Copyright 2007 Nicola Matthews. All Rights Reserved. The following is an excert from the erotic novel TEMPTATION by Nicola Matthews, on sale now.
Master opens the car door for me, clipping the end of my silver leash onto my collar. Tonight I am wearing my black leather collar, studded in rhinestones. It goes perfectly with the black mock oriental kimono dress that I wear. The dress comes to my knees, but there are slits up both sides that stop right below my hips. Traditionally the top of the dress would cover my chest fully with a small collar that would cover a good portion of my neck. But Master had this dress tailored especially for me. The top has a very daring v-shaped neckline, the point plummeting well past my breasts, leaving the front open so that my leather collar is displayed along with the barest glimpse of my breasts. The material is silk, but it clings to my body, revealing little yet leaving little to the imagination.

Master is dressed in black. He wears a forest green shirt underneath the black silk outer shirt, the color causing his eyes to look like liquid emerald pools of fire. He has his long hair pulled back with a bit of green ribbon that matches his under shirt. A stray curl has fallen loose, and I want to brush the curl back, tucking it behind his ear. Actually, what I really want to do is rip his shirt open and lick every inch of his chest, to run my fingers through his hair. Instead I step out of the car, looking up at him with adoring eyes. Master grins at me, knowing full well what I am thinking, knowing how he affects me.

The site of his muscled body towering over me quickens my pulse. I am already aching with need; I know that tonight will be a sweet torment. I have been given permission to look at Master all I want, to touch him, to speak freely among the others. The only thing that marks Master as my dominant is the collar and leash I wear.

Master walks towards the house, me only a step behind. As we near the door my heart skips a beat. The majority of the people who waited inside were my friends. Master and I have a few mutual friends who were in attendance, but most of them knew me, but only knew of Master through me. They were all like us, a tantalizing mixture of vampires, submissives, werecreatures, Wiccans, Goths, and others who did not carry a label but only knew that they were drawn to those like us.

The rules for the party are simple enough: you do not touch another’s submissive without asking the Master’s permission, and if you need to touch another to feed from them, you must first ask the person’s permission. Sex must be mutually consensual. Master has already given me permission to feed those whom I want, and to feed from those whom I want.

The door is open, but Master stops long enough to unhook my leash before he walks in. The murmuring of voices quiets as he steps into the room. I do not know if it is because so few here know him, or if it is because he is such an imposing figure. I know without seeing his face that he has leveled that intense, dangerous gaze on everyone in the room, the one that will make every woman want to throw themselves at his feet, the one that will send a spark of danger dancing along the men’s spines.

Once Master is sure he has everyone’s attention, he reaches behind him, holding his hand out to help me up the steps, his eyes never turning that gaze from those that lounged within. I step into the room beside him, and I hear several of the men gasp. I step closer to Master as every pair of eyes stare at me, raking up my five foot frame from the top of my auburn hair to the bottom of my black heel-clad feet. I glance up at Master, who is smiling rather smugly at everyone else. I am use to Master telling me that I am beautiful, but it still weirds me out a bit to have other men openly ogle me. I know that Master is perfectly pleased to know that his submissive is being lusted after by every man, and most of the women here. I, however, have the urge to turn around and leave.

I hear footsteps approaching, and our host enters the room. ‘Why has everyone gotten so quiet all of a sudden?’ he asks as he strolls into the room. He stops dead in the doorway, gaping at the two of us standing just inside the living room.

I smile at him, taking in his five foot six inch frame, the black jeans and white shirt, his black hair flowing freely around his shoulders. His hair is much shorter and curlier than Master’s, but it lends a kind of wildness to his brown eyes. I walk towards him, my hands outstretched.

‘Mia,’ he says as I come up to him to give him a hug.

‘It’s great to finally see you in person, Harris,’ I tell him as he swings me into his arms.

‘I thought you were not going to be able to make it,’ Harris says to me.

I laugh. ‘I wouldn’t miss this for the world,’ I say to him. I gesture towards Master, an elegant flick of the wrist. ‘I would like to introduce you to my Master. Harris, this is Draven. Master, may I present Harris, our host and the owner of the Ethereal Night of the South.’

