Why? Why did I have to open my big mouth? Why did I have to say anything? I could have just walked away! Like everyone told me to. But no, I had to open my big mouth, and talk back to the school bully.

I was nothing to him! Little Damien. Brown eyes, brown short hair. Five foot six, and a skinny nerd who searched for anime video’s when I was bored. Compared to “Big Dog Jake”, I was a midnight snack. He had spiked black hair along with brown mud eyes; he was over six feet, and strong. A bully wouldn’t be a bully if he didn’t have the muscles to back it up.

He always gave me crap about my sexuality, and I always was able to walk away. But what happened today? I just snapped? And I didn’t even say anything big. “Shut the fuck up.” Of course, it wasn’t what I said; it was the fact that I said something. No one every talked back to him, not even his friends.

Now I was scared to death. I had to watch my back, and have a mirror so I can see around the corner. To bad he got to me before I could get a mirror.

It was the day after, right when school got out and I was walking away from my little group of friend. I turned to go to my car. I was late to school so I had to park in the ghetto parking lot. And then WHAM! He hit me. Blood was already down my shirt, my eyes were wet with tears, and I thought I heard my nose crack.

“Think your tough cuz you talked back to me? You little faggot?” He grabbed my shirt and started to drag me to his car. Everything was all fuzzy, and I couldn’t talk through the agonizing pain of my nose. He tossed me into the beat up car so hard, I slid a crossed the seat and hit my head on the other door. And just like that, I was out.

I woke up, coughing for some reason. The stink was horrible. It smelt like sweat and the mud after it rained. And dirty laundry. That smell was strong in there too. I looked around, and there he was. Jake.

“About time. It’s already almost four.” He said with a small laugh. Since it was four, I still had three hours till my parents got home and started looking for me. So I have been out for almost a half an hour and he didn’t beat me up yet? What was he planning? The thought scared me. He wasn’t great at school; the same grade as me and three years older? Yeah, not great at all. But it seemed like he has a special knack for kicking people where it hurt.

He got up and kicked me right at my side. I was lying on the ground, you see, so it was relatively easy for him. He quickly pulled his pants off and sat on my chest. “Lick it.” He commanded. I stopped my cough from the kick, and looked at his cock. His musk got to my nose, the smell making my eyes water. Who knew a human could smell like that. Then I saw the size. It was limp, and already six inches. He picked his limp dick up and let it drop onto my face, and then he lightly slapped me with it. “Lick it!” He almost yelled, and I did. One short lick.

He got up, quickly spun me around, and then almost ripped my pants and boxers off with one great swoop. I squirmed a bit and got kicked again and again. I rolled with the pain, to blind to feel or see anything else happening.

After a short while, I blinked the tears out of my eyes and looked around. He seemed to have me in a perfect position, and I didn’t even notice him doing it. My hands were tied, and I couldn’t even lift them thanks to another rope leading to his bed. My legs were separated, and tied. And my ass was up into the air, something was pushing up on my thighs. He was going to ass rape me. I was sure of it. Being gay, my cock already started to swim with blood. Although, I would have liked my first time to be a bit more romantic and softer.

I blinked as I looked around, I couldn’t see him. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t. He stepped over my face, landing his foot right before my nostrils. Again, my eyes watered. He took note of this and sat down right in front of me. He shoved his socked foot into my face and gave out his command. “Eat it.”

My stomach turned just from the smell, I didn’t want the taste. He lightly kicked my face, hitting my too sensitive nose. “Eat. It.” He said in a more stern voice. In fear of more pain, I opened my mouth, only to have his foot shoved into it.

I believe I got all of his toes in, and some of the ball of the foot, my mind was still fuzzy. I tried to breath inward, but I got a mix of the smell, and the taste of the sweaty foot. I moaned a bit as he started to wiggle his toes. “Taste good, don’t if fag. Like to taste of men’s feet?” His foot retreated from my mouth and he pulled the damp sock off. I started to pant for clean air as I wiggled my ass around. Lucky for me, his foot seemed clean. I would soon find out as he shoved it back in. I licked around each toe, getting the odd taste of bitter salt on my tongue. I could see the attention to his foot was going straight to his cock, as he started to get a hard on.

