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At the request of so many readers to the original story, here is the follow up and comclusion. Enjoy!
Widow Neighbor – Revisited

Normally, when I have completed a story, or even a series, I prefer to stop, rather than continue with a weak follow up that is filled with just suck, fuck, hump and bump. But with the success of Widow Neighbor, quite a few people have voted positively and strongly encouraged me to do a follow up. But where do you go from here…? I have thought about it, and decided that perhaps there is a bit more to tell. If you enjoy this as much, then please vote and give me your comments…they are much appreciated.

WARNING: If you have not read the original Widoe Neighbor, you should do so BEFORE you read this part.

The original story ended with:

She finally leaned over and kissed the tip of my cock, then looked up into my face and said “I understand that some men have more than one woman to take care of. Perhaps that’s not such a bad idea, if all of the parties agree. What do you think, my love?” and she had a huge smile on her face.

I lay there stunned at my wife’s comment. How had she found out? Why wasn’t she angry, upset, mortified; what should I say? What should I do? The expression on my face must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights! But my wife just smiled, then broke out into peals of laughter.

“You look like a little boy who’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar” she said through the laughter. “I wish I had a camera, so I could take a picture of that look on your face”.

“How…what…” I stammered, not knowing what to say. Was she guessing? Did she really know about Margaret? How much should I tell her? My mind raced through a jumble of thoughts and I could feel my panic start to rise.

“Relax, my dear. I’ve known about you and Margaret for awhile. In fact, for a couple of months, now” she laughed. I was feeling like a fool.

“How…who…?” I repeated, weakly.

“Just a minute, dear, I’ll be right back”, and she walked out of the room and I heard her speaking quietly on the telephone to…someone. Was it her attorney? I was ruined! About a minute after she hung up, the doorbell rang, and my wife answered it and I heard her speaking to someone, then girlish laughter.

“Dear, could you come here a minute?” she called me, and when I put on my robe and walked into the living room, there was Margaret! Both women had huge smiles on their faces, and I felt like I had been gutshot.

“Sit down dear. You look like you’ve seen a ghost” my wife told me. “Relax, Margaret and I are old friends, and I think we are going to become even closer from now on” she said with a smile.

“You see, several months ago, when your libido suddenly took a turn for the better, I was both pleased and surprised” she began. “I knew the passion had gone out of our marriage, and that we were both just going through the motions. Neither of us was happy, but we were both just too ‘comfortable’ to do anything about it. At first, I accepted your explanation that you were just ‘feeling your oats’, but when it continued to get better and better, I became suspicious. I was convinced you were having an affair with someone else, and at first, I was hurt; then angry; then afraid.

“I considered contacting an attorney, or hiring a private detective; all the things a betrayed wife thinks about. But then I decided I needed someone to talk to about it. I couldn’t talk with anyone I work with, or even any of our friends. After all, it might have even have been one of them. I saw Margaret outside, one day, and she saw the look on my face; I was in tears. So, I confided my worse fears to her. I thought you had found someone else; someone younger and prettier, and I was going to lose you. I thought my marriage was over” she told me. Margaret just sat, quietly, listening to my wife talk.

“When I finally got the whole thing out, Margaret told me my marriage was not in jeopardy at all. In fact, she was mortified and confessed to me what had happened, and said it was all her fault. She had been so lonely and your observation of her in a very embarrassing act and your subsequent revelation of what you had seen…well, one thing led to another, and here we are.”

“But…you aren’t mad?” I stuttered, confused.

“Oh, I was, at first. But then, I realized that with Margaret, my marriage was not in danger; in fact, she may just have saved it! You and I lead very busy, separate lives, and we had lost that ‘spark’ in our relationship. Almost by accident, Margaret has put it back. I never thought I would say this, my dear, but in this particular case, I don’t mind sharing you. I know Margaret is a wonderful, kind woman and she is my friend. She’s offered to give you up, entirely, and even to move far away and never to see you, again. But, my God, we haven’t had this good a sex life since we were first married; and even then, I don’t think it could hold a candle to what we’ve been experiencing, lately. I want more! I love it!” she finished, and just sat there looking at me.

I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling; relief flooded over me, as I realized I wasn’t going to lose my marriage and then excitement as I realized I was going to have two beautiful women to take care of. I looked from one to the other; one older, one younger.

“Margaret and I have come to an agreement, if it’s alright with you. As long as her health holds up, and as long as you want her, she will be with you at least once a week, sometimes more, if I’m not feeling up to it. The rest of the time, you belong to me, exclusively. And…once a month, Margaret and I would like to have you…together” she grinned as she said this. Margaret was smiling at this revelation, as well.

“Well…I…when…” I stammered. “I think that can be arranged, if you’re sure that’s what you both want” I finally blurted out.

“It is” my wife answered.

