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I keep having these wonderful dreams of Helen, well here is one were she invited a friend to join us.
“Hello” I said as I answered the phone on the third ring.

“Hello lover” I heard Helen’s soft, sexy voice purr into the phone.

“Hi sweetheart, how are you doing today?” I asked, my cock starting to get hard just at the sound of her voice.

“Better now that I know you’re alone. Is Diana and Brandon gone?” Helen asked. Diana and Brandon of course being my wife and son.

“Yes, they left this morning with her mother for the weekend. In fact I just heard from them. They arrived in Syracuse around noon. Fore once they made good time.”

“ MMMM would you like to come over and keep each other company?” Helen asked. God she could get the most seductive sound into her voice when she wanted fucked.

“ I have a surprise for you” She purred.

“ Really, what do you have in mind?” I asked. We had been together several times since my last story about us and we have gotten more adventurous and more sensual each time.

“ If you don’t mind I have a friend I want to introduce to you.” Helen said. A little bit of hesitation in her voice. We had started to talk a little, while cuddling after one of our passionate encounters, about what it would be like to have a third join us. We had talked a little about having eather a guy or a girl join us, both of us voicing an interest in trying a little bi-sexuality.

“ Who do you have in mind?” I asked

“ Well lets just say that I think you will like her as much as I do” Helen purred

“ I’ll be there in thirty minutes. I have to shower and shave.” I said excitedly.

“ We can’t wait” Helen said that added,” Better not be much later or we may start without you”

Twenty minutes later I pulled into Helen’s driveway and parked my built up black Dodge pickup truck behind her little silver PT Cruiser. Parked beside her car was a little black Dodge Neon. I already liked this woman. As I got out of my truck and walked by Helen’s car I glanced into the back seat that just a few days ago had been the site of our last cramped but passionate lovemaking. The thought made me grin and start to get hard again. I heard the front door open and saw Helen in the doorway. My god how beautiful she is. She had her bright, natural, red hair that I know goes to just past her shoulder framing her perfect face. Her natural coloring leans to a little on the pale side, but that just augments and enhances her bright blue eyes. Opening the door and giving me one of those smiles that just melts my heart I see that she is wearing a bright yellow, flowered sun dress that has small delicate straps and is tight across her perfect 34C tits. The rest of the dress hugs her small but shapely body. She turns slightly, thrusting her tits to me as I walk into her house. I brush against them with my arm, and Helen purrs into my ear.
“ Bad boy”

Once through the door she melted into my arms and we kissed. At first our kiss was tender but as our passion grew so did the intensity of our kiss. Her soft lips parted and her tongue slipped out and parted my lips and started to explore my mouth and tongue. I sucked her tong and pulled it deeper into my hungry mouth. Helen moaned and pulled her arms tighter around me, as though she was trying to push her tits through my body and out my back. I of course returned the embrace and felt my hard cock pushing against her belly, probably making her think my cock was going to impale her through her belly. I felt her body quiver in my arms.

“ Well, Well, Well. I hope that I am not interrupting anything.” A seductive voice said from the hallway doorway. Helen and I broke our kiss and we turned our heads to look at the author of that incredible voice. To my delight there stood a beautiful woman with long blond hair that flowed over her shoulders both front and back to several inches below her shoulders. Her slim figure was barely contained by the tight white blouse she wore that looked to be about to burst from the strain of containing her very large breasts. At a quick guess I figured her to be at least a 36 DD. She tapered to a very slender waist and flared slightly to nice and shapely hips wrapped in a split skirt that went to just below her knees. Almost at the same moment both Helen and I extended an arm out to her in invitation to join us. She softly walked to us in her little bare feet and, like Helen she was without stockings, slipped into our embrace. She came to about the same height as Helen, about 5’3, to my 5’9. As her arm encircled my waist I felt one of those incredible tits push into my side as the other one pushed into Helen’s tit.

“ Brian this is Gwen, Gwen this is Brian” Helen said quietly.

“ Pleased to meet you.” Gwen said softly.

“ The pleasure is all mine”. I was barley able to say.

