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This was not Maria's first time.
Learning to be a slut: post graduation – Maria’s story

I won’t bother writing about my own indoctrination. It happened almost two years before Cathy’s and was almost identical. They’re even used the same ass hook. I was the fifth female so honored, while Cathy was number ten and Eve’s combination anal hook and vaginal gang bang initiation brought the number of girls and couples in our “club” to eleven. Before my own initiation I probably wouldn’t even dream I could have enjoyed such treatment. Fortunately the girl never knows exactly what’s going to happen to her. And when you do realized what’s happening, you’re already tied and gagged. Even the woman who bought the hook didn’t imagine she’d be hanging from it while getting fucked by her three first time lovers. Afterwards you’re a bit embarrassed knowing you actually loved it. And you can’t help but feel very close to the other girls who have also been through the same ordeal.

I try to remember what I was like before my initiation. Obviously everyone of us was initially a slut, a woman who enjoyed sex. I love Ken, my husband, and I know Cathy loves Matt. But all four of us are willing, sometimes eager, to engage in sex with others, sometimes just for physical pleasure. That makes the men normal. It makes Cathy and me sluts. Almost any sensual woman is really a slut. You don’t even have to be willing to do anal sex or be particularly promiscuous. But after they cut me down I’d become more than a slut. A few minutes getting fucked in the most degrading way imaginable had turned me into a committed, eager, masochistic sex slave. The more sexually degrading the request the more I love doing it, especially for a new master. One of the things I loved about inviting Cathy and Matt was that I automatically became his slave. For that week I also belonged to Jim and Eric, while my husband ignored me.

Ken was not, of course, present during my initiation, but has participated in four of the six times a new girl was inducted. Which means we’ve been to three of these vacations. With eleven couples there have now been several events scheduled where there were no new inductions and the couples who attended say they were just as much fun. Instead of a hook initiation they came up with some new ritual, and each girl gets the treatment while her significant other and the other girls are exiled. Whatever it is, it must be a winner. Call it an experience not an initiation since every one of us is already committed. The girls who have been through it are all sworn to secrecy just like I am about getting “hooked”, not being allowed to tell Cathy so she could be surprised.

Eve, of course, was equally surprised. Eve had her turn on the hook while Kara and I and our new sister Cathy took Eric out to the boat. The club arranges these week long events with four or five couples. Up to two new couples are allowed. For initiations we prefer two new couples and three experienced couples. If there’s only one new couple, which has only happened once and was my own initiation, the girl’s significant other doesn’t get a chance to participate in an initiation during his first “vacation”. Cathy’s initiation was probably as much a eye opener for Eric as it was for her. And Matt, of course, soon found himself fucking a very helpless Eve with the hook up her ass. He told me later that while he was a little surprised at what was happening and how much Eve was loving it, even loving him and his erection wedged so tightly inside her, he was even more surprised when he realized that Cathy had just gone through the same experience. The thought of the other three men sticking their members up inside Cathy the way he was doing it to Eve was suddenly too much and he felt himself exploding inside the young woman. Fortunately he’d already given her a few orgasms. For the girl on the hook, orgasms come easily.

There’s something a little special, for a day or so, about the girl that’s just been initiated. Not that Kara and I didn’t get fucked a lot in the next day and a half. But Cathy and Eve got more attention. In the boat, while Eve was back in the house dangling on the ass hook, all Eric seemed to think about was getting his dick back inside Cathy, this time in her ass. Kara and I both knew that the hook would have left her anus a bit sore, but we also remember that wonder feeling and our eagerness to prove to ourselves how liberated we’d suddenly become. We were not in the least surprised to see her eagerly assume the position, hold her buns apart, and wait with delighted anticipation. The initiation had left her stretched and lubed and Eric’s entire shaft practically fell inside her. Cathy’s ass hole was probably as wide open as the Grand Canyon, though both of them seemed to love the feel of their coupling!

Somehow, as always, Kara and I managed to get our fingers, tongues and lips into the situation, taking turns kissing, licking and sucking Cathy’s genitals and Eric’s balls and anus. We would have kept it up all night. Eric seemed determined to pace himself so that he never quite ejaculated inside her, yet kept fucking Cathy’s fanny until Eve’s initiation was finished and the four of us were invited back into the house.

After a while, maybe half an hour giving Eve’s rear a little chance for recovery, the two of them were presented with the club’s token of female acceptance. This is an anal dildo, soft, moderately flexible, about four inches long and two inches thick in the middle. The tip is a blunt taper and the base necks down to an inch in diameter. You quickly learn to enjoy the feel, finding it almost relaxing. Instead of a thick base it has a rubber covered protrusion that comes out back and up four inches between your cheeks, ending in a cord that is usually connected to your waist strap. On these vacations we girls are always wearing bondage bands around our waists, necks, wrists, and ankles. They’re comfortable, even pretty, and while not used that much, are a constant reminder of our sex slave status. Even without the cord attached, the shape of the dildo tends to keep it from accidentally falling out. It does, however, slide in and out a bit and feels a little like sodomy every time you sit down. Which makes sitting down fun! The space between the shaft and the padded strap between my cheeks is adjusted so that I always feel a gentle pressure. The shaft is hollow, filled with KY which slowly leaks out, keeping everything sexy feeling. It gets replenished at least every other day, sometimes by a guy with it still inside you. But usually we just top up the lube every time we take the thing out to have a bowel movement.

