Just finished the new chapter of the story, things are a bit slow with this chapter but there's some hints on things that will come up in later chapters.
Chapter 5

“I’m home girls,” Jason called as he walked into the home with dinner in one hand and a bag full of condoms in the other.

“Hi daddy,” Nancy said as she ran into the kitchen and threw her arms around her father. After everything that happened with Karen Jason couldn’t help but notice that his ten year old daughter was starting to grow tits as she squashed them against his belly with the force of her hug.

“What’s wrong daddy,” Nancy asked with a grin that would have looked suggestive on an older girl.

“Nothing,” Jason said as he concentrated on keeping his prick from getting any harder and making a bulge in his pants. “Nothing’s wrong, you just surprised me is all.”

“Is that all?” Karen asked with a giggle as she entered the kitchen. “Are you sure there’s nothing more?”

“I’m sure,” Jason said backing away from Nancy as his face blushed.

“If you say so dad,” Karen said with a knowing twinkle in her eye and a promising grin on her lips as she licked them.

“Is that my present, dad?” Nancy asked as she reached for the bag with the condoms.

“No,” Jason said as he snatched the bag out of his youngest daughter’s reach. “Your present is our shopping trip tomorrow, remember?”

“I remember,” Nancy said with a sigh as she backed away from her father and put her hands behind her back. “But I since I have to share the shopping trip with Karen I was hoping you’d have at least one gift just for me.”

“Well I happen to agree with you,” Jason said with a weak smile. “Now close your eyes and I’ll give you your first birthday present.”

“Ok,” Nancy said, closing her eyes and putting her hands out in anticipation. Holding the bag with the condoms well above his daughter’s head as he reached in for the one extra item and placed it in Nancy’s hands.

“There you are honey,” Jason said as Nancy opened her eyes and frowned at the gift in her hands.

“A kite?” Nancy asked with obvious disappointment.

“I know it’s not much,” Jason said apologetically, “but it was all I had time to pick up. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of gifts tomorrow when we go shopping. And this is something you can take out and enjoy tonight.”

“I guess so,” Nancy said with a weak smile, “thanks dad.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and put the kite together while Karen takes care of dinner and I change. After dinner you can take the kite out in the backyard and see how high you can fly that beauty.”

“Ok dad,” Nancy said as she took the kite and bounced out of the kitchen with a jiggle in her ass that drew her father’s eyes like a magnet. Jason was still watching the door Nancy’s ass had jiggled out of when Karen entered the room.

“See something you like dad?” Karen asked as she threw her arms around Jason and pressed her tits against her father’s chest as she kissed him on the lips.

“I sure do,” Jason said, looking down the front of his daughter’s halter top as he spoke.

“I don’t mean me,” Karen giggled as she stepped back from her father. “I saw the way you were watching Nancy when she left the room.”

“I guess I was watching her,” Jason admitted with a weak laugh and a quick blush, “but I already have you - and Nancy’s far too young for me.

“If you’re sure that I’m enough for you,” Karen said with a knowing grin.

“What are you saying Karen?” Jason asked suspiciously.

“Nothing,” Karen said innocently, “nothing at all.”

Jason pursed his lips but decided to leave the question alone for now, especially when Karen pressed her body against him so her braless tits flattened against his chest and made his prick give another lurch in his pants. “I think that better wait until after dinner,” Jason said, pushing his daughter away reluctantly. “You need to get things ready for dinner and I need to change. But after we eat the two of us will have the house to ourselves while Nancy is out flying her kite.”

“Is that a promise,” Karen asked as she licked her lips invitingly.

“Yes it is,” Jason promised with a wide grin. It took him a second to remember which bag was which but he finally managed to hand her the Karen the Chinese takeout while he held on to the one from the drug store. “I thought we’d eat Chinese style tonight, instead of buying combos I bought four main dishes, three egg rolls, three soups, and some fried rice. All you have to do is set the rice and the main dishes in the center of the table and then we can take what we like, as much as we like.”

“So that’s an egg roll and a soup for each of us and everything else goes in the center,” Karen said as she opened the bag and sniffed at the delicious odors.

