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High humidity and hot lady
"Sweaty" Part 3
by Julius
Copyright 2005

They sat in silence for a while.

"They say how long?” asked Matthew.

"Maybe forty-five minutes, said they're busy. Can you
wait that long?"

"I guess," Matthew said, his voice sounded doubtful.

Mitzi decided she couldn't wait that long and said,
"Come stand in front of me Matthew."

He got to his feet and moved round to face her. It was
almost dark now. She was sure nobody could see them,
shadowed by the big maple. Mitzi wasn't that sure she
cared. She put her hands on his thighs and slowly ran
them up under his shorts.

"You've got good legs Matthew, long and strong."

He shuffled awkwardly and she moved her hands to the
zipper of his shorts, found the metal tag on the
slider, lifted it and ran the zip down. It made a
soft, slow buzz as it moved. Matthew breathed in,
sounding loud in the evening air. She slid a hand into
his shorts and found his cotton briefs. She felt his
cock, stiffening under the soft fabric.

Mitzi ran her hands up his legs again and found the
waist band of the briefs. She slid them off his hips,
down his thighs until the crotch of his shorts held
them. His penis sprang out of his shorts to wave,
erect now, in front of her face.

There it was again, that lovely, strong, young cock.
Mitzi's heart seemed to beat in her throat. She felt
herself trembling. Taking his erection in her hand she
pressed her cheek against it and slowly turned her
head, moving her lips along the velvet of him.

Matthew groaned above her and she felt his hand in her
hair. Her tongue tip found his tiny slit and she gave
him a little, sucking kiss. She savoured the sweet
saltiness of his precum. Moving her mouth and his
cock, she painted her lips with his slickness. He
seemed suddenly too big for her hand and Mitzi felt a
yearning, a helpless wanting, she'd not felt in a long
forever. Mitzi was losing it.

The bright sign on the top of the car that slowed
opposite the the house was all that stopped her
fucking him right there, right then, on the lawn.

Matthew was fighting to get his zipper up. She prayed
he'd be careful as she went inside for her purse.

The pizza delivery guy held out the box and said he
was sorry he was late. His eyes never left her breasts
while she fumbled for the money and Mitzi glanced
down. The edge of her right areola peeped above the
bikini top, she was in danger of falling out of the
bra. The lad left with a big tip and a bigger grin.

The smell of the pizza drifted into her nostrils and
she heard her stomach growl, two hungers now. She
turned and reached for the door. "Let's eat," she said
over her shoulder to Matthew.

As she headed for the kitchen, swollen labia and worn
denim moved gently together; an exquisite torture. She
wanted to stop, to hold her legs tight together and
get control of herself. Mitzi wondered just how wet
she was down there. 'A pussy in torment,' she smiled
to herself. She and her pussy had been in torment,
ever since she'd first peeped in on Matthew that

They sat across from each other at the small kitchen
table and wolfed down pizza. Mitzi was on her third
beer and Matthew on his second. She felt a little
light headed and wasn't the least surprised to hear
herself say, though a mouthful of food, "You're going
to fuck me tonight Matthew."

Matthew choked and stared at her. His face was scarlet
as he struggled for breath or tried to contain his
embarrassment, or both.

"Will I be your first?" she asked softly.

He nodded, looking as if he wished she wasn't. He
murmured something that she didn't catch.

"That's wonderful, you can be my first ever virgin. A
first for us both, beautiful."

His eyes dropped to her breasts which rested, barely
in her bikini top, on the table. The longing in his
eyes brought a lump to her throat. He looked so young
and so desperate.

She took the last wedge from her half of the pizza and
gazed at Matthew. They should shower first she
thought. Her skin was moist and sticky, the evening
was nearly as hot as the day had been. She could smell
the musky, woman-scent of herself drifting up. Her
armpits were wet and, as if to underline the facts, a
drop of sweat trickled down into her bra. There were
still tiny pieces of grass on her forearms from the
mowing. Damn it, she was a mess - but oh god, so
horny. She squirmed on the chair and clamped her
thighs together as if to keep her heat from pouring

She was too hungry for that cock, to go through
showering. Poor fidgeting Matthew was probably wishing
he could go jerk off in his basement. Perhaps not, his
eyes were fixed on her breasts and one hand was under
the table. She could see his arm moving slightly,
steadily. He was trying to comfort that lovely penis
of his.

She got up from the table and closed the blinds and
leaned over the sink. It had to be now, she had to
have him. She'd die if she waited. "Fuck me Matthew,
just like this." She reached for the snap on the
waistband and slid the zipper down, her shorts fell to
her ankles.

Mitzi turned her head to watch him. He fumbled with
shaking hands at his own shorts and presently they
went down. The briefs followed and she stared at his
waving penis as he struggled out of his tee shirt. He
was beautiful, she thought.

He bent and fumbled with his shorts and produced the
condom. It must be the one he'd had in the basement
that afternoon.

"No," she said, "no don't." Stupid she knew, but
surely this sweet virgin ........

