Jack meets Dani
What a great day!

There's nothing better than running a few miles, a nice cool shower, a couple of hits of
that homegrown and riding the Harley to work. All was good in Jack’s world, what more
could you ask for?

Wait, check out the girl in that silver Mercedes.

Jack sped up a little to take a look-see. It was way worth it. One of the advantages of
riding was setting up station outside a good looking gal’s window and admiring the view.
This one was eye candy, blonde with a blue silk shirt, breasties pushing the material.
Black skirt mid thigh, black nylons, tops showing. Whoa, wait a minute, is that what I
think? She's wearing a garter belt! This one is pure class, Jack thought. He looked up
to her face to see a slight smile, the lady amused at his attention.

Something clicked in Jack’s head. Watch what you're doing! Look up...bus stopped...can't go left...go right...take the side walk...people walking... got to miss them...lay it, not a dumpster...BLACKNESS.

Jack awoke with fuzzy vision and a major headache. He was in a place he never
wanted to be, a hospital. Oh great, and trashed the bike to boot.

"How are you feeling?" Wow, it was the lady in the Mercedes!

"Oh, like I was rode hard and put up wet." Jack muttered.

"That was quite a crash you took, kind of looked like a stunt driver. I took the liberty
of calling a towing service and getting your bike to the Harley shop. Hope you don't
mind. I somehow feel responsible for what happened to you."

Jack smiled, and it hurt. "Nah, it was my fault. Just liked what I saw." She smiled with her eyes. Jack asked, "Who are you?"

"Danika Cantrell, my friends call me Dani. And you are?"


"Just Jack?"

" There are so many letters in my last name that most people can't spell it or
pronounce it. It's easier that way."

"Ok, Jack, the doctor thinks you may have had a concussion. They want to keep you here
overnight for observation. I have some business to attend to now, but I will be back to
check on you in the morning. If you are ready to go then, I will give you a ride home, it's
the least I can do."

"Thank you, Dani. Can I call you that?"

This time she did smile.

There's not much to do in a hospital as a patient, so Jack just kicked back and rested his aching body. Caught some zzzzs. Sometime around early evening, he felt some tingling on his legs and woke up. The lights were dimmed, but he could make out the outline of a nurse type massaging his legs.

"Are you looking for broken bones?" Jack asked.

"No, just looking." It was a very pretty girl in a pink outfit.

"Feels good, what's your name?"


"As in Nurse Nancy?"

"I'm not really a nurse yet, I am just a volunteer. It's like extra credits for college."

"I see, Nurse Nancy you will make a wonderful nurse, you have magical hands."

"Thanks, you know some of these bruises are deep."

She had moved her massage up to his thighs now and Jack's reaction was noticeable.
He saw her eyes get big and her lips make a little round O as she saw the outline of
his cock. He had seen that reaction before, but it was always good to see it again.
He had a nice package, not real long, about 8 inches, but thick. It seemed to
fascinate the ladies, and that was a good thing.

"Nurse Nancy, are you sure none of the bones are broken?"

She smiled and said, "I can see one that isn't broken!"

Jack looked and sounded very concerned when he asked, "How can we tell for sure?"

She ran her tongue lightly around her lips and said, "Be right back."

When she returned, she closed the door and locked it.

"Just wanted to make sure my examination wasn't interrupted." That gorgeous smile

She stepped up to his bed and began sliding her hands over his chest and abs.
"My, but you are a healthy boy!"

Jack grinned lazily and said, "I work out a little."

Nurse Nancy said, "I bet you do, let’s have a look."

With that, she lifted up the bottom of the hospital gown and pulled it over his chest. Her eyes lit up again, Jack could never get enough of that look.

"This is Nurse Nancy's broken bone test, it works without an x-ray!" She giggled.

She bent down and ran her tongue from his pubies right to the end of his cock. His
cock jerked up, it was uncontrollable. She caught him in her left hand and used her right hand to gently rub his balls. She ran her tongue from between his balls up to the end on the underside. Moving back to his balls, she took one and then the other in her mouth. Sucking gently while making little circles with her tongue. When she let go, there a little pop sound. Now, she had his attention.

She stroked him and continued to rub his balls. Again that smile, she is really enjoying
herself, Jack thought. Then she bent over again and took about half of him into her mouth. It was electric! So hot, so wet, this girl was gifted! Up, down. Up, down, again and again and she was humming too!

She would slide her lips up and down on the outside of his cock, feeling every part. She would stop sucking and resume stroking with her hands and give that award winning smile again. You could not help admiring this woman. She would bob up and down, stop and rub his cock back and forth over her lips and then take as much as she could into her mouth.

