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High humidity and hot lady
by Julius
Copyright 2005

Mitzi rang the bell. Nobody answered, so she opened
the screen door and rapped with her knuckles. The door
swung open a couple of inches. Blowing a drop of sweat
off the tip of her nose she decided this must be the
hottest of her forty-eight summers. Voices, she was
sure she could hear voices. God but it was hot, even
in the shade of the house. Perspiration prickled in
her armpits. She felt a trickle working its way down
her spine, headed for her shorts.

She pushed the door open, stuck her head into the
kitchen and called. Ahead of her, the stairs down into
the basement beckoned. Again the sound of voices,
probably a TV. Damn it, she needed a hand with the
mower. She crossed to the top of the stairs and moved
cautiously down the first three. It sounded as if
someone was having sex.

She let curiosity draw her down the stairs. The door
at the bottom was open a little and she peeped through
the crack. Well, someone was having sex, but it was on
the TV. Across the rec. room a large screen showed a
big-breasted blonde astride a man. The girl was having
a wonderful time and being quite vocal about it.

On the sofa, with his back to her, was young Matthew.
Mitzi forgot about the picture on the screen and
looked down at the gorgeous cock. His shorts were
round his knees and he was stroking himself. Mitzi
felt her body tense as hunger blossomed in the pit of
her stomach. Her hand slid slowly, down into her
shorts. All she could do was stand silently and watch,
while her arousal mounted.

He seemed in no hurry to reach orgasm. He paused from
time to time and she guessed he must be deliberately
pacing himself. She watched, chewing her lip. He
released his penis and reached for the hand cream
dispenser on the arm of the sofa. He pumped out a
generous helping along his cock. She almost groaned
aloud as he grabbed himself again. Mitzi could
actually hear the wet, licking sound of the cream
being squeezed between his cock and his fingers.

She yearned to get closer. To touch, feel the heat and
hardness of that lovely thing for herself. The stalled
lawnmower on the front lawn, her need for a shower,
her thirst; all were pushed out of her mind by the
sight of Matthew's cock.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and
her wrist hit the door handle, making it rattle.
Matthew was all hands and arms as he grabbed a cushion
to cover himself. Then he tried to find the remote. He
craned his neck to look round at the door. When he saw
it was her, his face flushed scarlet and he started to

She smiled and told him to hush, "It's your house, I
shouldn't even be creeping down here."

"But ...," he stammered, "this is so ..."

She gave a little laugh, "Don't be embarrassed,
everybody does it," she paused, "I do it."

"What, you mean ...?" he gestured at the cushion.

"Of course." She moved into the room and round the
sofa to stand in front of him. He'd grown into a
handsome young man she thought. Eighteen just last
week, the party had been a noisy affair.

Mitzi was fascinated by the thought of what was under
the cushion. Before she realised it, she was on her
knees in front of him. Matthew sat frozen, not knowing
what to do.

Gently, slowly, she eased the cushion from under his
hands. He made no attempt to stop her. His erection
was gone and his penis lay soft between his thighs.
She reached out slowly to touch him, "I think I may
have scared it."

It was so soft. The smell of the hand cream came to
her. She glanced up at him, his eyes were on her hand.
His cock began to stiffen and he shifted his hips.
"How does that feel?" she asked him.

"Wonderful," he said softly, then asked, "should we be
doing this?"

"Why ever not?" Mitzi could no more have stopped then,
than she could have flown. Spasms flickered through
her body. Her whole being seemed to tremble. The
sight, the feel of Matthew's cock was doing wonderful
things to her. She felt a sudden contraction between
her legs. A warmth blossomed in her chest and throat.

Matthew's cock seemed to grow forever in her hands and
her hunger grew with it. It was too long since she'd
had a real one to play with.

"Some cream," she said, holding out her hand and
gesturing towards the bottle.

Matthew got the bottle and pumped two squirts into her
palm. He sucked air through his teeth as she wrapped
hand and the cold cream around his cock.

Mitzi lay her cheek on his thigh and watched herself
pumping his big cock, "When's your dad due home?"

