Getting acquainted...
A Rogues Tale 2

Later, they were sharing a sudsy bath.

Carol was laying on her back on Nicks chest sliding her pussy lips up and down the length of his cock, vibrating and giggling. Her fingers were on the underside of his thick tool pressing it against her folds without putting it inside. Her clit was just buzzing.

She had happily accepted her new situation and making the most of it.

Nick had produced a slim joint of his potent homegrown which they had shared along with a couple glasses of wine. Both were well relaxed and enjoying each other.

As they talked, Carol learned that though he was a man of few words, he was also very intelligent. He was confident, yet easy to talk to. A rare combination.

As she slid her cunt up and down the top of his prick, Nick was nibbling and kissing her ears. He had a tit in each hand, enjoying the soapy slick feel. Her nips were hard as rocks. She started shaking, another orgasm about to explode inside her.

He held her tight through her thrashing, then picked her up by the waist and settled her down on his waiting cock. He went about half way in as her eyes went big and she screeched a loud "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" He held her there to allow her to adjust to him, but both were so slippery that she just slid down farther on his huge shaft.

When she had most of him inside her, she came again. Hard.

It was good for Nick, she was like a cock vibrator.

When she came back to earth, Nick told her to turn around. He wanted her to kiss him as she fucked him.

She turned around with his cock still inside her to face him. He thought that earned her some points. A very good thing.

She bent down and they kissed long and deep. She still hadn't taken all of him inside her, but was getting a little more with each stroke. She wasn't going up and down now, but rather front to back. Carol was rubbing the top of Nicks cock on her G-spot and quickly came again.

There was water splashing everywhere.

Nick pulled her to him, locked his arms behind her back and stood up. She tried to inch herself up his chest but both were so slippery that she would slide back down and impale herself on his shaft.

He stepped out of the bath and walked toward the bedroom, every step a bounce further into her depths.

When they arrived, he was buried in her. She had a dream like expression as he laid her on the bed, never losing contact. He held her ankles high and wide and began a slow in and out motion.

There was no resistance now, she could take all of him. He gave her the length, stopping just before the head came out and pushing in until their hairs met. Her eyes were rolling.

He pushed a little farther on her ankles until her ass was a few inches off the bed and stroked from this angle. Same as before, the head of his dick was rubbing her G-spot and she went off like a rocket.

He released her legs and continued to leisurely stroke her. He bent down for kiss. Her lips were so warm and moist, he stayed there for a while.

Her pussy was inviting. Hot, wet and oooohhhh so smooth.

Her juices covered his cock and were sliding down her lips coating the tiny donut of her ass. Carol was in a rhythm, her hands on his ass cheeks pulling him into her wanting cunt.

"Fuck me good, Nick! Your cock feels so good! That's right, fuck me hard!"She urged as the next orgasm crashed through her body.

She shook, vibrated, moaned and screamed. All the while, Nick held her tight with her pussy impaled on his rock hard shaft.

When her bodyquake had calmed a little, he began a slow fuck with short stabs, leaving most of his cock inside her. He lowered himself and kissed her gently continuing his short strokes. Carol put her arms around his neck and lost herself in the kiss.

Never in her life had she felt so possessed. Her body responded like never before.

At last, Nick broke their kiss and leaned back and looked at her. He had admired this woman for a long time, and now his dick was buried deep inside her. He was glad he took her.

Next, he moved her knees together and pushed them towards her chest. And said, "Here, hold these."

Carol wrapped her arms under her legs and held them there, exposing all of herself for the taking.

Nick pulled out of her soaking pussy and began to rub the head of his well lubed cock over her tiny ass entrance.

When she realized what was happening, she gasped, "Nick, no! I can't do this, you're too big!"

He grinned and moved her sweaty hair off her forehead and said "Sure, you can. I'll be gentle and take it slow, but you will do it. It may hurt at first, but then it'll get better. Relax now, here we go."

With that, he moved the head of his cock to her ass and pushed gently. He had one hand guiding his rod and the thumb of the other hand sliding up and down her pussy lips, all the time urging her to relax.

She tried hard, concentrating on the slick feeling of his fingers on her pussy and willing herself to relax when the head of his cock slid into her ass. Her eyes went big and she gasped.

He didn't move, only continued to stroke her extremely wet cunt with his thumbs. Occasionally slipping a light touch over her clit that sent vibrations all through her body.

As she relaxed, she found her sphincter muscle gradually expanding and contracting. In doing so, her ass was actually accepting the invader and pulling it in. Nick eased in, allowing her to accept him slowly.

When he was about half way in, he began an easy in and out motion, using short strokes. She was relaxed enough to enjoy this, the hurt giving way to wonderful feeling all through her bottom end.

With each stroke, she took a little more cock into her ass. His thumb was thouroughly soaked with her pussy juices and he would slide it into her mouth. She sucked it greedly as he gently fucked her ass.

Each stroke took him deeper and deeper into her tight ass. When he bottomed out, only two quick flicks of his thumb on her clit sent her into orbit. She squirmed, screamed and thrashed, all the while pinned with Nick's big cock in her ass.

Now it was Nicks turn. He pulled her legs together and put them over his left shoulder and held them there with his left hand. His right hand was on the front of Carols left thigh, pulling her towards him.

He was fucking her in earnest now. The slow gentle strokes had turned into long forceful ones.

Carols body was being ravaged and she loved it. If she was possessed before, she was owned now. She felt like a rag doll being pulled onto that huge shaft and then bounced away.

Nick was getting close now, he separated her legs and held them far apart as he continued to stroke her.

Each thrust brought forth a squeal. He didn't bother to toy with her pussy, this was pure ass fucking.

She started with another climax and Nick fucked her right though it. She was thrashing all over the bed when he pulled out and let his load go.

He shot far and wide.

Both of his hands were on her knees, keeping them spread. His cum went everywhere, the first to her face and hair, the next to her neck and tits, the rest leaving a trail all the way to her heaving cunt.

Nick laid his throbbing shaft on her soft pussy hairs and smiled at her. The head of his cock was at her belly button, filling it with his last drops.

Carol looked at that and then into his deep blue eyes. She put her hands behind his neck and said "I have never really been fucked until today!"

Nick grinned and said "There's a lot more in store for you. Are you glad now that you traded up to me?"

Carol blushed crimson, feeling it from deep in her core. Then whispered, "Yes!"

"Good!" Nick boomed and said "Tomorrow, I will be gone most of the day. Call Gordo and have him come here tomorrow night. We need a conference."

Carol blanched, and studdered "You, me and him? Why?"

Nick just smiled and said "We need to reach an understanding, that's all. Now, lets get some fresh water in that bathtub, I like a woman well soaked in suds!"

More to follow...

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