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Tuesday marks a return home to his sweet teenaged sister.

It was hard to believe, but the broken knee I'd suffered in the previous evening's accident actually had its advantages. Unable to climb the stairs at the flat, the next day I found myself in my parents' care. Unconditionally taken back under their wing, they agreed to let me live in their bungalow, along with my youngest sister Sophie, until I was back on my feet. Just as well, for my ex-girlfriend Debbie had given me a week to vacate the flat. At least this way I'd have a roof over my head for six to eight weeks. Despite being an independent soul in my 'former life', as Tuesday progressed, I grew to love the fuss and attention, especially when it came from the lovely Sophie.

Soon settled into a convalescent routine, the morning drifted idly by. Then, at lunchtime, something happened to turn things on their head. A call came through that mum's sister, Aunt Edith, was at death's door. And so, practically as soon as I'd arrived, my doting parents were gone. Between us, Sophie and I convinced them we could cope. My sister's assuredness cheered me, though I soon discovered a vested interest: she planned to take advantage of the situation by having two friends over.

From my couch, I overheard her on the telephone, busily making excited plans. First up was Jessie, the call accompanied throughout by giggling. Quite what they had planned, God only knew, but I suspected - and secretly hoped - that it involved a sleepover. Then it was on to her other pal Gina, but with less success, so Sophie left a message. And then it was over to me with all doe-eyed innocence. "You don't mind, do you Steven? Only we're off to the seaside together tomorrow morning and it would be nice to get together first."

I could hardly object, could I? I was, after all, the grateful guest, and she lived here. Besides which, sharing living space with three teenaged girls was hardly the modt horrid prospect in the world. "So what are these friends of yours like?" I enquired a little later, matter-of-factly so as to exude an air of cool seniority and avoid sounding too interested in underage girls. Though the fact was that Ally Tranter had unleashed in me an unquenchable desire for sweet young flesh.

"In what way?" Sophie enquired, the words accimpanied by a coquettish smile and the twiddling a few strands of blonde hair around a slender index finger.

I meant, of course, what did they look like? Sophie knew I wasn't interested in whether they were kind to animals or their predicted grades at school. I was, after all, a normal hot-blooded guy with the usual urges, albeit those urges had started running dangerously out of control after my liaison with the Tranters. Already once already during this brief convalescence, I'd hauled my body up to sneak a peek on Sophie getting changed in her room. Gaining welcome brief flashes of her undergarments, my yearning was satiated temporarily, though I craved more, so much more.

"Mmm, tell you what, Steven, I can show you," she imparted with a giggle, adding with a scrunched-up nose: "What my friends look like, that is."

Five minutes later the laptop was on my lap, nudging an already semi-aroused cock. Leaning over me closely, Sophie's girliish aroma filled my nostrils. As she bent, a budding pair of breasts jiggled inside the shirt, a hint of lace-clad flesh visible through the gap in the buttons. Oh how I could just reach over and cup those lovely pert tit mounds. My breathing upped a notch whilst my bloated penis head grazed the bottom of the computer. As she moved, Sophie's left breast brushed my cheek, accompanied by a gentle feminine gasp, causing a tingle to spread warmly around my groin.

Seemingly unaware of the effect her presence was having on me, Sophie clicked on one of the files, revealing several thumbnails. She clicked again, setting the screen blossoming with colour. The picture was of Sophie and her friends taken during a winter school holiday. Another little shiver of excitement teased my groin, though all three girls were fully decent. It was, I guessed, a combination of knowing these nubile girls would be sharing the bungalow for the next two days and my newfound burgeoning sexdrive.

Gina, Sophie pointed out, was the tallest of the three, a statuesque raven haired beauty with a catwalk-like demeanour and a crooked Julia Roberts-esque smile. The thick orange sweater offered no clue as to the delights that lay beneath, though Sophie let slip gigglingly that her friend wore a double D cup. Sophie herself was in the middle in the photo, as cute as a button as her long blonde hair stretched like tentacles in the breeze. In a padded white ski coat, she looked a vision of virginal innocence. The third girl, Jessie, looked younger than her friends, a petite vision in rectangular glasses. Her anorak was open at the front to reveal a grey sweatshirt. My curiosity piqued sufficiently, I wondered whether Sophie had any other pictures, perhaps taken at a less inclement time of year and with more flesh on display.

