I'm nearing the end of this saga of incest, pedophilia and depravity, but there are still a couple chapters I have to finish.
Chapter 23 – Consummation

It was Monday and Dick had just left for the week to go sailing with his buddies. Sandy said goodbye to him as she herself was heading to her car to go to work. “I’ll miss him,” she thought, once again surprised at her deepening feelings for him. Not only was he sexy, and fantastic in bed, he was a really nice and considerate man. “Oh well,” she thought, “maybe when he’s gone for a while I’ll get a better perspective on where I’m going with my life.” She shrugged her shoulders, got in the car and drove to work.

By mid-morning, Cyndy, Randy, and Candy were talking by the pool. Cyndy sat on the tiled edge with her legs spread apart and lightly ran her fingers up and down her slit, pushing the thin saffron colored fabric into her pussy crack which emphasized the enticing form of her puffy and voluptuous cunt lips. Randy bobbed in the water with his feet touching the bottom, ogling his older sister’s sexy mons and lips. Candy was sitting close by on a chair in the shade looking down at her puffy nipples which were trying to fill her bikini top. “I wish I had some boobs on me.” She complained to no one in particular.

“Don’t worry Candy,” Cyndy said, “You’ll get ‘em in a year or so, just like I did. I can see they’re starting to grow now – they always start with the puffy nipples. Besides, you heard Dick – he absolutely adores them. You only look like that for a year or two, so enjoy what you have now and tease the hell out of him!” She smiled fondly at her adorable little sister. Her blond hair and big blue eyes looked even more cute by being set off by her now golden tan.

Randy chimed in, “Besides, you have a perfect little butt and a real sexy looking pussy anyway. I love the way you look! I have to admit that I get off from playing with you since you still look like a little girl."

"I'm not a little girl!" Candy said vehemently. I'm not even a virgin anymore! So there!"

"You're still too a virgin! You haven't had a cock in you yet!" taunted Randy.

"Yeah?" Candy said, "Wait till next week when Dick gets back and we all get together for sex. I'm gonna get his cock in me no matter what!" She stood up and thrust her pelvis up and down in a lewd fucking motion towards Randy's face that instantly got him hard and lusting for her pussy.

"Candy!" Randy growled, "You're turning me on!" He stood up so that only his legs were in the water which showed his cock pushing out his suit like a crow-bar. He then pulled his suit down and jacked his cock at Candy. "Will you let me be the first one to put a cock in you? It will be better that way since Dick is so big - you can get used to mine and then it will feel better for you when he puts that big huge cock in your little pussy..."

Cyndy chimed in, now rubbing her pussy lips harder and faster, "He's right Candy, and besides, I want to suck your clitty while he does it, just Iike I did with Jennifer! And when he's done with you, we can change places while he fucks me - it will be my first time too!" Randy was lewdly aroused by now as he slowly jacked his upthrust cock at his sisters.

Candy needed very little convincing. "Yeah! let's do it now! Let's do it in the bathroom in case we want to do something else too!" All three kids raced to the bathroom and tore off their suits.

Cyndy took charge and got everyone into position. She lay on her back with her knees up and spread apart on several large towels on the floor, exposing her now naked and throbbing cunt. "OK, now Candy, you get over me so that you are on your hands and knees with your pussy over my face and your face over my pussy. Randy, you get behind her, and put your cock over my face too! I want to look at you and play with you both before you start fucking." As everyone assumed their positions Cyndy alternated licking Candy's hot little cunt and Randy's stiffened rod. He had already started drooling delicious pre-cum out of his piss hole. Candy shivered with lewd anticipation of her first fuck with her own dirty minded brother. "He likes to fuck little girls!" she thought nastily. "After he fucks me, he'll be spoiled for life!" Just then Cyndy squeezed a gob of pre-cum out of his cock slit onto her fingers and reached up and smeared it on Candy's lips. "Ohhhhhh god! I'm getting hot! I want that cock in me now!" Candy begged.

