This is only the first part. If there are enough requests to finish the story, then I will post the next installment.
I had been given over to The Order of the Black Rose when I was a mere six years old. For ten years I studied with our beloved High Priest, until my own powers and manipulation of The Black Arts surpassed even his skilled hands. I bounced around from one chapter to another for another ten years, learning everything that everyone in The Order knew or had known. I poured over the ancient texts and resurrected even the oldest spells and incantations. Through it all one thing above all else was the key to my continued power: I was completely untouched and uneducated in the pleasures of the body. So extreme had the precautions been that I had even been tied to my bed every night since I was thirteen, The Order making sure that not even my own hands would introduce the carnal lust to my brain and body. I was never left alone for a single moment, my entourage of two females and one eunuch always at my side through meals and showers and bathroom time. My life was lived in the open to them, but such as it was I was never close to any of them. To be certain, it was not until I was nearing my thirtieth birthday that my love of The Order and the ancient texts stopped being first most in my life and my mind began to wander around the thoughts of what I had missed out on by devoting my life to The Order.

Despite this, I knew that I would spend my entire life in The Order. There was no way that The High Priest would ever let me leave, so powerful had I become. I could have easily wiped them all from the face of the earth had I wanted to. Instead, I renewed my efforts to resurrect the most ancient and powerful spell which would allow me to open up the Thirteenth Gate and with it, The Dark Lord. Only He would be able to grant my ultimate wish of all supreme power and allow me to escape The Order once and for all. I was not content to just be the High Priest over it. In time I knew that another one even more powerful than I would eventually spring forth to take my place. No, the only thing that would secure my place and power would be to call forth The Dark Lord from the Thirteenth Gate, a feat that had only been attempted once in the history of man. Any archeologist wanting to know about the missing link in the human fossil record had only to ask a member of The Order to know that the entire race had been obliterated because they dared to try to control The Dark Lord.

What I was about to attempt was beyond dangerous. It could very well bring about the apocalypse that the religious people kept babbling about. Only the picture painted in their holy works would be a picnic compared to what The Dark Lord was capable of. He was the single oldest living entity to inhabit any frame of time and space. Lucifer himself had merely been a pawn in a game of cat and mouse that The Dark Lord had chose to play with the angels and demons until He had become bored. His power was great, but He and His following of demons had been banished to The Thirteenth Gate millions and millions of years ago. He could manipulate the human plane of existence, but only with the help of a great warlock. I would have to take huge precautions to ensure that I only called Him forth but did not allow Him enough control to break the confines of The Sacred Circle.

I spent weeks preparing the time and place, waiting until all the astrological and astronomical signs lined up perfectly to enhance my own power. Finally the hour arrived, and I had preened and dressed especially for this occasion, my long auburn hair piled high on my head with small ringlets hanging down. My dress was a soft white and sheer, the tiny straps keeping the bellowing sleeves up on my thin shoulders. The skirt had slits up both sides of my legs clear up to the waist line, displaying both hips and an amble amount of leg. A small gold chain hung low on my hips, the charms a representation of The Dark Arts.

I had drawn the huge Sacred Summoning Circle on the stone floor, placing each black candle with care. The offering was laid out nearby, the blood slowly seeping towards the Circle. I took my place above the whole thing, my body tucked safely away on a ledge nearly two stories above the Circle. As the time approached, I began chanting the sacred summoning incantation, asking the Powers that Be to open up time and space at my command and urging The Dark Lord to come forth to do my bidding. As the earth trembled beneath my feet, I slit my wrist, letting my virgin blood drip down into the Circle. The entire thing lit up like a flash of lightening as the stone building once again shook on its foundation. An ear-splitting rumble erupted from the Circle as The Dark Lord burst through from The Thirteenth Gate and into the Summoning Circle.

I withdrew my arm, quickly binding it as The Dark One slowly came to view. I glanced down to make sure that the spell and Circle would hold Him. I gasped as He stepped through the rip in fabric of the mortal world. I knew The Dark One was demon, but not even the ancient texts had come close to accurately describing Him. Hair as black as onyx flowed down past muscled shoulders and chest. His skin was a reddish brown, His stomach flat and chiseled, His hands ending in black claws. His eyes were as black as His hair, His teeth all sharpened canines. Two small horns the color of His skin came up from His hairline at His forehead and curved backwards around His skull. His entire body was hard chiseled muscle, His biceps and thigh muscles thicker than the largest part of my body. He stood erect, the only clothing that of a modified loin cloth covering His midsection. The candle light glinted off the gold rings that hung in both ears and His hardened nipples. Had it not been for the horns and claws, He would have passed as an avid human body builder.

As The Dark One opened His mouth and roared, I took a step back as I wondered for the first time if I had been too hasty in my plans to breech The Thirteenth Gate.

“I am Vindictus, The Dark Lord!” His voice boomed out and echoed through the room, sending shivers running down my spine. In the twenty odd years that I had been part of The Order I had been surrounded by hundreds of men, but I had never so much as glanced their way. Seeing this all-powerful being in front of me suddenly sent an electric shockwave through my body straight into my groin.

“Who calls forth The Dark One?” His voice bellowed out again, demanding an answer that I was actually hesitant to give. Gathering my wits about me, I slowly moved forward on the small ledge that I stood upon.