Both Helen and Gwen giggled softly, than looking into each others eyes moved there lips closer to each other and kissed. I watched enraptured as these two beautiful and sexy women kissed and began to explore each other’s mouths with their tongues. I knew from there familiarity and comfort level with me there that this was not the first time these two have been together.

They broke their kiss and Helen began to kiss down the side of Gwens face and down her neck. As she turned her face towards me, Gwen opened her eyes and beckoned me closer. I moved my face to hers and we kissed. I found her lips to be as soft and silky as Helen’s and as we began to explore each others mouths she moaned, as much as from my attention as from Helen’s attention to her neck.

I felt Helen shift her position in our embrace and turn her attention to me. Gwen and I broke our kiss and I immediately found Helen’s soft sexy lips, warm and ready for my lips. Gwen shifted and started kissing my neck. The sudden shivers that ran through my body were incredible as these two beautiful women lavished me with there attention. My cock, barley contained by my shorts had already stained the front with a wide area of wet pre-cum. As if on cue, both women let go of each other and ran their fingers up the front of my shirt. Both stopped to tease my hard nipples and I groaned in delight, sucking Helen’s tongue deeply into my mouth.

Gwen reached over and took Helen’s hand in hers and brought it up to the topmost button on my shirt. As Gwen undid my buttons, Helen ran her fingers over my chest, finding and playing with each of my nipples in turn. As the last button came free and she pulled my shirt open Gwen began to do the same. She stopped kissing my neck long enough to say to Helen

“ Oh Baby, you said that he was fuzzy but, you didn’t say it was this wonderful”. At this Gwen pulled back enough to scoot down and take my nipple into her mouth.

“ OH God” I said into Helen’s mouth. Helen broke our kiss and smiled at me. Then she scooted down and took my other nipple into her mouth. I had never known such a wonderful feeling. The sight of these two beautiful ladies paying this kind of attention to me is the realm of fantasy.

After a few moments of this ecstasy they released my nipples and stood, both looking at me and I at them in turn.

“ Does he know?” Gwen asked Helen turning to look at her.

“ No, but he will be very happy”. Helen answered. At that they leaned closer to each other and kissed tenderly. For a second I wondered what they were talking about but I did not care. Here I was with two beautiful women, making out and getting ready for some passionate fucking.

I ran my hands up and down the backs of both women, first to rub their backs and second to feel out what kinds of bra’s they were wearing. To my delight, Helen and Gwen both seemed to be wearing front hook bras. To my surprise I found that Gwen was reaching for the zipper on the back of Helen’s dress just as I was. Our fingers intertwined and worked together to slowly pull the zipper down. Helen pulled us both closer as we each ran our fingers up her bare flesh and up past her bra strap to the straps of her sun dress and pull them and the straps of her bra down off her shoulders. Helen and Gwen ended their kiss and, Helen turned to me and put both arms around my neck and looked up into my eyes.

“ There is something I have to let you know about.” Helen said. As she was speaking, Gwen moved around behind her and slipped her hands into the open back of her dress and reached around and began to caress Helen’s stomach.

“Gwen is a friend of mine from work, in fact she hired me. Well one thing led to another and we started having lunch together and that led to having dinner together one thing led to another and we realized that we were starting to have feeling for each other, sexual feelings. A week after we were first together we started sleeping together.” Helen looked into my eyes the whole time she spoke and I looked back. I could tell she was looking for some sign of rejection but I gave none. In fact I was beginning to understand why she was sounding so interested in having someone else join us for our lovemaking. I reached around and pulled Gwen closer to Helen’s back. Both of them sighed and for a moment Helen looked down and nuzzled into my neck like she does after a great time of lovemaking. We stayed like that for a moment and then Helen looked up into my eyes again.

“ Sweetheart, Gwen is not like other Girls…….” Helen got this far before I kissed her softly on the lips

“ If you think this will work than so do I. I don’t care what is different about her”, at this I looked into Gwen’s face and smiled at her, noticing that some tension seemed to leave her. I looked back into Helen’s eyes and smiled at her and she smiled back.