I remember thinking, when I was given mine, that it looked rather innocuous, especially after the hook initiation. But I was eager to please and smiling when one of my new lovers pushed it into my much stretched anus. It felt nice, though I was more in the mood for further abuse. Even when the man attached the strap up to my waist and I felt some additional pressure, I still discounted the thing. What I didn’t know was how much time I’d be spending with it inside me, even sleeping with it inside me! Nor did I realize how much it enhanced vaginal sex. But it’s most eye opening property is that it can be used like the hook. It doesn’t stretch you as much and isn’t hard. But when they pull up on the strap, the thing doesn’t pull out of me, it presses harder into my rectum, and against my fanny bottom. Which brings up the point about long hair.

Since I was only the fifth girl chosen, I was almost like a charter member. The girls of the first four couples did most of the planning, explaining later to their significant others what they had in mind. It was originally intended as a one shot wild week vacation. These women talked about their fantasies and realized that they all wanted more excitement, bondage, anal sex, sex with other men. So they were the ones who set up the rules initially, even the initiation ceremony with neither a girl’s significant other nor the other girls present. It was even one of the females who bought the hook from an adult store. The women also came up with the idea that during the week you were allowed no intimacy with your regular partner. But nobody made up any rule about long hair, and mine was fairly short.
Never since my initiation have I had a real haircut, only very slight trims and it now hangs down below my shoulders. I suppose I always knew that men liked girls to have long hair, but I was just too lazy to bother with the maintenance. The new me now realizes it’s a girl’s duty to give the male population what they want, what they lust for. Besides, a bondage sex slave needs long hair so the men can easily grab and pull it. I guess I never stopped to think how sexy it feels having my hair pulled while I’m getting fucked. So the rule is now, that a girl with short hair is only on probation after her initiation until she’s grown it out to shoulder length. I made the rule when I realized what a dud I’d been with my boy length hair. But so far there’s been no issue. The six girls we’ve inducted since me all had long hair. Most sexy women do. When the men had Cathy strung up, they tied her hair down to the hook forcing her to look up at the ceiling even while the men took turns raping her. She didn’t mention this fact in her essay, but we did talk about it later. Eve was really impressed with the fact that she couldn’t see the men while they molested and fucked her, though she always knew which man it was. She said the way it made her stretch out her neck and thrust out her tits made her feel even more vulnerable than having her pussy so easily accessible. But why not? All they’d do to her pussy was fuck it, which she wanted anyhow. Her neck exposure made her feel like a vampire’s victim and her outthrust tits like a cow about to be milked. Cathy, Kara, and I laughed at her imagery. I then mentioned that since I’d had short hair I might have missed out on that pleasure during my initiation. But I didn’t because they had one of these face harnesses with a built in gag that they put on me.

Which brings us back to the personal anal dildo each of us wears during the week whenever possible. It’s more comfortable but works the same way as the hook. About once a day the guys will pick on one girl for a bit of bondage, and this often includes tying our hair back to the cord coming from the anal dildo. Like Eve said, it’s strange and erotic not being able to look at the men molesting me. I can’t forget her images either. Later that week, while it wasn’t my first time, it was the first time I imagined a vampire feasting on my neck and a farmer milking my tits. But as usual, the inevitable dicks in my pussy got most of my attention.

For an initiation your significant other is never present. But during the rest of the week pretty much anything goes. The men rule and enforced only rules they like. We had arrived on a Saturday late in the afternoon, and the “cottage” was already available. There was still, fortuantely, time for the two initiations. Before the new girls get indoctrinated you’re still talking about “rules”. But after the initiations, they’re merely guidelines everyone wants to follow. Having the new girls get fucked, and more than fucked, by all the other men right from the start, pretty much clears the air. Afterwards, you just want more of the same from any one of those three or four men any time one of them wants you. Before your initiation it was a rule. Now it’s your heart’s desire!

On Monday the men decided it was my turn for a round of special treatment. The other three girls were exiled to the boat where they probably pleasured each other while all four men took me to a secluded grassy lawn. One of the nicer things about this cottage, besides it’s size, was that it had so much land and surrounding vegetation that we had outdoor privacy. The island had lots of nudist beaches, but our games go way beyond nudity. It was fun to be able to play outdoors in the broad daylight. And fun at night time too!
I was only mildly surprised that Ken was part of the male contingent. The two of us weren’t supposed to have intimate relations, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t watch me get fucked. Actually it didn’t mean anything. The men do what they want and are above any rules made by the women. The only important thing is he not be there when his wife is getting initiated.

