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Story of a women bound, taken hostage, used.
I’ve been divorced for 6 years now and in my mid-thirties. I love the outdoors and taking day hikes so I am in good physical shape. I’m 5’9 and have been told that I have great tits 40D. My eyes and hair are brown; I have straight hair that goes to the bottom on my bra strap. Several years ago I got connected to the internet and started chatting because I was lonely and not into the bar scene. There were a number of men and a few women on my friends list that I chatted with on regular basics. The women gave me an outlet to laugh & vent about kids, work, ex’s etc. The men I used as a safe sexual outlet. Sometimes I would turn on my video camera wearing only a low cut little shirt and my panties. I would angle the camera perfectly so the men could only see my face and plunging cleavage.

Matthew was the only one on my chat list that actually lived in the same town as I did. We chatted a while before we decided to meet. I was attracted to his powerful large body and somewhat forceful nature online. However, there were things about him that bothered me; like how private he was about his life and especially what he did for a living. He would just simply change the subject and tell me he didn’t want talk about it right now because he had a bad day.

While chatting & drinking a bit I invited him over late one night and before I could change my mind he was knocking on my front door. I invited him in and we sat and talked a while on the couch. Several times I caught him gazing down my shirt at my cleavage and breasts and it made me slightly giggle. Over the course of an hour or so he kept scooting closer and then I would scoot away trying to maintain my comfort zone until I couldn’t scoot any more on the couch.

He stopped talking and, with his left hand he reached up and ran his fingers through my straight hair letting the strands softly glide through just staring into my eyes. He did it again and again and again. Each time he would gather up more hair than the time before. His breathing change to deep slow breaths until he pulled my hair completely back so I wasn’t able to move my head. He planted one deep and very forceful kiss on me. He moved so his knees were on the outside of my thighs squeezing them together. At that moment my heart was racing as I felt very vulnerable and quite helpless. He released my hair gently and then again he ran his hand through my hair and pulled once more this time more aggressively. My head was being supported by the back of the couch as his lips encompassed mine, harder he pushed with his lips and body. With is right hand he massaged my breasts and squeezed and pinched my nipple. I let out a moan into his mouth. I could feel his cock pressing against stomach. My body responded to his rough handling as he released me with gentle touches.

We made out like this dozens of times most of the time he got some kind of release before he went home and each time a little rougher but we never went all the way. I loved the way he took control and expected me to follow orders which I did very happily because it pleased him. We talked and found out what more we could do for each other to make our sexual encounters better. He took me out to dinner a few times always paid in cash and always the perfect gentleman. He had a sail boat and asked me to join him sometime. It sounded like something fun to do so I agreed.

He picked me up in his car in the very early predawn hours so we could get a full day of sailing in. The weather was perfect for sailing a sunny day with a brisk breeze. He asked me to bring a nice outfit and to pack in a tote my black lacy bra, panties and heels he liked me to wear for him. He told me lots of times he enjoyed the contrast of my white skin against the lacy black silk of my bra and panties. He said “he would take care of the food and drinks but I would be the entertainment”. The sailboat I thought was a little larger than he described to me but I didn’t think anything of it. The both of us boarded and with some instructions to me we were off. We sailed out of the bay and into the ocean and then to a nice private cove. He dropped the anchor and then when down to the galley. When he came back up he had two drinks of ice tea and sat down next to me. He said “you get the Ice tea when you unbutton your top” with a wink. Which I complied slowly teasingly one button at a time, we both sat back in the seats, relaxing enjoying the warmth of the sun while we drank our tea. Being in the cove we were protected from the wind so there was just a slight gentle rocking of the boat. I closed my eyes feeling totally relaxed and before I opened my eyes I could feel Matthew stroking my hair and then gently kissing my face and neck then and mouth. Like usual, his kisses started soft and gentle and then longer we kissed the more intense and rougher the kisses and touching became. I could feel wetness in my panties as my desire increased for him.