I let go of Gwen and brought my arms up over her shoulder, making her get goose bumps on her arms and tickled up her arms as I followed them up to Helen’s shoulders and down to the loose straps of her bra and sundress. I finished pulling them down, exposing the luscious mounds of her soft beautiful breasts. In one simple motion the sundress fell to the floor and there stood Helen in nothing but a pink frilly bra and tiny bikini panties. Goose bumps covered her skin, making her nipples hard and inviting as they pushed against the sheer fabric of the bra. Gwen tickled her way up Helen’s firm, flat stomach and gently cupped each breast through the fabric. Helen moaned and pushed her chest out against her hands. I leaned forward and began to kiss the upper slopes of those tits that I love to suck so much. Gwen obligingly unclasped her bra, freeing Helen’s tits and letting me get to her nipples that I know she loves to have sucked so much. Taking one nipple into my mouth I sucked it in deeply, Helen pulled my head in close to her so that I could get in as much of her size C tit as I could. Helen moaned deeply as I sucked and Gwen continued to rub her other tit.

After a few seconds of this I became aware the Gwen was moving in beside me and took Helen’s other nipple into her mouth. Helen immediately began to moan and pulled Gwen’s head in as much as she was pulling my head in. We both began to run our hands and fingers up and down Helen, as only those very familiar with a persons body can do to give them the most pleasure from what we were doing. I knew that Gwen knew as well as I that Helen can have wonderful nipple orgasms if it is done right. And it was obvious that we both knew how to do it right. After a few moments of intense sucking and touching I felt Helen tightens up and breathe heavy.

“ Oh Oh Oh Oh OH OH OH OH OH OH OH……” Helen began shaking with an intense orgasm that took her to the brink of ecstasy. After a few seconds her breathing slowed and she gently rubbed the back of both of our heads and we both stood up and cradled her in our loving arms.

“Oh God that was wonderful!” Helen said as her breathing tried to return to normal “ I think that if we don’t kill each other tonight this will be the best night of sex ever”.

We smiled at each other and I looked to Gwen who, so far had not had much attention paid to her yet. I brought my arm from around Helen and reached to the top button of Gwen’s blouse. As we looked into each other’s eyes I felt her longing for us to touch her, but as I undid the first button she did a little gasp and a shudder. For a second I thought she seemed afraid, that her eyes beckoned me onward. As I undid the next button the tops of her large tits became visible. I ran my fingers over them and she closed her eyes, obviously enjoying the sensation of my touch. Helen mean time had move so she had her arm around both of our waists. I continued to unbutton her blouse and expose more of those incredible tits. As more of her bra became exposed I saw that it was a very skimpy one, probably from Frederick’s or Victoria’s that was made for the bustier woman and still look sexy. As the last button came free I pulled the shirt tails our of her skirt, and like we had done for Helen, we both reached up and pushed the blouse from her shoulders to fall to the floor. We then reached up each and pulled down a bra strap, and Gwen released her arms from around us so she could pull her arms up and out of the straps. The motion set her incredible tits to jiggle a little and I noticed that the bra did not offer her a lot of support. She had closed her eyes as we removed the blouse she stood there, nearly naked on top as we both reached up and rubbed the exposed parts of her tits. Gwen purred as we released the front clasp and the bra fell to the floor. Before us stood a woman with the most incredible chest I had ever seen. There was not a hint of sag to those huge tits and her nipples were large and erect.

“ They are 100% real.” Helen said as she reached forward to take one of the nipples in her mouth. Gwen sighed deeply and I leaned forward to take the other in my mouth. I shrugged off my shirt and as we stood there sucking in those incredible tits I could feel Helen’s luscious tit pushing against my shoulder blade, her nipple fully erect.

I reached down to the front of Gwen’s skirt to the waistband and started to trace around to find the clasp. At that I felt Gwen do a sudden intake of air, like something was wrong. Helen immediately released her nipple and stood and embraced her, whispering soothing things into her ear, telling her it would be all right.

I looked up, and stood up, to see if I had inadvertently done something wrong and saw the fear in Gwen’s eyes. Gwen looked into my eyes and nodded to go ahead. I pulled her close and held her for a bit, taking note that she had turned her hips away from me.