On the way to the chosen place, one of the men was carrying the accessory case, a canvas suitcase with lot of toys inside. Ropes too, but when we arrives there were already six ropes in place tied to surrounding trees. I was immediately blindfolded, so I can’t say whether Ken took a few turns fucking me or not. I suspect the men liked the idea of both breaking the rule and ganging up, four on one instead of three on one. All four of us got a turn like this and all four men were always present with the girl always blindfolded. The first thing they did was clip my wrists together. With the ever present leather wrist bands this only took a second. I was then rolled on my stomach, and a rope was tied to my long hair then connected to the dildo in my ass. I held my head back as far as I could and they tightened the rope even a little bit more. I thought about being the vampire’s victim and the cow being milked. Unlike Eve during her initiation, however, I was blindfolded. It’s funny not knowing which of three or four men is the one with his penis inside you. Jim has a rather big erection. I’d been there when Kara and Jim were inducted and we’d helped initiate two other couples in September, 07. So I’d had sex with him many times, not even including the previous day. I was pretty sure I’d know his tool inside me, in either place, even with a blindfold on. But Ken, Eric and Matt were all about average. Not being able to tell them apart was the nicest part about being blindfolded.

The men rolled me onto my back. The dildo protrusion didn’t push hard into my tail bone like the chrome metal ass hook would have. While the men attached ropes to my ankles, forcing my legs apart, I held my wrists over my head. The girl is supposed to cooperate and also expose herself as much as possible, though with my pussy already wide open, there wouldn’t be much point in covering my tits even if I was a rape victim. Another pseudo rule is smiling. We always do. We never pretend we’re not enjoying ourselves. The men next separated my wrists and clipped me spread eagle using a rope to each hand. Before using the last two ropes, they attached bands just above my knees, pulling my thighs even further apart.


Oh yes. Starting even before my initiation, the original charter members decided that pictures would be encouraged. But the girl doesn’t know this until after her indoctrination. And by the time they let you off the hook you think it’s a great idea. There are three reasons we do bondage. The girls love it, it makes really sexy pictures, and the guys like it, in that order. Having four guys looking at me in such a degrading position is erotic. The camera adds an extra dimension. Later they’ll show me them on one of the laptops while they’re sorting out the best ones. The best pictures of all four females, and guys when appropriate, will be collected and burned into a CD for each person to take home, two CD’s per couple. In my three previous vacations I got included about forty time each time, usually with either my anus or vagina or both very visible, and often with a dick in one or both or all three orifices. Friends who aren’t swingers wonder why I never seem to have any pictures of myself when I come back from one of these vacations. I could pose for a picture just for that reason, but I’d still be naked. I’m not about to break the female nudity rule. Anyway, we always include a few artistic nude pictures of each girl.

It was Ken’s voice. I smiled and I think he took about a dozen pictures, mostly looking up between my legs. The he removed my blindfold and took a dozen more. Seeing a girl blindfolded projects an image, just like all the ropes. But a girl is prettier with her face uncovered. Considering how many pictures we already have of me posed this way it’s mostly a waste of time for us, but the other men will enjoy having them. And also, Ken knows how turned on I get when someone’s photographing me in a compromising position, the raunchier the better. Three years ago I would have nearly croaked even thinking about the existence of such a picture of myself. But since my initiation, the risk of one of these pictures falling into the “wrong” hands only turns me on more.

With Ken still holding the camera the other three men began fucking me. With my head pulled back I couldn’t look directly at the man with his dick in my pussy. But I could see the one with his dick in my mouth. At least I could see his balls pretty good, and I already knew that part of all four men quite well. It hardly mattered which one of the other two was fucking me, since all three would anyhow. Mostly I just closed my eyes, kept my mouth and pussy open, and savored the sensations. But in all the pictures I’m looking at the camera, smiling with my eyes, while sucking the dick in my mouth. After a while Ken stopped taking pictures, so they put the blindfold back in place. At this point I’m nearly certain that Ken started taking turns using both my pussy and my mouth. But I’ll never ask him. One of the things we both like is keeping some things a secret.

XXX, Maria


Dear readers:

Maria was one of the other three women on my adventure, one of the two “experienced” women.. After reading my story she wanted to write something herself, and asked me to post it. I told people that my own effort was only loosely based on truth. But Maria decided we should edit hers to make it consistent with the one I wrote, even adding the bit about her initiation and being hung from an ass hook. My real “initiation” was mostly getting fucked in private by the other three men shortly after we arrived. Shortly after that, Eve got the same treatment. The bondage and anal dildos came later. Maria’s deion of the game the four men played with each girl, one at a time out on the lawn, was pretty much on the money. That and a picture I saw of a metal ass hook on XNXX were the inspirations for my initiation idea.

Love and Kisses, Cathy Cook

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