At that moment the phone rang and Sophie left my side momentarily to pick it up. Evidently it was Gina, returning the message. Thinking fast, I reduced the screen, eyes scanning for other files that might feed the insatiable hunger. One was entitled 'Sophie – private'. Well that was enough to warrant further investigation. Checking she was still engaged on the phone, I clicked. This action created three fresh thumbnails. Glancing up to check the coast was clear, my heart raced with anticipation and the fear of getting caught. The screen expanded with colour once more, the resultant image causing a severe exhalation of breath and bug-eyed expression to form on my face. Having been content to uncover a bikini snap or even one in t-shirt and shorts, somehow this pushed the boundaries to their limits.

There before my eyes, in all her naked glory and on the very couch I was seated, was young Sophie, posing for the camera like something out of a top shelf magazine. Her blonde hair tied in a ponytail, my eyes feasted on her breasts, a perfect b-going-on-c-cup and as firm and ripe as two peaches. By the way her pretty pink nipples stood to attention, either it was extremely cold or she was extremely excited. Moving my eyes slowly down her body, past the ladylike expanse at the hips, I fixed on the most beautiful snatch, lightly brushed with soft straw-coloured wispy hair. Oh this was absolute heaven, a real discovery, and I only wished there were more time to savour the delight. My appreciative eye noted that her pussy lips were plump and pouty with a feint glistening of arousal.

Quickly I exed out of the image, frightened of discovery, though the conversation with Gina seemed in full, unstoppable flow, and there might yet be time to open a second file. The screen expanded to reveal Sophie taken from an aerial view, stretched out the length of the couch, legs parted, heels resting on the padded arm. Lips parted seductively as if moaning, one hand cupped a breast whilst the other had strayed between her legs. Impossible to tell whether she was fingering herself, the look on her otherwise innocent features suggested she might well be.

To my amazement and delight, the conversation with Gina showed no sign of concluding, so guiltily I moved to the third and final thumbnail, only too aware of how hard I'd become when my cock almost tried to burrow up through the laptop like a drill. But it was worth it. And whoa, the third picture in the file was the best yet, very nearly making me cum there and then. Sophie was still prone, but her back was now arched, pushing her pussy up level with her feet. Elbows tight to her hips, the fingers of each hand held her pink pussy lips apart obscenely to reveal a distended and swollen clit. It appeared as if she'd been frigging mercilessly, so sopping wet had her cunt become. I found myself panting with heated desire before having to remind myself that this was my young - and underage - sister.

Hearing the telephone conversation come to an abrupt end, quickly I scrambled to restore the original picture, trying to act as naturally as possible despite the throbbing cock between my clenched thighs. Returning to my side, Sophie lifted up the laptop clear, bringing welcome relief to my crushed appendage. Closing down and signing out, she sniffed pointedly at the air around me, causing me to flinch. "Poo, I'm sorry Steven, but you're going to have to freshen up before my friends arrive."

Her eyes lingered longer than was natural on my crotch, the outline of the unrelenting hard-on freely visible. "It's not my fault," I protested. "You try showering with this on," I added, knocking the plaster cast with my knuckles.

Sophie departed with a shake of the head, and moments later I heard a tap running, wondering what she had in mind. Returning with a bowl of steaming water, some towels, a flannel and a bar of soap, she placed one of the towels at my feet. Hand linking in mine, she helped me shuffle from the couch as I did my best to conceal the unrelenting stiffie inside my boxer shorts. "Okay Mr Stinky, get that t-shirt off."

I hesitated, suddenly reticent.

"Oh come on, I'm your sister..."

That was the problem. As she squeezed my hand, I tried my hardest not to picture her naked like in the photos - which was impossible of course. Sophie bit her lip in an innocent kind of way, but that just made matters worse. "Okay BIG brothher, it's about time I met up with the girls," she stated, diffusing the tension. "We're having lunch in town, then heading back here."