His foot was yanked out as we both heard a small jingle of a collar. “Rex!” he called, all excited. There was a reason they called him “Big Dog Jake” He had a big rottweiler. He stormed through the door, only to find my ass up for the taking. I felt his warm breath on my cheeks as he was sniffing around. No. Not this way. I couldn’t be taken this way.

“Good boy, Rex. Good boy. You know what to do.” Did that mean Jake did this with others? I hopped not. But, the dog did know what to do, all to well. With my ass in the air, all he had to do was mount me. And he did. I felt his weight on my back, and his hips thrusting away until his cock found its target. It wasn’t hard, not even close, but it would be soon. Once it found the hole, it wasn’t much longer.

I blinked, trying to get a good look at what was happening behind me. My hair was grabbed and I was turned around to find Jake’s cock, standing a full eleven inches. I didn’t think a dick that big was real. But it was eyeing me down right now.

“Suck it, faggot.” I already had his foot in my mouth, his dog mounting me, what more could I lose? I opened my mouth, and greedily waited for his cock to be pushed it. There wasn’t much movement I could do, so he had to do most of the work. Which, he didn’t seem to mind. He positioned himself, how ever possible, to aim his cock in my mouth. He roughly shoved four inches in. I tried to lick it, taste it, please him as soon as possible, but the dick was gone. And then it was back, this time five inches. Now I realized, he was humping my mouth.

My mind was so full of thoughts, I forgot about the humping dog, until I felt the first part of his cock go in. In cringed and tightened my ass muscles, but that was enough to stop the dog in heat. He just kept pounding and pounding, pushing more of his growing cock in to my small whole, just like his master was doing.

Soon, I felt the cock starting to slide down my throat. I gagged and choked, but that didn’t stop him. He just kept going with his fuck face. I didn’t know what else there was. I didn’t want to know either. I just tried to block everything out until it was over. But everything was too powerful; the large cock, the sound the dog’s hips made when they collided with mine, Jake’s moaning, the dog’s bark, Jake’s grip on my hair, the dog’s collar chiming.

I kept my eyes closed as tears swam down my cheeks. How much more could I take? How much more could they take? I knew the answer all too soon. Jake exploded down my throat. But did that stop him from fucking it? No. It only seemed to encourage him. Faster and faster his cock went in, sticking in as much as he could. I didn’t keep track how much he was shoving down there. Wave after wave of cum and he didn’t let up. But something was off, his cock wasn’t throbbing. My dick always throbbed when I orgasmic form a self hand job. I wrapped my tongue around the shaft to get a better feel, and he still wasn’t throbbing, but yet cum was filling my throat. He pulled out, squirting cum onto my face, and shoved his base in. There we go. The throbbing I was looking for, but it brought along harder shots, and more cum. I didn’t know a guy could cum this much. My only focus was to swallow before I would drown.

He kept his dick in there, as he dog just went to town on my ass. The knot was teasing my hole as his cock filled my anal walls. I didn’t know how big a dog’s cock could get, but from just that, I would say about 6 inches long, and 2 inches in girth. Not counting the knot. My heart pounded as I waited for the knot. My mind was racing, trying to prepare myself for the future pain. I told myself it would feel good after a while, like the dog’s humping. At first it was painful, but now it was getting better. Just in time for the ultimate pain.

It seemed impossible for me to focus on both of them at the same time. As one did something to grab my attention, the other would do something as well. I tried to keep score, the dog mounted, then did Jake, dog started to fuck, Jake came, and now the dog was going to knot me. But no, Jake wasn’t done. He wasn’t about to have his dog steal the show. As my eyes were looking back, trying to see the dog in action, I heard Jake give a soft moan. Suddenly, my mouth begin to fill again. Not with his salty creamy cum, no, with his bitter liquid yellow piss. “Drink up.” He said as he shoved his dick in once again. I tried to swallow, it was my first instinct, but it was too much. It started to spill out the side of my mouth. Just when things couldn’t get worse, I was knotted. I tried to scream, but the moment I opened my mouth, piss spilt everywhere.

“Damnit Fag!” Jake freaked, plugging my mouth by shove his cock in. The dog’s cock started to spill the seed into me. My body felt like it was warming up from the inside. The knot was bigger then I thought. Much bigger. The pain was too much. I tried to moan and scream, but it was all muffled thanks to Jake. The last of Rex’s cum spilt into me, filling me up to the brim, but the knot wouldn’t let any out. I tried to swallow my drink, and got most of it down.

