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This story has a little sex in it but it is mostly a story. If you are looking for a story with just sex, this is not for you. I hope it leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

[A Kind Stranger[/u]

My name is James, my life started out bleak and miserable. I was an orphan. I spent most of my childhood with foster parents, never staying with anyone more than a year or so. I wasn’t a problem child; I guess I was just unlucky when it came to foster parents.

Two of the families I stayed with moved out of the area because of a job change and didn’t want to adopt me. Thinking back, I never got many if any hugs from my foster parents. Oh sure they would feed me and tell me when to go to bed but the rest of the time I was on my own. I guess they were in it for the money.

At that young age I didn’t know any better, I thought that’s the way it is. One couple thought they couldn’t have children but then became pregnant; I was no longer wanted so I had to return to the orphanage.

The first couple of times I was pulled away from my foster parents it hurt… it hurt real bad. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t stay with them. After that I didn’t get close to them anyone, I just went into a shell.

I was transferred in and out of a number of schools and as a result I didn’t have any close friends. Always being the new kid I was picked on a lot. This caused me to shy away from people. I kept a low profile and didn’t make friends. My senior year of high school I met Kathy. She was like me, an orphan.

The best way to describe Kathy was average. There was a lot of other girls that caught my eye as beautiful but Kathy was average. She has brown hair, brown eyes. She is about 5’ 6”, she carried a few extra pounds but if someone asked I would say she was not fat. We knew each other because we shared the fact that we were both orphans but we didn’t hang out together.

One Saturday night I saw her at a bowling alley. She waved at me to come over to her. I walked over and said hi. She was waiting for a friend of hers to show up but she never came. She asked me if I’d walk her home and of course I said yes. We started walking the two or so miles to her foster home. We talked on the way and the subject turned to sex. She asked me if I had done it with anybody.

In truth, I hadn’t been on any one-on-one dates, in fact walking her home was the longest I had ever spent with a girl alone. I tried to avoid answering the question for fear she would tell someone I was a virgin and make my life worse. I threw the question back at her and she said “I’m not a virgin, but I think you are.”

I didn’t say anything and turned my face away from her, not wanting her to see me blush. She then took my arm in her’s and said “Don’t worry about it, everybody starts off as a virgin… if you want, I’ll do it with you.”

I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. She pulled me to a stop with her arm and stood in front of me and put her arms around me and we kissed. I put my arms around her and tried to kiss her like she was kissing me.

My heart was beating fast, I was getting nervous. We continued walking. When we got close to her house we walked down the alley and she said to be quiet. When we got to the back of her house she took a key from the top of a window sill and unlocked their garage and we went in.

It was a large single car garage with a work bench and an old couch on one side. Kathy cleared some stuff off the couch and sat down. I sat down next to her and she put her arms around me and we started kissing again.

After a few minutes she must have gotten impatient and took my hand and put it on her breast. My heart was pounding in my throat. I squeezed her tit a few times but mostly just left it where she had put it. A few minutes later she stopped kissing me and after a frustrating sigh she said “You are new at this aren’t you?” she then just came out and said it. “You can fuck me if you want to”. I could see her outline in the dark as she stood up and took off her pants and panties. She then reached down and pulled my pants and shorts down.

She knelt down with one knee on each side of me. I reached up and grabbed her breasts as she reached for my cock. When she touched it I damn near came right then and there. She slid it up into her pussy and I couldn’t believe how warm and soft it was. She stayed still for a few seconds and then started sliding up and down.

Being my first time I lasted just a few seconds and I came inside her. She once again had a frustrated sigh when I started getting soft and she just rested her head on my shoulder. Every few seconds she gave my cock a squeeze with her pussy muscles. It didn’t take long and I was getting hard again. She sat up straight and lifted up her blouse and bra and took my hands and put them on her naked breasts and told me to squeeze her nipples. She put her hands on my shoulders and started slowly rocking forward and back.

I started rolling her nipples between my finger and thumb and she said to keep doing that it feels good. She started rocking faster and faster and she told me to squeeze harder. I kept squeezing harder and harder expecting her to say ouch but she didn’t. She was rocking about as fast as I thought she could and I squeezed her nipples almost as hard as I could, then she let out a squeal and collapsed on my chest.

