strip, watching her get naked, I wanted to start stroking myself, but I held back. I got even harder as she pulled a tiny top and a very short skirt/panty combination that looked like it had once belonged to a cheerleader's outfit. She pulled on the top, which was tight enough over her breasts that it looked as though it'd been painted on her, but when she went to pull on the skirt, I stopped her. "Remember, I told you no underwear, of any sort!" She smiled back at me and said "It's not underwear if it's part of the garment! Chill, I'll be dressed in a minute!" With that, she turned around, bent over halfway lifted a foot, and in doing so, exposed and opened her pussy to me. Watching her pull that skirt into place would have made a saint think of nothing but sin, and I sure as hell wasn't any saint! Not much longer, not much longer! I thought to myself....
Heather finished dressing, pulled her heels back on, and strutted herself over to me. She was confident she looked hot and she was right. "So, do I pass the test?" she asked as she stopped on the other side of the desk from me. I gave her an openly appraising look, the sort of leer a man gives to a woman he wants to fuck and fuck hard. "You pass the style part, that's for sure! That makes you look like the ultimate 'cheerleader gone bad' fantasy! Turn around and bend over a bit, let me see you show your ass to me!" She was happy to comply, but what she didn't see was, as she turned, I rose from my chair. I was around the end of the desk even as she was getting ready to touch her knees, evidently thinking this would make the show better. Seeing me out of the corner of her eye, though, she started to stand back up. Then she saw my cock sticking out and gave me a look, the sort of look a whore might give to a john she knew she'd have to service but wasn't pleased with taking care of. "So, you want something more.....concrete in the way of a demonstration of what I can do?" she asked, almost smirking. "No, I know what you can do, and that's supply me with some nice, tight pussy!" I replied, grabbing her arm hard. "Hey, I'll fuck you, you don't have to get rough!" she said, a note of panic coming into her voice. "Oh, yeah, you're gonna fuck me, bitch, and as for rough, I haven't even started yet!" I said, reaching out with my free hand to grab her top. It was tight, and it was thin, so even at that point, I could see its seams straining. I yanked and it tore like it was made of paper, bringing Heather's very nice breasts into view again. "Hey, what the fuck do you think you're doing!!!" she yelled, trying to pull away. I slapped her, fairly hard, across the mouth. She stopped, now looking at me in shock. I smiled at her for a moment, then I shoved her, hard, so that her ass hit the edge of the desk and she fell backwards onto it. As she tried to scramble into a setting position, I grabbed her legs. They were thin enough at the ankles so that I could hold both of them with one hand. I needed to, as I used the free hand to grab hold of her skirt and rip it off. The fabric wasn't as weak as the top had been, so it took a couple of fairly hard pulls to get it to give. Heather was trying to get away from me now, trying to smack me, while also trying pull herself across the desk to get away. She might have succeeded if she'd done one or the other, but trying to do both just made it a little harder for me to keep control of her. With her skirt off, though, I had both hands free and took complete control. I kept my one-handed hold of her ankles in place long enough to allow me to lift her ass slightly so I could use my free hand to smack her on it, hard. "Hold your ass still now, or this is going to be a lot more painful for you, understand?" I asked, giving her one final, very hard ass-smack. Then I reached up, took an ankle in each hand, and forced he legs up and back, so that I was almost folding her in half. As I got her further up, my dick got closer to where it wanted to go, and my hips began to thrust on their own, wanting to start fucking her. Now, with my face closer to her, she started trying to slap me, to claw my face, to make me back off and let go. I put all my weight on her legs, forcing them up and out, pinning her down so she couldn't move them. I took one of my hands and grabbed hers, stopping her struggles. Having tried to drive my cock into her on pure luck, I used my free hand to reached down between us to line things up. As I got the head between her pussy lips, she gave out a final squealed "NOOOOOO!" and I rammed forward. I put every bit of my strength into that thrust, and it showed. She was dry but I had enough strength to drive myself in almost halfway to the hilt. Her back arched and she let out a scream of pain. I pulled back slightly, and threw myself at her again. This time I hit bottom and I didn't wait; I started fucking her as hard as I could. Now when it comes to cocks, I might not be big in the length department, barely making six inches, but at four and a half inches around, I more than made up for it in girth. Having that shoved up inside her while she was dry had to hurt like hell, but at that point, I didn't care. I was a man with nothing on his mind but getting his nuts off, so I didn't stop once I got going.
