Meet Janie the Fuck Toy
A Rogues Tale 3

When Carol awoke at 9:30. Nick was gone.

His days began at sun up and often went well into the night. Military habits are hard to break, some you don't want to. Like watching the sunrise every morning. It makes one feel very much alive.

Nick was at the farm in the loft of the barn. This was his workshop, the heart of his sanctuary. You would not know it, seeing it from the outside. It was an older structure that looked to be well made but not maintained.

Not so on the inside! On the lower level, he kept heavier machine tools and an odd assortment of vehicles.

One to note would be the dark Oldsmobile with the tinted windows. It would not draw attention on the street, it was quiet while running. None would suspect it was capable of speeds in excess of 150 miles an hour, with reworked engine,suspension and brakes, it would be at home on any Nascar track.

The loft was the nerve center. Powered by a solar array in the back of the barn, it was totally self sufficent. There were no wires attached to the barn, none were needed. There was a deep well on the property and now the water was pumped to the barn. No monthly bills here.

His communications and computers functioned via a couple of discreet satellite dishes.

It was sparcely furnished, but he needed little in the way of luxury. A king sized bed on one end, his library and gun cases along one wall. A small kitchen at the other end, an open bathroom with a very large tub and the workshop along the opposite wall.

Right now, Nick was at the computer gathering information on one Gordon Jefferies. Developer, active in the community, considering public office, family man....Ha, Nick thought.

It pays to know the people you do business with. And Gordo was about to become useful in Nicks business.

After Nick had recorded Carol and Gordo that night, (see Tale 1) he then did a little sneek and peek at the Jefferies residence. Only to find the pious Mrs. Jefferies, bouncing up and down with much enthusiasm on Mayor Wards little pencil dick.

Nick knew targets of opportunity. "Oh, what tangled webs we weave" he muttered as he recorded these activities as well.

When he finished his fact finding tour, he decided a good long swim sounded good. There was a large gravel pit about 5 miles away out in the woods. Every chance he got, Nick would don shorts and cross trainers, run to the lake, swim across and back and then run home.

It was about a two hour workout that never failed to revitalize him.

Later, on the way to Carols, he stopped to pick up a couple of steaks. In the store parking lot, he saw someone that looked familiar. It was hard to tell because she was wearing very large sunglasses.

"Cindy?" he asked.

"Hi, Nick." She was looking down and in every direction except at him.

Nick reached out and raised her glasses a couple of inches. Although covered with makeup, there was some discoloration on her cheek and under her eye.

He simply asked "Who?"

She said, "Brian" with her head hung low.

Cindy had been a long time friend of Nicks family. Although she was very attractive, he had always thought of her as a sister type.

She was a cheerleader in High School, and quite naturally fell for the biggest jock out there, Brian. They had married soon after graduation and apparently went thru some hard times. They were in the process of divorce.

Brian had inherited the family business, and with him at the helm, it had promptly took a dump. The worst part was he took his frustrations out on Cindy.

Nick never did like the arrogant Brian. Now he had just cause.

He gave her a hug and told her to take care of herself. It was just a brief meeting, but Nick already knew what was going to happen to Brian. It wasn't pretty.

When he arrived at Carols place, Jeffries Cadillac was in the driveway.

He pulled up by the front door and parked the bike. From the small pouch on the handlebars he pulled out the steaks and a couple of dvds.

Carol met him at the door, slightly troubled. "Nick, Gordons here." She fumbled with the words.

She was looking righteous in her short demin skirt, halter top and high heeled sandals. Nick kissed her deep, handed her the steaks and said, "Get me a beer, ok?"

She was gone in an instant, and Nick walked into the living room to find Gordo sprawled on the couch sipping a martini. He rose when Nick entered and extended his hand saying, "Gordon Jeffries."

Nick took his lily white hand and squeezed just enough to let him feel pain. He could have broken bones if he wanted to.

When Gordo had the message loud and clear, he released the hand and said "Just call me Nick."

Gordo was rubbing his hand when he said "Pleased to meet you."