Cyndy moaned with her own building lust. "Candy! Lick my pussy now! Suck on my clit and put your finger up my cunt!" She gazed with lust-filled depravity at her brother's hard, stiff, jutting cock, and her baby sister's sweet coral pink pussy lips shining with her budding nectar. She lovingly put her hand around her brother's rampant cock and slowly and sensuously wiped it up and down Candy's slick hungering slit. Candy's clit had swollen to it's full erect turgid state, and protruded from her inner cunt lips like a small penis. She guided Randy's cock slit to Candy's clit and forced it inside of Randy's piss-hole. She fucked Randy's slit with Candy's erect clit like a tiny cock fucking a tight vagina. Both kids moaned and writhed in complete ecstasy.

"Oh my God Cyndy!" Candy moaned, "What are you doing!? It feels so incredible!!!" Randy moaned as well, "She's fucking my cum-hole with your clit! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my god I can't believe this! Cyndy, Stop! You're gonna make me cum!!!" Cyndy then slowly and deliberately slid Randy's huge boner to the opening of Candy's now drooling, soaking cunt. Her pussy lips were bright pink and engorged with her lust. "Don't move Randy!" Cyndy ordered. Randy quivered and tensed every muscle in his body, fighting the overwhelming urge to plunge his tingling bloated cock into his baby sister's lusting wanton cunt. From below, Cyndy's hot breath heated his balls. She licked up and down Randy's tight crinkled ball-sack and at her sister's dripping cuntal opening. Both Candy and Randy were moaning and breathing hard in pent up sexual frustration. "NOW Randy!" Cyndy hissed, "Fuck her NOW!"

Both Randy and Candy tilted their hips and thrust their sex at each other. Candy's pussy was wet, slick and ready with her luscious little girl lubricant flowing from her fuck hole. Randy too was ready - his cock was swollen, dripping pre-cum and throbbing with desire. Cyndy grasped and aimed his boner at Candy's creamy cunt as he lunged his incestuous cock at his little sister's craving hole. Both cried out with ecstasy and then moaned in complete and utter lust as Randy's rock hard penis slipped deep into her vagina. "Aaaaaaahhggggghhhhh! - Oh god Candy! Your pussy is so hot and tight!!" Randy said throatily.

Beneath them, Cyndy’s eyes were wide open as she stared up at the lewd and incestuous coupling taking place inches from her face. It was like a close up picture – she lovingly admired her little sisters hairless and full pussy lips that gleamed with her nectar. She could see the fine texture of her young skin and smell the youthful pussy fragrance of her intoxicating little cunt. Candy’s prominent clitoris was fully erect, pushing up and out and begging to be sucked and licked. She too thrilled in the illegal and forbidden sight of her brother’s rampant cock sliding into her little sister’s virginal cunt-hole. She could see the throbbing head part Candy’s pussy lips, slide into her cunt, followed by the bloated shaft, ribbed with pulsing veins.

"Yessssss, ohmigod! Yess! Yes!" chanted Candy as Randy's dripping, rampant cock sank to the hilt in her welcoming cunt. She threw her head back with her eyes closed and her mouth open in craven lust - she had never felt anything so divine in her life. Her cunt was full of throbbing dripping cock for the first time! Her pussy involuntarily squeezed Randy's cock rhythmically. Just then Cyndy slithered out from under them and got behind Randy, holding his hips tightly, preventing him from withdrawing his engorged, tumescent member. "Don't move!" she ordered again. "Now it's my turn!" Cyndy then again slipped under Candy who was still on her knees doggy style, with Randy's cock embedded to the hilt in her juicing cunt. This time, Candy and Cyndy were face to face with their bodies sliding against each other from head to toe. Cyndy held Candy's face in her hands and pulled her down to kiss her with lustful abandon. They broke the kiss and Cyndy said, "Randy, now pull your cock out of Candy's pussy and fuck me!"