“That’s right,” Jason said, “but I got three different soups. I’ll take the Hot and Sour because it could be too spicy for you and Nancy.”

“I don’t know,” Karen said as she gave her father a sly look. “I’m pretty hot, and I like spicy things.”

“Trust me,” Jason said as he tried to smother his own chuckle at his daughter’s teasing, “I’ll take the soup. You and Nancy can decide between the Eggdrop and the Wonton soup.”

Once in his bedroom Jason took a deep breath and tried to stand up straight in spite of his erect cock. With a sigh of relief Jason unzipped his pants and let his penis pop out as he fell back on his bed and tried to figure out what had happened at work. As far as he knew he didn’t do or say anything to reveal what had happened the night before but somehow Mary Temple must have realized that things were different because she switched her seductive aim from him to his office manager Ted Hensine. If he knew Ted’s track record the man would be fucking the gold digger like crazy by the end of the week. Jason just hoped his friend was ready to deal with the dollar signs in the girl’s eyes.

Once his erection had calmed down enough for him to change Jason grabbed an old pair of pants and a ratty shirt from his dresser and put his work clothes in the bathroom hamper before he headed for dinner.

“This looks great, daddy,” Nancy said as she and Karen climbed into their chairs across the table from their father. “It smells good, but what is it?”

“Let’s see,” Jason said as he scooted his chair up to the table and pointed out the different dishes. “We have General Tso’s Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Moo Goo Giapan, and fried rice to go with everything.”

“What kind of soup is this?” Nancy asked as she looked at a spoonful doubtfully.

“That’s Eggdrop soup,” Jason said after a quick glance at her bowl. “Karen has the Wonton, and I have the Hot and Sour soup. Let me show you how to fix your plate. First you spoon the rice onto the plate like this, then you take a sample of every dish so you can get a taste of everything. Then when you know what you like you take more of it.”

“Sounds simple enough,” Nancy said as she watched her sister do the same thing with her plate before she helped herself. She tried a quick bite of everything and then helped herself to more of the dishes she liked before the others had a chance to taste their own food.

Jason almost choked on his mouthful of General Tso’s chicken when he felt a hand on his lap fumbling for his zipper. He took a quick glance at Karen and couldn’t believe how innocent his daughter looked as he felt her reach into his pants and stroke his cock through his boxers. He looked away from Karen as quick as he could so Nancy wouldn’t suspect anything was going on under the table as his prick pulsed in his daughter’s hand.

Karen must have known right when he was going to blow his load because just as his balls started to cramp the fingers around his prick slid to the base of his shaft and two of the fingers pressed hard against the underside of his cock before he wasted his load in his shorts. As a shudder of pleasure ran up Jason’s spine the hands in his crotch pushed his limp cock back into his pants and zipped him back up.

Jason swallowed another mouthful of food before he looked across the table just in time to see Karen look up and give him a quick smile before she looked back down at her plate.

“I’m done,” Nancy said as she as she wiped her hands and mouth with her napkin before she pushed her chair back from the table. “May I be excused? I’d like to take my kite out in the backyard and give it a try if that’s alright.”

“Go ahead honey,” Jason said with a quick grin that he managed to turn on Karen when Nancy wasn’t looking at him. “We’ll take care of things here.”

As soon as the back door slammed shut behind his younger daughter Jason turned to Karen and let out a deep breath. “As much as I enjoyed it you were really taking a chance with Nancy sitting here at the table with us,” Jason told his thirteen year old daughter as he closed the takeout boxes on the leftovers. He was so busy with clearing the table that he missed the puzzled look on Karen’s face until it passed, replaced by a knowing mischievous grin.

“I’m glad you liked it, dad,” Karen said with a soft giggle. “Any idea what we’re going to do while Nancy’s out of the house?”

“Oh, I have an idea,” Jason told her with a wink. “But we better clear the table first or we’ll never get it done before Nancy comes back in.”

“I’m sure her new toy will keep her busy for at least an hour or so,” Karen told her father as she pushed past him, rubbing her skirted hip against him as she carried the leftovers to the kitchen, “so I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to fulfill whatever fantasies you’ve come up with today.”