Carol arrived with a beer in a chilled glass and timidly slid her arm around Nicks.

"Carols mine now, you won't be fucking her anymore." he said with menace.

Gordo first looked at the piercing blue eyes, then at Carol who bit her lip and nodded quickly.

"Alright, then. I guess I'm out of here." Gordo said somewhat reluctantly.

"Not so fast" Nick cautioned. "You might want to have a look at these."

He continued, "The first one is a souvenir of your last fuck with Carol. I have copies if you want to mess with me. The second one is of your wife playing show and tell with the Mayor. The first one is free, the second will cost you $10,000, cash."

Gordo blinked as he digested the information. "You're blackmailing me?" was all he could ask.

Nick grinned and explained "It's not blackmail, I'm giving you a souvenir and all the evidence you need to make your wife a willing partner in the bedroom or rake her over the coals in divorce court. Your call."

After a few moments, Gordo said "Alright, I will pay it. Is there anything else?"

Nick grinned again and said "Yes, there is. You have contacts that need things done, I can do these things. With that, he produced a business card that said... 'Nicholas Stone Enterprises' and a number. That was all.

"You can leave a message at that number when the money is ready. Say where and I will pick it up."

Nick continued, "I can be a great help to accomplish things that can't be done in regular business practices. This is just a small example of what I can do."

"I'll say." Gordo muttered, still somewhat shell shocked.

"Good, we have an agreement!" Nick said cheerfully.

"Yes, we do. I'll be in touch. Carol... goodbye." Gordon said as he lightly caressed her arm in passing to the door.

When he was gone, Carol exclaimed "I don't think anybody's ever talked to him like that before!"

"It's good for him, besides he's a business man, he knows an opportunity when he sees it." Nick explained. Then with a slight pull on her hand said, "Come here, you."

He led her to the couch, sat in the middle of it and pulled her down on his lap. She put her arms around his and drank in his kisses. His hand wandered up her inner thigh only to find warm, wet pussy. No panties!

"You brazen hussy!" he accused. "Runnin around with no underwear!"

Carol was giggling. "I guess I got so excited knowing you were going to confront Gordon that I forget to put some on."

"A likely story, methinks you need a spanking!" he retorted. "Maybe later, right now a little southern comfort is in order" guiding her to her knees between his legs.

She was just beaming as she undid his belt, unbuttoned the jeans and slid the zipper down releasing the beast.

She stopped to put her open mouth on the side of his cock thru his underwear. It twitched and grew from the heat. She moved to a spot closer to the head, it stiffened more.

She backed off, slid her hands up his hips and pulled down on his jeans. He raised a little and when jeans went down, his cock was released with a heavy plop on his stomach.

Carol slid them down to his ankles so he could open his legs at the knees. She began kissing and licking her way up his inner thighs. When she reached his balls, she would suck on one while rolling her tongue around it, then back away causing a 'pop' as he had instructed her to do. Then continue with the other.

Then she would slide the flat of her tongue up between the balls on the great muscle that was the base of the cock. She worked her way up the shaft, using only her lips and tongue, no hands.

Several minutes had passed before she was approaching the head of Nicks cock. She was flicking her tongue back and forth on the underside when there was a soft knock on the door.

Carol stopped, looked at Nick, blinked, the spell broken.

She jumped up and ran to the door. He stood up and tried to stuff his large cock back into his pants.

Carol returned with her arm around a very athletic looking gal dressed in spandex shorts and sports bra. The look of a road bicyclist. That was why they had not heard a car approach.

They had been whispering in each others ear on the way in.

She said, "Janie, this is Nick."

"Hi Janie, pleased to meet you." He said while holding her hand not at all like he squeezed Gordos.

Janie looked at his piercing blue eyes, down at the clear outline of a semi erect large dick in his jeans, back at Carol, who was still wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and licking her lips.

"Look, guys, maybe I'd better go" was all she could say.

"Maybe you should stay" Nick was all over it and still hadn't released her hand. "Carol was about to make us a pitcher of Margaritas, you could use a little refreshment during your ride, couldn't you?"

