Teen watches pole dancing sis entertain her bros
By Totally Depraved

When I was in college my dad threw my big sister, Tina, out of the house. She was only 18 and he'd discovered she was doing pole dancing to pay for her university education. My dad forbade us from having any contact with Tina ever again. He didn't explain why to me but my mom knew and he must have told my two elder brothers: Tom and Larry. Tom was a Marine and Larry worked with trucks. Both of them were huge fuckers who took after my dad who was a minister in our church. I was the squirt of then family but I had hopes that one day I would be as big and mean as my brothers.

The weekend after my sis was thrown out she'd found a house to stay in. It was a wreck but she didn't have a lot of money to fix it up. Tom and Larry said they'd help her fix it up unbeknown to dad. But my dad was suspicious on the Saturday when they both disappeared and were still missing around supper time. I knew where they were and peddled my bike over to warn them to come home.

I knocked on the door of Tina's new house but there was no answer. I went down the side of the house to the back door but again there was no answer. I guessed they'd gone out for a drink or something because it was a hot day. As I passed by one of the side windows I heard voices. I dragged an old wooden crate over and clambered up on it so I could see and yell at my brothers to come home.

My brothers had obviously been doing some painting and were washing up the brushes. They house looked much better for a lick of paint. The two of them were stripped to the waist, showing off their buff bodies and tans. My sis was hovering round them sucking up because she wanted them to do more repairs later in the week.

"I don't know how to thank you for all the work bros," I heard her say.

"We'll think of something," said Larry.

"I haven't got any money," my sister said.

"What about all the cash from the pole dancing?" said Tom. "I hear it's pretty lucrative."

"Yea, but I spent it all on college."

"I know," said Larry. "How about you do a pole dance for us?"

"No way," Tina snapped. "That's really sick. I can't do that in front of my brothers."

"But you do it in front of strangers," said Larry reasonably.

"That's different," Tina said.

"Why?" asked Tom. "Are the stories that dad tells us really true?"

"No, but ..." Tina began.

"No buts. Show us!" And the way Tom said it Tina knew he was serious.

Tom and Larry lay down on the sofa that was covered in sheets.

"I haven't got any music," Tina said.

"Easy," said Larry. He flicked on the radio to a rock station.

The sound of loud rock music blared out.

"Show us," demanded Tom as he rolled his boiler suit further down over his stomach.

"No way," Tina snapped.

Tom stood up and slapped her sharply across the face.

"Show us," he said again.

My sis trembled but knew Tom was serious. She started gyrating to the music and did a few bumps and grinds until the music stopped.

"There. Happy?" she said.

"And that's all you do at the club?" said Larry. "That's not what I heard."

"What did you hear, little bro," said Tom.

"I heard that sis here shows her cunt and even blows old guys if the mood is right."

"I know what's missing," Tom said. "Sorry sis. You need impetus to do it, right?'

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"This," he said and pulled out a wad of money.

He walked over to her and stuffed a note between he tits.

"Now fuckin’ dance, bitch," he commanded.

Tina clicked the radio on again and started gyrating but her heart wasn't in it.

"Here slut," Larry called. "Try some of this shit maybe it'll help cause you’re a rotten fuckin’ dancer if that's the best you can do."

Tom held her head while Larry put a little dark colored bottle under her nose. She struggled at first but then they let her go and her dancing definitely improved. I had to get myself some of that cause I'm a terrible dancer.

My brothers started sniffing it as well and Larry got up and said "We might as well make ourselves comfortable."

He tried to take his overalls off but fell over. Eventually he and Tom stripped and I could see their cocks were half hard. They started stroking. Tanned bodies with big pricks sticking up. My sis seemed to be in her own little world and started dancing like she really was at a club. She flashed her tits and started trying to lick them. My bros kept sniffing that shit and stroking.

"Show us what a slut you are, sis," Larry called.

"Show us your pussy," slurred Tom.

Tina asked for the bottle and took a good sized snort. She went totally berserk then. She threw herself around the room bumping and grinding. It was sick and my bros were jerking their cocks watching their own sister humiliate herself. If that's what my sister did at the club it was no wonder my dad threw her out.

She was totally naked now and fingering her pussy and her asshole. She went over to my bros and Larry had his fingers prying apart her pussy lips.

"Juicy, sis," he said as he licked his finger and slid it into her slot.

She took a sharp intake of breath. He pulled his finger out and licked it. He shoved it back in again and finger fucked her. After pulling his finger out he gave it to Tom to suck.

Then Larry pushed her forward and buried his face in he cunt, pushing his tongue in and out.

