The Tale continues...
A Rogues Tale 4

As usual, when Carol woke up the next morning, Nick was gone.

It was a work day for her, so she set about her routine of getting ready for the day and her classroom of happy faces.

At the same time, Nick was halfway across his lake and stroking for the other side. It was easily a quarter of a mile across, so that made it a half mile swim. As he swam, he was working out some of the details of a minature surveilance system he was building.

He would work on it today, check on Carol when she got home from work and later do a little prowling.
There was no moon tonight and he intended to pay Brian the Jock a visit.


Carol had a towel wrapped around her body, another around her head, fresh out of her soothing bath. She was relaxing with a glass of wine when she heard a familiar rumble in her front yard.

She met Nick at the front door with a willing kiss and asked if he wanted a beer.

He said "No, not right now, some ice water would be good." He did not drink before a mission, ever.

"Ok" she said happily and turned to go to the kitchen. But he held a small portion of the towel and it peeled off her body on the first step.

She didn't even stop, just smiled slyly over her shoulder and continued on. If anything, the swing in those sexy hips got wider...

When she returned, the towel was missing from her hair and her only ornaments were a glass of ice water in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Women are rarely more beautiful.

She sat next to him and made sure her tits brushed him when handing him the glass.
First one nipple, then the other. Back and forth lightly on his arm.
Then she started to trace the outline of his dick on his jeans.
He looked at her hand, then at her as she licked her lips and it was all over.

He did not come here tonight to fuck Carol, but it was going to happen. There are levels of resistance, and she just rolled over them like a juggernaut.

Nick grabbed the wet hair at the back of her head, pulled her close and kissed her deeply. He asked, "Are you only going to tease me?"

In answer, she unzipped his jeans and unbuttoned his pants. She kissed and tongued his cock through the underwear. She slid his boots off and then the pants.

When she had access, she began licking his balls and sliding her lips along the length of his shaft. She would hold one side with her hand while she licked the other side.

He still had her hair locked in his fist and he guided her mouth up and down his cock. Her lips kissing and her tongue licking anything close.

Nick pulled her up to his lap by the hair and kissed her deep. Her lips were always warm and moist after sucking his cock and he loved to kiss her then.

She slid her wet pussy back and forth along the underside of his rod and came for the first time. When she reached the end of her stroke and lightened the pressure on her clit, her whole bottom end would vibrate before starting another long stroke.

Her hips were moving front to back instead of up and down. This way she could rub the entire outside of her very hot and wet cunt the length of Nicks thick tool. She coated him with her juices.

She knew it was nice to fuck with this motion because the head of the cock slid directly over her g-spot. Her clit glided through his thick hairs at the same time.

Just thinking about it, she wanted it.

She leaned forward, pushing her wonderful breasties into Nicks face. Raised a little and putting a couple of fingers under his cock to guide it, rocked backward impaling herself.

She began some gentle front to back motions getting used to his size. With each push, she took a little more. It was her time. She could sit on this massive throne and pleasure herself. And she did just that.

Nick liked her on top, she was so light he hardly felt her weight. He let do what she wanted mostly, occasionally spearing upward to get her attention. She would screech and come back down on his dick farther than before, opening her eyes wide and her mouth formed a perfect O.

She could almost take all of his cock in her pussy now. The same with her tiny ass, somehow. That was with her on top.

When Nick was in control, she took all of him in both places. He didn't hurt her, she was just a little sore afterwards.

He let her cum again on top, her cunt pulsing creamy juices around his cock. Her hips vibrating as he held her close.

When she calmed, she was laying with her boobs flattened on his steely chest, her head on his shoulder. He laced his fingers through the hair at the back of her head, gently gripped and pointed her face towards him.

Her eyes were glassy when he looked into them. He stole some kisses and then stood up with his rod still deep in her pussy. That got her attention! She slid to the bottom before she realized what was happening, then gripped her legs and arms tight around him to keep from sliding farther down that shaft.

He helped by bouncing her up. Gravity was her downfall. What goes up, must come down. Every time she came down, she felt that big cannon deep in her belly. Her cunt did it's part and was creaming with every stroke.

He backed her against a wall and fucked her against it. She still had her arms around his shoulders, but he opened her legs and held her up by her ass cheeks.

It was a good thing her house was solid, because now she was pinned against the wall, hammered by the thrusts of Nicks big cock. She knew he was close to cumming now, the pictures were rattling on the wall.

He pushed deep into her and erupted a giant blast of scorching cum. Again and again he came, his arms around her crushing her tits to his chest. She couldn't move this way, only feel the surges of his cock deep inside.

He kissed her lips and face, her neck and ears for long hot moments before releasing his grip on her. She slowly slid down the length of his body and then landed on her knees.

She placed her hands behind his legs and inched her way up, licking and kissing her way up to his still semi hard cock. She sucked the remaining cum out of him, cleaning him.

She was amazed to feel him stiffening again from her attentions. She looked up at him wondering if they were going to continue.

He stroked her hair and reading her thoughts, said "I've got something to do tonight. I'll check back with you tomorrow."

She was beginning to understand Nicks ways. Sometimes, he was here and sometimes he had things to do. She welcomed the times he was here.


Nick retreated to the sanctuary to make final preps for the nights activities.

He donned his black outfit and darkened his face. Pulled a balaclava over his head and stretched into his leather gloves. He owned the night.

The Olds was the transport of choice. He slid in behind the wheel and stirred it to life. It was like a restless animal waiting for a chance to show the many things it could do.

He pulled out of the barn and left the sanctuary like a thief in the night.


He was waiting in Brian the Jocks front yard when he returned from bowling that night. You couldn't see him, he was part of the shadows.

That is until a side kick to the thigh brought the Jock to his knees.

Nick dropped a heel on his outstreched fingers and heard satisfying cracks. The Jock howled, and as he was holding his broken hand, received a brutal kick to the ribs.

Nick grabbed a fistful of hair and forced his head back.

He hissed "I hear you like to beat women. There are people, like me, that don't like women hurt. If I ever hear of you abusing another woman, I will hunt you down and finish what I started here tonight."

He twisted his head at an impossible angle and asked, "Do you understand me?"

Brian sputtered "Yeaahh."

Nick released his hold on his hair and snarled "Stand up, you piece of shit."

When the Jock managed to get on both feet, Nick hit him point blank in the center of the face. He wanted to break his nose but managed to relieve him of a few teeth in the process.

He went down like a sack of potatoes.

It took about 15 seconds for a shadow to kick his ass.

Nick blended into the night, made for the Olds and headed for sanctuary. None of the neighbors heard a thing.

More to follow...


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