“Oh, it definitely is” Margaret chimed in, happily.

Now, with some young studs, I suppose they would immediately get a raging hard on and whisk both women off to bed, but I had just finished a long evening of partying, followed by a rousing sexual bout with my wife, and frankly, I was drained. But even so, I felt a stirring in my loins, and my cock had started to come to life at the possibilities. I got up and went to my wife and took her in my arms and gave her a kiss and a hug. Then, still holding her, I motioned for Margaret to join us, and she came over and I gave her a tender, but passionate, kiss and held her with my other arm. We stood like that for a moment, and my wife suggested “Why don’t we all go to bed, together, and sleep on it, tonight”. And with that, she led both Margaret and I to the bedroom, and we all settled in, with me sandwiched between two naked women.

I held them both, and tried to get my mind to turn off, so I could get some sleep, but it was racing a thousand miles a minute. I felt my wife’s voluptuous breasts against one side of me, and Margaret’s willowy body against the other. I touched each of them with my hands, and began imagining a host of possible scenarios we could explore. Almost against my better judgment, about two hours later, my cock was firm and hard, and I found myself wanting Margaret more than ever, sexually. I began to stroke her as she slept, and her body snuggled closer. I felt her nipples and my hand wandered down her stomach until I found the small thatch of silken down, and began to explore it with my fingers. I was trying to be quiet, and move as carefully as I could, so as not to wake my wife.

Despite what had been said, I still didn’t believe that this was all “OK” with her. But just as I was kissing and fingering Margaret, I felt a movement behind me, and I looked over my shoulder to see my wife watching us. She was smiling, and when I stopped what I was doing, she said, quietly “Don’t stop. I got mine, earlier, and I’m certain Margaret has been wanting…needing, this all evening. We just wondered if you were going to be up to it”.

And with that, I turned back to Margaret, who was smiling up at me, and began to finger her pussy, kiss her breasts and stroke her body as I felt her arousal build. When I heard and felt her breathing turn to panting, I slid down the bed, and spread her legs and began to lick her thighs while slowly working my way toward her center. My tongue slid up her slit and contacted the little, hard button, and her hips bucked up to meet my mouth, urging me to go harder and faster. My eyes peeked up from between her legs, and I saw my wife caressing and massaging Margaret’s breasts and finally taking one of her nipples into her mouth. Margaret began to moan and whimper, and soon, her hips were humping my face and her legs squeezed my head as she climaxed in a tremendous orgasm that lasted for almost thirty seconds. My lips and chin were soaked in her juices, and I swallowed as fast as I could to wash the slippery liquid from my mouth. I slid back up on the bed between the two women, and wiped my face, as I rolled onto my back.

My cock was at full attention, now, and I wasn’t sure of the protocol to follow to satisfy my own needs, at this point. I needn’t have worried; I felt fingers gently stroking my erection, and my wife began to kiss my chest, nibbling my nipples and then kissing her way down my belly. Soon, she took my cock into her mouth, and began to massage it with her tongue, taking it deeper and deeper into her throat. Meanwhile, Margaret was leaning over me, kissing my face, my neck and then French kissing me, her tongue fucking in and out of my mouth, as I fondled her breasts. I felt my cum start to rise, and tried to warn my wife, because she didn’t like me to cum in her mouth. But I couldn’t free my lips to tell her, and when her finger penetrated my anus and stroked my prostate (again, something she had NEVER done), I exploded into her mouth, shooting several spurts of cum down her throat. Much to my pleasant surprise, she swallowed every drop, and began licking me clean.

Margaret got up and came back, shortly with two warm, wet washcloths and began to clean me up and also wiped my wife’s face, tenderly, to clean off the excess spunk. I was in a state of utter exhaustion, and at the same time, pure bliss. My God! What a night. We all finally fell asleep, entwined in a bundle of arms and legs and tits and cock and slept late the next morning.

I woke to the fragrance of fresh coffee and a delicious bakery smell. The ladies were in the kitchen and had made coffee and Margaret was baking some homemade cinnamon rolls. Fresh fruit and juice was on the table and it was set for three. I guess it hadn’t been a dream. I strolled in wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, and both ladies were wearing only long tees and were barefoot. Each came up to me and gave me a kiss, and my hands explored enough to learn that neither was wearing anything beneath the thin cotton shirts. We all sat down and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and simply had a quiet morning.

“Margaret and I have been talking, dear, and if it’s alright with you, we thought she might as well spend the weekend with us. If it works out OK, perhaps we can make this a regular weekend activity once in a while. What do you think?” she asked sweetly.

“Well…I suppose so, but you know, I usually hold open houses on the weekend…” I began.

“Oh, we know, but you are only gone from about ten until five, and Margaret and I will find lots of stuff top keep ourselves busy, won’t we, Margaret?” she grinned.

