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one more for u readers
Time for another assignment at her work, then next time I’ll break up the pattern with a different thing. I told “Carol” that this time I wanted her to get something out of this. She was closing one of the days with Mark, and others, but she was a manager so she could still work out having time with him alone. Her assignment was to take him into this janitor’s closet, and make him eat her pussy out, and he couldn’t stop until she came. Then I wanted her to take his cum on her face, glasses and all, and drive home with it. It’s only a few minutes down the road, so that’s not a big deal. I wanted to see his mess all over her pretty face.

Carol asked me “what if he asks why I would go home looking like this?” and I told her that I don’t care what she says, tell him I don’t please you, tell him it turns you on to be treated like a slut, whatever. Just don’t tell him the truth, tell him I’m not home or something. I told her to have a great orgasm as she went out the door, she said she’ll try. Beats telling your spouse “have a great day at work”, that never happens.

SCORE! She came home with dried cum streaks all over her face, hair, and glasses, her makeup running a bit, a few stains of protein on her white shirt. Instead of her usual nervous self, I got her usual nervous self with a big smile on her face. First thing she said was “it was worth it” which was great to hear. During the day they had their semi-routine of taking a lunch. She told him during lunch matter-of-factly “tonight, you will eat my pussy and make me cum, and I will make it worth your while.” Mark agreed, and after closing down shop my wife and her coworker were the only people left in the building, they went to the janitor’s office where there were no cameras, and started kissing.

She stripped him this time, wanting to see more skin than normal, he stripped her and started slapping her cute ass. Carol got on the floor of this tiny room and spread her legs, Mark got down there and licked her clit, ran his tongue down her whole snatch, even licked her asshole. He tasted her pussy juices, used his fingers to spread her open wide, played with the ring inside of her, fingerfucked her, took total ownership of that pussy’s pleasure. After a few minutes, the excitement built up and she came hard because of that tongue. Mark said “now you got to make me happy” and stood up. Carol switched to her knees, grabbed ahold of his cock, and licked the cum off of his bulging head. Then she took the whole head in her mouth and sucked on his rock hard cock. He must have known he had it good with my wife. Mark stood there and watched her suck, he got closer and closer to the edge and my wife could tell by his moaning, his shaky knees, and the comments he made. When he said “You keep doing that and I’ll explode” she slowly took the cock out of her mouth and just held it, without jerking it, telling him “I don’t want you to cum yet, I want you to build up your best orgasm ever” and he got very excited by this despite the lack of immediate stimulation. Carol stood up and Mark started kissing her again, Mark asked if she could taste her own pussy, and she asked him if he could taste his own cum. They made out some more, and she went back down on his impatient cock. She started rubbing her pussy again, blowing Mark must have brought that sexual urge back. He started shuttering, saying he couldn’t hold back much longer, so she stopped again. Mark said “you like to tease me too much, I’m going to tease you instead” and told her to lie down on the ground and to spread her legs into the air, holding her legs back with her hands, and close her eyes, just like her first assignment on the toilet. She felt nervous again, which only excited her body more, when he took his cock and started teasing her body with it. He rubbed his balls all over her pussy’s sopping wet lips, took his erect cock and started to tickle the clit with it, Mark then said “I could fuck you right now if I wanted to, and there is nothing you can do about it” and my wife said nothing, but kept her legs held open for him. He started beating his cock hard onto her clit, and pushed his cock head along her pussy lips, collecting juice. He teased her, pushing his head dangerously closer into her spread vagina, he even said “I almost got cum in you there” and then he changed tone from playful to a little more demanding, “did you like me fucking you on the toilet? Answer me” and she stumbled on the words “yes, but I want you to cum on my face right now” he was started by what she said
“you want me to cum all over your face?”
“yes, cover my face”
Mark sat up and started jerking his cock, Carol opened her eyes and got on her knees in front of that over-excited dick, she started rubbing her pussy again. Mark told her “fuck yourself with your fingers, I want them soaking wet.” She did, and while fingerfucking herself he pushed his drooling cock onto her lips, his cum dripping on her chin, she had no choice but to suck it. She got very excited and started to cum a second time (which she never does), almost screaming with that cock stuffed in her mouth. He was getting ready to pop, he kept asking her “do you like that” which she nodded rapidly, Mark pulled his loaded dick out of her mouth, leveled it at her eyes. She was still cumming, practically losing balance on her knees, both fucking herself with fingers and beating her clit, she was delirious with pleasure, Mark told her “tomorrow you better not be wearing panties, I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU” and she said “yes, okay, I won’t” and he yelled and blasted her faced with stripe after stripe of hot cum, flying across her face, in her hair, all over her glasses, some of it on her lips which she closed airtight, and it oozed down her face all over the rest of her body. She just sat there for a bit, and he wiped his dick on her forehead and said “did you hear me? Tomorrow you better prepare yourself to be fucked. You are going to get fucked and there’s nothing you can do about it.” She nodded, they both started getting dressed, she didn’t clean up any of the cum on her face or body, while walking out of the building he called her “my favorite slut” and “can you shave your pussy bald for me? I like it totally shaved” and she said yes, but told him “bring a condom, okay?”
“why? I entered your pussy before, you aren’t going to get knocked up.”
“It would make me feel better okay?”
“fine, just don’t forget to shave and make your pussy ready for action!”
When in their cars he told her “enjoy my cum!” and drove off.

She had two of the best orgasms ever, and was clearly excited. She said she regretted the talk about having sex next day, but I told her that this was her newest assignment, that she managed to set up all by herself. I told her that she better not disappoint.


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please keep going im so enjoying your wife tales you should have mark pee on carol


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mmm I could see myself in this situation. Maybe get requested to perform a task like these. may have to 'leave this ' story open to be found by someone at home?

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Plz write more i love the submisive wife...i hope to hear more from you about your sexy wife.

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