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An erotic scene in an exotic locale.
Nancy walked along the path overlooking the ocean. The morning mist
obscured the view of the blue sea which stretches far beyond the horizon
on a clear day. All that was visible in the fog was the Hopewell Rocks.
These giant stone monoliths rise from the beach floor to a height of
over thirty five meters. The rocks tower over the seascape below. Their
imposing size and dominance over the coastal vista have made them a
major attraction in New Brunswick. And on this morning their ability to
penetrate above the thick carpet of fog gives them an almost mystical

Yet for Nancy the rocks only significance on this day is that this is
where she was told to be. She had arisen very early to make the two hour
drive in the darkness to get there by the appointed time, 6:40 AM.
Indeed she had arrived much earlier. She had been sitting in her car in
the deserted parking lot for forty minutes. There was no one else there
which was not surprising in that an early Sunday morning in October is
not a popular time for travellers to be out. As the first light of early
morning broke through Nancy got out of the car to walk and wait.

The tension was almost unbearable. Every minute felt like an hour as she
walked along. She constantly looked at her watch. The hands were moving
so slowly that she wondered if the time would ever arrive. Several times
she thought to jump back in the car and race off. But she didn't. She
waited. As she knew she must. Her need was too strong. For as great as
her fear was Nancy knew that by leaving she would only be returning to
the frustration and loneliness which had been a part of her life for so

She was waiting for a man. A man whom she had not yet met but with whom
she had been writing and talking for the last six weeks. A man whose
words had inspired her to levels of curiosity and excitement which she
had never experienced before. A man whom she had come to call her
Master, whose domination she craved to feel with every fiber of her

Her soul was alive with the need for fulfillment. As she paced along the
paved trail, she looked back on her life. She had married young, in her
teens. The relationship was a disaster from the start. He was a magazine
husband whose luster tarnished and rusted soon after the taking of the
vows. The next man in her life was an abusive alcoholic. She lived in
fear of him until she found the strength to get up and go. And lastly
was her husband whose love she had shared for over twenty years. He was
a man who treated her like an empress on a pedestal. And although it was
fulfilling in many ways, the relationship was very vanilla which left
Nancy with an inner yearning that was not being satisfied. She felt the
need to surrender herself, body and spirit, to a man who would take
complete control over her, if even for just a short time. Now that she
was free again she was determined to answer this calling which she had
denied herself for so many years.

She had searched for all the information she could find on D/s and bdsm.
This newly found knowledge only whetted her appetite more. But the first
attempts to make contacts turned her off. Her emails were answered by
unsavory men whose only interest was in degrading her. She was not a
doormat, a mindless being who would accept anything that came down. She
wanted domination not abuse. And she wanted a man with experience not a
rookie wannabe. After many months of searching Nancy met with a Dom from
the States. The sessions were enlightening for her. The physical aspects
were thrilling. She loved the powerless feeling from the bondage. She
enjoyed the pain. She felt fresh and alive while experiencing for the
first time the joys of submission. But although she had the utmost
respect for this Dom she did not feel that he was the one who would take
her to the level she desired. She wanted more. But she didn't know how
to get to it .

Then she connected with Him. From the very first exchange of emails
Nancy was under his spell. His insights and perceptions amazed her. He
could see inside her like no one else ever could. Indeed, at times, she
believed that he knew her better than she knew herself. She felt naked
to the soul before him. The erotic imagery in his writings induced a
state of dreamlike reverie in her. She longed to feel the reality of his
touch. She knew that he was the one who could take her where she wanted
to go for she was ready to submit totally to his control and domination.

Therefore, when a meeting was proposed she readily agreed. After
receiving the instructions for the rendezvous on Friday, she took great
care to follow them exactly. She had awakened very early. She left early
to arrive early. Now she paced, eagerly awaiting his coming. But as the
minutes passed she began to worry. There was no sign of him. She could
see far up the entry road but there were no cars coming in. His
instructions were so exact on the timing that she wondered if something
was wrong. She looked at her watch. It read exactly 6:40. Yet she was

Then she heard a frightening sound which froze her in her tracks. She
focused all her attention on listening. Her concentration was intense.
She heard footsteps, yet there was no one in sight. She suddenly
realized that the sound was coming from below, from the metal stairs
which led down to the beach and the base of the rocks. The staircase was
long, over four stories. It wound back and forth slowly climbing the
heights of the steep bluff. She looked down but could not see very far
because of the fog. But by the increasing volume of the footsteps she
knew that whoever it was, was getting ever closer. Nancy trembled. She
was numb, as much from the excitement as from the fear she felt. Her
heart was throbbing so loudly in her ears that she thought it might
drown out the sound of the steps. After the eternity of several minutes
the figure broke through the fog. He was dressed in a long black cape
with a black hood. As he reached the top of the metal landing he stopped
and looked at Nancy who was standing about ten meters away. He removed
the hood. She recognized him instantly. She waited for him to speak.