With both of his hands he lightly took my wrists then lifted my arms up and placed them above my head leaning them against the side of the boat while straddling me on the bench seat kissing me. I returned each one of his passionate deep powerful kisses and my body pushed against his. I could feel my body responding as he placed his left hand over both my wrists as he pushed harder on my lips sending his tongue deep into my mouth. Out of my site he was feeling around for the rope that ties the boat to the dock with his right hand. As he found it, he quickly bound my wrists while he pinned me against the boat and the seat. This surprise was a new level of control play was something that we had not yet discussed. Jokingly I played along and said “I’ll scream”, as I played struggled to get free, his reply was “who is gonna hear you?”

He got up stood back a few steps and admired his playfully struggling captive. His smile was more than evil as I felt a shiver move up my spine. He turned around and walked over to the mast. I saw him moving and arranging some ropes, as he hoisted a pirate flag. I said “nice touch” and laughed. I tried to wiggle out of my binds but the more I pulled and wiggled the tighter the ropes became on my wrists. I said “HEY! My wrists are starting to hurt these ropes are getting too tight”. He glanced over and simply commented “how inviting I was tied with my top open and how good I’m going to look in some other accessories”, with a wink and a grin.

He went down to the galley and brought up two tote bags one being mine and the other one was his. He unzipped both bags as he rummaged through my bag first. Pulling out my wallet then tossing it on the deck. He said you’re not gonna need this anymore and then proceeded to pull out anything that had my personal information on it and threw them in a steel bowl. He moved from my tote to his, he tossed out some more rope, different lengths of chain, matches, candles, nipple clamps, a gag, a thin collar, and a leash. At that point fear was overcoming me and I started pleading with him to release me I said “you’re freaking me out Matthew, this isn’t fun anymore please release me”. He said reassuringly “I will, I promise when the time is right, as he approached with all the items in hand.”

I kicked him several times as he first grabbed my right ankle wrapping a chain around it then moving my right leg to the right as far as it would go then clipping the chain to a small metal loop on the deck. He did the same thing on my left leg moving it as far as it would go to the left, again he stepped back admiring his captive. I kept pleading “Matthew please, please, please, release me, you’re frightening me”. He just ignored me as he continued to put the collar around my neck “click” went the lock. Next he attached a pair of nipple clamps as pain shot through me as he tighten them as far as they would go. They were joined by a ring that had a chain that attached my collar making my nipples stand up and erect. He went down to the galley again and came back up with a Polaroid camera and took several pictures of me. I said “you’re a fucking crazy, you better let me go!”

While the pictures developed again he stood back and admired his captive and then began to touch and rub is rock hard penis through his shorts. He dropped his shorts then kneeled over me. He covered my mouth with his left hand as I screamed into his hand as I could only hear the sound of my breath forcefully going in and out thru my nostrils. With his right hand he alternated slapping my nipples then stroking his cock I yelled out in pain thru his hand each time he struck me as I could feel the sting on my skin and the pull of the nipple clamps. He turned all of his attention to his cock and to this day I never saw a man stroke his cock so fast and hard as he moaned and shot cum all over my stomach and bra.

He leaned over and took off the nipple clamps as I felt a rush of blood into my nipples sending shooting pain and feeling back into them. I let out a huge sigh of relief thinking he would release me now that he had cum. He reached for the Polaroid’s and showed me the pictures. There I was totally helpless wearing a collar that had a name tag with the name engraved of “Sex Slave”. I said “Okay, Matthew you really had me going there now will you release me?” My request fell on deafs ear.

He attached the leash to my collar and then leaned over and untied my wrists and unchained my ankles from the deck. He lifted me up and turned me around twisting my right arm behind my back with his right hand and then grabbing my left hand wrists with his. I said “You’re hurting me Matthew; I want you to stop this right now!” The only response I heard was his deep breathing in my ear as he guided me down into the galley.