It didn't escape my attention the emphasis she placed upon the word 'big'. Well she had a point: it was standing up like the proverbial flagpole. I waited until the front door had slammed shut before easing down the boxers. Submerging the flannel in the hot water and lathering up my palms with soap, I washed around my balls, before working up the stiff shaft. It felt good as I allowed the hard cock to slide back and forth through my grip, trying not to imagine it was Sophie's tight young pussy, and failing miserably.

Happening to glance up, I noticed a shadow shift across the patio doors at the back of the bungalow. Someone evidently was out there. The way the sun was set in the sky, I could see an outline clearly, though the other person must have believed they were shaded. Suppressing a knowing smile, I carried on soaping as Sophie, the dirty little teenaged minx, spied upon her elder brother washing himself. A damned shame to disappoint the curious young girl, I worked at a leisurely pace, stopping every now and then to gasp - a combination of mock and real pleasure. Anxious not to send her scuttling away like a scolded cat, I pretended my eyes were shut, leaving just enough of a slit through which to look back. Intent on gaining a prime position for the floorshow, unashamedly Sophie moved into almost full view.

Supported by my elbows, I continued to draw back the thick foreskin over a bulbous and throbbing purple head. Using the soap as a lubricant, I gave my cock a good hard tug, feeling ripples of pleasure pulsate through my whole body. Knowing that Sophie was watching made this perhaps the hottest wank of my life. As a little globule of precum oozed out as the eye, a light gasp slipped from my lips. Outside, becoming bolder, my sister unashamedly rubbed an erect nipple through the shirt, two front teeth buried in her bottom lip. I was sure I could hear gentle moans, though perpaps it was just my overactive imagination.

Leaving the one hand to tease a nipple, Sophie moved the other hand south, stroking her tummy through the material. With a look of ecstasy on her pretty young face, the hand continued the descent, reaching inside the hem of the skirt. She pushed lightly at her panties, the pleasure registered on her pleasant features as they contorted. Though it was hidden partially from view, I imagined the knickers being eased aside and the juicy little cunt I'd feasted upon earlier in the pictures suctioning down and drawing up her eager fingers. I could just make out Sophie's knuckles pressing back against her panties.

Seeing her in that pose, thoroughly enjoying the improvised show, made me hotter still, the moans of approval that spilled from my lips now utterly genuine. Through the slit in my eyes I watched as the teenager busily pleasured herself, eyes locked unerringly on her brother's stiff shaft. Increasing the pace, my fist started to blur. That in turn prompted Sophie to increase the rubbing of her clit, all inhibition lost to wanton lust. I could hardly believe that this sweet young girl of previously impeccable character was freely masturbating in our parents' back garden, quite possibly in full view of the neighbours. It would be the hottest thing ever if someone were to catch her. Maybe old Mr Jones from next door would put her across his knee...

Oh fuck, that salacious thought just about did it for me. Feeling my nuts tighten and the orgasm take a grip, I threw back my head, crying out. The spunk shot out like a champagne bottle being uncorked. "Oh fuck, yeahhhhhhh," I howled as the rope of cum lashed my belly, chest and up to my neck. Glancing over, I witnessed Sophie in the throes of ecstasy too, savouring her own orgasm with eyes tightly closed. She gave a huge exhalation, before adjusting her outfit and disappearing sheepishly.


Sophie arrived back home some two hours later, with her friends in tow. Introductions to Gina and Jessie were made and, in my incapacitated state on the couch, I felt like an exhibit at the zoo. Far sexier in the flesh than in the photograph, all full of nubile allure and budding sexuality, I had to struggle once more to keep my cock in check. With only a pair of boxers to protect my modesty, owing to the cast, I was vulnerable to discovery.

Gina, tall, willowy and statuesque, was in tight white drainpipes and a low cut diaphanous top, with a well stocked black bra clearly visible beneath. The double D assessment looked spot-on and I growled appreciatively beneath my breath, wanting her madly already. Jessie was cute and petite, dressed in a more conservative jeans and t-shirt combo. Outwardly prim and proper, something about the way she sized up what my boxers concealed through her spectacles suggested there might be more to little Jessie than met the eye.