"Well, I guess so, if it's alright" she stammered.

"Great!" Nick said brightly. Then to Carol, "Baby, a pitcher of your finest, please."

She headed for the kitchen, he guided Janie to the big couch in the living room. He still hadn't released her hand and now had an arm around her slim waist.

While Carol made the drinks, Nick learned about Janie.

She was newly divorced. Her husband had been doing his secretary for close to a year before she found out. His interest in sex had been dwindling and she thought it was her. She couldn't forgive him for it and filed for divorce.

Since then, she had immersed herself in her work and exercise. Spurning all date offers and thinking her husbands lack of interest was her fault, she worked tirelessly at arobics 3 times a week and cycled at every chance.

Nick concluded that her ex was a moron and told her so. She was smart, dedicated and beautiful. What more could a man ask of a woman?

Nick lounged in the middle of the couch, Janie at one side and Carol on the other when she returned with the drinks. He laid back with his arms along the back of the couch behind both women.

He pulled Carol to him and kissed her deeply. Then said "Baby, where were we?"

Carol blushed with her friend present.

Nick pulled Janie closer to him and said, "Show Janie what you were doing when she got here."

Carol slowly slid off the couch and between his legs.

Glancing at Janie, she once again unbuckled the belt and undid the jeans. Slid them down to gain access.
His cock was still semi hard from toying with the ladies. Janie's eyes were big as saucers when she first saw his cock. Carol stroked him with her hand while gazing first at Nick and then Janie.

He slid his hand behind Carols head and guided her down on his shaft. When she was back to sucking in rhythm, he turned to Janie, pulled her close and kissed her.

Janie had never been kissed with such intensity in all her life. She melted and her juices flowed. Never in her married life had that happened.

Nick reached his left arm around her shoulder and under her arm to cup a firm breast, sliding his finger over her nipple, hard against the sheer bra. She couldn't believe this was happening! This handsome youth was kissing her and fondling her tits while her friend sucked his dick.


Yet somehow it seemed natural. There was no doubt he could handle two women at once. Carol was engrossed in her activities and had no problem with it. Janie hadn't had sex in close to a year and right now was as horny as she had ever been in her life.

Nick slid his right hand down to her thigh and lightly moved up and down. Stealing ever closer to her wanting pussy.

You could see the outline of her cunt lips and neatly trimmed bush through the tight spandex. This Nick lightly traced with his index finger as she opened her legs slightly. Then more as the feelings rocketed to her brain.

When he touched her clit, she came immediately. She shivered, wondering on how much she had been missing.

When she recovered, she looked at Carol, happily sucking that huge cock and wanted to help her. She didn't have to wait long...

Nick kissed her once again and suggested she would be more comfortable outside the spandex down there with Carol.

Janie wondered how he could read minds, but that didn't matter now. She stood up to peel off her outfit to reveal a magnificent body. Firm breasties, flat stomach, long muscled legs and a neatly trimmed blonde bush.

She kneeled down with Carol between Nick legs and began licking his balls as Carol sucked cock. They would switch places sometimes, or slide their lips and tongues up and down his shaft on opposite sides in unison.

After a while, he pulled Carol up to his side and kissed her deeply. She was still first place in his heart, even though there would be other women. They were to be in addition to her, not instead of her.

They watched Janie bobbing up and down on his cock as Carol lost what little clothing she wore.

Nick pulled Janie off his cock by the hair and said "I've got a new ride for you." He laid down lengthwise on the couch and directed her on his lap facing him. She rubbed her very wet pussy along the length of his rigid shaft many times before directing it inside her needy pussy.

He placed Carol over his face, kneeling and facing Janie. It was the first time he ate her pussy. She loved it and her orgasms were continuous. Then she realized she was looking at her friend face to face.

Janie was working her way down the large shaft and when she was within a couple of inches of the end, came for the second time that afternoon. Both girls were bracing each other by the shoulders as they recovered.

Again, it seemed only natural that they hugged each other, pressing breasts to breasts. Then the kisses, first to any part accessable like the necks or shoulders. Then, as they looked each other in the eyes, to the lips.