Then it was time to check for broken bones... She climbed up on the bed and straddled him. Her pussy was wet and she rubbed it along the length of his shaft. Oh, this is good, she thought. At the end of her strokes, his head slid over her clit. Back and forth, she was soooo wet!

Her head was back, "Hummmmm" escaped her, she stopped and vibrated through her orgasm.

"Sorry it took me so long," she grinned. "Let's check for broken bones now."

She raised up a little, and with a couple of fingers under him, guided the head of his cock into hot, wet pussy. She began to move then, not up and down, but rather forward and backward. With each move backward she would take in a tiny bit more of his cock. It took several minutes before she had his entire length inside her hungry pussy. When she had it all, she stopped to just enjoy the feeling of being filled up so completely. Then she leaned forward, rubbing her tits lightly against his chest.

Jack reached up behind her neck and brought her close for a kiss. It was wonderful as he knew it would be, anyone that can give head that good has to be a great kisser. Soft lips, warm, feeling the kiss, going with it...not mechanical like some. Then she leaned back so she was upright and worked her feet under her. Now she began some earnest up and down motion. She would stop at the very top of his cock and before she lost contact, make little circles with her hips as she screwed herself back down on him.

Jack was fascinated with her moves and just let her go. She felt like a carnival ride on his dick, only way better! Then she leaned farther back, her arms back on the bed for support and began a slow rocking motion.

Jack’s cock was now pointing down and he watched as she slid her pussy along the length of it. When she came toward him, her pussy lips would almost disappear. When she moved away, they would reappear slick with their juices. He couldn't resist, when she moved away from him, he would slid his thumbs over those puffy lips one on each side. When she came towards him, he would slide his now very wet thumbs around and over her clit. That didn't take long, she started vibrating again and then came the Hummmmm" again. Her pussy was alive, gently squeezing and relaxing.

She leaned forward again, searching for a kiss. "Your turn, Jack darling. I want that beautiful cock of yours in my mouth."

She repositioned herself between his legs, kneeling. One hand gently rubbing his swollen balls, the other stroking his length. Then she bent forward and began sliding her lips and tongue around the head. Then along the sides, underneath, the top. Cupping his balls and nuzzling them. Back to the head, moving up and down while her tongue did circles.

"You are amazing, Nurse Nancy! I'm getting close..." Somehow Jack got that out.

"Come on, give it to me, come on...I want you to cum in my mouth."

That did it. The fireworks were going off in Jacks head and body. She was there with him to the final twitch. She had caught every drop of his cum, no, sucked out every drop. She was still sliding those wonderful lips up and down his cock when he came back to earth.
It wouldn't have taken much to stay hard with that kind of attention. But she slowed her motions and went from sucking to kissing, allowing him to soften.

"Nurse Nancy, you are an angel! You make bike wrecks a good thing. Do you do private duty?"

"Ummmm, Jack, I could do you and it wouldn't be a duty. It would be my pleasure. Care to get together sometime?"

"You bet I would, there are some business cards in my leather wherever that is."

"It's over here in the wardrobe, I'll get one." Nancy winked.

When she found one, she bounced back to his bed. "Oh wow, you manage the Palms Resort? That's a pretty nice place!"

"Thanks, we try to keep it up." Jack didn't mention that he was controlling partner of the Palms. That information was privy to only a few individuals. "Give me a call sometime, we have some nice barbecue and pools parties. Consider yourself invited anytime." Jack smiled and raised an eyebrow.

"Looking forward to it, I gotta go now. All the stiffy nurses will be wondering where I am." She said with her lower lip pushed out.

Nancy stood up and kissed him gently and gave a little wave by the door. Jack fell asleep that night wondering where he should take that girl for a weekend trip.

To be continued...


2008-08-29 23:29:51
that was good

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-27 17:14:46
Very nicely done. I have to say, I'm with Sin in that I hope Dani makes an appearance in the next chapter. Maybe a romantic and sexual threes company in one of the resort's hot tubs?

Just a thought. Anyway, as I said, well done sir, my hat's off to you (jimmy hat that is) and if I wasn't so sticky I'd shake your hand. Anyway, this was my third round today so I think I'm gonna take a breather and see if I can't save some of this energy for my fiance when I get home. Peace out and congrats


2008-08-27 16:37:01
Very well written...thought it was going to simply be a slam bam, thank-you-mam when it started, but the detail and word images were very well done. Curious...what happened to Dani? Perhaps in the next chapter?
Good job!

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