“ In the back” she said just as I found the carefully hidden zipper. As I pulled down the zipper I got my first look at her perfectly shaped ass. My god I thought this woman is perfect. As it came loose I dropped it to the floor at her feet. She than turned her self towards me as I reached to hold her. My hard cock was pressing tightly against her flat stomach, and I felt something pushing against my leg.

I could feel her start to tremble as I reached down and found a hard cock pushing against the fabric of her white panties. For a few seconds I stood there with her cock in my hand, her looking into my eyes, practically begging me with them to not reject her, to hurt her. I felt Helen pull herself into a hug with us.

“ We talked about inviting in a guy or a gal. This way we can have both”. Helen said as the three of us stood there, with Gwen’s cock in my hand. Gently I began to rub and play with it and Gwen’s eyes started to loose there fear and started to enjoy what I was doing.

“It’s Ok.” I whispered in her ear. “ This is a fantasy of mine”

Gwen suddenly wrapped both her arms around me and pulled me tight against her. I released her cock and held her for a few moments as she realized that she was ok.

“ Thank You. I never know what will happen. I’ve been hurt so many times.” Gwen whispered into my ear.

“ Are we ok?” Helen asked. We both wrapped her up in our arms and we held each other close.

“ Ladies” I said after a few minutes. Both looked up into my face. “Why am I the only one still half dressed?”

At that they both laughed and reached for my shorts. In seconds I went from being half dressed to being completely naked. Helen gently cupped my balls and tickled the area just behind them. I gasped, as she knew I would, and Gwen took my cock into her hand and began to gently stroke it.

“ Hey” Purred Gwen.” We are still not naked”

With that they released me and Gwen reached for Helen’s panties and I moved behind Gwen and as she bent over to pull off Helen’s I pulled hers down.

We stood and Helen reached out and took both Gwen and I by our cocks. Now that she was naked I could see that we were about the same length, about 6 and a half inches and about the same diameter. We both moaned as Helen stroked us and cradled our balls. I put my arm around Gwen and we leaned our heads together and kissed. I began to fondle her tits and she moaned deeply.

Helen turned around and grabbed us each again and said” Lets continue this in the bedroom”

Like happy puppies we allowed ourselves to be lead down the short hallway to the bedroom, Gwen with her head on my shoulder, arms around each one of her tits cupped in my hand.

As we went into her bedroom, Helen released our cocks and went to stand by the side of the bed. Gwen moved away from me and went to stand in front of her. They embraced and started to kiss passionately. As the intensity of the kiss grew they moved their bodies a little apart and started to fondle each other’s tits. Than gently Gwen pushed Helen down on the bed and knelt down between her legs. Slowly and gently she parted Helen’s legs and started to kiss her way up to Helen’s wet pussy. As her tongue started to gently probe Helen’s pussy Helen gasped at the touch of her tongue on her swollen clit.

“UUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum” Helen purred and arched her back pushing her delectable tits towards the ceiling. I had watched enough at this time, so I walked to the other side of the bed and crawled across to Helen. I leaned over her and took her left nipple into my mouth and began to suck. At the same time Gwen sucked hard and long on Helen’s clit. Helen began to shake and moan loudly, her hips bucking up and down wildly as a huge orgasm built up. She threw one arm around my neck and with the other grabbed Gwen and pulled us each close.

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAD” Helen screamed as the largest orgasm I had ever seen her have took over her body. Gwen was soaked with Helen’s cum as wave after wave erupted from her enraptured pussy. Gwen continued to lick and suck and within seconds of the first orgasm beginning to subside, Helen stiffened and, wrapping her legs around Gwen to pull her even closer had another huge orgasm. As Helen slowly came down from the hights of her orgasms she was breathing hard and deep. She pulled me from her tit and up to her lips for a passionate kiss. As her legs lost their strength, Gwen was able to pull her self gently free and crawled up on the other side of Helen. Helen broke our kiss and turned her face to Gwen. Gently she kissed her and then started to lick her cum off of her face, the same way she does it when we have sex. After a few moments Helen was able to speak.