“It was I who summoned you,” I said clearly to Him.

The beast looked up towards the sound of my voice. He merely glanced at me before seemingly to dismiss me. “No female has the power to summon The Dark One. Show your Master to me or I will take you as payment for disturbing my rest.” He went to scanning the room, moving further into the Summoning Circle.

Slightly annoyed, I repeated myself. “It was I who summoned you. I have the power and am my own Master. I have called you forth to grant a favor.”

Once the words were out, I realized that I had phrased my request entirely wrong. You never asked demons for favors; they always expected something in return.

The Dark Lord turned His attention back to me once those words were out of my mouth. He scrutinized my appearance closely, once again sending a shiver of excitement down my spine to settle into the pit of my stomach like liquid fire. His black eyes roamed slowly over my small frame, raking over my b-cup tits and rounded hips. I felt myself blush under His gaze. Trying to stave off any additional embarrassment, I stepped forward to the edge of the outcrop and said clearly, “I would ask that you grant me ultimate power in this mortal world. In exchange, I have brought an appropriate offering.” I gestured towards the sacrifice that was close at hand, but he did not so much as turn that way.

For a moment He stood staring at me, and I feared that He would turn down my request. And then in one sudden movement, He flicked His hand towards me, causing the foundation to tremble beneath my feet. I gasped, struggling to keep my balance as the earth beneath me lurched and swayed.

“Your request is granted,” he stated flatly. “Now I will take my payment.” Without another word The Dark Lord’s arm suddenly breached the Summoning Circle. I squealed as the hand extended and grew, clutching me tightly in its grip. I felt myself falling, crashing through the Summoning Circle and through the rip that I had created in the fabric of this world. Horrified beyond words, I slipped into darkness……..

……………..My eyes slowly opened, blinking in the dim light of the fire. I groaned slightly as I attempted to move my aching body. The clank of the metal alerted me to my predicament before I tried, and failed, to move my arms. Startled, I jerked my head up, baffled at why I was standing up with my arms chained above me and my legs spread out and chained to the floor. My body was chained in such a way that I was standing spread eagle with my arms shackled to the ceiling and my legs to the floor. I jerked lightly on the chains only to suddenly and very violently jerk the chains again and again. My green eyes looked around wildly, my brain still foggy and uncomprehending of what was going on.

“So the trip through the portal did not kill you. You are stronger than your frail body lets on.” The deep voice was familiar but still I could not fully grasp what was taking place. Finally I set eyes on the owner of the voice: Vindictus, The Dark Lord.

“W-w-what happened?” I rasped out through dry lips. “Why have I been chained?”

Vindictus merely looked at me from his sitting position upon his throne, one hand resting under his chin. He had no doubt been starring at me all the while I had been unconscious. I wondered briefly if he had really thought I was dead.

“I granted your request, then took my payment for the favor I had granted.” His voice was deep and melodic, almost soothing, but I was too upset for the hypnotism to take effect.

“Payment? You were given an appropriate offering. It was right in front of the Summoning Circle. Now why have I been brought through the portal?”

Vindictus waved his hand at my words as if to dismiss them as petty ramblings. “That pathetic human? That was not an appropriate sacrifice. You, however,” he rose from his throne to approach me, his six foot frame looming a good foot above me. “You were an appropriate payment for such a deed.” He walked slowly around me, his eyes grazing over every inch of my body as effectively as if he had touched me with his hand. I shuddered involuntarily, trying in vain to push my thighs together as the warm spread out from my stomach and downwards to my pussy.

“If I have been taken for payment then my request has not been granted. You have breeched the Sacred Circle and the rules that governs it.” My words sounded braver than I felt.

“Ah, but I did grant your favor. You asked to be all powerful in the mortal world, and so you are.” He continued to walk around me slowly, his nails slowly raking over the thin fabric that still clung to my body. “And as payment for that granted request, you are now mine to have any way I see fit….now and forever…..”

If there are enough positive comments and requests then I will finish posting this story. Otherwise, this will just sit here and make people scratch their heads when they read it.

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2010-06-18 23:21:31
If anyone cares, I combined Part 2 of this story with Part 1 and made a post for the entire novellete that has been written to date. Since Part 1 stopped in a strange place I decided to include it with Part 2 and post the entire story. It has thus far been well received and there will probably be a Part 3 in the near future.

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Okay, since so many people have been asking me to write more on this story, I have been hard at it, if you'll pardon the pun ;D. I do not know if it will be well received because I started writing this story twice and it took different directions both times. With that said, I have tried combining the 2 into one story. At this point it is not finished but I think I have enough written that I can at least put up a part 2. However, given my last experience with the story submitter I am not sure I want to attempt this. My last post turned out to be a bunch of word soup that ran together. But I promise I'm working on it!

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Okay, since so many people have been asking me to write more on this story, I have been hard at it, if you'll pardon the pun ;D. I do not know if it will be well received because I started writing this story twice and it took different directions both times. With that said, I have tried combining the 2 into one story. At this point it is not finished but I think I have enough written that I can at least put up a part 2. However, given my last experience with the story submitter I am not sure I want to attempt this. My last post turned out to be a bunch of word soup that ran together. But I promise I'm working on it!

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OMG that was awesome... im begging u please write more

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tell us what happens next i hope she gives in hehehehehehe

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