An attitude adjustment and a new friend...
Life at the Palms Part 2

Jack awoke the next morning to some poking and prodding of his sore spots by the doctor. Tiny flashlights in the eyeballs followed by lots of questions. In the end, it was determined that he was ok to leave the hospital. Nurse Nancy was gone, but Dani Cantrell was there looking just plain stunning. Today, it was a blue pin-stripe pantsuit and coral silk blouse.

"Did I ever tell you how good you look in silk?" Jack asked in admiration.

"Not since yesterday, although it is always nice to hear."

"You probably hear that all the time." Jack half asked.

"No, not really. Most men seem to be intimidated by me." Dani confessed.

"I can understand that, you are beautiful, smart and successful. A total package, something that most men are not. A typical guy would have a problem with that."

"And you?" She queried.

"Did I ever tell you how good you look in silk?" Jack grinned.

A big smile by Dani, then she said, "Let's go."

On the ride to the Palms the pair got to know each other better. Jack learned that Dani was a widow, probably not quite over her love of her late husband. Not dating, yet, just overseeing the Cantrell business to keep her busy. He wondered where he had heard of Cantrell before and then remembered it was a publishing concern, magazines and newspapers. Yeah, that would keep her busy.

Dani learned Jack was single, managed the Palms Resort and was a bit of a free spirit. Something about him intrigued her though, and she decided to learn some more about him. He had a condo at the Palms where he stayed most of the time, when he could,
he stayed at his cabin by Lake Tahoe. When she dropped him off at the Palms, she invited him for a pool party for two with steaks and wine later on.

Jack was thrilled and accepted in his own way, "Sounds good to me."

He always liked going to the office, and it was for one good reason...Miki. Miki was his secretary/assistant/masseuse/therapist/rock. She was from Thailand and he had brought her here on a work visa. With that, he had won her eternal devotion. And oh yeah, she tasted good.

Jack was not too much into eating pussy, mostly because the women were preoccupied with his cock and he didn't have the opportunity. But he really enjoyed eating Miki on his desk, and she would return the favor in so many ways.

This time came the current crisis...

"That bitch in 420 is on a tear again."

'The bitch' was a 40 year old tenant, an attractive red head that just seemed to go off once in a while and needed Jack’s adjustment.

"What happened this time?" Jack asked.

"Had something to do with the maintenance crew, making noise and being in her view. She came in here screaming all over and wanted you personally to fix things."

"Guess I'll go and take a look."

"Ok, fix things. I do need to take some 'dick-tation' later though." She grinned.

Jack knocked on the 420 door.

Annette opened the door and began the tantrum.

"What are those people doing outside my condo? Why are they making all that noise? Do your job and make them go away, I want some peace and quiet. If you can't do it, find someone who can. You are not qualified to manage this resort, the owners should find someone to get things done around here....” Jack grabbed her wrist and led/half dragged her to the bedroom.

She screamed and sputtered, "Let me go, you can't do this, I'll have you fired!"

On the way in, Jack took the wrap from a robe hanging on the wall and tied it around her wrists and the other end to one of the bedposts. She continued her outburst, so he pulled her panties off and stuffed them in her mouth. Then he began to look through her drawers. He found some nylons and used them to secure her legs spread-eagled to the bottom bedposts and to hold the panties in her mouth.

Peace and quiet at last.

While in her drawers, he noticed a large vibrator. That would do nicely, he thought. He slid it into her pussy and switched it on. He tied another nylon around her waist and then one front to back so as to hold the vibrator in place. Jack stepped back to survey his handiwork.

Here was a woman tied at the wrists to one bedpost, one leg tied to each lower bedpost. Vibrator humming and held in place by nylons, the same holding a panty gag. 'It's a tough job but somebody has to do it,' Jack thought to himself and left to see if there was a beer in the fridge. He was sitting there enjoying a Corona and the view of the pool and oh yeah, the dreaded maintenance crew when the doorbell rang.

He made his way to the doorway and there was one of the sweetest piece of womanhood he had ever seen.

"Hi, is Annette here?"

"Yeah, she's in the bedroom, who are you?" Jack asked.

"I'm April, can I come in?"

"Sure thing." Jack was still admiring the view. She looked like a young Goldie Hawn with short hair and much fuller breasties. But they weren't sagging at all; instead they were firm and standing proud with nips at a slight upward angle.

She busted him gazing at them and said with a sly smile, "They're natural if that's what you’re wondering."

