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my first time with my dog
One day my best friend was telling me about her dog had fucked her and it was actually pretty good. I had always thought that it wouldn't be that great but sometimes I did wonder. When I got home I saw that my parents had gone away for the weekend so I was left home alone. There was a note that said, "Do not forget to feed Tubby!" Tubby is our black lab/retriever mix that we have had for about six years now.

When Tubby came home that evening from his rounds (we live in the country) I let him in and fed him. I then decided that I needed to take a shower. While in the shower I started to think about what my friend had been talking about.

"I know you do not believe me but it feels so, so good. Most dogs have huge cocks and they know what they're doing. And then, when they get to their climax, they form this knot that is about four inched wide and they shove that in your pussy! It gets stuck so you're stuck like that for awhile but it is worth it. I orgasmed seven times with my dog. SEVEN!!! You should really try it."

By this time I was dripping wet so I started to rub my clitoris, pumping a finger in slowly. With nobody home I decided to let all inhibitions loose and pretty soon I was screaming out in ecstasy.

"Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!"

Having satisfied myself for now I finished up with my shower and got out. After drying off I walked to my room naked. After all there was nobody home. My room was back downstairs so I just bounced along, heading to my room to put some pajamas on. While down there I noticed that Tubby was laying on the floor apparently asleep.

I decided on just a t-shirt, no panties, shorts, nothing. I wanted my pussy open in case I became horny again. After drying my hair I went into the living room and turned on the TV, content to just sit and watch the news. Tubby started waking up and began to sniff the air. He kept looking at me and I just kept saying "What?" Eventually he got up and came over to me.

He started licking my legs and trying to nudge them apart. I opened them for just a fraction of a second and that was all it took. Tubby smelled my arousal from earlier and stuck his long tongue out. I felt something rough wash over my pussy and I tensed up immediately. That did not just happen! However, it had felt so good so I became brave. I opened my legs again, this time spreading them out and Tubby went to town licking my pussy.

My friend was right! My dog's tongue felt so good and could reach places that a man could not . It was not long before I was cumming and Tubby licked my pussy clean. Looking down I could see that his shiny red dick had come out of it's sheath and it certainly did look inviting. Finally deciding that I was going to do it I got down on all fours and spread my legs apart.

"All right boy you win. Come and get it!"

He didn't need to be told twice. Coming up behind me he started humping but kept missing my pussy. I reached back and grabbed his cock, guiding it towards my dripping core. When his dick had finally penetrated my pussy it was like instinct took over. Tubby pounded into me harder and faster with each thrust.

"Oh god, OH GOD!! Yes, yes, come on Tubby, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy!"

All of a sudden a sharp pain caused me to scream. His knot had gone in and it was killing me from the inside. I felt like I was being ripped apart! I tried with no suck luck to get Tubby off of me but he was stuck in my pussy. And he was still fucking me! Eventually I started to cry out in pleasure and before I knew it I was having my first of five orgasms.

When Tubby finally blew his load I laid down on the floor and Tubby laid on top of me. His knot was still in me and it really was about thirty minutes before it was small enough for him to pull it out. I walked him to the door to let him out for the night and that was that.

The rest of the weekend was spent fucking my dog, or rather my dog fucking me and I could not have been more happy. I even called my friend over and we had a big time. Tubby was fucking me while he was licking her pussy and vice versa. Whenever her Jeep pulls up he gets so excited because he knows that he is about to some pussy! She even showed me how to blow my dog. Who knew that dogs like to be sucked and blowed! And let us face it, they do not complain near as much as guys do and they are way more willing.

To make things even more interesting my friend brought over her German Shepherd and we switched dogs. Tubby fucked her while her German Shepherd fucked me. He dick was even bigger than Tubby's was and his knot was fucking huge!

Now I find myself thinking about what it would be like to be fucked by a horse or some other animal like that. They have HUGE dicks and I would just love to have one in my dripping wet pussy. I believe my friend and I are going to end up going to a farm and trying this out. Hey, we might even end up doing animal porn! I certainly would not mind the change in career!

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2012-03-16 03:51:28
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2011-02-02 04:51:16
I dated a woman years ago who said when shed owned a big dog he would lick her to orgasm better than any man. She never let the dog fuck her though. As I fucked her once, I asked if she would like me to find her a dog for a threesome and she squirted cum everywhere. Never happened but glad you got your fantasies played out. Keep writing.

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2008-09-21 18:37:37
If you and your friend love fucking that much get boyfriends! Tell some dude that you really love to fuck and you are horny and if he has any balls he'll do the rest. Tell any black guy and he'll fuck you in the nearest bathroom. Your young pussy is too good for a dog. Start fucking some men; you'll like it a LOT more. No woman marries a dog.

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2008-09-01 21:53:53
OMG I never thought in my wilderst of imaginations that I would get horny reading about a dog fucking a human seeing how I find sex disgusting but I am dripping wet now. What shall I do?


2008-08-27 17:45:28
few errors but quite interesting. In the next chapter you should have your parents catch you or at least your mother and she joins in. Keep up the good work

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