“You have no idea what I’ve been dreaming up for us at work,” Jason said as he followed Karen into the kitchen with the dirty dishes. As Karen put the leftovers into the refrigerator Jason put the dishes in the dishwasher and then turned it on before the two of them headed for the livingroom. Jason sighed happily as he watched the sway of Karen’s ass as she walked into the other room ahead of him but as she hesitated he slipped past her and sat down in his recliner, gesturing for him to join him as he eased the chair back.

“Is this one of the things you dreamed up for us daddy?” Karen asked as she straddled her father’s legs, moving up his body carefully so she wouldn’t upset the recliner.

“You could say that,” Jason said, “I always wondered what it would be like to fuck on this recliner, but your mother and I never had a chance to try it.”

“But we can try it, right dad?” Karen said excitedly as she straddled her father’s hips and pulled her skirt up so he could see her naked dripping pussy as she held it steady over his crotch as she reached down to open his pants and release his already hardening cock.

“Just as soon as I’m ready,” Jason said as he slid his hand into his pants pocket and pulled out a foil wrapped package.

“Do we have to daddy?” Karen pouted as she watched her father rip open the foil and place the exposed condom on the tip of his cock.

“Yes we do,” Jason said with a sigh. “As much as I enjoy fucking you without protection we’ve already taken too many chances. I’d never forgive myself if I knocked you up. You’re far too young to be worrying about a baby - and you’re my daughter. It just wouldn’t be right for you to have your own brother or sister.”

“What about brothers and sisters dad?” Karen asked as her father rolled the condom up his shaft. “Do you think I’ll be satisfied with just one of your babies? Besides, it just isn’t the same to fuck you with that piece of rubber stretched over your lovely cock.”

“Well they are ribbed for her pleasure,” Jason said, reading the line off the foil before he tossed it into the nearby trash can.

“I don’t care if they are ribbed,” Karen huffed, “it won’t be the same fucking you with that thing on. I won’t be able to feel your skin sliding inside my pussy or your cum shooting deep in my cunny.”

“But you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant either,” Jason said as he rubbed his daughter’s flat belly. “Karen, I’m going to miss those things too, but it just isn’t worth the chances we’d be taking, so this is the best way to go, trust me.”

“I do trust you daddy,” Karen sighed, “that’s why I’m willing to fuck you bareback and even get pregnant with your baby, but if you think this is the best way for us to go then I’ll do it - for now. But you have to understand something, I’m not going to give up trying to talk you into giving me a baby. And you know how persuasive I can be.”

“I know,” Jason said with a grin as he pushed the thirteen year old’s shirt up past her belly to expose her bare tits. As he slid the shirt up his daughter’s belly Jason couldn’t help but think of how sexy the young girl would look if it was swollen with his baby in it. “Now, why don’t we forget about babies and see about getting the best fuck we can before Nancy comes in and ends our fun until we get to bed tonight.”

“Yes daddy,” Karen said, giving her father a wide grin as she raised her cunt above her Jason’s latex wrapped cock and lowered her slit down until the tip of his prick rubbed along her slimy slit to nuzzle her erect clit.

“Do you know how many times I dreamed about this while I was at work today?” Jason asked his daughter with a sigh as she popped the head of head of his cock into her cunny and lowered herself slowly down the shaft with a moan of pure pleasure.

“At least as often as I dreamed about it,” Karen gasped as her father pulled her down so he could reach her tits with his mouth. “At least I was able to reach for my dildo every time I thought about fucking you.”

“And did you enjoy fucking your dildo?” Jason asked between licks of her erect nipples.

“Not as much as I love fucking the real thing,” Karen moaned as she slid up and down her father’s shaft. “Even with that damn condom on your cock I can feel your prick pulsing inside my pussy as we fuck, but even with the ridges it just isn’t as good as riding you bareback.”

“I have to agree with you there,” Jason said with a dissatisfied grunt. “Your cunny is still the tightest, hottest little thing I ever fucked, but it isn’t nearly as good as feeling the skin of your pussy wrapped around my cock.”

