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I was 15, working as a camp counselor for a summer daycamp near where I lived. It was pretty sweet for a first job, you got to basically play kickball and dodgeball all day for money. The only problem was that the older kids in the 6-14 range weren’t that much younger than some of the counselors, so they gave you all kinds of shit.

One such kid was Kari. Kari was 13, and had the thin body of a track runner, topped off by small b-cup breasts. She wore low cut tank tops and flaunted herself often, making the older male camp goers, and some of the counselors have to adjust themselves.

She knew she was attractive, though still probably overestimated herself a bit. She had a lean face to match her body, dotted with freckles. Somehow, no matter what, she always managed to look like a skank. And she never listened. Ever. She knew her parents would give a ration of shit to whoever yelled at her.

“Kari, get back here!” I yelled. She’d gone sauntering down one of the hallways of the school we used. It had its advantages; we could use the cafeteria, the gym and all the equipment. However, much of the school was off limits to the kids. It was just too difficult to keep track of over 100 kids with 8 counselors.

She saw me, gave a smile, then took off running. Shit. I’m fairly athletic, but so was she. I’d be hard pressed to chase her down. I rounded a corner to find her halfway down the hall laughing. I did have one advantage, I noticed, I had sneakers on, her, flip-flops. Finally, after the next turn, she stopped in front of a door that said “Custodians Only.”

“I wonder what’s in it,” she said.

“Don’t you dare, you’re in enough trouble as it is.”

She gave a fake pouty face. “You know, I used to think you were cute, but now you’re just being annoying. Besides, what are you going to do?” She blew me a kiss, smacked her ass and walked in.

I quickly followed her, thinking it might lead to the basement or something. It was your standard janitor’s closet, about the size of a small half bathroom full of buckets, mops, various cleaning liquids and some basic tools.

“Boo!” She jumped out of one of the corners, not startling me one bit.

“Aw, no jump, you’re no fun.”

“So, you think I’m kind of cute hmm?”

“Not when you’re yelling at me.”

“Hmm. Show me your tits.”

“What?!” she practically yelped.

“Come on, everyone and their brother knows you’re not wearing a bra under that. I gestured towards her prominent nipples poking out. She grinned coyly at me, then grabbed the bottom of her pale pink tank top, lifting it slowly.

The taught, pale stomach of a runner appeared. I was delighted to see that while not overly present, her freckles weren’t restricted to her face. She slowly lifted it, pausing just beneath her small breasts. “All the way off,” I told her. She smiled devilishly and lifted it up and over her head.

I got a brief look at her dime sized areolas before her forearm covered them. “What are you, some kind of perv?” She challenged.

“Oh absolutely, I said, grabbing her arms and easily pinning them behind her back with one of mine, leaving the other free to roam.

“Hey!” she yelled, struggling.

“And you know what? I bet you are too.” My free hand ran up her stomach over her miniscule six pack to her perky boobs. Her nipples were fully hard now. I pinched one, and almost immediately she went limp. The struggles and grunts turned to a low moan. She jutted out her chest to give me better access.

“Going to play nice now?” She nodded, and I let her go. Her arms fell to her sides, and mine ran up hers. They caressed her soft skin, making their way slowly back to her breasts. I cupped them both, simultaneously, squeezing lightly. She squealed and giggled as I lifted her 90 pound body off the ground by them.

I grabbed her shirt from her hand and tossed it aside. “Pose for me.” She turned to face me, running her hands through her hair, giving her best model smile.

“Nice,” I said, clicking the shutter on an imaginary camera. “You could actually model,” I only half lied. She had a nice slender form, and the right look.


“I don’t know, let’s see those shorts come off.” She hesitated. “Come on, if you’re going to model, you’ve got to be comfortable showing your body. She thought for a moment before slowly sliding them down. They revealed the reason behind her hesitation. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She covered her pussy with both hands.

