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What happens when military meets masochism?
It was daybreak by the time she had arrived to the bustling town of ********. The clouds hadn't burned off, and a cold breeze made it's mark as her thin bra didn't begin to hide her firming nipples. She quickly pulled her jacket over her rebelling chest before looking out of the window in half-disbelief. As she stepped out from the car's chassis, her slightly faded purple hair whipped into her face and stuck to her well-glossed lips.
There wasn't much to the long drive to this place, but from the lack of sleep and the cramped quarters of the vehicle she felt all too happy to get out and stretch her muscular and lean legs. They were wrapped in a pair of tight denim jeans with a pair of heavy construction boots to finish the look. She kicked her legs out and energetically stretched--reaching her hands down her legs and bending over vertically to touch the ground in an incredibly suggestive manner. The guard, without a doubt, noticed the display and craned his neck out to try and see if the pants were tight enough around her rump to get a good idea of the treasures beneath. She grabbed a few items and haphazardly tucked them into her pockets before walking to the guard at the front entrance and showing him an identification card. He looked at it, gave her a quick look, studied the card once again and finally allowed her entrance to the building. She took her card out of his hand as his eyes focused on her front. He nervously caught his action and gave her a weary smile, in which she returned a devious grin. She then turned and made her way into the building's hallway, searching for a door with the right number.
"Jesus, it's been a while. I can't see why the fuck she hasn't called. Makes me wonder if something happened."
An unusually tall and broad-shouldered man turned to look down the hall at the incoming figure. His eyes gazed through thick rimmed glasses, and his military uniform was only half-on as he had quickly dressed to speak with the man standing next to him. His face transformed from a look of deep seriousness to shock as the figure of a woman came towards him. He grinned and opened his arms as she ran into them. Their embrace was breaking numerous rules, but still his strong hand groped down her body and her lips merged with his. She stood on her tippy-toes to reach his mouth as he had bent over slightly to accommodate their height difference. The man's strong jaw moved with the rhythm of their kissing as it became desperately passionate. Her hand reached up and gently lifted his glasses off. He wrapped an arm around her back while firmly grasping her shapely ass. She playfully plunged her hands up his shirt and raked her nails down his defined chest. They were a tangle of limbs, and the eyes of the fellow enlisted could only look on in horror.
A strange hand fell on the man's shoulder which shook them back to a cool calm, but they reluctantly released each other. The hand belonged to a lanky man with his camouflaged cap on backwards. This man finally laughed and gave the slightly winded man a hard slap on the back.
"I'm taking it that this here is your fiancee? I can only hope so, anyway. So, wait, what was your name again?"
"Ah, it's *****. You can just call me Val," said the young woman with a light smile. She intertwined her fingers with her lover and looked at him before blushing heavily and turning away from his loving gaze. The other man raised an eyebrow to the strange name and sighed heavily.
"Well, aiiight. I'll let that go. Hey, Wallen, don't forget that you've got to be back at 22:00" The man gave a hasty wave and jogged off in the opposite direction that Val had entered.
The man, Wallen, looked at her and leaned over, nibbling and kissing on her bare neck. He grasped her hand strongly and pulled her into his dorm room, shutting the door and locking it before turning to her direction. She saw his friendly face turn dark as he slammed her body up against the nearest wall, his hands tearing at her buttons on her jeans. She grasped his arms as if to slow him down, but it only made him ram his body up against her. Val felt the throbbing need in him and let out a lusty moan. He forced her arms up above her head, holding them with one hand and shoved his other hand into her shirt and tugged roughly at her breasts. Her moans grew louder to which he silenced her by removing his hand from under her shirt and grasping it tightly around her neck. Wallen looked at her with hungry eyes as he choked her harder, watching her head roll back and her lips part to try to get air.
"You should quiet down a bit, or I'm going to have to shove something down that throat to keep you so." She struggled under his firm hold, but could feel herself becoming wet. She felt him release his fingers and watched them slide to his own pants. Her excitement escalated, and Wallen stared at her intensely-- viciously. He pulled his shamelessly large hard-on out of his pants and rubbed it up against her stomach. Val could feel the pre-cum oozing out and onto her bare skin.
He released her hands and grabbed at the bottom of her shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing the top aside. Wallen reached to her back and then unhinged her bra strap, allowing the thing to slide off of her, being that there were no shoulder straps to keep it in place. She shivered and attempted to cover herself, but he tore her arms away and held them at her sides; inspecting her. He grinned, looking down at her pale skin and attractive build. She kept her eyes away from his and focused them on the bunk beside them.
"Don't worry, we'll get there. You've got a long way to go before I stretch those holes of yours out, though." He spun her around so that her back was up against his chest. He pulled off his own shirt and wrapped the fabric around her head, making sure it was slipped in between her teeth. He tied it tight and slipped his hand down the front of his pants, laughing at the noticeable wetness between her thighs. He tugged Val's pants down to just below her knees, then pulled hard upwards on her lacy thong. She gave a muffled moan and reached her hands around her back to the base of his cock. He slid the tip along her ass-cheeks, finally pulling her underwear down to where her jeans were and rubbed his shaft between her legs. Wallen could feel her soft, shaved outer lips and slid his cock in the crevice they made. She twitched in anticipation, her body begging to be given to him. He, however, removed his shaft from her and grabbed onto a wad of her hair.
From there, he swung her around to the bunk and ordered her to place her hands on the horizontal beam of the top bed. She braced herself in suspicion to what he wanted. He ran his hand down her back and squeezed her right cheek hard, letting her wiggle her hips to try and escape his rough hands.
"Hmm. There have been a many things I've been meaning to do, and first it's been to punish the fuck out of this ass of yours," he whispered into her ear. He raked his teeth down the back of her neck and commanded her to push her rump out further. As soon as she did the hot sting of his hand burned on her ass. His open palm came down again, this time hitting much closer to her upper thigh, making her cry out in shock into the shirt. He began an uneven rhythm that kept Val guessing when his hand would hit. She would try to move out of the way of his hand, but as she did so he would tug harder on her hair. She began to feel a terrible throbbing in which coaxed tears to run down her cheeks and off of her nose.
He paused and grabbed hold of her chin, getting a good look at her pain-struck face. Her eyes gave the distinct plea for an end. His smile rose immensely and he tugged on her reddened ass. Val's nails clawed into his hands while she tried to pry them off of her. He released of her and put both hands on her head, clutching handfuls of hair. She angrily threw her head into his stomach, but it did no good. Wallen pulled at her hair and forced her to her knees. She looked right into his eyes with a harsh intensity. She was angry, and incredibly excited. Val was exceptionally good at giving head, but terrible at hiding her love of his brutal treatment.
He removed his saliva covered shirt from her mouth, allowing her to relax her jaw.
"Fuck-slut, you've got three minutes to get me off, or I'm going to make sure your ass isn't the only thing sore."

She couldn't contain that mischievous grin as he finished speaking. This was going to be quite the month.


2008-11-02 04:04:02
Very erotic it was hard---finishing the story (smiles) I enjoyed this sexy story


2008-11-02 03:59:03
I loved the story --the build up was sexy hot and it left me wanting more. good job!!!!


2008-09-01 12:37:28
Very nice and it was interesting.

I am sure that you would have gotten a much higher score if there had been some actual sex. After all this is a sex site.

Never the less I enjoyed it.

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