Her pussy started squeezing my cock in fast short bursts. The sensation was incredible and I started cumming again. Kathy got up and got dressed and said “Not bad for your first time.” I walked her to the door and gave her a goodnight kiss. I walked home not believing what just happened tonight. I was in a dreamland ‘I had a girlfriend!’ I couldn’t wait to see her at school on Monday.

When I saw her in school she didn’t smile at me, she just said hi and kept walking. I ran to catch up to her and asked what’s wrong? She pulled me to the side and whispered “Last Saturday night I was just horny and wanted to fuck. Don’t take it personal. See-ya” and she just walked out of my life. Damn that hurt. To go from such a high to such a low really hurt. I made a promise to myself to never get hurt like that again.

I didn’t go out on any dates and kept clear of girls. I fantasized about fucking Kathy for a long time as I jacked off. As time went on I withdrew from people to the point where you could say I was a hermit. My faith in mankind was at an all time low. By some miracle I managed to graduate high school.

After I graduated, I followed my dream of hitch hiking across the country to see all of the things that I had read about and seen on TV. The first couple of days I made good progress and was about 600 miles from my hometown. I was eating breakfast in a truck stop diner and when I went to pay the bill my wallet was gone. I had a few dollars in my front pocket and paid the bill. I don’t know if I was pick-pocketed or if I had just lost it. There was no one I could call and ask for help so I was on my own.

I started hitch hiking back home. I didn’t have a home to go to, but I wanted to get back to familiar surroundings. I was finding it difficult to get a ride; it took two days to go fifty miles. I was dropped off at a gas station toward the end of the second day and I only had a dollar left in my pocket. I hadn’t eaten much in the last two days and I was thinking about going into the store and shoplifting some food. Not paying close attention to my surroundings I was startled by a woman’s voice saying “Young man!”

I looked and an elderly woman was walking toward me and asked if I would help her husband. I said sure. She grabbed my arm in hers and she used me as a crutch. We started walking and she said “My husband is a proud man and will probably say that he doesn’t need any help. He has a bad heart and needs the help and you should just jump in and help.” I nodded my head yes and said “yes maam I understand.”

When I went around the corner there was a brand new Cadillac with a flat tire. The elderly man was empting the trunk that was full of suitcases and other personal items to get the jack out. I found out they were on their way to visit their family in the next state. I walked up to the trunk and said “let me give you a hand with this.” He looked up and said that he would be fine and didn’t need the help. His wife chimed in and said, “Damnit Bill, you have a bad heart. Let him help.” He backed off and I changed the tire and loaded everything back into the trunk.

Bill shook my hand and said “Let me buy you some dinner.” I smiled and said sure, this would be the first decent meal that I had since yesterday morning. I was so hungry and I wolfed down the food so fast it made Bill ask. “My god son, when’s the last time you ate?” I said yesterday and told him my story. Bill looked at his wife and said “A bus ticket can’t be all that much?”

She nodded her head and the next thing I new I was in the next town’s bus depot with a ticket home in my hand. I tried to get their address to pay them back but he just said “Life has been good to us and we have more money than we know what to do with.” He then handed me a twenty dollar bill and said “you’ll probably get hungry before you get home.”

I gave them both a hug and said “Thank you, I’ll never forget you.” Bill and Nancy Washington were the nicest people that I had any dealings with. The bus ticket was over one hundred dollars. They paid for it like they had known me their whole life. I was happy on the bus ride home. Happier then I had been in a long time.

After arriving back in my hometown I found a good job with a major manufacturing company. The pay was good and there were benefits including a 401-K. I found an apartment not far away.

The complex consisted of five identical buildings with eight apartments in each building. Four apartments on the first floor and four on the second floor. They were all arranged in a big U shape, each faced toward the large center green area and swimming pool. The complex took up a whole city block.

The green area was criss-crossed with sidewalks and was shaded by several dozen large hardwood trees. The grounds were landscaped with shrubs and small flower gardens along the walks. At the far end of the grounds was a large stately Victorian house. The house was owned by David and Mary Williams who also owned the apartments.

The house appeared to be at least one hundred years old; upon close inspection it showed great craftsmanship with ornate molding around the windows and on the eves. The kitchen and dining room had built–in solid oak cabinets and solid oak floors.