"I've always been a nature lover." Jack quipped.

"I bet you are, ummmm?”

"Name's Jack."

"Well hello Jack, I just stopped over to see if Annette was into doing a couple of bongs with me." With that, she produced a good sized bong from behind her back.

Jack told her Annette was a little tied up at the moment, but he wouldn't mind partaking a little.

"Great." she said with big smile that lit up the room.

She bounced over to the sofa, set the bong on the coffee table and began looking for matches.

Jack was still admiring, she wore a tight white tank top cut off just below those magnificent tits. Jeans cut off way short and sandals with 3 inch heels.

"Care for a beer?" Jack asked

"Yeah, that would be good. This stuff gives me the cottonmouth. Also makes me really horny, but I'll try to control myself." She giggled.

Jack had a mouthful of Corona he almost spit out all over the place when she said that, but somehow managed to keep it in. That giggle was infectious. Jack got her a beer and they shared a few hits off the bong. It didn't take much to get a righteous buzz off that stuff. They talked and laughed and she giggled and that made him laugh. She had quit her job this morning, seems she had enough of her lecherous old boss. She called him an octopus with hands.

Jack could not help but like this girl. Perhaps he could help her in the employment department. He was planning a new project, scouting out investors for a sister resort to the Palms. If April and Miki got along, office work could get very interesting.

April went silent for a couple of moments and then asked, "What is that buzzing I hear, or are my ears ringing?"

Jack had forgotten about Annette. He said, "That's just Annette and her vibrator."

That giggle again. "Why would she use that with you here? If it were me, I would be into lots better things!"

That was it and Jack knew it.

"What kind of better things?" He asked so innocently.

"I can tell you, but I'll just show you." She giggled again. She stood up, kicked off her sandals and kneeled between his legs.

She slid her hands up and down the outside of his thighs. Moving towards the tops and finally along the insides. When she got to his cock and began outlining it with her fingers, she got a curious look on her face.

"Oh, my gosh! What have we got here, a crotch rocket?"

"It could be, like to take a ride?" Jack already knew the answer.

"Yep." was all she said.

She unbuckled his belt, unzipped the fly, took his shoes and socks off and then his pants. She began kissing his inner thighs, running her tongue from his knees to his underwear. She would stop at his cock and just breathe on it through his Hanes.

He started to get hard.

She smiled and said, "That has to feel confining, let me take these off and have a good look at you."

Jack raised up so she could slide off the underwear.

Her eyes got big and she said, "Woof!"

Jack, always the smooth talker, said, "Gimme head till I'm dead."

And she did.

She was stroking him with one hand, caressing his balls with the other and sliding her tongue all over the head of his cock. He got bigger and reached out to her, his rod had a mind of it's own. There were times, with enough oral attention, that his cock would actually gain an inch. It would feel like a sledgehammer, undestroyable. It was getting there now. He held her head, guided her, pulled her hair. She liked it.

Up and down she went, it was so good.

His twins needed some loving, so he pulled her head back with her hair, and brought her back lower to his balls. She sucked on each one like a pop-sickle.

When he pulled her head away, she had a far-away look in her eyes and her mouth was open. He pulled her up for a kiss; her lips were soft, warm and very wet. Somehow, a woman’s lips taste and feel better after they have been sucking your cock. The best ones give head until you tell them to stop.

He pulled her top over her head.

Her twins were wonderful.

Jack wanted to Blablabla into them and thought maybe later. He had her stand up, unbuttoned the jeans and slid them down. The jeans came off revealing a powder blue colored thong.

He turned her around in a circle and she looked good from every angle.

He really wanted to leave them on, but had to sacrifice them to get to the goodies. He slowly slid them off. Her pussy hair was trimmed short and in a narrow V. So very soft as he rubbed her wetness. She was ready. Jack leaned back and began a lazy stroking of his cock. April turned away and with her legs outside of his, lowered herself until his cock was just touching the lips of her hot cunt. She reached down to him and slowly moved the head back and forth along her wet slit. Jack let her play like this for as long as he could, then holding her hips from behind, pulled her down until his first inch slid in.

"Ohhhhh," she cried. "You're so big, let me do this part."

She began working her pussy down his shaft. Back and forth, a little at a time, in little circles, up to the very end, then down to where she was and another little push to gain some more. It took her several minutes to get as much of his cock as she could take
into her steaming pussy. There were still a couple of inches outside. April leaned back, put her arms on the back of the sofa for support and began an up and down motion. Jack had his hands on her hips to guide her, sometimes kneading her tits and other times sliding fingers over her clit.