“Oh, yes. We have lots to discuss, and plans to make. We’ll make sure you have a nice, healthy meal waiting for you when you get home. You’ve got to keep your strength up, now, don’t you” she said, grinning from ear to ear. I had no comeback to that, and I’m not sure I would have resisted, even if I could. I had died and gone to heaven, I was certain; or perhaps I was in a coma, and only having a dream.

After the breakfast dishes were clean, Margaret invited us over for a swim, and once there, bathing suits were optional. In other words, we went skinny dipping. I kept admiring one lovely body, then the other. This was still such a new experience; I was aroused and embarrassed, all at the same time. I wanted to devour both women, yet at the same time, I was embarrassed that they could see my stiff cock and almost read my lascivious thoughts. We were all in the pool at the same time, at one point; Margaret doing her tireless laps, and my wife and I stopping after a few, to hang on the side and catch our breath. Soon, Margaret swam up on my opposite side, and leaned over to kiss me, tonguing my mouth as she did so. My wife just waited until she was finished, then leaned in and kissed me just as passionately. My body was reacting like it was twenty instead nearer forty five. I had a different woman’s tit in each hand and two different sets of fingers tickling my swollen cock.

Finally, none of us could stand it anymore, and Margaret invited us to join her in the bedroom where we all dried off, and tumbled into bed, together. I asked the ladies to fulfill a fantasy of mine, and requested that they make love to each other while I watched. They hesitated a moment, then Margaret took my wife in her arms and kissed her on the lips. Before long, they were writhing and squirming against each other’s body with hands and fingers moving over sensitive areas, each uttering moans and sighs of pleasure. Soon, they reversed position, with Margaret on top of my wife, her tongue lapping at her pussy and I was like a wrestling referee, kneeling beside them, watching closely as my wife’s hips bucked up to meet Margaret’s flashing tongue. I reversed positions, and watched as Margaret’s hips thrust down to press against my wife’s open mouth; I could hear the sound of sucking and my cock strained at every thrust. It was only a short while until both women were frantically bucking and contorting into the throes of ecstasy, releasing their orgasms against one another’s face. They collapsed side by side, gasping for breath, and I joined them in trying to catch my own breath.

They parted, to allow me to crawl up between them, and we lay there resting for only a few minutes, until first, then the other, began to kiss me; first on the lips, with tongues, then my neck, chest, stomach; four hands playing over my body. I was engulfed in kisses, licks, nibbles, nips and tickles, as my body squirmed with pleasure. Two mouths, two tongues began licking my penis and my balls, with fingers touching and probing my most sensitive areas, and each time I felt my approaching climax, they would back off, teasingly, almost as if in silent communication.

Finally, I could hold back no longer, and the hands and tongues kept stroking as I spurted into the air and onto my stomach; my hips jerking with each spasm and then they took turns licking me clean. Margaret again got up and returned with warm wash cloths to clean the residue from us all, and we curled up together for a blissful nap.

This pace couldn’t continue, and we eventually settled into a regular schedule where I would spend one night a week with Margaret, making love in every conceivable way, and usually two nights a week doing the same with my wife. She even learned to accept anal penetration, with great care and lots of lubrication. About once a month, or so, we would again have an orgiastic threesome that left us sated with pleasure. Margaret joined us often, for dinner, movies and a variety of social events. Many thought she was a mother of one of us.

Margaret was with us for almost five years before a sudden aneurism took her in the middle of the night. For her, it was quick and painless; for us, it left a void in our lives and in our hearts we can never replace. After her funeral and interment, we learned that Margaret had left us her entire estate, which turned out to be a sizeable small fortune. It was enough to allow us to retire early, at a relatively young age, and travel extensively, exploring the world, looking for new adventures. Wherever we went, however, Margaret was with us; in our hearts and in our minds. We were much richer for having her in our lives.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-11 21:59:18
Loved it. I'm 45y/o male even though I'm divorced. I was blessed to have known a woman like Margaret. Sad to say she passed away and I miss the experience we shared. So you older ladies just know it's not too late to enjoy the benefits of younger, not a baby, but with a man, woman, or couple and live better.

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-08 11:20:24
That got me all sexy

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-08 16:49:47
It was an outstanding little tale, and very tender in its own way. Thanks for the submission.

dancing grandmaReport

2010-07-19 00:03:54
A great follow up chapter from the first good story.
What a fantastic lifestyle. The kind most men dream about.
Too bad it had to end. But life goes on.
I hope you and the wife find more pleasure as you travel the
country and/or world.

horny uncle buckReport

2010-06-25 00:58:42
Wow nice story that the two woman were open minded to share you in bed and learn how to please each other, if the woman could be that open minded, they won't be no divorce in the world and they will get along to share there man, with each other happylie,

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