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Charles Takes a Chance and Flirts with a Suburban Woman Outside a Starbucks. Her name is Elaina.
He never thought it might actually work.

Never in a million years did he think his pickup line would work and yet, here he was. She was on her knees before him. Her blonde hair cascaded down the back of her slender throat, shoulder, and back. Her head bobbed on the end of hard cock. She was enveloping his tip between her full ruby red lips and playing with his peehole with the tip of her tongue, as though she wanted to beckon that seed out of him with just a wave of her tongue. The rough ridges and warmth of her tongue ran a path from the base of his steel dick, which twiched when she reached her goal. She looked up and a warm female voice danced upwards and entering the fog of receiving the best blowjob of his life.

His name was Charles and he had used a ridiculous internet researched pickup line to entice the woman loving his cock. The woman known to her friends as Elaina Schmidt, though her friends could not recognize her right now. She was a fiend, groaning deep in her throat as she took Charles' cock deep within her mouth and supplied a light but persistent pressure on his fully grown member. The line was:

"I see you have a spectacular wedding ring. That is the worst news I've heard all day."

At first he though she might ignore him and go on her way. Elaina opened the door to her SUV and placed her Starbucks coffee in a door coffee holder. She placed her purse on the front passenger seat. Charles' was prepared to watch her get into the driver's seat and speed away. Charles' commited her tight cargo pants and tighter yellow top to memory, knowing he would need fuel for his masturbatory fire. She instead walked towards his open window. She leaned in the passenger window and said:

"I live three minutes away and no one will be home for the next six hours. Follow my ride."

Charles watched in awe as she winked and smiled. She was Meditteranean dark with a cute upturned nose. Her eyes were walnut brown and they shone with mischief. Her teeth were perfect. Elaina did not shirk on dental work. Her top hinted at large breasts enclosed snugly in a black bra. Her hips were beautiful. Absolutely curved the way a woman's hips should be. The kind of hip Charles' fantasized he might thrust against.

Now he rested a hand on the kitchen island, the other on the top of Elaina's head, guiding her up and down the length of his cock. "You're doing that so good baby, you're fucking me so good." She took his cock out of her mouth with an audible pop and smiled.

"Do you like what I'm doing?"

Charles pushed his jeans and underwear further down his thighs to give Elaina for her arms and elbows.

"You're a sexy bitch."

She groaned. "Say it again. Tell me what you're going to do. Say my name."

"Elaina, I'm going to fuck you. You're going to find a pair of sexy panties and stockings or pantyhouse. Then you are going to call my name real loud and you are going to say, 'Billy, I'm ready for you. Fuck me until I scream.'"

Elaina moaned enthusiastically and licked the underside of his scrotum.

"You taste so good baby."

"Oh Elaina... I'm going to cum in your mouth. Do you want me to cum in your mouth? I'm going to feed my cock into your mouth until you swallow my cum."

"Give it to me Charles. Give me your cum poppy."

Charles pushed her gently from his cock. He picked her up, placing both hands on the tight fabric of her pants, cupping each beautiful ass cheek within his hands. Elaina threw both arms around his neck and licked around his ear. Charles growled and placed her seated on the island.

"Lie on your side like you're in front of the TV. You're going to make me cum," he said.

She nodded happily and used on arm to sweep her straight, long blonde hair back from her face. Elaina position herself on her said and Charles reached out to grab a cotton clad breast. He could feel the softness of her breast and the elastic of her black bra. He placed her penis on Elaina's lips. She reached out and clutched both cheeks of Charles' ass. She took his cock deep in her mouth and brought a hand to the base of his cock. Elaina gripped Charles' cock in her tiny fist and began to jerk him off gently but her grip was firm. Her mouth, lips, and tongue worked on his upper half. She greedily sucked at him, a low rumble in her throat, and the sound of Charles' belt clinking against the counter's edge.