Her movements were getting urgent now, her climax near. When she began shaking, Jack could feel her juices flow all over his cock. She collapsed back on his chest, her hot body like Jello. She was so hot and yet very wet, Jack was still hard inside her and wanted some more. He let her recover a little, then slid her off to the side on her back. He
positioned himself between her legs and slowly pushed his cock into her dripping cunt. When he hit bottom, he wrapped her legs behind him and had her lock them. Then, he put her hands over his shoulders and locked them.

Then he stood up...

Her eyes got big, her mouth opened wide and she sucked in a deep breath. All her weight was now pressing down on Jack's huge tool! He had managed to get another inch in. April was wiggling around, flexing her legs and arms, trying to move up a little on Jack’s body. He began walking around the room, each step would slide her back down on his cock.

She began a stream of "oh,oh,ohs" with every step. He walked and walked until she had cum once again and all of her resistance was gone. Her head was on his shoulder, maybe she had passed out. He carried her into the bedroom to check on Annette. The batteries in the vibrator were wearing low and it seemed like the speed was on super slow.

April stirred and turned to look at her friend, then burst out laughing. With each laugh, her pussy would squeeze Jack’s hard cock still buried deep in her cunt. He sat her on the side of the bed and undid the nylon and removed Annette’s gag.

"Am I going to have any more trouble from you?" Jack asked.

All he got was a weak and feeble "Noooo."

"Good, now do what I tell you." Said the man in charge.

"I am going to fuck April some more, you are to lick her pussy and my balls, understood?"


He removed the nylons and the vibrator. Her pussy was a flood zone. Jack had April kneel over Annette’s head, then directed her forward so he could fuck her doggie style. Annette had begun licking April’s by now very wet cunt, so when Jack slid in he could feel his balls rubbing Annette’s chin. He stopped to make sure she gave his twins
some attention, she did. Then he began fucking in earnest. April would still try to move away when Jack buried himself in her, so he grabbed her hair to keep her close. Annette was busy underneath licking and sucking on anything close to her mouth.

After a while, April said, "Jack, we should give Annette some, do you think?"

"Alright, this is what we do..." the man in charge said.

He untied Annette’s legs, leaving her bound at the hands. He had April sit on her face and hold the bitch's legs up and apart. Jack positioned himself between her legs and began to rub the head of his cock up and down Annette’s pussy. She was soaked from all the
time with the vibrator. There was a large wet spot on the bed. He had April pull back on Annette’s legs to raise her bottom. Then he lowered his rock hard cock and slammed it to the hilt in her ass! There was a scream, but because the mouth had a very hot and wet
pussy covering it, sounded something like "Burrrreekkkkkk!''

"Jack!" April exclaimed.

"Pull those legs toward you and push them together!" He ordered.

He began fucking her hard then, he buried himself with each thrust. Each one rewarded with a muffled grunt.

"Is she still eating your pussy good?" He asked.

"Yeah, she seems to be enjoying it now."

"She is." The voice of experience.

Jack continued pounding into her ass. He had his hands on the front of her thighs pulling her towards him. April had her ankles up high and squeezed together. That made her much tighter. All good things must come to an end and he could feel it happening.
He bottomed out in her ass and just felt the sensations. Her muscles felt like they were sucking on him. They were!

A few more thrusts...

He pulled out and shot the load....

The first spurts hit April in between those beautiful breasts, which got a big look of surprise!

The second and third coated her to that wonderful pussy and on down to the woman licking her pussy, across her tits and finally to the perpetrator...Jack’s cock. Looking like a beached whale on Annette’s pussy hair.

"Sorry, I took so long." Jack apologized.

"Geez, Jack! You don't have sex, it's an event!" April blurted out.

He had a touch of shy in him and it showed now.

"I guess we can let Annette up now," and he proceeded to untie her.

He massaged her wrists and straightened her hair and said, "Let's take a shower." She was docile now and very quiet. As they made their way to the shower, he noticed she was walking a bit gingerly. Must be a little sore in the pussy/ass region, Jack was thinking.

In the shower, everybody took turns soaping each other up and some gropes were traded by all involved. Annette was very mellow now, having survived Jack’s adjustment and took turns with April sucking Jack’s cock. He had another hard-on happening but had to get to some business today.

He excused himself, but told April to come down to the office tomorrow and they would talk about some possible employment.

To be continued....

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