“Oh shit that was wonderful!!!” she purred.

“ Who’s next?” Gwen asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

I looked over at Gwen and smiled. I got up from the bed and walked around to were she was lying beside Helen. Gwen was on her left side and I gently put my hand on her hip and pushed her over onto her back. There, standing at perfect attention was her beautiful cock. From having played with my own and also a couple of bi-experiences, I reached forward and ran the fingers of my right had up and down her shaft. Gwen moaned and reached for Helen’s hand. I gently spread her legs to be able to play with her balls better when what to my additional surprise I found just under her ball sack a pretty little pussy and clit.

“ Oh my God”. I said quietly. I immediately bent forward to explore this incredible woman further. I leaned my elbows on the bed and ran my fingers down and around the base of her cock and over her balls. Gwen sighed and opened her legs further, allowing me further access to her beautiful crotch. As I tickled her balls I let one finger slide down and inserted it into her slit, instantly finding an erect clit ready and waiting for attention. As I gently fingered her clit, Gwen moaned and lifter her hips up and down to the ministrations of my finger. I leaned further forward and took the head of her cock into my mouth and started to suck up and down, each time trying to get a little more of her cock into my mouth. Gwen groaned and moaned to the as we set up a rhythm, her coming up as I sucked her in and her hips going down as I came up to the head of her cock. I didn’t let the head come out of my mouth, and I started to taste the pre-cum starting to come out the head. As I sucked her off I was also tickling her balls, and I glanced up and saw that Helen had recovered and was fondling and sucking on Gwen’s tits. Gwen was starting to breathe very hard and her hips were starting to move much faster as the reathem of our sucking became more intense. From my own experience I new that she was getting ready to cum and I could not wait to taste her.

“Uh Uh Uh Uh UHUHUHUHUHHUHUHUHUHHUUH Auggggggggggg ……” Gwen contracted her hips up and down once and proceeded to squirt huge gobs of cum into my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could but she kept squirting 4,5 6 times. Then she seemed to run out and her hips convulsed a couple of times and then, with a great sigh, she says still, breathing fast covered in sweat form her orgasm. Just as she seemed to be starting to relax I tired something. I gently moved her balls out of the way and stuck my tongue into her pussy and started to lick. I was rewarded with a HUGE moan from Gwen and her hips coming up to meet my face with her pussy. I reached back and got her just under each knee and pushed back, swinging her hips up and exposing her pussy and clit further to my attentions. Gwen grabbed the backs of her legs and pulled them back further, rewarding me with a full view of her cock, pussy and ass.

I immediately began to lick her from her puckered ass hole to her clit, each sensitive area bringing her to new levels of ecstasy with each touch.

“ Oh God, Oh God, Oh God….” Gwen kept repeating. From her pussy her juices flowed and I eagerly lapped them up.

After just a few moments of this I felt Gwen stiffen and suddenly orgasm. Her cum gushed from her pussy and soaked the mattress and me. Just like from her cock she squirted at least 4 time before collapsing into Helen’s tender embrace. The two women rolled to face each other an wrapped there arms around and pulled each other close. I slid up behind Gwen and, putting an arm across both, pulled them closer and Gwen’s back into me. Gwen continued to quiver for a few more moments, before turning her head enough to seek out my lips. Our kiss was the kiss of lovers that know the special moments of intimacy. Pulling back from Helen she offered more of her lips to me and I responded in kind, also slipping my hand from Helen’s back to rest lightly of Gwen’s tummy. She quivered slightly and moaned.

“Oh god that was great” She said as our kiss parted. As she turned back to Helen they kissed and I felt Gwen move her hand up to caress Helen’s tits. Helen moved back slightly, allowing her better access. Not to be left out I reached up and started to squeeze Gwen’s tits. Both women cooed and made little sounds of pleasure.

After a few moments of this Helen looked into Gwen’s eyes and said “ I thing there is someone we need to take care of”. A faint smile played over both of their faces. Gwen released Helen’s breasts and reached around and felt down to were my cock was pressed into the warm and soft embrace of her ass. As she wrapped her fingers around my shaft I sighed deeply. She touched me in ways that only she could know about, even better that Helen, who I thought was the most gifted lover in the world.