Charles felt that familiar tug and he breathed through clenched teeth. He fucked her mouth, determined that every last drop be emptied into her. Charles spurted once, twice, three times and froze, enjoying the warmth of her mouth. He pulled out and she licked at the cum residue on her lips. Elaina licked him slowly while he fought to regain his breath. She licked him clean and then looked upwards with a smile.

Billy wiped an arm across his forehead. "You have something to do. Don't you?"

She swung her perfect legs from the counter. Elaina squatted for a moment and took one long hard suck of his cock. She stood up straight and whispered in Charles' ear, "I think I have just what you have in mind. Have a seat on the couch. Bathroom's down the hall if you need it."

She bounced away with a determined step. Charles deposited his still warm and erect cock into his underpants and pulled back on his clothing. He made his way to the couch. Before sitting he took one long agonizing look at her athletic ass. Elaina walked up the stairs.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll call you up in a minute," she said.

"I'm certainly glad I met you... you sexy bitch," Charles whispered under his breath.

Charles settled his 5'11" frame into the comfy sofa. He spied a child's toy in the corner. This Elaina definately had at least one kid. Boy or girl, Charles could not tell. He reached into his shirt pocket and fished out his cigarettes. Charles opened the pack and withdrew a neatly rolled marijuana joint. He found his zippo, lit his bullet, and took a deep drag.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... *cough*" Charles was aiming for ten seconds but could not make it. He was still out of breath from the magnificent blowjob Elaina gave him in that kitchen straight out of Martha Stewart's "Living". Charles closed his eyes and remember how her cheeks worked around his cock as unloaded all that pent up tension and strife in his balls. She was a good girl. A very good girl. Charles smiled as he thought he would be between those beautiful legs soon, fucking a gorgeous housewife and mom.

His thoughts drifted as he puffed away casually on the joint. Charles felt that familiar warmth fill his head and he leaned his cleanly shaven bald head against the sofa headrest. He could hear dressers being opened upstairs and water running. He was tempted to forget her instruction to wait for her call. He was prepared to march in there and simply impale her on his cock the first way he saw fit. Charles envisioned her holding on the bathroom counter while he pumped furiously into her cunt from behind, grunting while she screamed with each thrust. From the toned muscles of her thighs to the stunning curve of her calf his eyes roamed while his dark cock penetrated engorged pussy lips that seemed to quiver when he brushed his cock against their folds.

Charles placed a hand on his own shaft and was happy to feel a large bulge in his pants.

"Is that a bannana or has this woman driven me crazy?" Charles uttered to himself. The blank face of the surround sound amplifier mirrored his thirty something face. The prominent nose, the dark eyebrows, and his sharp chin revealed a man in his prime. A man who lucked onto a woman who was willing to fuck his brains out. Elaina was already becoming a memory he knew he would wax nostalgic for when an old man in a senior's home. Charles would encourage any grandkids to never be shy of inviting strangers to share in your life. But there was more to this woman. Where was Elaina's husband? Does he know his wife fucks men she meets outside of the neighbourhood Starbucks? Does he know that the woman he honeymooned with sucked every last of semen from Charles' burning hot cock?

The joint burnt his fingers slightly and he extinguished it in an ashtray. Charles stood up and straightened his T-shirt. He walked up the stairs and entered the first room he found. It was then he discovered the meaning of Elaina's promise that she knew what Charles had in mind. She stood before him. Long blonde hair sat gorgeously on her shoulders. A tight black corset emphasized large breasts and a narrow waist. Elaina wore black see-thru panties which revealed a presice triangle of trimmed pubic hair above a bundle of intoxicating pussy lips. Her legs sported black stockings, elastized mid-thigh and parked in black pumps. She turned and smiled.

"Do you like?"

"I'm going to fuck you. We are going to be here a while. I'm going to go crazy and rampage all over your beautiful body."

She laughed. "OK stud, cut the bullshit. You don't have to talk me into it. I'm ready for you. I want you to fuck me Charles from Starbucks."

Charles pointed at the bed. "Lie on your back. I'm going to park my arms behind your legs and pump my cock in and out of your pussy. Elaina, scratch my back hard with your nails if you wouldn't mind. The pain is hot."

