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Two teenages fall for each other and start to explore sexually
She was gorgeous, drop-dead gorgeous. Her name was Kristi, and you could get lost in her grey eyes forever, and you'd never complain. She was one of those types that are smart, not bitchy and just a pleasure to be around; but she wasn't so nerdy as to be a recluse. I on the other hand was just that; a fairly average boy in all respects and kind of anti-social.

She was thirteen and I was fourteen when we met, we were six months apart and in year nine. Being shy I admired her from a distance, noticing the way she walked, the words she spoke, the way she wrote and the way she didn't notice me at all. Almost nobody did. That is, until someone sat next to me at lunch, and I was glad he did.

Josh was a couple of months older than Kristi and a couple younger than me, he was in many ways a middle man. He was very popular and openly gay, not to mention rather good looking with his almost-Hugh-Grant wavy hair. So we sat, two strangers, and talked. At first talk was predictably slow, then as each of us got to know the other more and more the conversation started to flow. Josh and Kristi had known each other since the early years and they were the best of friends.

Soon, somehow, I found myself sitting with both Kristi and Josh, plus their friends ... I was bewildered to say the least. In fact, so much so by the others that I went off by myself again to a table out near the fence and the road, but still in view of Kristi. I couldn't not stare at her, and Josh couldn't help but notice.

I'm not very good on my feet in terms of dancing at the best of times, and definitely not when there are people looking at me and I'm so nervous that I can feel myself vibrating almost as much as an old engine. The hall was filled by a large circle of young and uncertain teenagers attempting to tance to an upbeat country song. As the steps were completed the girls twirled their way on to the next boy in line, and out of one of the blurs of sweet-smelling hair and a lime green shirt appeared Kristi, after having danced with Josh. The music continued and we tentatively held hands and began to move ...

Josh had no doubt been watching me to see how I'd dance with Kristi, and quite obviously he'd gotten sick of the uncertain tentativeness, because he was suddenly next to me with a smirk on his face. I felt his hand on my back, and seen the other on Kristi's, and felt a shove as he squished Kristi and I together so that my face was almost touching hers, not to mention her small but developing breasts were now mashed into my chest. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine, both of us realising that we'd had a secret and deep affection for one another.

We kissed, my virgin lips touching hers in a feeling so intense that everybody else seemed to melt away. Kristi broke the kiss only to punch Josh on the shoulder, hard, then we resumed our private tongue dance. But the people in the hall were still there, goggling, and had not simply melted like I wanted them to. As we came up for air for a second time a tap on the shoulder and the teacher smiled down at me, telling me that we could do what we'd done in our own time.

Again the country number resounded through the hall and Kristi twirled away with a smile on her face, while I gave Josh's other shoulder a going-over with my fist.

It was just like that for a while, kissing and nothing more ... we'd become the hot new couple of the school and people were always giving us funny looks. Soon we became little more curious, and a lot more intimate; we'd gotten so far as to play with each other with our hands before Kristi decided on that day that she wanted to go the full mile.

It was a Saturday, and I remember the whole day as clearly as I remember the last couple of seconds. The morning was very cold and there was a mist hanging in the air, so anything more than a hundred metres away faded into a dirty white. Though as soon as the sun had risen over the mountains surrounding the town it quickly dissipated. We'd gone camping over the summer holidays and I was a couple of months away from fifteen. Kristi and I had been brought up in a small town about 50 k's west of the city, on the edge of the mountain ranges where the old-fashioned bush met the tamed bush. We'd pretty much known how to treat snake bites since the age of three, and we could replace a flat tyre on the ute, no problems; so we were trusted quite a bit and allowed to go off on our own, provided our parents knew where we were.

We sat on a rocky shelf that hung over a small creek which was partially shaded, and we kissed, held hands and marveled at the beauty around us. Soon enough we were in each others' pants again and were discovering the anatomy of the opposite sex. I had my finger in her up to my second knuckle and Kristi had four of hers wrapped around my erect penis, giving me a hand job.
“I saw my parents doing it the other night,” she told me, “though it was only a quick glance ... I want to try something my mother was doing ... please can I try it?” How could I say no?
“Yeah, sure”, I replied, enthusiastically.