Gwen rolled over to face me, bringing her other hand down to caress my balls. I sucked in a deep breath of air as her expert touch brought new sensations of delight to my waiting crotch. As Gwen was stroking me, Helen slid down and off the bed to come around to the other side of me and crawl up and lay down on my other side. Her hands immediately joined Gwen’s in there wonderful caressing of my loins.

I knew that I would not last long under their expert stimulation and from the sounds I was making I knew that I was making that very clear to them. Also my hips were starting to move up and down to the rhythm they were setting up with their hands.

“ Not yet lover”. Helen said. She started to move down my body, brushing me with her tits. Gwen quickly realized what Helen had in mind and also started to slide down, her large tits and nipples sending an electric shock through me to my engorged cock. For a moment Gwen stopped at my cock with her tits suspended over my, my cock between those incredible globes. Helen reached up and pushed on each side of Gwen’s tits, trapping my cock between them. They again teased me like this for a few moments as I leaked pre-cum between those luscious tits. Than as I again started to approach orgasm, Gwen shifted down and now both woman had there faces in my crotch.

Slowly they started to lick up and down my cock, pausing at the top to lick the glisting pre-cum from the head. Then Gwen took me into her mouth and started to suck me in. Her mouth is so soft and experienced that I don’t think it can get any better, that Helen starts to suck my balls into her mouth, first one at a time and then both. At the same time she starts to finger the area between my balls and ass.

“ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH….” I groan about three or four time than I can’t hold out any longer. I start shooting the first of several stream of cum into Gwen’s mouth. After the second or third, I can’t tell which, they quickly change places, and I finish shooting my load into Helen’s mouth. As I collapsed back against the bed, drenched in sweat, the two woman lean in to each other and kiss, exchanging some of my cum into each others mouth. They then swallowed and each snuggled up to my shoulders, one beautiful, sexy woman on each side of me. I was able to get an arm around each of their shoulders as then snuggled in and pulled each close.

“ I have never had such a wonderful time.” I finally get out after my breathing calms down.

“ That was incredible”. Gwen says

“ That was great”. Helen adds. Both woman put there free arms across me to each other and rests them softly on each other’s sides. We lay like that for maybe an hour, dozing in and out of sleep.

After a bit, Helen gets up and pulls on a little blue silk robe and says” I’m going out back for a smoke, you two stay right there, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” With that Helen goes out and leaves Gwen and I alone. We here the back door open and close and roll over to face each other, our arms reaching out to hold each other close.

“ You are incredible” I tell Gwen. I reached up and brushed some of that long blond hair out of her face. It feels like the softest hair I have ever felt.

“ You are pretty incredible your self.” She replies a perfect, beautiful smile on her beautiful face. As I look into those blue eyes I cant help but feel that I am holding a perfect angel in my arms.

“ You know, I wish she would stop that.” Gwen said softly after a moment.

“ What’s that?” I asked, but I think I knew.

“ The smoking. It’s the only thing I don’t love about her.” At that she pulled me in closer and whispered in my ear” It makes her taste funny”.

“ I know. She has tried to stop but things keep getting in her way. At least that’s what she tells me”. I answered.

“ You don’t smoke?” Gwen asked.

“No, never have, never will. I’m allergic.” I told her.

“Me too. It’s funny, here we are together with some one who we love that does something we are both allergic to yet we look past that to the person underneath.”

“ Some times you do that for the people you care about”

“Thank you”. Gwen said looking into my eyes.

“ Your welcome, but for what? ’I asked.

“ Not freaking out about me”. Gwen answered. “ I have been hurt so many times by people that are supposed to love me that I get afraid”.

“Well, anyone that really cares will be ok no matter what”. I answered her. Gwen lowered her eyes and snuggled into my shoulder.

“ We just meet and I feel so comfortable around you, I shouldn’t but I do.” Gwen said, that added” I want you to know that I don’t do this all the time. Helen said so many nice things about you, she loves you you know, that when she asked me about doing a threesome I agreed.”
“I hope that I didn’t disappoint you?”