“Does that mean you’re going to stop using the condoms?” Karen asked hopefully. She could feel her stomach starting to spasm and knew it wouldn’t be long before she had her first orgasm of the night.

“No,” Jason said with obvious regret, thinking about how sexy his thirteen year old daughter would look with her breasts swelled full of milk for him to drink until their baby was born. “I can’t take any chances that I could get you pregnant.”

“Even if that’s what I want?” Karen whined as sexual energy flowed from her nipples down to her cunt as her father sucked on her tits like he was trying to suck them dry.

“I would love to knock you up Karen,” Jason said as he took his mouth away from the girl’s tits and licked his lips, “but you’re too young and you’re my daughter, it just wouldn’t be right.”

For several seconds Karen wasn’t able to say anything as her orgasm slammed through her body and she threw her head back and screamed with pleasure. “Oh God that was so good,” Karen panted as she squeezed her father’s invading cock with her cunt muscles. Even with your prick wrapped in rubber it beats my vibrator.”

“Well there is one advantage to me wearing a condom,” Jason said, squeezing with his daughter’s small tits as her body quivered around his cock, “I’m not even close to cumming yet. Just think how many orgasms you’ll have every time we fuck.”

“I’d rather have a load of cum and a baby,” Karen groaned as she recovered enough to start sliding along his cock again, “but if you won’t give me what I want then I guess I’ll settle for multiple orgasms with every fuck.”

“At least until you talk me into knocking you up,” Jason chuckled as he pulled Karen’s nipples back down to his mouth, he couldn’t believe he’d actually said that, but he saw the hope in his daughter’s eyes and he knew that he’d given Karen all the encouragement she needed.

“Oh, I’ll talk you into it dad,” Karen said with a smile, “I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll talk you into giving me the babies I want.”

“You probably will,” Jason said with a sigh, “but I plan to use condoms for as long as I can.”

“Dad,” Karen said as she continued to ride her father’s cock, Jason was surprised at how good she was after losing her cherry less then twelve hours earlier she seemed to know just how far to lift her hips up to keep the head of his cock in her pussy without having it pop out. And every downward stroke was at the perfect angle to give both of them as much pleasure as possible. And the little trick she had of rotating her hips with every thrust so that her oversize clit rubbed against his pelvis was enough to drive him crazy but he was able to keep his mind focused on what his daughter was saying. “You know, there are other kinds of birth control. If you don’t want me to get pregnant I can always go on the pill.”

“You must think I’m stupid,” Jason said with a chuckle. “There are two problems I can think of with putting you on the pill. First, you need a prescription for the pill. I know you told me that your mother picked out a doctor who would certainly be willing to give you the prescription, but then we have to worry about the pharmacist who would certainly put two and two together with a thirteen year old getting birth control pills.”

“I guess you’re right about that,” Karen muttered sourly as she felt a new orgasm starting to grow in her belly. “But you said there were two problems with putting me on the pill, what’s the second one?”

“If you went on the pill then we’d be depending on you to take the pill every day to make sure I didn’t knock you up,” Jason pointed out, he could finally feel his own orgasm starting to grow in his balls, but he knew it would still be a while before he shot his load into the protective pocket at the tip of his condom. “Since you’re the one who wants to get pregnant it would be easy for you to skip the pill and not tell me until your panties and bras started getting tight with your growing belly and tits.”

“I have to admit,” Karen said with a weak chuckle, “the thought did cross my mind.”

“Well for now we’ll stick with the condoms - no matter how much we hate them.”

“Whatever you say dad,” Karen groaned as sexual energy shot up from her stuffed pussy and down from her tortured tits to swirl around in her belly.

Jason watched as his thirteen year old daughter jerked and shivered above him as her tight cunny clamped around his buried cock like a vice and threatened to rip the condom off his cock if he moved. “Oh God daddy,” Karen groaned, “even with the condom your cock makes me feel so good when you fuck me.”

“I like fucking you too, honey,” Jason said, playing with Karen’s tits as he waited for the girl’s cunt to relax enough to keep fucking. “And just think, I would have shot my load by now if I wasn’t wearing on condom, so I guess it’s not that bad, right?”

