The beginning...
[b]A Rogues Tale 1

It was good to be back in the world again. Nick had spent the last 8 years in the military, training and reeking havoc on people and places needing it. After school, he joined the army at 18, did basic and then jump school. Shortly thereafter, joined the Special Forces.

He had a knack for making things happen. He was also very good with things mechanical and electrical. Before he went into the service, he used to repair some of the gadgets for the local pawnshops. It earned him an income plus he would keep some of the items he decided to report as unfixable. These included cameras, tape recorders, police monitors, computers, guns, rifles, scopes. Some he would repair and sell outright or trade, some he kept for his own uses.

When his Grandpa died, he left Nick the old farm. It wasn't much, just about 60 acres with the farmhouse, barn and garage. But to Nick, it was a sanctuary. He mostly grew up here hanging out with Gramps, gleaning wisdom from the old man. Together, they tinkered, invented, schemed and yes, worked hard.

Gramps had his old Harley sitting in the back of the garage collecting dust. As a child, Nick would sit on that bike and dream of riding it one day. When he was about 16 and old enough to get his license, Gramps asked "What do you think, maybe we should tear that bike apart, put in a few new parts and see if it'll run again?"

It was nothing to think about. Nick just said "Yeah, Gramps. Let's do it."

When it was put back together, not all the pieces went back on. Gone were the saddle bags, windshield, crash bars and anything ornamental. It was a frame, wheels, engine, trans, gas tank and little else. It was also black and very fast, due to some of Gramps ideas and Nicks fine tuning.

He was riding that bike today, fresh out of the military and checking up on some people he hadn't seen in a while.

Nick didn't have many friends. He knew a lot of people, but didn't get close to many. It took a little while to get to know him and most people were unsure about him. His way was to speak softly and carry a big stick.

Now, he was passing Carols place. He remembered that as a youth, he would sneak up to this house to watch thru the window as Carol and her husband were fucking.

She was a school teacher and about 10 years older than Nick. She was a petite brunette, short hair, nice tits about 36c and a squealer when she was getting fucked. Nick had always admired her.

He wondered what she was doing these days. He had heard that her husband had died of some kind of cancer, leaving her a young widow. He wondered if perhaps he should do a little sneak and peek later tonight to find out.


After dark, Nick in his black outfit and face to match, crept up to Carols house. There was a Cadillac out front that he had not seen earlier. As he made his way to the bedroom window, he could hear Carol and her familiar moans.

When he peered thru the window, he saw a large flabby man fucking her doggy style. He recognized him right away as Gordon Jeffries, the rich real estate developer. He had his face in all the papers, city counsel and all that crap.

Nick didn't like him fucking Carol.

He wanted Carol for himself.

Since Gordon liked his picture taken, Nick would be happy to oblige.

He pulled out a tiny video recorder from his pack and began recording. He had modified it so that there was a sensitive audio cup that attached to the window. Nick wasn't what you would call a home wrecker, but this situation was about to come apart.


The next afternoon, after Carol got home from work, kicked off her heels and poured herself a glass of wine, noticed a rumbling in her front yard. She went to the front door and saw a young man getting off his motorcycle.

He had dark hair and was heavily muscled. He moved like a cat as he approached her. She had seen him before, he would always wave to her as he rode past. But they had never met. Until now...

When he was close, she could see his piercing blue eyes that seem to look right thru you. He was clean shaven and tanned, as though he was outside all the time.

She was so engrossed in watching him that she forgot all else.

He didn't knock, he just opened the door and said, "Hi Carol, I'm Nick. Have you got a cold beer?"

She was mesmerized by him, and found herself mumbling "Sure, there's one in the fridge."

He said "Good, get it for me and pour it in a glass, please."

She was up and heading toward the fridge before she wondered why she was doing it. The authority in his voice was unavoidable. She poured his beer and brought it to him.

"Carol, I've got something you need to see." And with that he produced a DVD and handed it to her.

She looked at the disc and then at him. He said, "Put it in and watch it."

Mechanically, she picked up the disc and walked to the TV and put the disc in the player. She switched it on and watched in shock as last nights encounter with Gordon was relived again. Her face turned ashen.

She glared at Nick.

Then asked "Why?"

Nick took a drink of his beer and smacked his lips. "Carol, I have admired you from afar for a long time. I want you and now is the time to have you."

She couldn't believe it and asked, "Do you think you can just take me?"

Nick simply said, "The choice is yours... you can lose Gordo and trade up to me, or we can show that video around town, maybe the internet and watch things go south."