The stairs were also oak with hand carved scroll work on the railing. It had three fireplaces, four and one-half bathrooms and five bedrooms plus a couple of rooms that could be used for a library or play room. Mary used one of these rooms as an office.

David and Mary are a nice retired couple in their late sixties. David was a stockbroker and Mary was a registered nurse. They have been married for over forty years and were childless. My apartment had an electrical problem when I moved in. David wasn’t very good when it came to electricity. Instead of waiting for an electrician to show up and fix the problem, I asked to use some tools and fixed the problem myself.

David shook my hand and said thank you. He was a kind man with a nice smile that put me at ease. We talked for a little while and then he asked me to look at some other electrical problems he had and the next thing I knew I was helping him with all of the other maintenance.

It took some time but we became good friends. I didn’t have any other friends so I spent most of my time helping David with the maintenance or helping Mary with the gardening. I helped out so much that they gave me my apartment rent free.

I tried dating a couple of times at Mary’s insistence but I didn’t have very good social skills and it was difficult for me to carry on a conversation with someone I didn’t know. If I had spare time I usually went to the movies alone or I went out to dinner with David and Mary.

I ate supper at their house three or four times a week and was always invited to their holiday celebrations. We were a perfect fit for each other. They had no children and I had no parents. While working close with David, he taught me a lot about the stock market and gave me insight on where to put my 401-K money. Needless to say my 401-K grew by leaps and bounds.

I had been living there for over ten years when David died of a heart attack. I cried at the funeral like a son who had lost his father. Soon after the funeral Mary and I had a long talk and it was decided that I would move into the house with her and start taking care of the apartments full time. She offered me a salary that was about twice as much as I was making at my job so I quit and transferred my large 401-K to an IRA.

Mary was in her late seventies and never recovered fully from David’s death. I soon took over her duties of collecting rent and paying her bills. I did all of the shopping, cooking and even took her to her doctor’s appointments. Finally old age caught up with her and she died about a year after David.

Not long after the funeral I was surprised to find out that David and Mary willed their estate to me. I was floored, between the value of their IRA’s and the income and value of the house and apartments I became an instant multi-millionaire at the age of 32.

Not bad for an orphan.
I have never seen mom look so worried. It’s beginning to scare me. Last night she was crying, The landlord came to our apartment and said, ‘If the rent isn’t paid by Monday we will have to move out of our apartment’. She took off work today to look for a new apartment. We needed to find a cheap place to live, but the first three we looked at mom said they were too expensive.

Ever since dad left, mom has been working a lot, almost everyday. Mom and Dad had a real bad fight just after Christmas. He left that night and I haven’t seen him since. My older sister Katie is sitting in the front seat of the car, I’m in the back. The car was making a funny noise as we pulled to the curb in front of the apartment.

Mom checked the address in the newspaper and said, “This is it, this is the last one, lets hope for the best. “ The apartments looked real nice, better than the last one we saw. I poked Katie and pointed to the pool. We walked to one of the apartment doors that was propped open with a chair.

Mom knocked and said hello. A nice looking man with a paint roller came into the hallway. He’s tall, taller than dad was and has brown eyes and dark hair. He looked at mom from her head to her toes and then looked at Katie and me. He smiled at us with a nice smile, I like him.


It was a hot June day. One of my apartments was empty. I was inside painting with the doors open to keep cool and let the paint fumes out. I heard a knock at the door and a female voice say “Hello, anybody here?” I went to the hallway and looked to see a beautiful young woman about my age followed by two very cute young girls. The girls were the spitting image of the woman and I assumed they were mother and daughters.

They all had Strawberry blond hair and were in very good physical condition. She had rather large firm breasts. Both girls were slim, their hair was in a ponytail and they had an athletic look to them. The woman was holding a newspaper and asked me if I knew where the office was. I told her that I ran the place. She smiled and asked if this was the apartment that was for rent. I said yes and she asked how much the rent was.

When I told her she said ‘damn’ under her breathe. The oldest girl crossed her arms and had a worried-disappointed look on her face. The younger girl tore at my heart strings. She looked to be about nine years old. Her lip started to quiver and a tear came out of her eye. She looked like she had the weight of the whole world on her shoulders. My instinct was telling me something was very wrong.