In my intial assessment, Gina seemed to be the sort of girl you wouldn't hesitate to fuck the arse off, given half a chance, whereas Jessie was a girl you might want to take home to meet mum. With a confident an sassy demeanour, Gina looked as if she could give as good as she got. Hair tied up in bunches and in her scholarly specs, Jessie seemed innocent and ripe for teaching. Neither scenario was without appeal, a win-win situation if my luck held good.

"We're going to my room to play some music," announced Sophie and that was the last I saw until supper time when a plate of steak and kidney pie, peas and mash was delivered on a laptray. Sophie smiled and asked if there was anything else I wanted. I wondered if she realised what I truly wanted. Not wishing to make a fuss, I thanked her simply for taking care of me.

Half an hour elapsed before the shower was set in motion, prompting fantasies of which of the three girls might be soaping down her lovely teenaged body. Instantly I found myself rockhard once more and having to battle to the urge to gain instant relief. Two more showers later, the disappointing announcement was made that the girls would leaving for the evening. One small consolation however: I got to see them in their going-out gear of short skirts, figure-hugging tops and heels. Even the bookish Jessie, brunette hair down and liberally made-up, was transformed into a quasi-slut, crying out to be fucked. It was almost too much to bear and my cock twitched. And then they were gone, their giggles gradually fading. Resigned to watching the television on my own, I was soon bored and in desperate need of relief.

Suddenly an idea came to mind, and I decided to give Bonnie Tranter a call, hoping maybe to entice her over for the evening. It was, after all, her daughter's fault I found myself in this predicament, so I figured being owed big time. It was, however, Ally that answered the phone, not an entirely unfavourable prospect in itself. Seemingly glad to hear from me and anxious to learn of my wellbeing, the disappointing news followed that she had a mountain of homework to do and was grounded anyway after the attempt at killing me. It left me deflated and frustrated yet with an unrelenting hard on. "I am sooooooo damned horny though, Steven," Ally confessed with a deep sigh. "Why don't we talk dirty to each other for a short while?"

My initial reaction was to turn up my nose at the offer, my cock going the other way, phonesex about as appealing a prospect as having to fill out multiple applications for a new job. Though my immediate disinterest was soon revealed to be unfounded when Ally purred: "Guess what, Steven, I'm still in my school uniform: white shirt, burgundy and green striped tie, short grey shirt and white knee-high socks..."

Immediately my ailing cock sprang to attention as she continued: "I got into trouble with the teacher today." I could picture vividly in my mind the strawberry blonde's coquettish pout. "He made me stay behind in detention with my friend Mandy. Mandy is so pretty and all the boys fancy her - and some of the girls too," she added with a giggle. "I was thinking about your cock so much it wasn't long before I started touching Mandy's thigh under the desk."

Her words that came breathlessly and with real passion caused me to groan long and hard. Having known Ally for only a brief time, it wasn't obvious if these events really had taken place or were simply a figment of her filthy little mind. Frankly, from the effect it was having on me, I really didn't care, listening intenly as he picked up the story: "She kept pushing my hand away. She's a real tease is Mandy. Then the teacher caught us and, get this Steven, he thought it was Mandy that was misbehaving. He told her she was in detention as a punishment and not to enjoy herself. Then he made her stand up and walk to the front of the classroom."

Oh God, I had all sorts of images in my head. That was it, I was away, cock in hand and rubbing contentedly as Ally's dulcet tones filled my ears. "You'll never guess what happened next, Steven," she cooed. "He made her lean over the edge of the front desk. My eyes almost popped out of my head. I couldn't believe this was happening. I swear I couldn't help it Steven, I just had to lift up my skirt and touch myself. I was very wet. Poor Mandy was sobbing as the teacher lifted up her skirt. He had a good long look at her bum before tugging her knickers down. I felt so guilty for getting her in trouble. But sooooooo hot. Oh Steven, he looked me straight in the eye then he spanked her three times, his eyes never leaving mine..."