Harris looked up at Master, drinking in his six foot six frame, the cut of his clothes, the shape of his face, his eyes running over Master’s perfectly sculpted lips, the bottom lip a bit too full with a small dimple in the center, giving him the air of pouting even when he’s not. Harris is bi-sexual, and I know that he is as pleased with my Master’s looks as I am.

‘Welcome,’ Harris said with a slight bow of his head. ‘Please, make yourselves at home. The kitchen is just through here,’ Harris gestured to the door he had just come through. ‘Help yourself to anything that you like. We have red wine and champagne on ice, and some harder liquor in the cabinet if you wish.’

‘Thank you, Harris,’ I said as several others came up to us. In all I know Harris, Patrick, Draven, Ash, Dark Raven, Wolf, Caleb, Crow, and Vengeance personally. The rest I either know by name or by association, some three dozen of us all together.

I make my rounds, speaking to everyone in turn. I look to see Master sitting comfortably on the couch with a young woman by the name of Bella. I smile at him, and slip out of the room to find Harris. Of all the vampires there, Harris is the only one whose life energy comes close to matching that of Master’s. I am drawn to Harris like a moth to the flame, much as I am to Master, but for different reasons.

I find Harris in the hallway, talking quietly to Gina, his girlfriend. She smiles at me, waves, and leaves the two of us alone. She, like Master, understands the relationship between Harris and I. We are both vampires, but Harris is my dominant. I am his donor, but I feed as he feeds from me. I can feed from a distance simply by opening myself up to the random energy around me, but it is much more satisfying to feed directly from another person, especially another vampire with the power level that Harris possesses. Harris and Gina feed from each other, but they have been feeding from no others but each other for far too long.

Harris takes me into his arms, and places a gentle kiss on my lips. I sigh, relaxing against him, tilting my head to the side. He needs no further encouragement. Harris slowly bends his head to my neck, his breath warm on my skin. He flicks his tongue along the line of my neck, tracing the pulse that beats there like a trapped animal, the sweet liquid flowing just beneath the surface. Harris pulls me closer to him, pressing the entire length of our bodies from my breasts to my upper thighs against each other, his right hand resting lightly against the back of my neck, his left cupping my buttock, pulling me even closer to him. I can feel the outline of his cock through the fabric of his jeans, the mound of flesh growing harder as his breath quickens.

I gasp as his teeth sink into my flesh, just enough to draw blood, the feel of his lips hot and moist. I groan as I feel him open up, his life energy flaring out from his body, sending a wave of scorching heat through me. I feel light-headed, almost dizzy as I drink his energy into myself. The whole world has slowed down, narrowing until nothing existed but our bodies pressed together, the feel of his mouth on my skin and the rush of heat like liquid fire pouring into my body. I can feel my body beginning to go limp, only Harris’s firm grip on me keeping me on my feet. It is a bit strange, feeling my own energy being drained by Harris and yet being replaced with Harris’ own nuclear-like life force.

Harris releases his mouth from my neck, throwing his head back. ‘God,’ he whispers, ‘I knew that your life energy would be different, stronger than most, but I never dreamed it would be like this.’ He sways on his feet, me still pressed against him.

I sigh, my eyes barely open. He looks down at me, and I see that his eyes are as glazed and fuzzy as my own. I laugh, a shaky, breathless laugh. ‘You can say that again.’

He laughs with me, and slowly releases his hold on me, making sure I can stand before letting me go completely.

I smile at him again, and turn to leave, going back into the living room, intent upon finding Master. He is not in the living room or the kitchen. I spend some time talking with some of the others, taking up a few offers from others to be their donor later in the night. Master is still no where to be seen, so I wander outside on the patio where a few of the guests have gathered to smoke and relax underneath the stars. Master is not among them, and after a few more minutes of small talk I walk off the patio and around the house.

I get half way around the back of the building when someone suddenly reaches out from the shadows and grabs me, slamming me hard against the wall. I gasp, the blow nearly knocking the wind from me, leaving me devoid of enough breath to cry out. I hear a low chuckle, and realize that it is Master who has me pressed between his body and the outside of the house. He pulls me away from the wall a few inches only to shove me back against it, harder. I cry out this time, feeling his nails biting into the flesh of my upper arms.