"With pleasure!" growled Randy. He slowly pulled his near exploding cock out of Candy's grasping cunt to her moans of frustration and protestations. "No! No! Don't stop! Fuck me Randy! Fuck me! Please fuck me!" She spread her legs wider and reached around and held her pussy lips wide open, fucking her ass at Randy's leaking, swollen cock. "Do it Randy! Look at my pussy! I need your cock in me now!" Randy practically was drooling at the sight of her wet slimy cunt and her little anus clenching in and out in wanton greed.

Cyndy smiled sadistically at her craven little sister. "Don't worry Candy, he's going to take turns fucking us both until we all cum- isn't that right Randy? Fuck me now Randy, just like Candy! And then pull out and fuck Candy's cunt again, and then mine...."

Randy held his wickedly inflated cock in his hand, wet with little Candy's pussy juice, and guided it to Cyndy's beautiful hungry cunt. Her pussy lips were swollen and her clit was standing up between her engorged labia. "Yeah, Randy! Do it! Fuck me now you nasty boy!" Randy leered at his lusting sisters and thrust his cock into Cyndy's cunt with a brutal lunge, all the way to the hilt in one savage fuck. Both he and Cyndy grunted with obscene pleasure at the incredible feeling of their forbidden incestuous coupling. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssss! Yeah, fuck me Randy!" Cyndy hissed with carnal desire. Now she regretted telling Randy to fuck both his wonder Candy was squirming like an eel and pushing her ass up and back in a futile effort to get more cock in her cunt. Randy was in heaven. He couldn't believe how good fucking felt - and to think that he was losing his cherry to both of his sexy sisters, and they to him, all at once! He was too close to cumming! He pulled his cock out of Cyndy's squeezing, drooling cunt and quickly grabbed his slimy dripping cock with his fist in order to prevent an enormous cum that was seething in his swollen cum-laden balls. Now both of his sisters were practically out of their minds with licentious, incestuous fuck-lust. Candy and Cyndy were thrusting their cunts at him moaning and cajoling him with lewd entreaties. "Fuck me, Randy! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt, please! Put it in me now! I want your big cock in me now, please Randy, please!" Randy couldn't take it any more. He sank his overloaded cock back into Candy's little girl cunt and started fucking her like a machine.

He looked at Cyndy with lust-ridden slitted eyes as he fucked his little sister. "Don't worry Cyndy, as soon as I cum, I'm fucking you next!" Cyndy's head flopped back on the towel and she writhed in frustrated heat. Her hands went to her clit, which was so turgid that is stuck out of her slit about an inch. She proceeded to jack and rub it, using her now flowing cunt-juice to enhance her masturbation.
"Yeah Randy, fuck her hard and fill her full of cum! The sooner you cum in her, the sooner she'll cum too!" She then rubbed her left hand up Candy's soaking slit as she frigged herself. She found her little sister's also engorged clit and smeared it with her pussy juice, and Candy's as well, jacking it up and down and around and around.

"Ung, ungh, ungh! Oh yeah! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Chanted Candy deliriously as Randy hammered his cock in and out of her tight greedy clasping cunt. Sweat dripped off Candy's face onto Cyndy's pink and now rosy tits, a droplet landing right on her nipple, which contracted even tighter from the hot liquid trickling down between her swollen breasts. Between Randy's fucking, and Cyndy's masturbating her clit, Candy was nearing her first fuck-cum. Her tight little cunt squeezed Randy's thrusting cock like a snake swallowing prey. Randy's balls were now drawn up to his bloated, swollen, near bursting cock, ready to unleash his first cum into a cunt. He was now shamelessly fucking his baby sister, all the while watching his cock slide in and out of her hairless virginal slit, while seeing her copious cunt juice drip onto her older sister's inflamed pussy. "God, what a sight!" he thought. As he pushed in, her cunt eagerly accepted his cock, and as he pulled put, his little sister's cunt seemed to want to hold him in, both squeezing, and milking his cock. He watched in lustful awe as her cunt-lips went in and out, clinging to his fucking cock. His cock-head was now almost purple and swelling to new hugeness as he felt the beginnings of a heretofore unfelt cum-fuck.