He pushed me straight on the queen size bed while still holding the leash. Landing on top of me he used the leather leash to binded my wrists together in front of me while I struggled to free myself. He pinned me to the bed with his weight as he leaned over the bed and grabbed a PVC pipe about 4 feet in length off the floor. The pipe had eye hooks on the each end as he clipped my ankle chains to the eye hooks, keeping my legs spread wide open. With left over length of leash he bound my wrists to the PVC pipe between my legs and left to go up to the deck. I can’t recall how long he was up on the deck but my mind was going crazy as I could hear his voice and an occasional laugh but couldn’t make out what he was saying. I kept cursing myself that I didn’t tell anyone were I was going or who I was with. There was no evidence of where I was because he drove and my car was still parked in the driveway at the apartment. I scanned the galley for anything I could use to escape when I saw pictures of me taped up on the walls near the bed. Just then Matthew appeared from the deck tossing his tote bag on the bed. I pleaded again him to release me as he untied my wrists from the pipe.

He stated that since “I was his Sex Slave that I will address him as Master Captain Matthew. Or I would be punished”. I said a few choice swear words and he rolled me over on my elbows and knees and slapped my bottom hard several times telling me that “it was my fault that I was being punished”. Without another word he got a large knife out and cut & tore my clothing off leaving them in tiny little pieces. I said “Are you completely nuts what am I suppose to wear home you crazy bastard?” He grabbed a handful of hair and dragged me across the bed to the edge. My face was in his crotch and he demanded “Suck it” shoving his cock as deep as it would go down my throat. He said “if I bite him he will cut me up into little pieces and use me for fish food”. Then he laughed at me gagging on his cock as my body went into convulsions. He pulled me back off his cock then rammed it back in pumping me as hard as he could, my lips and face were sore from his hips smashing into my face. Without warning loads of cum shot into my mouth and was running down my throat and out of my mouth as I struggled for air. Finally he pulled back and pushed me away as I coughed struggling for air. Acting quickly he pulled out the ball gag from the tote and overly secured it tightly behind my neck. He stared at me with his left over cum dribbling out of my mouth around the ball gag he grabbed his camera and took more several pictures.

Like a man on a mission he grabs some metal pieces from his tote bag and cupboard over the sink on the boat. He assembled the pieces but I couldn’t tell what it was. He said to me reading the question on my face “it’s a Fucking machine slave”. The machine had two poles coming from it. The pole on top was a stationary pole and the pole on the bottom went back and forth as he tested it. He then mounted a large round vibrator at the end of the stationary pole and an enormous dildo on the other my eyes widen with muffled screams from behind the gag. The most cock I’ve ever had is about 7” or so but this thing was huge. I kept thinking it going to fucking tear me into pieces. He adjusted the fucking machine height and position carefully as I kept saying “No, No, No” through the gag. Matthew turned me around and had my knees at the edge of the bed as he stepped over the PVC pipe he rubbed my asshole with the tip of his cock then spitting on his hand he rubbed over his cock and starting working his cock into my tight asshole. In one motion he was in and going deep I was trying to relax but he grabbed a handful of hair and was moving me back and forth on is cock. He was pounding my ass so hard I could barely breathe. He pulled me up by my hair so he could squeeze my nipples and firmly bite my neck with his cock buried deep inside my ass.

He whispered in my ear “are you ready slave?” And flipped me over with me on top of him I was laying on my back his cock still hard in my ass then he reached around and grabbed my right leg pulling them both up. I didn’t notice the hook near the ceiling but he attached the pipe to the hook supporting my legs and keeping them up and spread wide. He positioned himself carefully with me on top to the edge of the bed until the vibrator was resting on my clit and the dildo at the entrance of my pussy. Matthew’s legs were now on the floor and his hands firmly holding my hips. He used a remote to start the fucking machine and the vibrator. The vibrator sent shivers everywhere as Matthew controlled the setting and speed of both the vibrator and the dildo. I screamed again through the gag as I was being stretched beyond anything I have had before.

He kept telling me “oh yes!”, every time the dildo went past the head of his cock from inside my pussy. He increased the speed of both the vibrator and dildo then something happened… My eyes got wide and I thought Oh my god, as I could feel myself quivering he knew it too. Sweat was pouring from my body and we became a slip and slide. Matthew held me firmly in place with his strong hands on my hips. As Matthew got in a rhythm with the fucking machine I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had an earth shaking organism that seemed to last forever, he stopped with the machine and sweat poured from my body and my own cum was now running down past my ass becoming a lube for his cock.