“Don’t be shy now.” Gradually her hands slid away to her hips. They revealed a smooth pink pussy. No hair in sight. To her shock, I ran my hand over that patch of skin between her belly button and her snatch. “When did you start shaving?” I asked her.

“A few months ago.”

“Why?” She shrugged at that, hands now clasped together behind her back.

“Turn around, let me see the rest of you.” She did a 180 degree turn, showing off her slender, but slightly rounded ass. I walked up behind her, and gave it a soft, but firm smack.

“Ooh,” she jumped and giggled. I pulled her in close, wedging my cock in between the to of her asscheeks. Her face flushed at the recognition of what was poking her in the back. I grabbed her arms once more, pulling them behind her. I slid one arm between them and her back, holding her once more. Her fingers brushed my cock, readily apparent beneath my athletic shorts.

I slid a hand from her breasts down her stomach, not stopping this time, I rubbed her pink pussy lips, one with each finger. I smacked her ass again. “Spread your legs.” She complied, sliding them apart on the concrete floor. I slid a finger into her tight crevice, then followed with another. She moaned at the feeling of being filled. I started to fuck her with them.

Her body was so light I damn near lifted her off the ground each time I thrusted them in. She convulsed as I finger fucked her, moaning so loud I thought someone would hear and investigate. Her hands found their way to my cock, trying to stroke it through my pants. She nodded. I let her go and stood her up straight. She turned around to watch as I slid my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I stripped my shirt off to give her a full view. She looked in amazement at my 7 inch cock.

I grabbed her shoulder and guided her to her knees. She looked up at me, nervous, the innocent look on her face belying her nudity. Both of her small hands were wrapped around the base. She stared into my eyes and opened as wide as she could, taking two inches of me in her mouth. She wrapped her lips tight and bobbed her little head.

I put my hands behind my head and watched her work for a few minutes, unskilled, but eager. I put my hand on the back of her head, pushing her down. She made it another inch and started to gag. She pulled off to regain her composure, stroking me before licking the tip and taking me again. She sucked some more before pulling off. She went down and licked my balls, sucking on them, then running her tongue all the way back up my shaft to the tip again.

“Mmm, you’re good at that for a young’n.” She smiled

I lifted her to her feet, and turned her around. I pushed her over, bending her onto a stool. She trembled slightly, knowing what I was about to do. I rubbed the tip of myself on her wet slit. “Oh god, yes,” she moaned.

I entered her, slowly and fully, causing her to inhale sharply. Her eyes clamped shut, and her mouth opened, but no sound came out. I reached around and grabbed her breast with one hand and wrapped my fingers around several strands of her wavy brown hair with the other, pulling her head back.

Her voice had returned, emitting ragged gasps and moans. I slid my breast hand down to her hips, and fucked her harder. She was half screaming now. I smacked her ass, knowing that if two fingers filled her, she must feel positively overflowing with cock now.

She’d laid her head on the stool now, here eyes were clamped shut, her face was read, contorted into one of pain and pleasure. I felt her tiny pussy start to contract. “Oh god,” she screamed as it started to squeeze my dick even tighter. She ripped off a quick, but powerful orgasm that nearly brought me over the edge.

I had other plans for her however. Before she knew what was happening, I slid out, spun her and forced her to her knees. I pulled her head towards me, and she instinctively opened her mouth, taking my cock with no thought to the juices that covered it. She bobbed up and down quickly, matching the pace at which I’d been fucking her. Her tongue moved back and forth across my head.

When I felt myself getting close, I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her off me. She continued stroking me, while her eyes flitted back and forth between mine and my cock. I rolled my head back as she sent me over the edge, shooting rope after rope of cum into her hair and on her face. She opened her mouth catching some with her tongue.

When all was done, she looked up at me, face and hair a mess, covered in cum. She grinned impishly and licked some of it off her fingers. She sat back, still kneeling, resting her ass on her ankles. I dressed as she began looking for her clothes and something to wipe her face off with.

“Looking for these?” I held up her tank top and black shorts.

I opened the door, tossed them into the hall a ways and walked out.

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