Matthew came and stood behind her. She unsnapped her
bikini at the front and her bosom poured out, free.
One heavy breast in each sink. She inhaled her own
body odour and waved her ass at Matthew.

His hands rested on her hips and she reached awkwardly
down and back, between her legs. As if sensing what
she wanted, Matthew flexed his knees. She found and
grabbed his cock and he groaned in real pain as she
bent him down. She couldn't’t believe how hard he was.

Dipping at the waist and going up on her tip-toes to
raise her ass, she brought his cock-head to her eager
wetness. Instinct took over and he thrust. Through her
fist, into her, up and in, in one blissful plunge.
That whole, sweet, hot cock, buried in her. Her pussy
had begged for it, wept for it; now he was hers, she
his. She was filled full, opened, pierced, impaled.
She wanted to weep with the pussy-stuffed joy of it.

Matthew stayed frozen for a short eternity. "God!" he
gasped, "it's beautiful. How can it be so hot in
there, so, so ,so ...?" he hadn't words.

Mitzi clenched her pussy round his cock and just held
him, utter joy on her face.

"Oh fuck ...," he exclaimed, she knew no pussy had
ever done that to him. She delighted in his surprise.

Then he withdrew; so slowly she marvelled at his
control. In again - the long sweet slide of him. Out,
until just the head of him held her labia apart. She
wondered how it must feel to have a cock and to do
that to a cunt.

His next thrust was urgent, hungry. Now it begins, she
told herself, the ride. Mitzi and Matthew and Matthew
and Mitzi, for the next infinity they were one,
focused around the fusion between her legs. God but he
was splendid. He didn't come like a boy, he fucked her
like a man, driving her time and again against the
counter as she hung onto the taps and heard her
breasts slap against the stainless steel.

She revelled in the never-ending pistoning inside her.
She got wetter and wetter until she could hear the
wetness of their loving, between her legs. Sweat
poured off her. Wet thighs slapping against her wet
ass. He was bruising her, she knew, against the edge
of the counter, but who cared, this was the first fuck
of his life.

She sensed his approaching climax as his fight for
breath got louder and then, the lights began to go on
inside her. Matthew hooked his fingers over her hip
bones and began pulling her onto him to meet his own
frantic plunges. Dear God! He was almost lifting her
off the floor. She could glimpse her breasts swinging
and jostling in the sinks. A moment of near-hysteria
caught at her as she imagined the way she must look.

"I'm ... going ... to ... come ... I'm ...going ... to
... come," one word per thrust, forced from him as he
sobbed his way to orgasm.

Mitzi was coming too. Her belly seemed to coil and
compress. Her whole being rushed inwards towards her
clutching, cock-sucking pussy. She was coming. She
began begging him to fuck her, which was silly, all
considered, but she begged anyway. Fuck her he did -
harder and harder. She felt sweat running, trickling
down her arms, over her breasts. She was going to die
she knew, this was too much for her. She was going to
die of fuck. She .......

His cock pulsed, swelled inside her. She felt the
ripples, through his entire body it seemed, as he
flooded into her time and again.

Her pussy spasmed, contracted, clutched at his cock
and then - she was turning inside out. Their orgasms
seemed to feed on each other. Two needs that consumed
them both.

Matthew humped at her after he'd finished, as if to
prolong this first, sweet madness. She squirmed her
exhausted, wet body under his, as if trying to nurse
the last drops out of him with her suckling pussy.

Then they were done. They stayed there, crouched,
coupled, because there was no way to fall. Her draped
on the counter, him draped on her. They mumbled
breathless, happy nonsense and sweet superlatives. His
cock was slow to soften and she revelled in its
presence, wanting to hold it, keep it in her forever.

Finally, Mathew sank to his knees and wrapped his arms
around her legs, his cheek against her thigh. She
pushed herself upright and turned within the circle of
his arms. Mitzi looked down at him and knew he'd look

He did and she saw him lick his lips, "Thank ...."

She cut him off, "Don't you dare thank me Matthew! I
did you no favours. I wanted it."

He smiled, "Okay, but..."

"I know, I know," she sighed

"Is it always like that?" he asked.

"Should always be beautiful but not always quite so
hot,” she paused and added softly, “there's gentle

He got slowly to his feet and stood uncertainly in
front of her.

She took his hands and made him cup them under her
breasts. "Kiss me Matthew."

She clung to him glad of his strength at that moment.
It was a clumsy kiss but it held them in the magic a
little longer.

Mitzi felt the tickle, the trickle as her pussy gently
wept his juices. The cooling warmth of it coursed
steadily down her thigh, to her knee. It paused there
until more ran from her and then she giggled as it
raced down her calf to her ankle.

He drew away and looked at her, "What's funny?" he was
afraid she was laughing at him.

I'm leaking Matthew," she giggled again, "I'm leaking
Matthew, Matthew."

"Let's go, we need to shower," she told him and took
his hand.


"I'm not letting you out of my sight Matthew. We've
got to play some more."

Her pussy wept another cum tear down her thigh. Mitzi
had plans for Matthew's cock.

cont'd ........................


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In sequels comtinue frcking Mitzy and get her pregnant.

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