Matthew said “now wasn’t that nice? Shall we have another go at it?” The fucking machine started again “NO, NO, NO” I scream through the gag, with the vibrator and fucking machine motion set on slow. He played with me changing the settings on the both the vibrator and dildo from hard and fast as I got close to cumming to slow and soft teasing me. What seemed like an eternity he allowed the machine & vibrator to stay on the highest setting and Matthew stopped fucking my ass and just pushed his cock up in my ass as far as it would go while he felt the dildo pounding my pussy. I hated myself for cumming the first time then I was horrified how easily he controlled my body when I started to have yet another organism. I was thrashing around and I heard Matthew let out a huge grunt as he filled my ass with his cum. He clicked the fucking machine off as we laid there spent.

Matthew let out a huge deep sigh as he slide out from under me. Again he turns around to admire his captive with cum running out of my ass from him and from my pussy from me. He then took a few more pictures to add to his collection on the wall. He unhooked the PVC pipe from the ceiling letting my legs fall to the bed and then unhooked the gag and released my legs from the PVC pipe. I knew it was all over with a huge sigh of relief. Before he untied my wrists he hooked a chain from the bed to my collar locked it and then gently asked me “if I wanted a drink of water?” And then in a stern voice said “don’t you dare ask to be released yet”. I answered submissively “Yes, “Master Captain Matthew, I would love a glass of water”. He praised me and kissed me gently on the forehead. I relaxed even more and thought everything was going to be okay and said “you really had me going there you know?” He just kind of nodded and smiled.

He opened up a bottle of water and poured it into a tall glass. He got another bottle of water out for him and drank it directly from the bottle. I was so thirsty I downed the water in no time and was ready for another glass. As he was getting another bottle of water for me I started to feel kind of weak and sleepy.

As I woke and stirred from my sleepy state I was free of any binds except for my collar. Totally confused I was now wearing my sexy bra, panties and heels that Matthew asked me to bring; and I was totally covered in dried cum from head to toe. I had a slight headache and I could hear ringing of a small bell from above and then realized that every time I moved the bell would ring. With my eyes I followed the chain from my neck to the bed and found a small string attached that went up to the deck. I could hear men’s voices from above as I sat up I noticed that there were additional Polaroid pictures of me with up to 4 men at once in every kind of position possible taped up on the wall now. My body ached from the sexual abuse from my pussy, ass, tits and mouth. I didn’t look like I was out of it in the pictures but I couldn’t remember being double penetrated while sucking another man’s cock or having hot wax dripped all over my nipples while my breast where bound in tight ropes. Matthew appeared in the door way and said “you’re going to make me a pretty penny today slut. A dozen Master’s have responded to my pirate flag signal and you performed beautifully for them earlier.”

I took several swings at him and he just over powered me with his strength. He tied my wrists together and quickly installed the ball gag. He then attached a small clip that allowed my ankles to be no further than 5” apart. I heard a man yell down you need any help there mate? Matthew laughed and said “I’ll be up in minute”. He got a wash cloth and cleaned most of the dried cum off of me. Again he placed the nipple clamps back on and attached them to the collar. The nipple clamps were especially painful this time now that my nipples had been worked over so much and the fact that my bra was now pushing against my overly sensitive tender nipples.

He lifted me off the bed and I struggle and thrashed around he just pulled the leash and I had no choice but to follow him up to the deck. The sun was now getting low on the horizon and it was too chilly to be outside in underwear and heels and my skin immediately got cold. He paraded me across the deck past a dozen men all whom I recognized from the polaroid pictures taped to the wall. To my horror all of them were sitting on his deck with stupid evil grins on their faces, nodding in approval. He lifted me up to a hook and secured me to the mast by my wrists above my head with my toes barely touching the deck. As I looked around there were all kinds of different boats now docked to Matthews sail boat in the cove. He then took out the large knife and cut my bra and panties off, then struck a match and threw into the bowl. There had to been lighter fluid added to the bowl because my driver’s license and credit cards burn and melted amazingly quickly. Matthew walked over to me one more time and said “this is it you’re going up for auction to the highest bidder, consider yourself released.”

And the bidding began…


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