"Unnnngggghhhhhh! Unh, unh, unhgggg, Unnnnnnnnghunngggh, um, um" Candy was nearing her cum and she could no longer think or speak - she grunted and moaned like an animal as her nasty brother fucked her cunt for the first time. Randy too grunted a warning - "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your cunt Candy! Here it cums! Unnnnnnnnnnnghh! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh!!!" Randy's balls unleashed their pent up load of sperm and semen into his dilated cock-shaft. He felt like he was turning inside out with the most intense and massive cum of his life. New, thicker, heavier cum erupted from his piss-slit into Candy's gulping hungry cunt. He speared his hugely swollen member to the hilt in her slick little pussy and pumped his jism on her squeezing cervix, and then he slightly withdrew to blast her G-spot with another scalding blast of hosing sperm. Candy stiffened, thrust her cunt and cute little butt at Randy's pistoning cock and cried out in ecstasy.

"OMIGOD!!! I'm CUMMING!" Candy wailed with wanton abandon as she came on her big brother's spitting cock. Her vagina tightened and squeezed rhythmically with her contractions. She slammed her little hips back at Randy, making lewd slapping sounds as they came on each other. A flood of girl-cum flowed out around Randy's turgid, spurting penis, causing a cascade of their mixed juices to pour onto Cyndy's frigging fingers, honey-coating her cunt. At the same time Cyndy continued to masturbate Candy's wet buttery slit as the little girl rode out her convulsive, frantic cum. Randy was still watching the lewd and depraved sight of his sisters hot wet cunts, with his pulsing boner sliding in and out of Candy's vagina. He suddenly pulled his still gushing cock out of Candy and thrust it straight up Cyndy's wide open and pleading cunt-hole.

"Oh GOD Randy! Yes! Yessss! Yes! Fill me with your cum Randy! CUM in me!" Cyndy's fingers were a blur as Randy shot more hosing blasts of sperm laden semen into his older sister's throbbing cunt. Little Candy now had two fingers in her cunt, thrusting wildly as she experienced multiple orgasms. Her fierce contractions caused the mixture of Randy's sperm and her girl-cum to flood out of her spasming pussy, right onto Cyndy and Randy's incestuous thrusting organs. "Randy!!!! I'm cumming! I'm cumming on your nasty dirty cock!" Cyndy wailed as little Candy rubbed her puffy little boobs with their tightly clenched nipples into her sisters heaving breasts. Randy groaned in perverted incestuous lust as his cock spurt the last few intense ball-draining contractions of drooling semen into his sisters sucking slurping cuntal orifices. He had never felt such an all consuming pleasurable and carnal sensation, made all the more fantastic by the forbidden aspect of fucking his own horny, depraved sisters. He stopped his thrusting, and flexed his still hard cock in Cyndy's hungry womb. Cyndy responded in kind with her own final throes of orgasmic contractions - her head lolling from side to side and her hips thrusting of their own accord at her brothers cock. The siblings incestuous coupling slowly came apart as each child slid off the other, greased by their own sweat, cum and juices. They lay on their backs, panting and drained.

After a few minutes of silence, punctuated by sighs and groans, Candy announced, “I gotta go pee. Who wants me to pee on them?” She stood up with a devilish look and held her pussy lips open at her brother and sister. Cum still slowly drained from her cunt and dripped on the floor.

All three kids loved pissing on each other so they climbed into the big jetted tub with Randy lying down and Candy and Cyndy standing with their legs straddling him. Randy held his now semi-hard cock and aimed it at his sisters dripping pussies. Candy giggled and pulled her cunt lips open, letting loose a blast of golden piss. She swiveled around, pissing on Randy’s face, and Cyndy’s slit. Cyndy joined in with her own strong stream of piss and concentrated her flow at Candy’s cunt. Meanwhile, Randy cut loose and pissed straight up at both his sister’s open pissing vaginas. Soon they were all moaning with delight as the hot piss rinsed cum off their bodies, with Randy getting deluged from the girls and his own piss dripping back down on him. He reveled in the obscenity of it all and loved the feeling of hot, warm and soft piss all over his face and body. “Yeah! I love getting pissed on!”


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