“No way, so far this has been great”

At this, Gwen lifted her face up to look me in the eyes again and smiled. I smiled back and suddenly had the urge to kiss her. I leaned forward and our lips meet in a tentative, passionate kiss. Not the type of kiss you have with sex, but the kiss of two people who have strong feelings for each other.

“ Hey you two.” Helen said from the doorway. We had been so engrossed in our passionate kiss that neither of us heard her come back into the house, much less up the hallway.

“Group snuggle” Helen said as she slipped of the robe and snuggled in behind Gwen. I extended my arms to include Helen in our embrace, and Helen did put one arm under Gwen’s head and mine and the other around Gwen to rest on her stomach. After a while she slid her hand down and found Gwen’s cock and began to stroke her. Gwen moaned said “ I think that I need to put that somewhere.” And gently started to turn her self around to face Helen. I pushed up on my arm to make it easier for her. After a short kiss, Helen rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Gwen positioned herself above her and slid forward until until her cock was poised at the opening of Helen’s pussy. Gently the two women shifted until Gwen could easily slide in.

“ Umeeeeeeee…..” both Gwen and Helen purred. I watched the two of them for a few seconds before Gwen looked at me and gestured with her eyes what she wanted me to do. I promptly moved to behind Gwen and lined up my cock with her pussy. I noticed for the first time that it was much smaller that any pussy I had ever been in. I lined up and Gwen pushed back to meet my cock, at the same time pumping her’s almost out of Helen. Slowly I pushed in to the tightest pussy I have ever felt.

“ OH God” Gwen moaned. It took a little time to get our rhythm down but very soon we set up a pattern of her thrusting out of Helen and my pushing forward and my withdrawn and her pushing back into Helen’s pussy. The feeling of the three of up simultaneously working to please the other was the most incredible feeling and experience I have ever had. From Gwen’s grunting to Helen’s moans and my grunting and the shaking and shifting of the bed, we were lost in our passion. Helen came first, with a load moan and a scream of “ UHUHUHUHHUHUHUHUH CUMMING!!!!!!!”
Shortly afterwards I felt Gwen spasm with her orgasm and I came with her, both of us having huge orgasms, but her’s was a double, for as soon as her cock emptied into Helen, I felt her pussy contract around my cock. Her muscles squeezed me so tightly that it felt like she was trying to milk out every drop of cum I had.

Shortly the three of us collapsed side by side on the bed, Gwen was in the middle at first but she slid over me and snuggled in on my right side and Helen did likewise on my left. Soon the three of us were asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night Gwen woke up and shifter around and started to suck my cock. I awoke rock hard and halfway down her throat. I glanced to my left and Helen had rolled over away from me, so I reached around and found Gwen’s leg and pulled her up onto me in a 69. I found her hard cock and sucked it in. We both did our best to control the sounds we made, but as we both came into each other mouths the sounds of slurping down eachothers cum got a little loud. Gwen came back up and snuggle into me again and we giggled at the fact that Helen had slept thorough.

As I lay there I knew that my sex life had just gotten even better and now I have a new girlfriend, but more on that fantasy later…..


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Thanks for all the positive feedback!!!!! The next story will be about me and Gwen so keep checking for it.


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This is my fantasy.I hope to do this


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great story: it's been a fanticsy to have a hermerfadite. some day maby.
i know i cant speel!!
wheres part 2?

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mmmm..i really want to suck off a tranny. i can just imagine the flavor of her cum as it explodes into my hot thirsty mouth. maybe i'll find one that will fuck me too and fill me with her cum.


2009-05-18 14:52:54
The story was quite exhilarating to say the least, But I admit I have accidentally been with a Transvestite & I was Scared ashell but I continued to allow her to do me because I paid her in advance, and I was curious , But I'll say this if I ever get into that position again I will make the most of it because since than I have been so damn curious to have the FULL experience of being with a pretty little Ladyboy!I mean, to be honest , I want to do her& I want to be done . At least Once I could see myself being freaked.

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