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Despite the fact I’d driven her to the college and helped her get settled into her freshman dorm room, I couldn’t believe that Kaitlin was gone. Ever since Mark and I divorced, over ten years ago, my life had built solely around taking care of my daughter. Sure, I tried dating a few times but none of those guys lasted very long. Every time I’d go out, I’d feel guilty about leaving my little girl back home. Only now, I guess, she wasn’t so little. She was sleeping under a different roof, in her dorm. I was wide-awake, pacing an empty house in my nightgown.

I hadn’t worn this nightgown for years. It was a low cut, black silk job I’d picked up when Mark and I were still together. I was proud that I’d kept myself in such good shape that it still fit. My lightly freckled boobs showed a lot of cleavage but not too much sag. This old redhead still had a pretty tight little body. The nightgown felt soft and silky against my skin and it clung to my curves. The real reason I’d put it on though was the color. It was black. It fit my mood.

Though I rarely drink, I poured myself a healthy second shot of Scotch and wandered into Kaitlin’s room. It still smelled of her herbal soap and shampoo. I brushed my fingers along her bureau and looked around her room. God, it was going to be a long time until Thanksgiving! I sat down on her bed and stared out the window, she must have flung open her curtains this morning. I had tears in my eyes, thinking about her facing the first day of her new life. I slugged down the rest of the Scotch. The warmth in my belly felt good. It brought my eyes back into focus.

Maybe it was the tears, maybe it was my melancholy mood but it wasn’t until that moment that I realized I’d been staring into a bedroom window. Our house sits on the peak of a small hill so the other window was a little below Kaitlin’s. There was a girl spread eagle on the bed, wearing nothing but white panties. Linda was Kaitlin’s age; they were close for a while in junior high. When Kaitlin got heavy into sports they drifted apart. I’d always thought Linda was cute. From what I could see, she still was. Her black hair framed a face with big brown eyes and a cute pug nose. Even her tits were cute, average size firm ones with light brown aureole. I wondered whether she always had her shade up at night or just knew, with Kaitlin gone, no one could see into her well-lit room. I could tell, pretty quickly, that she probably wasn’t expecting anyone to be looking.

Her right hand had moved up and was lightly caressing her right breast. Her tanned legs began to squirm a bit on the bed. I held my breath as her left hand began caressing her other breast. She arched her back, pressing her cute breasts into her gently rubbing hands. I could feel a warmth growing a few inches lower than where the Scotch had landed. I brought my hands up to my breasts. My nipples were already hard as I slid the silk across them; my breasts hungered for the contact.

Linda released her right breast and slid her hand into her white cotton panties. I watched her fingers sliding under her panties. Though she was facing the window, I didn’t think she could see me in the dark. I continued rubbing my breasts as I watched her finger her pussy. I knew my own cunt was getting pretty wet. I didn’t know why I kept looking. I didn’t know why the sight was exciting me. It didn’t seem to matter at the time. I needed to feel something other than empty.

When Linda reached down to slip off her panties, I was startled by her dense, black bush, She obviously trimmed it to wear a bikini but the pubic hair was much denser than my red ones. She started sliding a finger along her slit and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I shifted position and kneeled on Kaitlin’s bed, facing the window so I could watch Linda masturbate. I pulled the nightgown up over my butt and reached down between my legs. My wet slit welcomed the sliding finger as inhaled deeply. Linda’s entire hand was now involved in playing with her pussy; her left hand was tweaking her right nipple. Her knees were up and her legs were spread wide to give her right hand more room to play. I began rubbing my right hand along my pussy as I braced my self on the bed with the left. My fingers felt so good sliding along my lips, grazing my swollen clit on the way by, sending little surges of electricity through my body.

Linda’s left hand had now come down to help the right. She was using the left to rub around her clit as her right was rubbing around her pretty cunt, spreading the lips, revealing the inner depths that I knew she was about to invade. I slipped two fingers into my pussy at almost the exact same moment Linda’s fingers slid into hers. I had the bottom of my palm pressed against my clit as I slid deep into my greedy cunt. Linda’s left fingers were sliding around her clit as the fingers on her right hand pumped in her pussy. She was bucking her hips, her mouth wide open as her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. I was moaning, my ragged breath coming out in gasps, my heart pounding hard. Waves of pleasure were spreading throughout my body from the fiery center where my fingers were now frantic in their rush toward orgasm. Linda was thrashing on the bed, her fingers a blur in her black haired pussy. I watched her young, naked body clutch and quiver as her orgasm washed over; it rocked her body as if she was being electrocuted. I wanted to hold my own cum off a moment longer to watch her lovely nudity twitching but it came upon me in a rush, overpowering me and driving me down flat on to the bed. I laid there on my belly, my hand wedged between my legs and my naked ass pointed at the ceiling, sucking in much needed air. My body was trembling. I hadn’t cum that hard in awhile.

When I finally rearranged my nightgown and looked out the window, Linda’s bedroom light was out. Looking around Kaitlin’s empty room, I actually grinned. Maybe it was time for this old redhead to try dating again.


2004-11-23 03:31:07
exciting turns when woman peeping girl. the story should be longer with more jucy details. try an other story on same base...

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