Jake pulled out while the dog stayed in place. A small laugh came from him, and I wanted to ask what was funny. But with no energy, I found it difficult.

“You seemed to like that a little too much.” He said, reaching under me and scooping up some cum. I came? When? I didn’t even notice I was hard. I didn’t enjoy it that much, did I? The finger was shoved roughly into my mouth. “Well, since you liked it so much, why don’t we do it again?” I though he was talking about another day, or something. Wrong again, he was talking about right now.

“Rex needs some time for his knot to go down. I should know. I let him mount me all the time.” He sat down, again a foot in my face. This time it was the one I didn’t suck on. I opened my mouth without being asked, and it was shoved right at home. “I never cum like you did. No, I had that baby saved up for a half a year. I haven’t even stroked myself. No wonder I came so much.” I swallowed down more of the foot as the dog tried to pull out. A small wave of pain told us the knot was still too big. “You’re going to love what I taught Rex to do next.” A small smirk on his face as he pulled his foot out, un-socked it, and shoved it back in.

It took Rex twenty minuet to pull out. Doggie cum spilt from my insides onto the wooden floor. The dog’s cock was still out, and he walked over to Jake, I was still sucking on his feet. “No! No! Bad dog. Keep the cock out.” Jake scolded as he reached between the dog’s legs and started to stroke behind the knot, getting the dog hard again. His foot slid out and he stood up, again, his cock was hard.

“Tag team.” He said to the dog, as if it was a command. Again, the dog started to sniff around my head, checking my smell out. Was he going to mount me again? This time my face? I didn’t have any time to think about it before Jake’s cock slid into me, easy with dog juice as lubricant. I groaned and screamed, and Rex found his chance. Sliding his cock, that he just used to fuck my ass with, deep into my throat. I didn’t even get a good look at the size, so I tried to feel it with my tongue. I felt everything. The cum hole that was spitting out the dog’s pre, the shape of the canine cock, the vines that filled it with blood.

I moaned with it in my mouth as Jake continued to mercilessly fuck me. He moaned as his meat slid in and out. I felt his pubic patch tickle my cheeks every time he shoved it, and I felt his head just about to pull out every time he did. The squishing sound of the cock mixing with doggie cum played well together with the jingle of the dog’s collar. My throat was already stretched out, along with my ass. No pain this time, only complete pleasure. This time I felt my cock get hard, this time I felt my body move back and fourth to the two’s thrusts. This time, I was going to feel my orgasm. I moaned with Jake as the dog whined. All three of us didn’t last long the second time. I was the first to go off, shooting my cum cannon onto the floor. Jake was after me, mixing the two seeds together. I barely felt him shoot inside of me I was so full. The dog was last, despite his speedy humps. I faked a tie with my lips, and he spilt into my mouth. The taste was quite different from human sperm. Much more sweeter then I expected.

I swallowed it and the dog jumped down. Jake pulled out and I started to breath heavily. He pulled the device that was holding my hips up from under me, and my half hard cock slid over my mess. I didn’t notice the dog leave the room, but Jake was sitting down in front of me, both feet displayed. “Again.” He said.

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2015-08-08 10:31:34
Looks like someone didn't bother doing their homework for this story, both in regular measurements and in the sizes of dog cocks.
Girth is the same as circumference. Your thumb is probably more than 2 inches in girth. The tube from a paper towel roll is about 6 inches in girth and a "big" Rottweiler cock would be at least that. And 6 inches in length isn't that big for even an average sized dog. So, that "big" Rottweiler would have even the Chihuahuas laughing him out of the dog park. (Not that Chihuahuas have cocks that long, but the cat they live with probably does.) LOL

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I fuckin loved this story everything from the foot fetish to the do cum I wanna be a w hits guys slave I'm 18 9789953061 txt me to fuckin rape. My vergin ass and mouth

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That was disgusting, I hope you write a part 2..A little cock cheese would go well with the dirty socks. Are we sick or what?

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If you don't like it do read a foot fetish story

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If you don't like it do read a foot fetish story

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