Elaina scooted across the mattress. "Something smells like cannabis. Do you have more for after?"

"Depends on how hard you make me cum," He leered in his best perv impression.

"I don't think you're going to find that an issue," she said and spread her legs before him. Elaina rubbed the fabric of the black hose on her thighs. Charles placed both large hands on her knees.

Charles parked both of his knees comfortably behind under Elaina's thighs. His cock stood fully erect only inches above the black fabric of her panties. Elaina slid both of her hands onto his and smiled at him.

"What are you waiting for? Is something wrong?" she asked.

Charles responded with a smile of his own. "There's absolutely nothing wrong. I'm just looking at you." Charles clasped both of Elaina's arms and pulled her towards him. They joined in a long kiss and when Charles finally withdrew he found Elaina nearly panting.

"Stop fucking around Charles... and start fucking me. I can't take it anymore." she growled.

Charles reached down and grasped the rim of Elaina's panties. He pulled them aside and they now sat along the contour of Elaina's ass. Her pussy seemed to have a life of it's own. With each breath Elaina's pussy seemed to twitch. Her entrance beckoned him and Charles knew the heady intoxicating smell in the air was not his imagination. He looked into her eyes and knew that there was no need to be gentle. There was no need to whisper sweet nothings. There was only one thing left to do. Resting his weight on one arm while holding the base of his cock with the other, Charles slid effortlessly into Elaina's wet pussy. For a moment he knew nothing but the warmth and wetness of her insides but she must have tensed because suddenly his cock was in the tight grip of her pussy walls. The sensation was incredible and Charles winced from the pleasure of it all. He grinded into her and Elaina let out a tortured moan. She was suddenly reminded of what he wanted and she placed her fingernails high on Charles' back. With only a mischievous bite of her bottom lip to warn him, Elaina dragged those red-painted nails down Charles' back. Nails scratched a path through skin, red lines of anger beaded with blood... and Charles clenched his teeth and grunted in response. He felt truly alive.

The bed creaked rhythmically as Charles settled into a hard and determined rhythm. Elaina stretched out both arms and grasped handfuls of bed cover while whimpering. She closed both eyes and allowed herself to be carried away by the waves of euphoria rocking her entire body. Charles supported her slightly with an arm around her back and used his other arm to place one beautifully shaped leg against his side. He rested his forehead against hers while running a hand up and down the smooth fabric of her stockings. Elaina smiled at his fetish.

“Do you like what I wore for you hun?” Elaina asked.

Charles kissed her and playfully bit at her bottom lip. “I fucking love it,” he said. “I fucking love it. I love the way it feels. I love the way it looks.”

Elaina did not know why but these words touched her and she knew this man’s erotic confession was about to set off an orgasm deep within her. She could feel that familiar warmth beginning to develop between her legs and she felt a need to ‘push’. Charles rested a leg against his shoulders and ran a tongue along her calf while he increased the pace of his thrusts into her now soaking wet pussy. Elaina’s breasts did that odd yet exciting circular dance on her chest with each powerful thrust and Charles was drawn to those fabulous, all natural tits. He cupped one breast in his hands and enveloped her nipple with his mouth.

It was the trigger Elaina was waiting for.

“Uhhhhhh… aw fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Elaina screamed as release followed release and followed release. The bed cover under her ass was literally soaked with clear cum. Charles’ nostrils were assailed with a thick and distinctively feminine smell in the air which was not unpleasant. It seemed to be the trigger he needed because it spoke to something primitive inside him. He could hardly feel the previous tightness of her pussy on his cock. It was as if he was submerging his cock in a warm pool of water. Charles knew there would have to be a change if he wanted to cum.

Elaina could hardly move. She had tried heroin once as a teenager and she still remembered that rush, that lightheadedness and feeling that you never wanted to end. This orgasm was like that and yet amplified a thousand times over. Her breath came in short gasps. Every touch of Charles’ chest, arms, and back felt electric to her. Charles licking and sucking at her breasts were setting off machine gun bursts of ecstasy throughout her body. She felt Charles withdraw.