I have to admit, her pussy was super-tight at that point, and if I hadn't jacked off just before she had arrived, I'd have probably shot my load inside the first couple of minutes. As I kept fucking her, she started to get wet, at first because her body was reacting to lessen the friction, then she started moving around and I knew she was getting hot whether she wanted to or not. With that out of the way, I let go of her hands, grabbed her hips, and started to to work her pussy over. I picked up the pace, slamming myself in and out of her as quickly as I could move. About another minute passed and she was definitely moaning, working her hips and giving all the indications of a woman who was getting into the fuck session she was a part of. I kept hammering away, enjoying the feel of a tight young pussy wrapped around my cock but wanting to see if I could get her off. By now, she was really working her hips, like she wanted to have her cunt reamed out as wide as I could make it, and I was more than happy to oblige her. Suddenly her movements got more frantic, more intense. Then her head came up, her back tried to arch and she screamed "OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!" at the top of her lungs. I felt her already tight pussy grab hold of my cock like it was going to try biting it off, and I felt a small flow of wetness down my leg. I was nearly there, so I took hold of her and drove myself as hard and fast as I could into her. Just as she was starting to relax, I gave her one final thrust threw back my head and screamed out "Take it, bitch! Take my cum you little whore!" as my nuts started emptying themselves into her. I gave her a few more thrusts, more out of reflex than anything else, as I put at least five healthy shots into her. She didn't get off again, but as she'd already cum, I figured we were even.
I half fell forward onto her with my knees going weak in the aftermath of the orgasm I'd just experienced, then I pushed myself up and back, taking my weight off of her and causing my softening cock to drop out of her. She lay there for a second, one arm now over her face, and I could tell she was crying. Then she moved her arm, sat up, and took a swing at me. "What the FUCK did you do that for! I was going to fuck you, I figured that'd be part of the 'evaluation', why the fuck did you have rape me!" She drew her arm back to take another swing at me, but I put my hand out to stop her. "I did that because, if you're going to be in the Group, that'll be the absolute worst you'll face, and then only if you're willing to allow it. I had to know if you could hold up under something like that or not. Early on, we had girls who we didn't try it on, and they agreed to go through with it for the extra cash, and afterwards they freaked out completely. If you're still interested, I can give you all the details of what you'll be doing now, you've passed the test." She looked at me kind of oddly, then nodded to indicate that she was interested. I was glad, as someone who would respond like that, who could actually get off while she was being forced, would be very popular with our members. "Okay then. You're going to become part of what we call 'The Group'. It's a pool of young women like you who are willing to have sex for money, but it's not an agency, and there are certain.....differences between how you've worked before and how you'll work for us. We have a select group of wealthy and influential men who pay to be part of what is known unofficially as The Club. They pay $15,000 a month, and agree to undergo weekly blood tests in return for being allowed to be members. In return, they have the choice of any of the young women who are members of The Group for sex. They can pick any of a number of options that are available for that basic membership fee. They can have a woman once a week for an hour, or they can have a woman for three hours if they can wait to have sex every other week, or they can have two young women for a night if they're willing to wait for what we call the 'once-a-month-fantasy-fuck'. Our members pay to have access to beautiful young women like you, and they pay to have sex without the need to have to stop and put a condom on. So if you go out on a call, the client will not be asked to 'put on protection', and they'll expect to cum in whatever orifice they choose to fuck: ass, pussy or mouth. Just a hint: most of our members expect to watch you swallow if they cum in your mouth, so if you have a problem with that, you might want to say so now. Our members also get to fuck, and cum, as many times as they can manage in whatever time frame they have. There is no limit to the number of 'shots on goal' they get. Understand so far?" I stopped, watching her. I could see that this wasn't quite what she'd expected, but she nodded, looked me in the eye and said "How often do I have to work?" That told me that she was interested, and that she was thinking ahead, a