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short story, will continue if u like it
Having my little sister share the cramped room in our mum’s apartment with me was never a good thing, and when she invited her friend, Holly, to sleep, things got even worse, and, as I had just hit puberty and I couldn’t control my cock’s urges to make itself stand like a steel rod, I was in despair.

Holly turned up at around three in the afternoon, her mum dropped her off with her stuff and, as she unloaded her stuff onto my sister’s bed, my cock suddenly found itself wanting to salute all who could see.
I was about to rush to our single bathroom but to my horror the two giggling nine year old girls leapt out of our room. Luckily a cushion was nearby and I grabbed it with all haste as the two pre-teen girls set about playing with their animal toys next to the TV.

They ignored me for the most part and I had to pretend to watch TV while my erection calmed down.
Soon it was sagging in my trousers but, as I was about to stand, Holly stood and leaned over, pretending to make the winged-horse toy fly. From my point of view Holly’ short skirt had revealed thin, white legs, with wide, white panties covering her snatch.

My cock shot straight back up and I gazed uncaring at the pre-teen’s small round butt cheeks.

“What’s up Ry?” she asked, my heart stopped as I thought I’d been caught, but Emma was being unusually sweet with Holly around,

“Do you like our bums?” she giggled and stood, “Wanna see?” she asked innocently, when I didn’t reply she bent over and giggled to Holly from between her thin legs.

Em’s panties were light red with vertical white stripes, and as I gazed at her round arse, she wiggled teasingly, and a thin white stripe fell directly across her snatch, revealing faint, thin lips and the tiniest stain.
Holly stood up straight, playing along with the game and turned to face me,

“How ‘bout this?” she grabbed the length of her skirt and lifted it, revealing her thin, pale thighs and pale white panties. I could just see her slit from my position and as Emma saw my gaze return to her friend she tried to top the latest attempt.

Staying bent over she undid her shorts, and, as they fell to the floor she hooked her fingers under the waistband of her panties and pulled them to her knees, revealing her smooth white bum and the tiniest darker shaded crack.

Instantly my eyes shot back to Emma and a hand crept under the cushion as I gazed at her most cute rounded ass and the faintest glimpse of her snatch.

Holly once again outside my notice, repeated Em’s attempt but, after whipping off her skirt, and hooking her panties around her knees she stayed facing me, her fully revealed snatch open to my eyes.

Two faint lines ran inside her thighs and within her twat, even as earlier as she was, Holly had the very inklings of the beginnings of puberty, with tiny, blonde hairs dotted around her opening.

I moved my hand around my shorts and pumped up and down, oblivious to the cushion sliding to the floor. My hands pumped around the pre-cum covered head and down again, clearing showing the tent in my trousers.

“Hang on,” said Emma suspiciously, “Why aren’t you showin’ us yours?” she asked blatantly, Holly giggling as the edge of her skirt tickled her revealed snatch.

“mmm....okaaay....”I sighed trying to sound like showing my fully erect cock to my half naked sister and her friend as something I really didn’t want to do.

“But only if you both, touch it.” I added grinning
“Eeew,” Emma moaned, but still nodded.

“Okay, then,” I sat up and pulled off my shorts and underwear in one move, revealing my 4’’ (I was only 12) cock to the girls.

They both gasped and Holly leant forward to touch it.

Her delicate little finger around my shaft was like ecstasy pills, every time her tiny digits passed over a vein my super-sensitive rod, sent tidal waves through my mind.

She carried on slowly rubbing my small dick delicately, before Emma interrupted.

“My turn!” she said and gently pushed Holly out of the way, Emma straddled me by the knees giving her enough room to stroke my dick. She grabbed it in both hands an ii closed my eyes as she rubbed it up and down, she pumped it with her tiny hands and suddenly a felt a shock like electricity jolt through me, and, as I opened my eyes I saw Emma’s tiny lips wrapped around the very tip. As I jerked she sat up,
“What’s up, did I hurt it ?” she asked,

“No, no you just surprised me, that's all,” I replied,

“Well, I thought it looked dry,” Emma commented

“Well, wow thank you Emma,” I struggled to speak as her lips and slid back over my head and I nearly got shocked again as her tongue, hesitantly flickered out over my hole.

Holly must have felt excluded but she took it upon herself to sit on my and suddenly I could see her childish face and a precious little snatch in front of me.

I grabbed her bum with both hands and pulled her forwards, my tongue flickered like a snakes and she groaned as it whipped over her slit.

“Oh wow,” she managed,

I did it again and, squeezing her cheeks with each hand I delved deep into her tight, scented snatch.
I licked up her leaking juices and kept a firm hold on her butt.

Hearing Holly’s groans Emma sped her mouth to the end of my shaft. Her tonguing licking greedily all the way.

Inevitably, my mouth filled with pre-teen pussy, and my cock in my sister’s mouth, I came.
Unable to warn her my sister felt the full force of my sperm as it filled her mouth and she choked, the excess spilling over my newly grown pubes and down her chin. Then, she walked in.

My mum stepped through the door, saw the orgy on the couch of her living room and screamed, I cummed harder.

comments welcome as always . .will continue if u like it . . .= )

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2013-12-05 13:48:41
PURE CRAP DELETE AND GET A GOOD WRITER TO REWRITE IT FOR YOU. no real background no character development no plot buildup. you went from zero to five hundred in two seconds flat SLOW DOWN and add details tell us everything we are not inside your head so we don't know what is going on EXPLAIN IT TO US.


2012-11-10 15:50:11
i swear if that was it that was way to short for a story

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2011-05-08 19:22:11
ur 12. 4 inches. and you filled your sister's mouth with cum. VERY unrealistic...?


2009-10-16 19:17:17
Hey, you brainless idiots! I see that most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise, you would be reading and writing about sex with adults and not children.

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2009-10-11 03:51:30

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