"Come....follow me."

He turned, descending the stairs. For a moment Nancy was too stunned to
move. But as he disappeared back into the fog she hastened to follow
him. The stairs were damp. As she had only sandals on her feet, she held
the railing tightly as she went down, but it too was wet and slippery.
She tried to keep up but by the sound of his steps she knew she was
falling behind. The stairs were steep. The mist was so thick she could
only see a few feet. She kept going. Her fears evaporated as she climbed
down. The wildness of the surroundings and the experience thrilled her.
Never would she have attempted this on her own. She felt like she was
being led into the biggest adventure of her life. She had to stifle her
laughter and her screams of joy. She felt so free.

At the base of the stairs she turned to follow him up the beach. Again
she could not see him for the fog was even thicker on the ground. But
she could still hear his steps for the beach was stone not sand. The
strong tides that pounded this area washed away all the sediment. All
that covered the exposed ocean floor was a thin layer of grey mud. It
was low tide. Way off in the distance the Atlantic waves could be heard
rolling in. But Nancy did not hear them at all as she was focused on the
sound of the footsteps she was trying to follow. She was making a great
effort to catch up. At one point his outline came into view but Nancy
slipped on the mud. The cold silt chilled her exposed legs. She slipped
again trying to get up. The primeval environment was difficult to
negotiate. Regaining her balance and bearings she continued her pursuit.

He had walked over a kilometer on the flats when he took a path that led
up the side of the bluff. This trail was steep. The climb was strenuous.
Nancy felt winded when she reached the top of the path where there were
two large rocks with a narrow space between them. She squeezed through
it. On the other side was an opening to a cave. There was no sign of
him, but she knew he was in there for there was nowhere else to go.
Slowly she entered the cave. The path through the hard rock was narrow
and dark. Her steps were tentative. She was feeling her way. After about
twenty meters she could see a dim light ahead. As she moved onward and
inward this light got brighter. Finally she came to the opening of a
large chamber. She gasped at what she saw inside.

The chamber was substantial, over a hundred meters square. The ceiling
varied in height from less than a meter to over seven meters in the
center. The cave was well lit by several hundred white candles which had
been placed on every visible ledge and recess in the room. The
flickering flames gave the chamber an eerie yet warm glow. At her feet
Nancy saw two rows of candles illuminating a path between them. She
followed it to the center where she finally met up with her Master who
was standing there waiting for her.

He motioned her to stand before him. He looked directly into her eyes.
The effect on Nancy was hypnotic. She had studied his eyes in the
pictures he had sent her. She knew they were powerful but not like this.
The essence of her soul was wide open to him. Her surrender was already
complete. She was his.

He reached down to unbutton her long overcoat, letting it drop to the
ground. Nancy stood there in a black negligee which per his instructions
was all she had on under the coat. Around her neck was a chain with a
silver cross. He reached over to smooth down her windblown hair. Nancy
welcomed the feel of his hand stroking her. She felt confident and
beautiful in his presence. Standing straight and tall with her chest
pushed forward, her proud stance was an invitation for him to touch her.

With one easy motion he opened his cape and threw it aside. He was
naked. Nancy eyed his body from head to toe. She craved to touch his
skin but did not dare to. Realizing her desires he pulled her head
forward to his nipple. She sucked it lovingly for she knew of its
sensitivity. She reached out to touch the other one. She heard a low
moan escape from her Master. It pleased her.

Knowing that this pleasure would soften him too much, he pushed her head
downward. Nancy slowly dropped to her knees and took his cock into her
mouth. She sucked it passionately. Whenever she had done this before
with a man she had been doubtful and anxious about her performance. But
now she felt a super confidence about her talents. She fellated him with
strokes that were long and slow. She loved the feeling. Her submission
in such a primitive surrounding served to bring out primal desires and
instincts which she had no idea existed within her. It was as if the
brute sexual impulses of ancient ancestors were coming to the fore. She
wanted more.