I thought back to my childhood, I knew she had that hopeless feeling that I had when they took me away from my foster parents. I also remembered those few desperate moments when I was walking into the gas station to steal some food. The mother said thank you and started to leave. The younger girl hung her head and followed. I couldn’t let them leave without finding out their story.

I said “Wait, please, is there a problem? Maybe I can help?” She stopped and looked at the girls and said. “There’s not much you can do”. I said “Try me.” She looked at me and then back at her girls and I could tell she didn’t want to say anything in front of them.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill and gave it to the oldest girl and said. “There’s a store down at the end of the block, go buy you and your sister some ice cream or what ever you want while I talk to your mother.” They looked at their mother and she nodded yes. Smiles broke out on their faces and in an instant they were gone.

I held out my hand and said “My name is James.” She shook my hand and said “My name is Megan and my girls are Katie and Tara.” I said, “Is there anything I can do to help you?” She crossed her arms and looked at her feet and said, “I’m having a hard time right now. I can’t seam to get my feet on the ground.”

Her head rose and she looked me straight in the eyes and said. “My husband ran off with another woman and left me with the girls and all of the bills. I can’t pay the apartment rent where I’m at and we have just a few days before they will throw us out. I don’t have a very good job and I can’t afford the rent that everybody charges.”

Her answer seemed honest and sincere and she looked like she needed someone to give her and her daughter’s a break. I thought a couple of months of free rent wouldn’t hurt. I asked “How old are your daughters?” She said, “Katie is eleven and Tara is nine. Why?” I said “Well, I’m getting behind in the work that I need to do around here and if you and your daughters are willing to help out, I’ll give you the apartment rent for free.” I really wasn’t behind in the up-keep but she seemed like the type of person that didn’t like to take something for nothing.

She had a look on her face like she was trying to figure out if I was teasing her. Then a smile broke out and she said “Really?” I said “Yes” then the smile disappeared and she asked “What will the owner say?” I kept a straight face and said “Well, the owner is a real nice guy and I don’t think he’ll mind.”

We walked outside to see her daughters coming down the sidewalk licking ice cream treats. Megan went to meet them and I could tell the moment she told them the good news. Both girls started jumping up and down and dancing on their tiptoes. It brought a smile to my face seeing the girls were happy, I thought to myself ‘now that’s the way little girls should act’. Megan asked when they could move in and I said as soon as WE get done painting and cleaning up.

Megan and I finished painting while the girls swept, mopped and vacuumed. We finished by early afternoon. Megan said they lived in a semi-furnished apartment and they just had clothes and a few personal items to move. She had a small car not made for hauling so I offered and we went to get their things in my pickup truck. We picked up their meager belongings in one load and brought them to their new apartment.

They had no beds or other pieces of furniture that they would need so I brought Megan to a storeroom that I put all of the things that tenants leave behind when they move. I told her that she could use any thing she wanted out of the room. She started to cry and I asked, “Is something wrong?”

A look of relief came over her face and she surprised me by turning and giving me a hug and said “A few hours ago I was at rock bottom. I didn’t know where we would be living next week. Then a Knight-in Shining-Armor comes by and saves the day. You don’t know what this means to me.”

I didn’t say anything to her but I knew what a little help from a kind stranger felt like. She has very soft skin, her perfume smelt nice; I started day-dreaming and was loosing my train of thought. I have been living alone for a long time and I found the physical contact with a woman exciting.

We set up the beds and arranged a couch, tables, and chairs. We sat down and took a well deserved break. I looked at Megan laid back on the couch with her eyes closed and watched her breasts move up and down as she breathed. She is an extremely beautiful woman and I was getting aroused. I was nervous that she would see my growing erection. I stood fixing my pants so my hard-on would have more room and walked toward the door. I told her if she needed anything to let me know and I left for home.

I was up early the next morning vacuuming the swimming pool when Katie and Tara found me. They ran over and said “Good morning, we’re here to help”. I said “good morning girls, where’s your mother?” Tara said “She has to work today.” I showed Tara what I was doing. She soon caught on and started cleaning the pool. I took Katie with me and showed her how to operate the riding lawnmower. I grabbed the weed eater and we soon finished what would have taken me all day to do.

