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That summer my friends couldn’t agree on much. Music sports, cars, we’d argue about almost anything. We’d even argue about girls, though none of us really knew much about them. When it came to girls, though, my friends could all agree on one sister Jeannie was hot!

Jeannie was a cheerleader that year. Her long, blonde hair flowed down over her healthy sized tits. When she wore a tight sweater or blouse, men drooled and boys were hypnotized. In her cheerleading outfit, flashing her sexy legs and cute butt, she could give a saint a hard-on.

Our rooms were next door to each other. There was a door between the rooms but it had been locked as long as I could remember. I’m not even sure our parents knew where the key was. The previous year I had learned a lovely little trick. If I shut off all the lights in my room, I could look into Jeannie’s room from a crack in the door. I usually didn’t get to see much but sometimes I’d catch her undressing. Those tingling, little glimpses were enough to keep bringing me back to the door. Sure, she was my sister but I wasn’t exactly getting to see too many naked girls in those days.

When our cousin Denise came to stay with us for a week that summer, I was thrilled. She was going to be sharing Jeannie’s room. Denise was almost as hot as Jeannie. They were both wearing their hair long and blonde that summer. They looked identical from the back. Denise had more freckles, slightly smaller tits and a goofier smile. She was friendly to me but hung out with Jeannie so I didn’t much of her the first few days. Then, one magic night, I got to see plenty of her.

I was on my bed reading when I heard the giggling next door. It was pretty late but they must have just got in. I clicked off my light and listened in the dark. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, just hear an occasionally muffled giggle. After a few minutes, I quietly moved to the door. I could see Denise sitting on the bed in just her bra and panties. The light blue cotton looked great on her tanned body. Jeannie was out of my view but I could see Denise whispering something and gesturing for Jeannie to come to bed. I saw Jeannie leap into bed, her breasts bouncing in her white bra and then, click, lights out. I stayed at the door a moment, disappointed that the show was over so quickly.

I was just turning away from the door when I saw the light go back on and heard Denise’s voice.

“I want to see you this time.”

I turned back to the door and saw Jeannie put her fingers to Denise’s lips. They were side by side on the bed, their beautiful young bodies intertwined. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My sister was making it with my cousin! I was so shocked it took me a moment to realize that they each had a hand in each other’s panties.

When their arms began to move, I realized they were stroking each other’s pussy. Denise leaned forward and kissed Jeannie’s neck. Jeannie laid back a bit and spread her long, firm legs a bit wider. Denise’s hand dug deeper into my sister’s white panties. Jeannie let out a soft moan and dug her hand deeper into my cousin’s blue panties. Denise rolled back a bit and spread her own sexy legs. They went on this way for a while. Side by side, each girl’s blonde hair cascading on her pillows as her hips moved in rhythm with the hand and fingers inside her panties. Their eyes were closed, their mouths were open and occasionally I heard stifled moans escape their lips. I’m pretty sure they were afraid of waking me with their mutual masturbation. I know they didn’t want to wake my folks.

But, I was awake and, by now, my cock was alert. My eyes were glued to the door as Denise rolled forward and stared into Jeannie’s eyes. For a moment all I could see was Denise’s wiggling little butt and the impression of Jeannie’s fingers sliding inside the now damp panties. I was hoping they’d take off their underwear, though I couldn’t complain. Even with blue cotton fabric stretched across them, Denise's cute; pear shaped buttocks was a fine sight.

Suddenly, my wish was granted. I watched Denise undo her bra and throw it in the corner. Her hips slowly lifted and she peeled off her panties. I couldn’t see Jeannie’s fingers but what I could see of Denise’s naked back and shapely ass more than made up for the lack. When Denise rolled back onto her side I could see that Jeannie was also naked. When they hugged, their firm tits pressed against each other. They stared a moment into each others eyes, their legs intertwined and they slowly slid one hand down to each other’s pussy as the other gently grabbed a delicious tit. They pressed their sexy young bodies together as their hands began a frantic dance inside their golden pussies. Arms pumped with increasing motion and they tried to press together even tighter. Their heads were on each other’s shoulders; I could see Denise’s cute face contorted with sexual desire. She was biting her lip to keep from making too much noise but both girls were now breathing pretty hard and couldn’t keep from letting little groans escape.

Their tight bodies were now rocking together, a light layer of sweat made their muscles gleam as they strained together, their pumping arms were almost a blur as they urged each other closer and closer to the orgasm both of them were straining towards. Finally I saw Jeannie’s hips began to buck spastically. This must have set my cousin off because she began thrusting and jerking her hips. Denise almost seemed to be crying as the two sexy bodies twitched against each other on the bed. When the twitches stopped they just sprawled exhausted for a moment, two sleek blondes drained and happy. My sister broke the spell by reaching over to shut out the light. I heard a few more muffled giggles but couldn’t hang by the door much longer.

I grabbed some Kleenex and slid into my bed to take care of some very important business of my own.


2005-05-15 11:58:05
It was good would of been better if they caught him and he joined in on the fun


2005-02-16 04:13:44
I loved it.


2004-09-21 18:09:08
it was ok. would have been better if he had been caught and forced to join in


2004-06-22 06:29:22
PRett fjowejfopwjefopjewpojfpowje...


2004-05-17 15:20:02
had me squirting everywhere!!

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