Tom didn't want to be left out. He stood up. "Show me your fuckin’ face," he said. "I want to see my sister's fuckin’ slut face as I ram my cock in her mouth."

Tom slammed his cock in and she started to choke but he was watching as every inch of his hard prick slid into her. He was getting off on it. "You really are a slut sis. Wish I'd known before we could have been getting our balls drained at home."

Larry came up for air and his face was covered with spit and pussy slime.

"You ready for my cock, sis?"

She pulled away from Tom's cock and begged: "Not in my pussy, please. I'm not on the pill."

"Your fuckin’ asshole will be tighter anyway."

Larry slicked up her asshole with his spit and then pushed his cock head against her shithole. It slid in easy right up to his balls.

"Wow, sis, you really are a fuckin’ pig," he started fucking her real hard calling her names.

I'd seen enough. Even though I had a hard on I was sickened and raced home as fast as I could. Mom had gone to the shop for something she had forgotten for dinner and I blurted out to dad what I'd seen. He was furious and grabbed the car keys and dragged me along with him. He drove in anger almost having a nasty accident but we soon got to my sis's new place. Dad crept down the side with me and peeked in the window.

They were both still fucking Tina except she was now sitting with Tom's cock in her ass and Larry was straddling her face. We could see her cunt from where we peeked and it seemed to be wet and oozing.

My dad burst in the back door and startled them all. They didn't even have time to stop fucking.

"I knew you were a fucking slut," my dad screamed at Tina. "Corrupting your brothers like that! You slutty fuckin’ whore."

I started to say it was my brothers’ fault but dad cut me off.

My brothers had stopped their movement and didn't know what to say. Tina looked off her face.

My dad quoted a few biblical passages and was unloading a heap of abuse on Tina but I noticed that Larry started fingering her puffy pussylips again.

"You know dad," Larry said. "There's only one thing to do with sluts."

"What's that son?" dad asked.

"Fuck ’em. Show them what a real man can do."

"Yes, son, that's the only thing a whore understands. A good fucking!"

"Come on then dad, her pussy is ripe for a good cock," Larry was pulling her pussy lips aside.

"She's had so much pussy in that cunt of hers ..."

"Not in my cunt," my sis screamed. "I'm not on the pill."

"Shut up, cunt," my dad said and slapped her hard across the face. He
followed up with a slap across her tits.

Tom had moved and was standing beside me. "You fuckin’ little squealer," he leaned down and whispered. "You know what we do to squealers on the base?"

I shook my head but was very afraid.

"My own little girl a slut letting every cock in her pussy," my dad said. "Unnatural whore!"

"Fuck her daddy," Larry said and started moving his cock in and out of her ass.

"Give daddy some poppers, dude," said Larry and Tom waved the bottle under dad's nose telling him to inhale deeply.

My dad's face turned red and Tom and Larry started chanting "Fuck her, daddy! Fuck her, daddy" over and over.

Tom started to undress dad and soon had him nude. His body was still good for his age and his cock was already standing hard.

"See your little girl's pussy, daddy. Just ripe for daddy's holy cock. Her little cunt to hell needs to be quenched daddy."

Larry kept up the dirty talk about how good it felt to have his cock buried in his sister's asshole and that daddy should try her cunt.

"She's the whore of Babylon, daddy. It's our duty to fuck her into

The drugs were having an effect and my dad was jerking his cock as he stared at Tina's pussy. He was concentrating on her cunthole so hard I thought it would burst into flames.

Tom grabbed me: "Now, it's your turn, squealer."

I struggled but he slid my clothes off easily. My little boner was sticking out.

My dad moved slowly toward Tina who stated screaming "No!"

Tom spat on his hand and massaged it into his cock then he tried to push a finger into my ass. It hurt like hell and I struggled but he was much bigger than me. He pushed me down to suck his boner just as I saw my dad push his cock into his daughter's cunt. She screamed but dad was too far gone and as he raped her pussy he called her all the foul names he could think of. Tom pulled my face on to his cock and I gagged. He held me by the back of the head while his cock was buried in my throat. I was choking and my eyes were watering and slime was dribbling out the corners of my mouth. I thought I was going to faint but Tom pulled out in time. I had drool oozing all down my chin and on to my body. He did it again and I learned to take a deep breath when he freed my mouth. I used my tongue to lick under his cock and he liked that. Soon we got into a pattern.

"Looks like he's not the only slut in the family" he called to Larry.

"Show me his asshole, bro," Larry called.

Tom leaned over and pulled my ass cheeks apart so Larry could see.

"Juicy. And tight. Not my sis's slopbucket asshole," Larry said.