It was lunch time and I asked them “What’s for lunch”? The smiles left their faces and Katie looked at her feet and said in a low voice “we don’t have much food”. There went my heart strings again. ‘Damn it’ I said to myself, little girls shouldn’t be worried about such simple things as food. I said “Well, I can fix that. Come on.” I handed Katie my cell phone and told her to call her mom and tell her we’re going to the store.

We started in the Health and Beauty section and I told them to get what they need and don’t forget about their mother. We then stopped in the girl’s clothes department and I asked if they had swimming suits? They ran off looking for suits and I told them to each get some summer clothes, socks, underwear, and a pair of shoes. We then went up and down the grocery isles and when we pulled up to the register the shopping cart was full to the top.

The total came to just over four hundred and the girls looked at me with unsure eyes. I gave them a reassuring smile and paid with my credit card. We loaded everything in the back of my pick-up. Tara sat in the middle and when I got into the drivers seat she grabbed me around the neck and gave me a big hug and said thank you. Katie also reached over and gave me a hug. I hugged them back and said your welcome. The huge smiles they had on their faces was worth every penny I had spent.

We were still putting things away when Megan came walking in from work. she looked at all of the shopping bags and then at me and asked “where did all… I don’t know when I’ll be able to pay you back... I cut her words off and said “don’t worry about it,” and then I thought. I didn’t want to make her feel bad that I had given her something with out her giving me something in return so I said, “Well… I could use a nice home cooked meal”.

Megan was a fabulous cook and made probably the best pork chops I had ever tasted. I helped Megan clean up the kitchen while the girls played in the living room. She was easy to talk to although she did most of the talking, I just listened.

When we finished she walked toward me reached her arms around my waist and brought her face to mine. I was nervous and was not sure if she wanted to kiss me. I patted her back a couple of times in an attempt at a hug and quickly stepped back away from her and mumbled thanks for dinner and hurried out the door.

I found out that Megan was a waitress and the money she made wasn’t enough for them to get by on. I noticed Katie was wearing the same clothes over and over. She said she had grown quit a bit in the last few months and the only clothes she had that fit were the ones I had bought her. Money was no problem for me so every week I took the girls shopping and let them buy some clothes and girly thing’s to play with.

Being with them with all of their energy made me happy, happier then I have been in a long time. I enjoyed buying things for the girls. I loved the way they laughed and giggled. After I had known them for a little while they freely gave me their hugs and kisses.
Mister James is the nicest man that I have ever known. Mom says she likes him but isn’t sure if he like her. He works Tara and me pretty hard in the mornings. We go with him and he fixes things that are broke in people’s apartments. He talks to us like grown-ups and even shows us what is broken and how he fixes things.

After we eat lunch we put on our swim suits and meet him at the pool. We swim for a couple of hours and then he always gives me a twenty dollar bill and tells us to go get an ice cream.

Two ice creams cost less than two dollars and I would bring him back the change and he would say, “That’s OK you can keep it.” When mom got home from work I would give her the money and she would use it for bills. One afternoon James took us to mom’s restaurant to eat. She was surprised to see us. When we finished eating Mr. James left mom a twenty dollar tip.
Katie and Tara are very smart girls. They follow me around while I do maintenance on the apartments. When I need a part I would show it to them and tell them where a new one was in my shop and they would run and bring me what I needed. They soon learned what tools I needed to fix things and they would fetch them for me too. At first I thought at their age they wouldn’t be much help but I was wrong they save me a lot of time and energy.

I invited Megan and the girls to my house for a barbeque. The house is overwhelming to someone who has lived in an apartment their whole life. I remembered the first time David and Mary had invited me in. The house has slightly more than five thousand square feet and has ten foot ceilings. The master bedroom closet was about the same size as an apartment bedroom.

David and Mary collected antique furniture and they filled the house with it. The girls wanted a tour, when we finished the tour Megan looked at me and said with a suspicious tone, “The owner must pay you a lot to take care of this place” I had an embarrassed grin on my face and told her that I was the owner.

From my back porch Megan and I watched the girls swim while we talked. She was very easy for me to talk to. She sat and listened as I told her stories of the girls helping me during the day while she was at work. She told me that she was trying to find a job that paid more money but so far she hadn’t any luck.