What was happening here? How had this youth brought two friends together and made them closer? They were deep kissing now, a triangle of sensations. All cunts, cock and mouths occupied.

What next?

Nick pushed Carol off to the side. Then he grabbed Janies hips and buried himself into her, bringing forth a loud squeal. He withdrew and stood up, grasping a lady by each side and marched to the bedroom.

He had to turn sideways to go down the hall.

When he got there, he dropped Janie on the bed.

With a half spin, Carol landed next to her.

The ladies were giggling when Nick directed them into a 69 position with Carol on top. He moved in behind her and had Janie suck him back to full strength from underneath.

When he was ready, he withdrew from Janies mouth and began sliding the head of his cock up and down Carols hot cunt. He stopped and buried about half of his shaft into her very wet pussy.

Carol moaned loudly.

He began fucking her slowly, going deeper with each push when she felt Janies soft tongue on her clit.

This was intense, Nicks big cock filling her so completely and gliding over her g-spot from his angle.

She came..hard.

It started a string of orgasms that were interrupted only when Nick pulled out and allowed Janie to again suck on him when Carol was too sensitive.

When she recovered, he would slide back in and build up to some long, mighty thrusts. Each one would push her forward but his grip on her hips would pull her back. His balls would slap against the clit Janie was licking, bouncing off her nose.

When Carol had cum at least times that he could count, he told the girls to trade places.

He eased up behind Janie admiring the tone of her body. Carol was petite, only her lips and tits were full. Her breasties were at least 36's and very firm, her luscious lips right now were sliding up and down his cock.

Nick was sliding his hands around Janie's muscled legs, over her tight stomach thinking she might enjoy the run and swim he had done earlier.

He pulled away from Carol, tapped the end of his cock on her tongue a couple of times with a smile, and placed the head at the entrance to Janie's neglected pussy. With the other hand, pulled back on the narrow of her waist until she was filled to the limit. He put his other hand on her waist and held her there so she could adjust.

Carol began lightly licking her cunt lips and the underside of Nicks cock. There was still a third of his heavy meat waiting entrance as he began some slow movements.

Janie responded by lightly pushing back until she was completely filled, or so she thought, then easing forward. These forward motions were completely controlled by Nicks hands on her waist pulling her back to him.

Each time the huge shaft went a tiny bit further, until her juices coated it almost to the balls. Then he picked up the pace of his thrusts. Pushing her forward with his cock, pulling her back with his hands.

She felt like a fuck toy! She was a fuck toy! She loved it!

It wasn't long before her orgasm hit. Nick pulled her back and held her there, his cock buried deep. He could feel the vibrations to her core. Carol licked her through it and when she was too sensitive for more, began nuzzling Nicks balls and that wonderful place in between.

When Janie the fuck toy recovered a little, he began some long slow strokes. She was well lubed and could take most of him inside her now. But she hadn't been truly fucked yet. That was about to change.

Nick had his thumb on the tiny entrance to her ass as he moved. Not penetrating, just making little circles. Her cunt oozed juice with each thrust and he used this to lube her ass.

Then he began to fuck her a little harder. And a little harder still.

He wasn't pulling from the waist now, he was pulling her hair.

Bouncing off that glorious pole, being pulled back by a handfull of hair, not to mention that eager tongue on her clit. Janie had never been so totally fucked in all her life.

When Nick slipped his thumb into her ass, she exploded! And again, and again and again.

She vibrated uncontrollably for a few moments and then passed out!

Nick looked down at her sprawled on top of the smiling Carol. "Was it something I said?" he grinned.

"Not sure words could describe it" Carol guipped as they gently rolled Janie off to the side.

She righted herself and kneeled facing him for a long deep kiss. Her hand was stroking him when she stated, "I believe it's my turn now."

He eased her onto her back and moved between her legs, and she stroked him the entire time. He paused at her pussy lips while she rubbed him up and down, coating the head with her juices.

She guided him into her and they gently made love, kissing all the while. They came at the same time and fell asleep in each others arms.

More to follow...

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