He told her to stand and remove her clothing. She was naked but for the
cross. He reached over and fastened a collar around her neck. The collar
was made of soft black leather inlaid with polished silver and gold. The
ring in the front was solid silver. The precious metals shimmered in the
flickering light.

"This is my gift to you. You are special. You are beautiful. And while
wearing this collar, you are mine."

"Thank you Master Michael." Nancy felt tears swelling in her eyes. She
had never felt such a sense of gratitude. She felt like a Queen who was
in service to her King, her Lord and absolute Master.

Taking her by the hand Michael led her over to a flat slab of rock which
was almost a meter high and over two meters long. At the ends of the
slab were two lit candles. But unlike the others in the cave these were
not white. One was red, the other black. Michael laid a bright red
cashmere blanket across the cold stone. He motioned for Nancy to lie
flat on her stomach across the soft blanket. He poured warm scented oil
on her back. Then he gave her a slow massage alternating between soft
stroking of the skin and hard kneading of the muscles. The effect on
Nancy was incredible. All the stress in her body evaporated. She felt as
if she was floating on the rocks.

Next came a flogging, backside first. Michael used a flogger with
hundreds of thin rubber tassels. The whipping was done using rapid fire
strokes so that Nancy felt the tassels beating her skin more than a
hundred times a minute. After the relaxing massage treatment her body
was highly susceptible to the erotic pounding of the flogger.

Upon turning Nancy over onto her back Michael put iron shackles on her
wrists and ankles, chaining them to rings on the sides of the rocks. She
was now helpless. And she loved it. He flogged her front side. The
pounding was heavier than on the back. The last area to feel the whip
was her pussy. Michael struck it with strokes fired even more rapidly.
Nancy screamed as she succumbed to a body wrenching orgasm which tore
into her, sending shock waves of blinding heat to her brain. The sounds
of her high pitched moaning and the rattling of the chains echoed
throughout the cave.

Michael then placed steel clamps tightly on Nancy's tender nipples. She
pleaded for relief. Yet even her pleading, her begging and crying, was
pleasurable. She loved being at the mercy of a man in whom she placed
total and absolute trust. It allowed her to let go and let loose in a
way that she had never experienced before. As he tightened the clamps
even more she screamed at the top of her lungs yet she felt like she
would scream even louder if he removed them now. She had crossed the
line into a zone where pain is pleasure, and agony is ecstasy. She was
beyond thought, beyond emotion, achieving a state where all she could do
was experience. She was helpless and powerless. Her body and her senses
were sponges which existed to absorb the powerful stimulations of her
dominant Master.

Michael climbed onto the rocks and mounted her. Their dominant and
submissive impulses merged and flowed together in their lovemaking which
brought a feeling of wholeness and fulfillment of purpose to both of
them. Their shared passions and climatic orgasms left them both
exhausted on the stone slabs. They fell blissfully asleep in each others

Waking at noon they went outside the cave to find that the tide had come
in. The tides at Cape Hopewell are the highest in the world. The pathway
down from the cave and the beach itself was under the deep and cold
ocean water. They were trapped but neither one minded. Indeed Michael
had planned it that way for he knew the tide schedule. To continue the
delightful sensual activities he prepared a lunch consisting of boiled
lobster, fresh vineyard grapes, and Vermont cheese to be washed down
with a bottle of French wine. The exuberant couple feasted while sitting
on granite rocks watching and listening to the waves pounding against
the cliffs below.

Afterwards they retreated once more to the chamber deep inside the
cliff. Their second session consumed the remainder of the afternoon.
Nancy was given the opportunity to explore her desires and curiousities
about bdsm. She requested a spanking. Michael obliged by thrashing her
naked ass with an oaken paddle. She responded to this hard whacking with
primal screams which echoed and reverberated in the cave with a chilling
effect. She loved it.

For a finale, all the candles were blown out. The cave was pitch black.
The darkness was absolute. They made love once more on the rocks at the
center of the chamber. The utter blackness made for an exquisite setting
for the final release of their heated passions.

Low tide was at 7:05 PM. They walked along the beach back to the metal
staircase. The air was free from the fog which had obscured the view in
the early morning. The sun setting in the west was casting its last rays
out to the horizon lying far out on the ocean. The coolness of an autumn
night was descending upon Hopewell Cape. As Nancy climbed the last few
stairs at the top of the bluff she gazed back at the Hopewell Rocks and
smiled. It was a day she would remember forever.


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