She started to cry.

Nick reached out to her and said "Hey, there's no reason for that. Things just got better for you." He held her face in his strong hands and gently wiped away the tears with his thumbs.

He then pulled her face up to his and kissed her long and passionately.

Her knees were weak and she felt like Gumby when he released her.

His eyes bore into hers and he grinned. "Better now?" he asked.

"I think so" was all she could stammer.

"Good, we have an understanding, then?"He asked brightly.

"You really don't leave me much choice, you know." She said hesitantly.

He moved his hands to her shoulders, slid the straps of her dress to the side and let her dress fall to the floor. She was wearing a lacy black half bra and panties to match, a garter belt and sheer nylons.

He moved her a step closer, reached behind her and with one hand undid her bra. It fell to the floor, releasing her very firm breasties. He caressed them and rolled her nips between his thumbs and forefingers. Her body was tingling all over.

Her big brown eyes were gazing into his, and she was wondering what would happen next. She didn't have to wait long.

He pulled her close again, kissed her deeply and then eased her to her knees.

"I want to feel your wonderful lips on my cock" was all he said.

She slowly reached up to his belt buckle and gingerly undid it. Then the button and the zipper and slid his jeans to his ankles. There was a great bulge in his underwear. These she moved down to reveal the most magificent cock she had ever seen.

It was at least 7 inches semi hard and very thick. She stared at it and gasped, then looked up at him. "Oh my!" was all she could say.

She reached up to stroke him with one hand and as he stiffened, she used a second hand and there was still some left over. She continued to stroke him, wondering how big this monster was going to get. It was so thick her fingers could not touch her thumbs as she grasped it. Her mouth watered.

She continued to stroke him, occasionally using one hand to cup his balls and gently massage them. When a little drip of precum appeared, she would lick it up, still not taking him into her mouth.

He reached behind her head and guided her on to the head of his shaft. He didn't push, just let her go on her own. And go she did! She tried to get as much as she could in her mouth but could only manage a third of it.

She had both hands on him and still more than enough to fill her mouth. She slid her lips along the sides, tongueing his balls when she got to the base of his cock. It was wonderful! She could feel the pulse of his shaft when she slowed, keeping only the head in her mouth and sliding her tongue along the underside.

She would tease him sometimes and he would reward her by pulling her hair or slapping his heavy rod on the side of her face.

She couldn't deny it. She was loving it! Never in her life had Carol been so possessed.

He could take her in any way he wanted and she would welcome it. How could this happen so quickly, she wondered? Was it meant to be?

He pulled her hands off his cock and put them on his hips. Then with two fists full of hair, gently fucked her mouth. She found herself pulling his hips toward her, trying to get as much of his cock down her throat as she could.

He would withdraw and lightly trace the outline of her lips with the head of his shaft without using any hands. She purred and licked any part that was close. She sucked each of his balls, sliding her tongue all around her captive.

He allowed her hands back on his massive rod and she sucked for all she was worth. Her pussy was dripping from all the excitement. She wanted him there, but now all she wanted was to make him cum in her mouth. She wanted to suck it out of him.

One hand cupped and massaged his balls, the other stroked furiously. Her lips and tongue were on a mission. She took as much of him in as she could and sucked as hard as she could, her cheeks hollowed.

She paused long enough to hiss breathlessly "Give it to me, cum in my mouth!" before she resumed her stroking. She looked up in his eyes and saw that he had been watching her. He grinned and glided his hand thru her hair.

She could feel the restraints he had put on himself loosen. He was not holding back any longer. She now had control over the run away train that was his building orgasm. It was coming, she was in the tracks and urging him on.

"Gimme,gimme, gimme" she urged, still stroking.

"Yeah, baby here it is!" Nick whispered as he held the back of her head and unloaded.

As ready as she thought she was, Carol had no idea that a mans climax could be so violent. The first spurt hit deep in her throat and she swallowed all she could, but the second overwhelmed her and squirted out the sides of her mouth. The third landed on her cheek, the fourth in her hair before she could recapture his cock and get it back in her mouth.

She sucked the rest out of him, amazed that his cock did not go soft. It stayed semi erect and she was sure she could get him hard again with a small amount of effort.

She slowed her movements, and coming back to earth, realized that she had cum too. Maybe more that once, she thought. Her panties were soaked.

Nick gazed at her in admiration. Then bent down and raised her to her feet. He lifted her up, one strong arm around her back, the other under her legs.

He asked "Which way to the bath?"

She laid her head on his shoulder and pointed down the hall.

More to follow...


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