“I’d rather have your cum filling my pussy,” Karen moaned as she started sliding her pussy up and down her father’s cock with even more enthusiasm then before. “But if I can’t have that - then at least I can have these multiple orgasms with every fuck.”

“Yes you will,” Jason said, he could feel his balls starting to expand with his approaching orgasm as they bounced off Karen’s tight little ass with every stroke. “I’m gonna cum, Karen. Think you can have number three right along with me?”

“Suck on my tits dad,” Karen said as she bent forward so her father could reach her nipples with his tongue and mouth. “If you suck on my nipples that will get me off a lot quicker.”

“Ok,” Jason said, happy to give his daughter want she wanted this time. Karen could feel her father’s cock pulsing in her pussy and she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he blew his load and went soft in her fuck hole. If she couldn’t get his cum in her belly this time at least she’d get three orgasm out of the fuck, and she could feel it growing every time her father sucked on her nipple or she slammed her pussy down on his cock and rubbed her clit against his belly. She felt her father’s cock grow even larger in her pussy and knew he was shooting his load into the condom as his balls bounced and jerked against her ass as she ground her oversize clit into his pubic hairs.

“I’m cumming,” Jason screamed as he shot his load into the rubber.

“So am I daddy,” Karen screamed as her body went rigid with her third orgasm. For a couple minutes father and daughter were too occupied with their own pleasure to notice anything else but finally Karen’s body collapsed against her father’s sweaty body and for the first time the two of them noticed the way the recliner was creaking under their combined weight.

“That doesn’t sound good,” Jason said as Karen let his limp cock slide out of her slit and she eased out of his lap with the recliner groaning every time she moved.

“I guess we did use the recliner for something it wasn’t designed for,” Karen chuckled.

“I think you’re right,” Jason said with a sigh of relief as the chair stopped groaning once he was the only one in it. “I guess we better not try that again, but at least we were able to do it once so that’s one daydream that’s been fulfilled.”

“So now that you’ve lived one of your dreams when do I get to live mine?” Karen asked her father as he removed the condom from his wilted prick and tossed it into the same trash can he’d put the wrapper in.

“Not yet,” Jason said, thinking how much he’d like to fulfill his daughter’s dream so he could see her belly and tits growing for the next nine months, “and not by me if I have anything to say about it.”

“Yes father,” Karen said with a sigh that almost masked the glint of mischief in her eyes. “I’ll go check on Nancy while you go clean up. Maybe you should do something about that condom before Nancy notices it in the trash can. You may be able to fool other people about who you bought the condoms for, but she knows it was just the two of us in here.”

“Good point,” Jason said as he fished the rubber and the wrapper out of the trash, “besides, I just realized that if I leave it here you might try to get it yourself so you can get the cum and put it in your pussy.”

“I didn’t even think of that,” Karen admitted, “but it’s not a bad idea.”

“And that’s why I’ll have to make sure that you never get your hands on one of our used condoms. Now you go check on Nancy while I clean up. By the way, do you think we can talk her into going to bed early tonight?”

“Why do you want Nancy to go to bed early?” Karen asked with a thoughtful frown.

“The sooner she goes to bed, the sooner we can fuck again,” Jason pointed out.

“In that case I’ll find a way to get her to go to bed really early,” Karen said with a grin. “Maybe she’ll buy it if I tell her that her birthday will come sooner if she gets to bed early.”

“That works on Christmas Eve,” Jason pointed out.

“Then I’ll try it,” Karen said as she adjusted her skirt and blouse before she headed for the back door.

Jason took a couple minutes to step into the kitchen and watch his two daughters through the window as the two of them talked. He didn’t know what Karen said to her sister but Nancy blushed and hung her head like she was trying to hide something. After a few seconds he saw his youngest daughter nod in agreement before she started pulling her kite in. Watching his ten year old daughter as she stood next to her older sister Jason couldn’t help but notice the way her small tits pushed against the thin fabric of her blouse and wondered what it would feel like to have them in his hands and his mouth. He turned away before he could take his fantasy any further but even so he noticed that his cock had already grown hard enough to make a bulge in his pants and he hoped Nancy would decide to go to bed real early.

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