I bit my lip from the pleasure and gasped – Kristi had actually licked my penis.
“Oh god! Kristi, that feels wonderful!” I egged her on, continuing to gasp and moan in total ecstacy. This new-found feeling had excited me and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on for very long at all. In my pleasure I'd neglected to tell her that I was coming, and when I did her eyes flew open in surprise, some of it spattering onto her cheek and her hair. She quickly regained composure and gulped my cum down, licking her lips when I'd run out of the thick and gooey substance.

After that we both sat in each others arms, not saying a word to each other but totally understanding the weight of what we'd just done. I looked down at Kristi's crotch and realised she was very wet and deeply aroused. My penis was still limp, and probably would be for a while, but I remembered seeing something on my father's computer that excited me. I had slid off her jeans and was grabbing at her panties before she noticed what I was doing.

I again probed at her vagina with my finger, and again Kristi started to moan. Two fingers, and she got louder. I licked her, and she squealed – a surprised and pleasured squeal that excited me to no end. I got into a rhythm like I had with my fingers, tongue-dancing with the beautiful pinkish mound of, as I call it, strawberry chocolate. It reminded me of our first kiss, only now she was squealing and moaning, egging me on and thrashing about in complete and total bliss. There was no telling how many climaxes she'd had, or if it was just one big long climax. Whichever it was, she'd loved it.

After all that excitement we were exhausted, and it was only ten in the morning. Now we began to feel the warmth of the sun that promised a hot day, so we ventured down to the little creek underneath the rock. It was cooler here, as there was a bit of a canopy supplied by the ghostly white gum trees. I found that the water was, surprisingly, quite warm, and I dragged Kristi in with me; both minus our clothes, of course. We again started to play with each other, but we were tired and agreed to have a quick nap in the tent before setting out to explore more of the mountains.

As it turned out, our quick nap was delayed. Once we'd both squirmed our way into one sleeping bag there was no way we could have slept; our bodies, radiating heat and passion, sliding over one another like the snake does with the land, were in no fit state for sleep. I massaged her feet with mine, her thighs with mine, her hands with mine and her lips with mine all at the same time. We were rolling around like mad, and soon disposed of the no longer needed sleeping bag.

She broke the kiss and looked at me, her eyes burning for more and more. She told me there was only one higher amount of pleasure that we could give each other, and then in a faint yet commanding way Kristi whispered, “fuck me”. And I forgot about everything else.

I took hold of Kristi's shapely hips and looked her in eye again. She nodded, and we kissed once more. My penis was pulsating with heat, throbbing inconceivably. Sure it had a mind of its own, but it can read mine as well. I placed it at the grand entrance of Kristi's strawberry chocolate cave and closed my eyes. I tenderly pushed forwards and again heard her moan and suck in a breath. I paused. Another couple of seconds passed before I slowly and tentatively started again, edging my way further into the gorgeous girl in front of me.

Kristi, one not known for her patience, suddenly thrust down onto me as I felt her hymen give way, allowing me access to the unexplored territory of the inner cave. A pained cry was mixed with a gasp of pleasure from her, as well as a satisfied groan from me. We were connected, and more than just physically. We stayed in that position for what felt like half an hour, each of us overcome with a variety of emotions and thoughts, before we felt it was all right to continue.

Again it didn't last long, but the intense feelings made up for the lack in time. Kristi started to really enjoy it, and began bucking and meeting my thrusts, as well as playing with her nipples – pinching and pulling them. All too soon I felt the unmistakable migration of my gooey fluid out of me, and I filled Kristi's warm and luscious cave.

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2009-04-16 15:46:14
okay so this was decent story
definitely need to add more detail
we need more info bout kristi, and more info about the sex
sequel maybe?

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2009-04-06 19:05:41
14 and openly gay, lol? :D

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2009-01-05 02:31:50
Describe what Kristi looks like


2008-12-22 12:05:47
Very nice. But of course now Kristi is preggers, so that kills the romance. Besides, Josh still has to tap both of their arses, eh?

'Twould be nice if you could keep the romance AND all of those events. Can you?

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2008-09-24 18:08:18
"tongue dancing" i don't like.

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