"Oh jeeeeeeez," I moaned, so close to cumming already that I had to seriously ease off.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you Steven, you naughty boy? Mmmmmmm," Ally observed perceptively. "Well, Mandy came back to the desk all teary-eyed and it hurt at first when she sat down, but soon we were smiling about it. And we could see how hard and excited the teacher was. There was still an hour of detention to go so I suggested that if we were nice to him maybe he'd let us go early. He walked over and asked what I meant. So I put my hand out and touched his bulge. His eyes went all glazed as I pulled the zipper down, took out his nice hard cock and started stroking it. Then I put my lips around it. Mandy was whispering in my ear what a slut I was, yet she had a hand in her knickers and was fingering herself, so who's the slut, huh Steven?"

Fuck, this was absolute torture. I so wanted to cum yet didn't want to cum, listening eagerly as she added: "I sucked hard and pulled his cock as he called me the filthiest names through gritted teeth. And then I made him blew his hot load in my throat. He smiled, pulled up his trousers and told us to get out of the classroom and behave ourselves."

I exhaled hard, using all my strength to hold on, wanting to savour this moment forever though my cock was pulsing and close to blowing. "So, what have you been doing since I last saw you?" she asked, changing the subject and I wasn't sure whether to be relieved or not, my stroking slowing down to a gentle rhythm.

"Not much, seeing as some careless young girl bust my knee."

She offered flustered apologies as I continued, picking up on a chance to return the favour. "Erm, I did get caught masturbating earlier by my fourteen year old sister."

"Oh really? Mmmmmmm. Oh God yesssssss," enthused Ally, schoolwork pushed aside as she spread her legs on the bed. "Please tell me more, Steven, I'm sooooooo wet."

As I relayed the story, Ally moaned intently throughout. "Oh God Steven, you are such a bad boy. You are sooooooo going to make me cum. Keep talking," she commanded huskily.

If I listened hard enough, I could hear quite distinctly a set of slender fingers working that sloppy young cunt hard. She was whispering over and over how hot I was making her. At that moment she stopped then squealed. "Oh gosh Steven, mummy has just walked in on me."

I smiled. This naughty little girl's imagination was boundless. "Oh fuck yeah, what's she gonna do, spank that tight little bum of yours?" I retorted.

Suddenly the voice at the other end changed as the phone was grabbed away. "Is that you, Steven, distracting my daughter from her studies?" Bonnie sounded stern and I forced an apology. "Ally's grounded."

"I know, she said."

"That means no telephone calls too."

"Oh right. I guess it's lucky it wasn't her daddy that walked in on her, or she'd be over his knee by now, I suspect," I suggested with a wicked grin.

"Oh, so you think Ally's mummy is a soft touch then, do you Steven?"

Fifteen seconds of dead air elapsed before Ally spoke next, in breathless tones. "I'm in real trouble with my mummy now Steven, after what you said. She has me bent over her knee. Oh God, she's smoothing my little grey school skirt up my back. Oh, and now she's drawing my white panties down to my knees. Steven, help me please, tell her not, mummyyyyyyyyyy."

I breathed long and hard as a volley of hard spanks rang out, counted dutifully to ten by Ally. A brief pause followed before Ally thanked her mother through gritted teeth. "Ouch, oh please mummy no more, I promise I'll be good from now on."

Another pause and Bonnie came back on. "Well Steven, what do you think? Have I punished her sufficiently?"

The words brought a grin to my lips. Wow, I loved Bonnie as much as Ally, if not more. It had almost been worth busting my knee to meet them. "Hmm, I think Ally needs to make it up to you," I suggested with an ever widening grin. As I glanced down, it was apparent that the hand that wasn't holding the phone gripped my aching cock firmly. "Tell you what, make her lick your cunt out."

Bonnie relayed the message to her daughter and it was Ally that spoke next. "No, please Steven, you can't make me do that, it's disgusting."

"Do it you little slut," I commanded, lapsing back easily into the dominant mode of the previous night, "or you'll get ten more...with a slipper."

"Nooooooo,, Steven..."

"I'm getting your daddy's slipper," Bonnie's voice was heard to warn.

"Nooooooo...please don't...okay, okay I'll do it."