She reached over and took my hand and held it between her hands and told me she was grateful for the money and clothes that I was giving the girls. She said that the girls are happier now then they have been in quite a while and that they talk about me a lot.

I had only known Megan and her daughters for a short time and I could tell she was hard working and was trying as hard as she could to raise her daughters. Katie and Tara were very sweet lovable girls and Megan had taught them good manners and to be polite. It was then that I decided that I needed an office manager to run the administrative side of the business.

“Megan, would you be interested in being my office manager? I asked. I threw out a salary amount that made her jaw drop. She said “are you kidding? That’s twice what I make now!” She looked at me with a confused look and said. “James, why are you being so nice to me?”

I looked her in the eyes and thought back to David and Mary and all the things they had done for me and told her “I have a weakness for your little girls. The first day we met I saw the sad looks on their faces and I was helpless, I had to do something.” I then looked at my feet and said “And I was hoping you would go out on a date with me.”

“Oh my god, it’s about time you asked me. I was beginning to think you didn’t like me. Of coarse I’ll go out with you! And yes, I’ll take the job”! She got up and came to me and sat on my lap and gave me a hug and a kiss. She kissed me again and I felt her jaw relax and our tongues meet and we kissed for quite a while.
I swam to the edge of the pool and looked toward mom. I whispered “Tara, Tara, Look, Look! Mom is sitting on James’ lap kissing him. Tara said, “It’s about time! We have to be extra good and extra nice and not blow it for mom.” “Ya, I said, I kinda like it here, its better than all of the other places we’ve lived and James is a lot nicer than dad was”.
Megan, still sitting on my lap asked “Where would you like to go on our date?” I wanted to impress her and her daughters so I said “I’d like to take you and your daughters out to dinner at Antonio’s.” She said “Wow, that’s an expensive place, I don’t know if we have anything nice to wear.” I gave her an advance on her salary and it was set for Saturday night.

I pulled my car up to the apartment and went to the door and knocked. Megan opened the door and my jaw hit the floor. She was dressed in a white evening dress that was showing a lot of cleavage and the floor length skirt was split to the upper thigh. It also didn’t have a back to it.

I must have stared at her breasts for a long time because when I looked back at her face she was blushing. I was stumbling for words and all I could say was “WOW… you look beautiful.” I heard the girls behind her giggling. The girls were dressed in very cute white little girl dresses. Tara had a yellow ribbon on her ponytail and Katie had a red one.

We started walking to the car when Katie started pushing her mom. Megan stopped and said as she looked toward her girls, “They won’t leave me alone until I thank you properly for being so kind to us”. She then reached out to me and gave me a hug and a big kiss on the lips. The whole time we kissed I could hear the girls giggling.

I pulled into valet parking and we got out. I had a feeling of pride walking with Megan. All of the valet’s and other couples were looking at her dress. We walked in with Katie pushing her mom to walk close to me. She took my arm and held me close. This was David and Mary’s favorite restaurant. We would eat here every few weeks. They were good friends with the owner and I was introduced to them.

I knew most of the people that worked here and didn’t need a reservation. I always got VIP treatment while I was here. I walked up to the ma?e d’ and said “Good evening Michael” He looked up and smiled and said “Ah… Welcome James” He looked at Megan and the girls and said “Table for four?” I handed him a fifty dollar bill and said “Yes, something nice” He took the bill and said “Please follow me”.

The interior of the restaurant was impressive. It had an old world flair to it with twenty foot ceilings, massive oak beams and large stone fireplaces. Our table was close to the main fireplace on a quite side of the room away from the kitchen. The girls were impressed, both walked behind us with their mouths open looking at the crossed swords and shields that adorn the walls.

The ma?e d’ seated Megan and two waiters helped the girls with their massive oak chairs. Megan looked at the menu and leaned close to me and whispered “This place is expensive!” I said “Don’t look at the prices, order what you want.” I ordered appetizers and a bottle of wine for Megan and me and two Shirley Temples for the girls. The girls were excited when they saw their drinks come in fancy grown-up glasses. I could tell this was a new experience for them so I helped the girls decide on what to order for dinner.

