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Summer was almost over, & the neighbours house had been up for sale for over a month. It was August 13th when the new family moved in. They had two kids near my age, Chris, who was the same age as me (16) and Anthony (14). I went over to the house a few days after they had moved in, to introduce myself. Chris & I became good friends within a week. We texted eachother 24/7. I had a secret, though. I was in love with him, but i didnt want to tell him, as i wasnt sure how he's react & i didnt want to ruit our friendship. It was the week before school was starting, and Chris invited me over to his house to watch a movie, and spend the night. His parents were gone for the weekend, and his brother was going to a friends house that night. At 7:30, i started getting ready. Tonight was going to be the night i told him how i felt, so i wanted to look perfect. First, i did my makeup. Silver sparkly eyeshadow, a bit of eyeliner, mascara, and cherry lip gloss. I kept my hair down. I found a cute black dress,. I got undressed, and put on my matching bra and panties. They were the black with cherries. Then I slid the dress over my body. It was strapless,and showed some cleavage. It came just above my knees. It was almost 8pm. I put on my black ballet flatts, and headed over to Chris' house. I was nervous.. very nervous. I walked into his house (Chris and I were best friends, and we just walked into eachothers houses). "Chris, you here?". "Yeah, Im in my room. Come on up!". I headed up the stairs, and walked into his bedroom. He was sitting on the couch in his room, and i walked over and sat beside him. "Chris, can I tell you something?". "Sure, anything. You can trust me". "Well, you see... Ive had a huge crush on you since i first saw you. & i am in love with you." Chris didnt reply, he just leaned in, and kissed me. His soft lips pressed up against mine, for what seemed to be an eternity. As he went to pull off, i grabbed him, and pulled him back into me. We began to kiss again, this time i broke it off. Chris ordered some pizza, and we kissed passionately until it came. We went back up to Chris' room, and sat on his couch. He put in a scary movie for us to watch. I was cold, so I asked Chris to get me the blanket. Chris was cold, too, so we sat under the blanket together. I got scarred, and jumped right into Chris' arms. Chris kept his arms wrapped around me for the entire movie. It was almost 11pm by time the movie was over. Chris put in a romance movie, and we started to watch it. I was sitting in Chris' lap. I felt his hands run down my torso, giving me chills. He slid my dress up to my waist, and began to run his hand up and down my thighs. I tilted my head back, and began to suck on his neck. Chris began to play with my clit, making me moan. I brought my own hand down to my pussy, and began to finger myself. "Wanna have even more fun?" Chris whishpered to me. "Mmm, yeah" I started to moan again. Chris stood up, and took my dress off. He continued to undress me, and then I took off his clothes. I got down on my knees. I began to suck on his long, throbbing hard cock. I started with the head, sucking on it. I slowly inched it farther, and father in my mouth, until I began to gag, as it touched the back of the throat. I continued to suck on him. He placed his hand on the back of my head, so I'd deepthroat him. He began to shoot rope after rope of hot sticky cum in my mouth. I attempted to swollow, but some dripped out of the corners of my mouth. Chris put his hand under my chin, and lifted me up. He licked the corners of my mouth, but some of his cum had dribbed down to my boobs. He licked my boobs, getting the cum off of them. I sat up on Chris' lap, and began to grind on him, making him incredibly hard. Chris layed me down on the couch, and got in between my legs. He began to eat me out. While he was, he reached under the couch and grabbed something. I couldnt see it. I few minutes later, i knew exactly what it was. He moved his head away from my pussy, and replaced his tongue with a vibrator. I began to scream with pleasure. Chris was masturbating beside me, & he began to cum allover my body. The hot cum felt good on my cold skin. My pussy was dripping wet. I started to moan again. I knew i was about to climax. I could feel it. "Oh God!". My moans filled the room. I was having an intense orgasm. I arched my back, and began rubbing my nipples. Chris removed the vibrator, and began to eat me out. "Mmm, babe, you taste sooo damn good!". Chris grabbed my arm, and pulled me to my feet. We ran into the bathroom. I turned on the water in the shower, making sure it was really hot. We walked into the shower together. The hot water felt good, as it washed over my body. "I only have one rule in my shower; You cant wash yourself! Okay, sweetie?". "Mmm, okay Chris." I started by washing Chris' neck. I ran my hands down his chest, and over his gorgeous abs. I turned him around, and washed his back, and ass. I got down on my knees, and washed his legs. While i washed them, I began to suck on his cock. I put more soap on my hands, and washed his cock. I fondled his balls, making him moan out slightly. I looked up at him, and smiled. "My turn!" He said. Chris lathered up his hands, and just like me, he started at my neck. His hands ran down my chest. He stopped, and played with my boobs. He continued to wash my body. I stood with my back against the shower wall. Chris stopped washing me, and started to lick my clit. I quickly turned around, and stuck my ass in his face. I looked over my shoulder and said "You forgot to wash my bum, silly!". He had almost finished washing me, when he saw me look over my shoulder again. "Dont forget to wash inside, too?". I began to blush, clearly embarassed for asking. Chris lathered up his finger, and began to push it inside of me. I started to squirm around. It felt weird, yet awkwardly good. He had one finger completely inside of me, and he began to push in a second one. He moved them around, and I moaned softly. He pulled his fingers out, and got his cock ready. He lined his cock up with my ass. He kept one hand on his cock, to guide it in. With his other hand, he played with my clit, to try and even out the pain and pleasure. His cock was inside me entirely. He pulled it in and out, in and out. "Ohhh, Chris. FASTER, HARDER!!!! Oh god." I moaned louder, and louder. I knew i was about to orgasm. Chris kept going harder, and faster, just like i begged him to. I started to orgasm. My jucies slid down my thighs. Chris began to cum inside my ass. This was the most intense orgasm i had ever had. I couldnt stand up. I fell down onto the floor of the shower. Chris turned up the water, making it hotter. He sat down beside me, and held me in his arms. After laying there for about 20 minutes, we got up and went to his bedroom once again. We were both extremely tired, so we dried off, and layed in his bed. I fell asleep in Chris' arms.

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2008-09-01 22:06:45
the plot is nice but I think u r missing details !
its too short.
this is a story not a movie details help the readers to involve in the scene as if they are watching it (some may masturbate) try to concentrate in ur next story also ur sex partner didn't say much asif he is a machine.
its a good story I liked it.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-01 13:36:15
waaaaaaaaay toooooooooooo shoooooooorrrrrrrttttt!!!!!!!

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2008-08-31 22:21:19
build up to it a little bit seemed like one minute you had neighbors and next you were giving a blowjob?

hah and again...paragraphs

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-31 00:42:33
paragraphs please


2008-08-30 12:44:59
You really need to use a spell checker and then you need to proofread your work before submitting it. The letter i needs to be capitalized. You need to use apostrophes. And as everyone else has told you, you need to use paragraphs too.

What I did read was okay but I had to stop because it was just too hard to ignore all the little stuff. Better luck next time.

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