"Not till late tonight, I gotta pick him up from the

Mitzi wondered about having this cock to play with for
the next few hours. Her pussy spasmed. Matthew began
to squirm on the sofa.

"Stop, stop," he begged her, his body going rigid.

Mitzi released his cock and waited as he came down
from near-orgasm. After a little while he grinned at
her, "That was close."

She slipped her hand gently around him again, "Why did
you stop me?"

"It's too wonderful to end just yet," he nodded
towards the TV‘s blank screen, "usually I try to last
'til the end of the film."

Mitzi’s eyebrows went up, "That's what you were doing
when I came by?" Matthew nodded. "That's a lot of self
control. You're going to make a wonderful lover."

"Really?" he said, grinning happily.

She wasn't sure she could wait. This wasn't her
vibrator she was playing with. She got to her feet and
shimmied her shorts down. Mitzi wore no underwear and
she heard his intake of breath as he caught sight of
her nakedness. She took his hand and guided it between
her legs, "Feel how wet I am?"

He nodded.

"You and your beautiful cock did that."

She knelt again, her shorts around her ankles. She
reached for his cock. If Matthew could wait a while,
so could she.

"I’ve got some condoms. My dad gives them to me," he
said in an embarrassed rush.

She stroked his cock slowly, it wept a precum tear.
"Don't you think I'm too old to have sex with?" she

"You're beautiful," he said.

"Maybe you’d better go get a condom then."

Matthew got up and headed upstairs, his cock waving

She picked up the remote and pressed 'play'. The
blonde was still riding her beau with great
enthusiasm. The girl had big round tits. Mitzi’s were
just as big but hers were more governed by gravity.
She wondered if young Matthew would like them.

He returned and sat down. He still had his erection,
weren't young men wonderful?

His eyes flicked from her to the screen and back to
her breasts. She grabbed the remote, turning the TV
off again.

Mitzi noticed the sheen of sweat on Matthew's face. It
was hot, even here in the basement. She could smell
the earthy scent of her own body. Sweat trickled from
her left armpit, to soak into the fabric of her bikini
top. She glanced down, her breasts glistened, there
were beads of sweat in her cleavage. Bits of grass
clung to her skin

"I'm a mess," she said, "need a shower." She let go of
Matthew's cock.

"Don't go," he said, "don't stop what you're doing."
There was a pleading note to his voice. The condom was
in his hand, still in its wrapper. She didn't want to
move one inch away from that erection.

"Well, if you don't mind your women sweaty ...," she
moved her free hand and slipped her fingers down
between her breasts.

"Could I ..., " he paused, staring into her eyes.

"Could you what Matthew?"

"Could I ...," he breathed deeply, "could I put my
cock between your boobs?"

"Call them breasts Matthew, please call them breasts.
Yes I'd love your cock between them."

She let go of his penis and reached behind her for the
fastening of the bra.

She glanced up to watch his reaction. Her eye caught a
movement and she gasped. Behind Matthew, in the
doorway was a girl, staring at them.

Mitzi froze. The girl grinned down at her and said,
"You must be Matthew's mom, this is so cool."

Cont'd .................


2010-07-28 23:22:09
This is a very nice story. However I would have enjoyed more details about their bodies. For example, we do not get any deion of her cunt, which had been exposed to his gaze,, but not ours!! Then, when he wants to fuck her tits, she merely unsnaps her bra and allows him to drive his hot cock between them. Wouldn't we love to have a vivid deion of her breasts, accounting for her age, with a delightful sag, and nipples made for the dispensing of nourishment to a baby or the provision of extreme pleasure to a man of any age.

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2008-09-03 05:15:50
wow really i got on reading this hard cock just like steel

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2008-09-02 01:32:22
oh my god my penis like a iron rodnow


2008-09-01 13:53:02
I am going str8 to Ch 2 as soon as I get done typing this, It's got me stiff already.
rudstill hard one

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2008-09-01 13:02:31
WOW, get on with it ---- Hotrocks

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