The food was expensive but they took no shortcuts and it was always very good. Megan and the girls had a smile on their face the whole night. It warmed my heart watching them being pampered by the restaurant staff. Katie and Tara true to form acted like little ladies and I was proud of them. As we waited for valet, Megan smiled at me, took my arm in hers and laid her head on my shoulder.

I walked Megan and the girls back up to the apartment door. She opened the door and Katie pushed her mom toward me and under her breathe said, “Kiss him mom” and they both ran into the apartment. She smiled, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a very long passionate kiss and said thank you for the dinner.

I was usually too shy to go any further and would just say good night at this point, but the wine gave me extra courage and I told her that I couldn’t remember when I had had a better time. I then looked her in the eyes and said “I really don’t want the evening to end.” She grinned and whispered, “Give me a couple of minutes to get the girls in bed, come in.”

When we got back to my house I asked if she wanted something to drink. She said, “No, I really want another tour of the house”. She took my hand and led me to my master bedroom. She walked over to the bed and sat me down on it. She backed up and put her hands behind her neck and undid the clasp that held her dress halter together.

She brought her hands holding the halter between her thumb and finger to the front of her neck. She had been watching me with a big smile on her face and released her grip on the halter. It took the dress all of one second to hit the floor. I was in shock! She looked incredibly beautiful standing there in just her white bikini panties.

I looked at her for a few seconds; I could feel my heart beating in my throat and then felt my face blush. I quickly looked down at my feet. I’d had a hard-on ever since Megan gave me a good night kiss at her apartment. I was beginning to get nervous and started to shake. I had only made love to one other girl and that was in my senior year of high school almost fifteen years ago. We did it in the dark so this is the first nude female that I have ever seen.

Megan must have noticed me shaking and knelt down in front of me. She whispered, “James, what’s wrong?” I told her that I was shy and a little nervous and wasn’t sure how to proceed. She smiled, took my hands in hers and asked, “When’s the last time you made love?” when I told her high school she grinned at me and said, “James, you “re full of surprises. I can’t for the life of me understand why some other woman hasn’t latched on to you. I must be the luckiest girl in the world.”
I couldn’t believe it! James was practically a virgin. I asked him, “Would you be more comfortable if I turned off the lights?” He nodded yes and I walked over to the switch and shut it off. I found his arms and coxed him into standing. I pressed my breasts into his chest and whispered, “Enjoy yourself and let me do everything.” He was still shaking as I removed his clothes.

I wanted him to get used to my touch so we stood there kissing while I slowly rubbed his back. I couldn’t feel his penis so I lowered my hands to his ass and pressed him into me. I reassured him saying that I expected him to be hard. He stood there still shaking and breathing heavy with his arms around me.

I gently pushed him onto the bed on his back. I removed my panties and lay down beside him. He made no move toward my breasts so I reached down and took his wrist and guided his hand to my breast. James began to calm down and stopped shaking. I started rubbing his chest and gradually moved lower and lower. I didn’t want to startle him so I whispered to him that I was going to touch his penis and stroke it.

His breathing stopped as I touched him and he began breathing out a moan. With his lack of feminine contact I knew he couldn’t take much of this so I quickly moved on top of him and placed his penis inside me. I slid him in all the way as we both moaned.

It has been 6 months since I was with a man so I was tight. I held still and let him enjoy the feeling. I slowly started stroking in and out of him and said, “You can do anything you want that makes you feel good”. His hips moved up and down to match my thrusts. His instinct took over and he started pumping harder and faster.

He suddenly stopped and I could feel his sperm flood inside me. When he finished I lay down on his chest and we hugged. I whispered, “Oh that felt sooo good. Thank you.” When he softened I told him that I had to get back to the girls. He told me thank you and dressed to walk me back to my apartment.
Megan is very organized and soon had the office running better than I ever had. I was not good at communicating with people and probably lost ten or twenty percent from people not paying their rent. She was more forceful than I was in collecting the rent and was collecting 100 percent of it the very first month that she was on the job. That in it’s self paid her salary.

That first night that Megan and I made love was wonderful. She was so kind and gentle. We continued making love and she showed me more positions and ways to increase our pleasure. Soon she and the girls were staying at my house on the weekends. Megan and I stayed in the master bedroom and Katie and Tara stayed in the downstairs guest bedroom.

