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I got up to take a piss. Neither of these two things was as easy these days as they used to be. My knees ached as I got out of bed and staggered in the dark to the bathroom. I stood in front of the bowl with my dick in my hand, waiting for my prostate to co-operate. My wife, Marge, was down in Florida tending to her sick sister. In a few years, when I retired, we were thinking about selling the old place and moving down to Florida ourselves. The neighborhood was becoming a bit too loud for my tastes.

Take the kids next door, please. This summer it seemed they invited every screeching kid in the neighborhood over their back yard to jump on that damn trampoline. The bouncing and screeching would go on for hours, it got on my nerves. Their parents reminded me of the hippies you’d see around when I was young. I think his name was Jeff. His brown hair was usually in a ponytail. I mean, what kind of man wears a ponytail, for God sakes. His wife, Cathy, had straight dirty blonde hair. It was so straight I swear she ironed it and so long it hung down to her ass. Although, I guess I got to admit, her ass looked pretty inviting in them tight jeans she was always wearing. Marge was always bitching about the tank tops she strutted around in, saying she shouldn’t be showing her breasts and naked belly around the children. Frankly, I didn’t see any harm, they’d see more flesh at the beach. Besides, they were really nice looking tits, if you catch my drift.

I finally got to empty my bladder and was about to head back to bed when I heard some squeaks coming from in back of the house next door. I looked out the window and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a full moon in the clear sky. I’ve seen a lot of full moons. I don’t recall ever seeing two naked people on a trampoline before, in fact I’m pretty sure I never saw two people outside on a trampoline after midnight either. But, sure enough, there they were, Cathy and her husband, naked as jaybirds laying side by side, kissing and running their hands all over each other’s naked body. I started feeling an old, familiar sensation down below and looked down to see that my dick was at half-mast. I smiled in the dark.

Their skin looked ghostly white in the moonlight. Their bodies were rubbing together. Cathy’s lovely round butt was facing my direction, her buttocks clenching and unclenching. Watching all this naked kissing and clenching got my dick rising higher. It rose even further and got even harder when I watched Cathy get up to straddle Jeff. Her cute, naked titties were bouncing in the moonlight. I had a sort of three-quarters view as she guided his hard cock into her pussy. She sat up straight and gave a little bounce with her butt. The trampoline took to bouncing, pumping Jeff’s cock into Cathy’s bouncing pussy. Whenever the motion started to slow, she’d give it another bounce. How about them apples? I’d never thought of a trampoline as a fucking machine before, but the way they were using it, it sure seemed to be getting the job done. My hard dick was in my hand, stroking along to the bounces. I’d give it a good long stroke every time she bounced. Watching her young, firm, naked flesh it motion was exciting enough, knowing she had a boner inside her was a bonus.

Cathy took to rubbing her breasts while riding her husband’s cock, her mouth was a little bit open and she had this pretty grin on her sexy face. Jeff started bouncing his butt on the trampoline and their motion developed a bit of a stutter. Sometimes it seemed they were bouncing so hard that Cathy was going to slide right off the cock she was riding and end up bare ass on the lawn. They were both laughing softly and breathing hard. After a few minutes of this they stopped bouncing all together. Cathy leaned down to kiss Jeff and they just held each other real close, his dick still deep inside her and her wiggling her little round ass around a bit. I was still pumping away at my old root just watching that sweet, young body squirming on her man.

Cathy took me by surprise when she backed off Jeff’s cock and sat down, with her legs spread, by his feet. I could now see the dark hairs surrounding her pussy. Well, at least they looked dark against her pale skin. Jeff pulled his legs in a bit and raised his knees. His back was mostly to me now. They just seemed to be staring into each other’s faces a few moments. I didn’t have a clue what was going on out there. Then I saw Cathy’s hand begin to rub her pussy. It looked like Jeff was probably jerking on his cock. They sat there with their legs spread masturbating at each other. From my bathroom, I joined in the action, pumping as hard as Cathy was stroking and the girl was getting to stroking pretty hard. She kept staring into Jeff’s face. She smiled at him when she slid two fingers into her pussy and began pumping them in and out of that sweet tight twat. Her mouth opened up a bit but she held up her part of the staring. Both of them were now rocking their hips, the trampoline was becoming a stormy sea again. Cathy began biting her lower lip. She brought her left hand down to rub around her clit, her fingers were flashing in and out of her pussy in a blur. It looked like Jeff was jerking his cock pretty fast and I was certainly doing the same. Cum was churning in balls, getting ready to spurt out of my hard, hot shaft. Cathy began shaking. Her mouth was open as if she was gasping for air but throughout the orgasm that shook her body she somehow kept her eyes open and on Jeff’s face. Jeff’s body started jerking right after Cathy’s. When he pushed his cock toward Cathy I could see that he was cumming into some sort of bandanna thing. This old boy was only a few strokes behind. I grabbed on to doorframe and the orgasm hit me so hard, for a moment there I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My cock jerked in my hand as a shot my load in and around the toilet. I balanced against the wall as I fought for breath.

My aching knees were wobbly as I stumbled back into bed. Maybe that trampoline wasn’t such a bad thing, after all.


2006-07-15 17:49:34
very eroctic


2004-04-10 15:23:37
that was sooooo fucking stupid.i hope whoever wrote this is locked up somewhere where he cant write any more fucking stupid ass stories.

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