good sign. "That depends on the members. A new face, like you, will usually have a bit of a 'rush' period when all the members want to see what you're like, to try out the 'novelty' of the new girl. After that, well, it can be as many as half a dozen, maybe even eight times a week, or you could go a week without any calls. Our system runs like this: as one of The Group, you'll get a base fee per week for being 'on-call', plus a percentage based on the number of hours you spend with clients. There are other things to add to your income. If a member either decides to keep you over, or runs over the time you're supposed to be with them, they have to pay an 'overage' surcharge, which is a fraction of the hour they kept you over based on $5,000 per hour. There are also 'special' services we offer. Doing a two-girl show when they're not normally 'allowed' will earn you more, as we charge $3,000 extra per hour, which gets split half to us, the other half between the two girls. If a member wants a girl for overnight outside of their schedule, it's $8,000, split 50/50. Sometimes a group of members will want to get together and gang-bang a girl, it's $10,000 per hour. We also do other fantasies, the worst is the rape fantasy. If the girl is willing, the member pays $50,000 and he gets to do pretty much whatever he wants to, as long as he doesn't become too violent. What I did to you is about the worst that's allowed. If a member goes 'over the line', he's thrown out. If he turns up with an STD, he's thrown out. If he tries to get a girl to have sex with someone other than himself or another member, he gets the boot. Our members pay to have sex without the worry of whether the woman they're fucking will give them something more than an excellent lay, and they know they have to do their part in that. By the same token, if a girl turns up with an STD because she decided to 'freelance', she gets kicked out. If she goes out of her way to give the men she sees a hard time, she'll find herself with nobody wanting to have her, then no work. Understand?" She looked at me, and I could see the wheels going in her head. "Before you think of it, we make sure you never know who you're fucking. We work like this: you come here before you go out on a call; if you want, you can keep outfits here so you don't have to go out in public in something that might draw attention to you. We give you the time of your meet, give you a photo of the member, and one of or drivers takes you to the meet. He's there for several reasons. His delivering you means we know you got to the meet on time, so that the member can't complain that you were late; and you can't try to screw the member out of extra money for a claim of overage. He's also back-up, in case a member decides to get too rough. Here...." I walked around the desk, pulled open a drawer, and took out a bracelet. "....this is your safety net. You see the little heart-shaped charm? Press it and a small one-time transmitter goes off. That triggers an alarm in the car and the driver will come get you out, by whatever means he has to. So use that only if you're really, really worried! Second...." I pulled a foil-wrapper out of the drawer and handed it to her. "....if you're not already on birth control, that's a 'morning after' pill. Taken within 24 hours, it should keep you from getting pregnant, so you probably should take it now if you need it." I walked over to the small 'dorm fridge' I kept in my office, pulled out a bottle of water, and took it to her. She looked it over, opened it, popped the pill out of it's container, then washed it down with a swallow from the bottle. "There are a few other things. If you go to a meeting, and the person who answers the door isn't the person who's photo we give you, leave. All our members know that they're supposed to greet the girl when she gets there, so if it's not them, something's wrong. If you go into a room, and there are more than one person in the room, you leave. You only do multiples if it's arranged in advance, and you'll know all of the members you're supposed to fuck. You do a stranger, you're responsible for whatever happens afterwards, clear? If anyone tries to keep you from leaving, you do the same thing as if they were getting rough with you. Our driver will come get you and the member will get notice that they're being kicked out. After the meeting is over, the driver will pick you up and bring you back here. We've got clean-up facilities so you can douche out and do any other cleaning up you might need to do. Oh, and we also give out tubes of K-Y, but we don't expect you to throw them around like so much trash. If you're having trouble getting wet during a fuck session, or if the member wants anal, use it. Otherwise, just keep it tucked in your purse. We'll replace it when you need it, but it's just another expense, and that's just that much less money for you and the other girls. That's about it, any questions?"