The second story of the house had three bedrooms, a large den, and two bathrooms. I seldom went up stairs and it smelled musty. I wanted each of the girls to have their own bedroom when they stayed on the weekends. With the help of Megan and the girls we redecorated the upstairs, we changed the color of the walls, linen, and curtains and I had new carpet installed.

The girls started school and I lost my helpers. I missed them and it took some time to get used to them not being there everyday. With Megan working in the office in my house she soon took over looking after the house. She began doing some of my chores and would take the girls to school and pick them up. One day I got a call from her, her old car finally broke down and it was not cost effective to repair it. She started using my pick-up truck to run errands and pick the girls up from school.

Megan prepared one of the best Thanksgiving dinners that I could remember. The house had a festive air about it that I hadn’t seen since David was alive. The girls were in the other room watching a movie and Megan and I sat together by the fire place sipping after dinner drinks.

The warm glow of the fire was the only light in the room. Outside, a gentle snow fell, lite only by the street lamps. The conversation turned to Christmas and she told me that the girls have never had a good Christmas. When she was married to their father, money was always tight. I told her that this year we were going to make up for it.

Megan and I started making decorating plans and started gathering what we needed. The front room of the house was massive and designed to impress whoever walked through the front door. I had a nine foot Christmas tree delivered and when the girls saw the tree they squealed. I strung the tree with two thousand miniature lights and I sat and watched as Megan and the girls trimmed the tree with all sorts of ornaments. I would lift one of the girls occasionally to place an ornament at the top of the tree.

Megan and the girls put pine garland and lights on the stairs, fireplaces, and decorated the rest of the house in a Victorian style. I strung lights on the outside of the house and decorated the yard with candy canes and Santa and his reindeer.

I loved the girls almost as much as I loved Megan. They were so affectionate, one of my favorite times is Friday night. Megan and the girls would spend the night. We would go out for dinner and come home and watch a movie together. Before the movie the girls would take a bath.

When they finished their bathes, they would run to me and jump on my lap and give me hugs and kisses. They would cuddle up to me one on each side and we would watch the movie until bedtime. The smell of their little girl soap was intoxicating. They treated me just like I was their natural father.

I had special plans for Christmas and wanted Megan and the girls to spend the night Christmas Eve. Christmas morning came early as it always does with young children. I went a little overboard on the girls, buying them bicycles, a computer, cell phones, i-pods, the latest x-box, a lot of clothes and toys. Megan just shook her head and said “where are we going to put all this stuff?”

Katie looked up at me with sad eyes. I asked her what was wrong. She was sad that she couldn’t afford to give me a lot of nice gifts. I looked at both of the girls. I said, “My precious, precious angels, I have spent my whole life alone. Your love, hugs, and kisses are the greatest gift you could ever give me.” They both jumped up and grabbed me around the neck and gave me the tightest hugs ever. I think they loved me as much as I loved them.

I gave Megan a few inexpensive gifts saving the best two for the end when everyone was finished unwrapping gifts. With everyone watching I reached into my pocket and handed Megan a long slender box, about the size of box that a bracelet would come in. knowing that she would assume I had bought one for her.

When she opened it her mouth dropped open and the girls asked “What is it mom?” She pulled the key out and asked me what is it? I asked, “What does it looks like?” “It… It looks like the keys to a car” she answered. I smiled and cocked my head toward the front door. She jumped up and moved to the front door while looking at me and saying “Nooo, you didn’t!”

She pulled the curtain back and saw the brand new SUV in the driveway with a big red bow on it. With all the screaming the girls were doing I thought the car dealership had delivered 3 SUV’s.

Megan ran back to me crying and hugged me saying, “No one has ever gotten me anything like that. I love you” With the four of us in one great big group hug I knew it was time to give her the last present. I stepped back a couple of steps and said I had one more present for you.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a 3 inch square box, about the size a ring would come in. Everybody knew what was coming next. The girls were jumping up and down squealing next to their mother.

Megan was still crying and she began to shake. I opened the box looking at the contents. I got down on one knee and looked at the girls and asked, “With your daughter’s permission” I then looked up to Megan, “Will you marry me”?

The girls tugged on her robe and kept repeating, “Say yes mom”, “Say yes mom”. It took her a few second to find her voice; to me it seemed like hours. She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me up to her screaming Yes! Yes!

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