“Did you cum baby?” she whimpered. “I want you to cum baby.”

Charles smiled and exhaled deeply. He gently grabbed Elaina’s thigh and moved her so that she was on her stomach. Elaina rested her head in her hands as she fought to catch her breath. She spread her legs slightly but Charles brought both legs back together again.

“Hmmm?” she asked. Charles ran both hands down both legs and whispered in her ear.

“You are so fucking hot,” he said. “You just lie there. I’m going to do all the work.” Charles scanned the beautiful woman in front of him from head to toe. Beautiful hair framed a gorgeous side profile of her face. Her breasts were squashed against the mattress. Beads of sweat along her spine beckoned Charles to kiss and lick down the arc of her back. The area of flesh between each perfect ass cheek and the top of her stockings caused Charles to groan involuntarily.

He stretched himself atop of her, stomach to back, cock to pussy, and leg to leg. Charles reached under and cupped both breasts in his hands. His cock slid into her pussy as though they had done this a million times before and she suddenly reared her head up and screamed unashamedly. Charles braced his knees so that he might penetrate this beautiful woman as deep as he might. Elaina felt him hit ‘that’ spot again, and again, and again. She felt his forehead rest against the back of her head and his hot breath in the midst of her hair. Charles began to frantically lick and bite at her neck and she moved her head so they might share a kiss.

“You’re fucking me so good baby,” Elaina whispered. “You’re fucking me so good.” Charles tensed and propped his weight on his toes in order to find the friction he needed.

“You bitch… you sexy fucking bitch.” Charles grunted. “Aw fuck… shit… awwww…”

Charles suddenly roared and arched his back. His thrusts were hard, powerful, as though he would impale her, harm her, fuck her, kill her, love her… every emotion, every perversion, every thought was electric and surreal. He thought he might never stop cumming. Elaina felt stream after stream of his hot cum strike the sides of her pussy and she rode a milder and more gentle orgasm than the previous. Her eyes were winced tight and her hands clutched his under her shoulders. With each thrust Charles emitted an “Unhhh…” and for a moment he wondered if the bed beneath them would collapse from the frantic power and plunge of his cock. When he was finally done, Charles collapsed on top of the woman who just gave him the most powerful orgasm of his life. For a moment they lay there, breathing heavily, and touching each other with their hands.

“Charles?” Elaina said.


“Get off me for a sec you fucking beast.”

Charles laughed and rolled off of her. His cock withdrew from her pussy and he was astonished that all he could think of was fucking Elaina again. He lay on his back and looked at the ceiling. Charles laughed aloud when her mouth suddenly engulfed his shrinking cock. He was still ultra sensitive but then sighed as she slowed her pace. Elaina cleaned him… thoroughly. She licked, sucked, and stroked at his cock. She washed his cock clean of cum, both her and his, and when she was done Elaina rested her head against Charles’ thigh. She thought she might nap for a minute. She thought she wanted to fuck Charles again… and this time she would be the one in control.

“Mommy…?” came the voice of a child. Elaina’s eyes shot open in horror. Charles sat up and braced both arms for support. He was unable to tear himself from the bed with Elaina still in his lap. In the doorway of the bedroom stood a boy; a boy no more than five years old.

“Mommy, who’s that man? How come you have no clothes on?” the boy asked.

“Marcus, mommy…” Elaina could think of nothing to say while she scrambled from the bed and looked for her clothes. Marcus did not move. He simply looked from his mother, to the man on the bed, and back to his mother who clutched a shirt against her breasts. Charles was in complete astonishment and felt ridiculous with both hands cupping and concealing his cock.

“Honey? Are you home?” came a male voice from downstairs. “Can you come downstairs for a sec? I’ve got a shitload of groceries.”

Marcus looked toward the top of the stairs for a moment then back into the bedroom where his mother and an unknown man frantically tried to get dressed. While bouncing on one foot and trying to put a sock on the other, Charles locked eyes with the child.

“Do you know my daddy?” Marcus asked.

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