Copyright 2007 Nicola Matthews. All Rights Reserved. The following is an excert from the erotic novel TEMPTATION by Nicola Matthews, on sale now.
I awoke slowly, realizing through the fog of sleep that we were no longer in the forest, and I was sure that several hours had passed. I could hear the comforting sounds of trickling water. I opened my eyes and peered around, taking in the vast cavern that he had brought me to. He glanced down at me, acknowledging that I was awake. He held me in one arm, busying himself with making a nest for us out of swatches of cloth. A bright twinkle caught my eye, and I turned my head, seeing that the light was a reflection cast by the waters of an underground lake. The lake was being fed by an underground spring which trickled through one of the walls, the water cascading down in little waterfalls to pool into the lake below.

The werewolf put me down and pushed me gently towards the water. ‘Bath,’ he said to me, and then he dove into the lake. A few minutes later he surfaced, and I watched him climb up on the fallen rocks, collecting fresh drinking water from the falls. I walked to the lake and tested the temperature of the water. It was perfect, and I dove into the blue-green waters. A minute later I surfaced, and saw that he was back, crouched down beside the little nest he had made, his fur still damp. As I watched him, he began to shift form again, reverting further back into human form. A moment later, his face was more human, but the eyes were still the green-gold they had been, his fangs still in his mouth, hidden by full, lush lips, his black hair falling to his waist. His body remained nearly the same, only the fur became less dense than it had been. His hands were more like hands than paws, but the fingers were still long and slender, ending in the razor-sharp claws. It was obvious that he had spent so much time in animal form that this was as close to human as he could shift to.

I climbed out of the lake, squeezing the water from my blonde hair. He watched me intently, his eyes following the movement of my body. I blushed, aware that he had grown hard again. The memory of our mating flashed through my mind, sending the familiar lusty ache shooting down into my loins.

He did not move, afraid that taking me again so soon would cause me further pain. I walked slowly to him, more than willing to have him mate with me. I reached out and ran my hands through his hair. He laid his cheek against my palm, looking at me with those green-gold eyes that were soon becoming glazed with passion. He pulled me against him, covering my mouth with his. His tongue plunged past my lips. A tiny moan caught in my throat, and I melted into him, my hands running over his skin, the taunt muscles rippling just below the surface. I touched his member tentatively, closing my hand around him. My hand could barely reach around the pulsing organ. I dropped to my knees in front of him. I glanced back up at him, and he was watching me intently, almost holding his breath, eager to see what I was going to do. I leaned my head to the side so that I could see his face, and I gently took the tip of him into my mouth. He groaned, his eyes closing as a shudder traveled the length of his spine. I felt my own body responding to his reaction, my pussy throbbing with need. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, stroking his cock with my tongue and hands. He groaned again, wrapping his hands delicately in my hair. I whimpered, the warm aching pain growing inside of me. I could feel the wetness spilling out of me, leaving my inner thighs moist with my lust. I wanted him to take me again, to make me his.

He stood up, towering over me, knocking me off balance. I caught myself with my hands, but before I could right myself he was on me, driving his massive cock into me. I moaned, letting him ride me hard and fast. The first orgasm coursed through me, leaving me dazed and panting. My body bucked against him as another wave of pleasure washed over me. But it still was not enough. ‘Don’t hold back,’ I whispered. ‘You won’t hurt me. Please, harder.’ He growled, taking his hands off my hips, pushing me down onto my hands and knees. I gasped as he shoved himself impossibly deep into me. He had been keeping such a tight rein on himself for fear of injuring me. But the pain was more pleasure, and it blended together to send another orgasm through me. I screamed, and he growled again, moving in and out of my body as hard and fast as he could. Another wave of pleasure overtook me, leaving me gasping for air. My body bucked beneath him, each orgasm barely ending before another one ripped through me. And with each new orgasm, my muscles would clench around him, my cunt milking his cock and ripping groan after groan from him, each time his thrusts getting harder.

His body suddenly tensed over me, and he buried himself deep inside of me, his seed spilling forth into my body, the cavern echoing with my screams and his low growls of pleasure. He collapsed on his side, pulling me down with him, snuggling me up next to his body without breaking our union. He threw his arm over me, his hand delicately cupping one breast. I nestled closer to him, and drifted to sleep with the sounds of trickling water in my ears, and my werewolf mate’s warm breath on my neck.

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