She looked me over for a second, and I knew she had a few questions just by the way she was acting. "Yeah, a couple." she started. "These guys shell out a ton of money for no other reason than they want young girls they can fuck, and fuck bareback? That's pretty......extreme. Is that all they want?" "Mostly. Some of them like to pick girls who look like their wives did when they were younger. Some of them, to be honest, pick girls who look like their daughters, or some other young woman they might know. Why they pick someone, we don't ask. That they want to experience the feeling of cumming in a woman, instead of a piece of latex; and that when they do, they won't have to worry about getting the clap or AIDS or whatever, that's the main thing they're paying for. Anything else?" She gave me another look, then smiled and asked "Think you can get it up again? That was an awesome fuck, even if it hurt like hell at the beginning. You must have lasted for, what.....twenty, thirty minutes, the way it felt. Let me guess: you jerked off before I got here? If you can get it up again, I'll give you a hell of a ride, and you can shot as much cum in me as you want. Maybe you could even give me a nice spot on the list of girls....." I put my hand up at that. "All the girls, now, go through what you just did, and nobody gets a 'sweet spot' on the list. Like I said, you're new, so you're going to have all the sex you can handle, and a lot more! Where you end up on the list, though.....that depends on you. Give the guys you're fucking a 'hell of a ride', and you'll have plenty of men wanting to see you again. Just lay there and take it, and you're probably not going to be here very long." I looked her over again, remembering how tight her pussy had been, and I felt my cock starting to get hard again. "But I could use some sex. How about you get your mouth busy getting my dick the rest of the way up, then I can give you all the stiff cock you'll want." She looked me over, and I knew she was still thinking this might get her some sort of special treatment, so she was going to be a good little whore and give me her best. It wouldn't, but I'd already told her that, so if she wanted to keep believing it, I was more than happy to take advantage of her delusion. She walked over to me, smiling and swaying her hips, working it pretty damned good. She stopped almost nose-to-nose with me, still smiling, and gave me a kiss on the lips....a kiss that turned into a pretty healthy french kiss. Our tongues danced around each other and I felt my cock getting harder. I might not need this little bitch to give me a blowjob after all....but it sure would be nice to see her on her knees in front of me trying to swallow my dick! I broke the kiss, put my hands on her shoulders, and pressed down lightly. She didn't need a lot of encouragement, dropping to her knees and taking hold of my dick. She played with it a while, licking it over, running her tongue up and down the slit in the head, sucking first one, then the other of my balls into her mouth. Then she opened her mouth and stuffed most of my dick into it. Damn, she's good!!! I thought as she first went part of the way down, then backed off and pressed all the way forward, taking my entire length into her mouth. She kept the suction on as she moved her head up and down on my shaft. It didn't take long before I knew I wanted to fuck, and fuck right away!