Another prolonged silence elapsed, during which I nursed a throbbing member, before Bonnie came back on, her voice at a higher pitch. "Oh my gosh Steven, my little slut of a daughter is licking out her mother's wet pussy, and it's all your doing, you nasty man. I have my hand on the back of her head, pushing her deeper. Oh my, she's biting my clit..."

Unable to control myself any longer, I spurted hard, so hard in fact that my chin was splashed. Moments later Bonnie's orgasm almost deafened me. Continued panting filled my ear, supplemented by little whimpers of pleasure as mother and daughter made up on the bed. "See you soon, Steven," rang out Ally's breathless words, to the accompaniment of smacking lips.

I sure hoped so. And I hoped the girls arrived home soon too.


Well I didn't hear them come in, so it must have been late. I awoke to a most pleasant feeling: a pair of hands resting on my thighs, a warm mouth nestling at the head of my cock, moving the foreskin up and down with the motion. For a moment I thought it must be a dream. Controlling my breathing, I pretended to remain asleep. Tongue flicking eagerly over the bulbous expanse of throbbing head, she - whoever she was, since it was pitch black and impossible to tell - was busily pleasuring herself by rubbing at her clit, the moans muted on my cock.

Generously dispersing saliva, the mystery cocksucker opened wider to allow half of the shaft inside, the tip brushing her palate. Adjusting its position with a deft tongue, she licked lovingly, moving her mouth up and down gently. Tonguetip finding the eye, she flicked chameleon-like, nearly driving me crazy. Yet, it was the not knowing that drove me crazier still. For all I knew, this could be my little sister preparing to deep-throat her older brother. Oh fuck, what an idea.

With a deftness that belied her youth, the teenager devoured the whole of my cock, chin resting upon a pair of heavy balls, fringe brushing my stomach. With all three girls sporting haircuts of similar length, the mystery came nowhere closer to being solved. Unable to contain myself any longer, or maintain the pretence of sleep, I reached out to caress her hair. Eliciting a jerk of fear at having been discovered, a saliva drenched cock popped out of her mouth and struck my belly with a dull thud. "It's okay," I whispered, continuing to stroke her hair. "I won't tell if you don't."

There was no way the cocksucking little slut was going anywhere. Grip tightening, I drew her back to me, her young mouth finding my balls. Taking one of the spongy spheres inside, she nuzzled gently whilst stroking a palm the length of the shaft. Bringing it instantly back to full strength, she issued a little whimper of delight. Pushing out her tongue once more, she licked all the way up the shaft as my free hand found its way down the length of her spine, caressing the flesh. Over the tight backside it travelled and inside a thigh, two fingers ploughing quickly and deeply into a moist cunt. Fighting to control her breathing, she very nearly betrayed herself with a groan as my roving fingers slid easily in and out.

Taking firm control, I guided her head onto my cock and started to bob it up and down with hair gripped, the other hand rubbing her swollen clit in a circular motion, fingers bent for added stimulation. But for the cock in her mouth that acted as a safety valve, she'd have surely been groaning and moaning like a whore by now and doubtless alerted the whole house. Up and down I guided her head, fucking her face like it was a tight little cunt, the girl's unending saliva pooling in my pubic hair.

Then suddenly I felt her spasm at my touch, body going all limp as she came hard on my probing fingers. The domino effect sent a pulse rocketing to my groin and I grunted as a stream of spunk was jettisoned, filling her tiny mouth. A short moment to savour the orgasm, another rope of seed was ejected over her tongue. She swallowed with relish, still no clue as to the girl's identity as her lips smacked.

Lifting my fingers and sucking them dry, one thing was for sure: she had just about the sweetest damned cunt I'd tasted in a long time. As I went to reach for the side lamp to reveal her identity, as quickly as she came, she went, my disposition preventing a chase. For the time being, I would remain none the wiser which of the three had sucked my cock, though I intended to find out the following day.


Coming up in the next episode of The Best Week of my Life...

Steven Mills sets about discovering the identity of the mystery cocksucker.

The girls' plan to visit the seaside is scuppered by bad weather.

Forced to stay at home, desires begin to run high and perversions rise to the fore.


Part 3 is on its way.

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