He got himself out of his position of fucking Tina leaving her to dad who was ramming her with all his power slamming his cock into her pussy. He started kissing her too and this turned Tom and Larry on.

"Shit, that's fuckin’ sick, man" they said to dad.

Larry moved in behind me and pushed his cock head against my ass entrance. Tom put the bottle under my nose and told me to sniff. I did and almost instantly my heart started pounding but it still hurt like hell when Larry pushed his cock into my virgin ass. Why would he fuck my ass when he had Tina's bigger sloppy ass to fuck? I didn't think for long cause Tom started fucking my face again.

I had two cocks inside me and my head was spinning. My big brothers were raping my little ass and face. As Larry fucked his cock into my ass it pushed my face further on to Tom's giant cock. They kept telling me I was a whore and a slut and how I was gonna get their cock all day and night from now on. Although I was hurting the idea appealed to me. Maybe I was a slut.

I heard my dad scream and he must have popped his load inside Tina's cunt. He pulled out and his cum started to drool out of her.

"Come on, little bro, mustn't waste daddy's cum," Larry said.

They dragged me over to Tina's pussy and pushed my face into her cunt
telling me to lap it up.

I'd never sucked and licked pussy before but I pushed my tongue into my sister's squishy fuck hole. I could taste dad in her pussy.

"Eat it boy," my dad said as he pushed my face further in her cunt.

"You know what would please me, boys?" dad said.

"What?" said Larry.

"Nothing would please me more than to watch my two boys fuck their slut of sister while I watch."

I had swallowed a lot of my dad's cum when my face was pulled away and they manhandled Tina into position. She was sobbing as Tom pulled her ass down on to his cock so that her pussy was facing dad's direction. Then Larry sank his prick into that sloppy hole.

I was watching and the sight of that hard cock in my sis's holes was turning me on. I felt my daddy behind me and soon his cock was slamming into my ass.

"You're a slut, boy. Just like your sister and there's only one solution, boy?"

"What's that, daddy?" I asked.

"To fuck it out of you, boy!"

He rammed hard but I could take his cock and I found by squeezing my ass muscles I could make him groan more.

Larry was ripping at his sister's tits while he shoved his tongue in her mouth.

My dad was riding me and I felt his cock slipping in and out of my ass knocking the breath out of me.

"Hey little bro, come over here and kiss your big sis. Put some of dad's cum in her mouth."

My dad liked the idea and pushed me over to Tina. My mouth was still coated with her pussy juice mixed with dad's cum and I'm sure she tasted it as I tongued her mouth.

"That's enough," my dad said and pulled me away. Larry started kissing Tina like mad. "I can taste pussy and dad spunk" he yelled out. He was sucking at Tina's mouth and then I saw him spit it in Tom's face. Tom smiled and opened his mouth. Larry spat some more into his brother's mouth.

My dad screamed as he rammed my asshole while he watched his sons raping his little girl's cunthole and her ass. Larry pulled out and came over to me. He pushed his cummy cock in my mouth. It tasted of dad and Tina and Larry.
Fucking pervert.

"Fucking Jesus could never be like this," my dad screamed. "Fill ‘em up boys. Fill ‘em with your virile cum. Sluts for Satan boys."

Larry went back to his sister's cunt and slammed his prick into her sore pussy. Slamming and raping his sister's cunt while my dad was stretching my asshole wide cursing me as a slut for Satan and how he would fuck it out of me.

"Even it it takes the rest of your life boycunt!"

My father pushed one of his fingers in my asshole alongside his cock. It stretched me. I was being fucked to death and my own father was doing it.

Tom and Larry blew their loads in pretty quick succession but because my dad had already cum he was taking longer. Fucking my hole. My sister's cunt and ass were gaping and I could see my bros' cum inside her.

Tom knelt in front of his sis's gaping pussy and sucked Larry's cum out. I watched him as my dad ramfucked my ass. Larry came over to me and told me to open my mouth. I thought he was gonna face fuck me again but soon a flow of piss hit my face and flooded my mouth.

"Drink it all slut bro and don't waste a drop."

I swallowed his steaming bitter piss as fast as I could but some of it dribbled down my body and on to my cock. My dad was getting close when he saw me drinking piss and threw back his head and howled as he dumped a load right inside me.

He slumped over on top of me.

The next day my bros took me to a friendly tattoo parlor and had SLUT FOR SATAN tattooed on my ass. My dad started taking me to special bible classes where the other guys would take turns fucking me to drive the devil out of my body.

So, if you ever run into a person in a sauna or a sex shop with SLUT FOR SATAN tattooed of his ass then, please, do your bit and try to fuck the slut out of me, too.

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