I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head and yanked her off my cock. "Time to fuck!" I said and used my grip to pull her to her feet. I led her around the desk, let go of her hair, and sat down in my chair. "Time for a 'full service' lap dance, I think!" I said, smiling at her. She just grinned back, said "Sounds good to me!" and climbed up onto the arms of the chair. I got a grip on my dick, holding it firm and in place as she moved herself into position, then she lowered herself down, slowly impaling her pussy on my hard-on. I might have fucked her as hard as I could not half an hour ago, but her cunt was young and had recovered to the point where it felt like she hadn't had a dick for days. She swirled her hips around, grinding her pelvic bone against mine, then started to ride me. With those nice nipples of hers bouncing around right in front of my face, it wasn't long before I caught one and started sucking and chewing on it. I'd been helping her bounce on my dick, but now I stopped and put one of my hands to use on her other breast, twisting and tweaking her free nipple. From the way she picked up the pace of her fucking, I knew she was one of those girls who loves to have her nips worked over, something I'd put in the member's database for all the guys who'd be fucking her after me. She was moaning and groaning louder and louder, her hips trying to move from side to side as she rode my cock harder and harder. "You like this, don't you? You like fucking, you like the feel of a nice hard cock stuffing your pussy, don't you?" "Oh, god, yes! Yes! I love it! Fuck me, damn it! Fuck me hard!!!" I took my hands off of her breast, got a grip on her waist and started slamming her up and down on my prick. Her head was swinging around like her neck was almost broken, like she was a rag doll, and her eyes were glazed over. All of a sudden, the limpness disappeared and every muscle on her body tensed up. She threw her head back, opened her mouth like she was going to scream her head off, but all that escaped was a high, thin wail of a woman who's body was convulsing it's way through a huge orgasm. Her pussy grabbed hold of me with something like a death grip, squeezing and relaxing as her body tried to milk cum from my cock, cum that was starting to boil in my balls. By now, I was picking her up and just letting go, letting her slam down on me as hard as she could, and she was going wild! She had stopped wailing, but now she was babbling, making no sense at all, and her pussy was still rhythmically squeezing and milking my cock. I stopped with her bottomed out, grabbed her tighter, leaned forward and pushed myself upright. I didn't intend to try fucking her standing, she wasn't that small!, but by doing this, I could put her down on the desk. When I had her down, I grabbed her legs, shoved them open as far as I could, and began slamming myself into her now maximum-opened pussy. She had calmed down some while I was moving her into this new position, but with my renewed assault on her cunt, she began to cum again. By this time, my body was covered in sweat and I was starting to get tired. My balls were telling me they had one more special delivery they needed to make, one more load I had to inject into this little whore's womb. I started banging on her, drawing out until my cock was either just inside her, or the head ha just popped out; then slamming back in hard and fast. More, more, just a little more, then.......... "Fuck YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!" I bellowed out as I felt my balls start to deliver their promised cargo. Her pussy seemed to clamp down even hard, if that was possible, and I felt it working to extract every last drop of jizz from me. Damn, that's what it all about! I thought as the last few dribbles escaped me.
I was finished. I pushed myself away and more fell than sat in my desk chair. Heather lay there for a while longer, clearly still coming down from the string of orgasms she'd just had. Finally she pushed herself into a setting position and sat there, shaking visibly from exhaustion while she looked at me. "Jesus, do the old guys in you 'Club' fuck like you? If they do, I could be tempted to do this job for nothing!" she said, giving me a very appraising look. I had to laugh at that. "To be honest, I don't ask the girls about how well or poorly our members perform when it comes to sex. It ain't my business, and I really don't want to know." I held out my hand to her to help her stand. She didn't take it right away, and when I looked at her, she smiled and said "Give a girl a minute, will you? I'm still trying to get over a hell of a fucking, and I'm not sure if I tried to stand up, I'd stay up!" We both laughed at that, but I kept my had out anyway. After another moment's hesitation, she took it and I helped her up. I let her lean on my arm, though I wasn't all that much steadier on my feet than she was, and headed for the door. She stopped part of the way there, let go of me, and moved to pick up her clothing. "If I'm going to get cleaned up, I'd like to have something to put on besides a towel!" she said when I gave her a quizzical look. I opened the door and I guided her to the bathroom where she could shower. While she was cleaning up, I sat on the toilet and watched her. She was something, I had to admit, and the guys in The Club where going to be getting one hell of a fuck when they got hold of her. Me? I'd been the first of the group to have the pleasure of her body, and I'd enjoyed it to the max, so she was free to fuck as many and as often as her talents could command. Unless things ended differently, there was a good chance the two of us would fuck again. It happened with every girl, no matter what, they wanted to come back for a session, a nice quiet fuck off the time clock, and I was happy to oblige. Besides, there were always new girls, more young women who wanted a chance at the easy money and clean customers we offered, so it was only a matter of time before another young woman came into my office, before I raped her, fucked her, and made her one of Ours. They say that sometimes you get a bad job, and sometimes you get a good job. Me, I figured I had to have the absolute perfect gig!

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