Master wraps his hand into my hair, wrenching my head backwards. He runs his tongue along the bite imprint in my neck, the tip exploring every tiny crevice as if it were a gift to be treasured. ‘Someone has marked you,’ he says, his voice a low growl, a hint of anger underlying the smooth velvet of the sound.
‘No,’ I say, trying to shake my head and failing. ‘Not marked, fed from.’ Master knows the difference between being marked as a lover and leaving a bite imprint when feeding. I have been allowed to be anyone’s donor, but being marked as a lover is a privilege reserved only for my Master.

‘That would be my fault,’ I hear Harris say softly as he steps out of the darkness, the tip of his cigarette burning red against the blackness of the night. He takes a final drag from it and tosses it to the ground, grinding it out beneath the heel of his shoe. ‘I should have been more careful of her. My apologies.’
I look from one to the other, wondering what proposition Harris has given to Master. Harris has made it quite clear over the months that he is fiercely attracted to me, and I to him, but it is Master’s choice as to who else shares my flesh.

Master lowers his head back to my neck, licking and nipping at the skin. He slides his thigh in between my leg, helping to keep me eye level with him. He slides his hand up under my skirt, suddenly jerking the bit of silk and lace of my panties from my body, ripping them beyond use. I let out a tiny squeal, my body jerking, not expecting such a violent action from him. Master covers my mouth with his, kissing me hard enough to bruise my lips. I whimper, opening my mouth wider to keep him from cutting my lips against my own teeth. Master shoves his tongue deep into my mouth, probing, searching.

He releases me just as quickly as he had grabbed me. I stumble forward, but Master seizes my arm again. He turns me around, thrusting me back against the wall. He grabs my hands and holds them above my head while his other hand shoves my skirt up. He moves his hand from my body, and I can tell from the tinkle of his belt that he is undoing his pants. But another pair of hands takes the place of Master’s. I gasp as Harris slides his hand up the inside of my thigh, caressing his fingers against my wetness. He slips those fingers inside of me, stroking them in and out of my body. I groan, my back arching, the heat racing through my body.

Harris moans, leaning in to run his tongue along the back of my neck. ‘God, she’s already wet,’ he breathed, his hand moving my legs further apart to allow himself more access.

‘Mia is always ready,’ Master said, his breath hoarse with passion.

Harris kneels in front of me, putting my leg up on his shoulder. He looks at me, his brown eyes now dark liquid pools in his pale face, his black hair framing the delicate bone structure. He keeps those eyes on me as he leans towards my body. I hold my breath, my body jerking as his tongue flicks over my pussy. I cry out as he licks me, his tongue playing along my clit as his fingers move in and out of my pussy. I realize that he has a tongue ring, something I had not noticed earlier when we were feeding together.
I feel Master at my back, rubbing the hardness of his dick against my buttocks. I throw my head back as the building pressure inside my body erupts into a molten blaze, ripping a scream from my throat. Harris continues to lick and nibble at my clit as I buck against him, but he slowly removes his fingers. I whimper, not wanting this to end. But this thought is barely formed before Master’s hard cock takes the place of Harris’s fingers, filling me up more completely, the pressure immediately beginning to build inside of me again.

Harris licks my pussy from the front as Master shoves himself into me again and again from behind. I am groaning now, moving myself back to meet Master’s thrusts. I look down at Harris, and he is stroking the shaft of his hardened cock as he licks me. The sight of him kneeling before me, masturbating as he pleasures me sends me over the edge. I scream as the orgasm rips through my body, causing my pussy to tighten around my Master. Draven’s body tenses as he pushes himself into me harder, faster, sending another wave of pleasure over my body. Master’s body tenses, adding his own screams of ecstasy to mine.

I open my eyes to see the look of bliss on Harris’s face, his head thrown back, his moans of pleasure coming a second behind ours. He looks up at us, his eyes glazed, our breathing labored. ‘Please tell me we can do this again with Gina before you leave,’ he says, his voice uneven and airy.

Master laughs, sending a shiver down my spine. ‘God, I’d love to,’ he says.

Harris looks at me, and I grin at him. ‘Trust me,’ I say, ‘it will be my pleasure.’

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