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The third installment of the Just Friends series.. again, it's rather long, so be prepared. Thanks for the great comments so far! I hope you all continue to enjoy.
Just Friends 3: Lady in Lime

Things still haven't been figured out between Xavier and I; neither one of us seems to be able to name what kind of relationship we are working on. To make matters worse, we are still hiding everything from his ex - my best friend. We can't hang out anymore with her - the three of us together - because we are so worried she'll notice the chemistry between us. As if things weren't obvious enough before we start having sex together...

The sexual tension had really begun to develop as soon as they had ended the relationship. Xavier and I had admitted we both liked to write and read erotic stories. Eventually, we began to write them for each other and with each other in mind. In one particular story he wrote for me, he described a fantasy in which I - well, a woman who had the same hair, eyes, and body as me - wore a lime green dress and seduced him onto the hood of a car. Needless to say, the fantasy and story served its purpose for the both of us and aided our eventually succumbing to lust.

The lime-green dress story was one of the first stories and has stayed one of my favorites for a long time. I like the story so much that I purchased a lime green dress, and today I finally got in it. I decide to try it on. It has a halter top that plunges low in front, revealing the cleavage of my breasts. The fabric clings to the curves of my body, ending temptingly high on my thighs. I take one look in the mirror and I exclaim, "Oh my god, he's going to love this!"

I'm so happy with my purchase that I just have to go and show Xavier. My hair is in long waves down my back, going well with the simple sexiness the dress embodies. A pair of brown flip flops finishes the outfit off, and I quickly run to my car.

I reach a yellow light, and instead of stopping, I accelerate. The car engine begins to growl, and I make it through as the red light appears over my head. Spurred on by my driving, my libido accelerates as well. Suddenly, all I can think about is him throwing me against the wall, pulling my dress up over my lime green thong, and fucking me until I scream his name.

The fantasy distracts me to the point where I run yet another yellow light. I don't care - I'm too wet with anticipation to fear the almighty speed patrol. I turn onto his street, tires squealing on wet pavement thanks to the rain, and I send him a text message:

"Come outside."

I pull up and open my car door. The rain mists my skin as the wind catches my hair. I couldn't've planned it better. I probably look like a movie star, and judging from the look on his face, I may as well be.

"You look.... SO beautiful," he gushes as he walks up to me.

Xavier's blue eyes are locked on me, and I feel myself blush under his gaze.

"Let's go inside," he says, and he grabs my hand to lead me into the house.

His dad's inside watching TV, and I say hello when I enter.

We go into the kitchen, and we make small talk with his parents and his older brother. Xavier happens to mention he has strawberries in the fridge, and my eyes light up. I love strawberries! He laughs, and says, "I'm saving those for later. You'll just have to stay for a while."

Like both times before, we end up walking upstairs. This time feels different, though. We're joking and laughing like we're only friends, as if we hadn't fucked each other to seemingly impossible heights of pleasure.

I kneel on the bed, sitting on my feet, while he sits in his computer chair. It's easy conversation, about the weather, school schedules, basic everyday topics. At one point, he touches the hem of my dress, and pulls the fabric over my knees, teasing that the dress is too short for his own good.

I laugh, and adjust the front, causing his eyes to widen as my fingers slide beneath the clingy fabric to pull it across my bra.

He clears his throat to say something, when his dad calls him.


"Yeah dad?"

"Let's get that old TV out."

Xavier has an old, late 90's TV that's HUGE but simply doesn't work anymore. It's basically been sitting in his room. They begin to push the TV out the room, and I watch as his biceps flex against the television. I can feel the wetness building again between my legs, and all I want now is to rip his clothes off.

Instead, I simply sit on the bed and try not to slide my hands against my pussy. Before he gets past the door frame, I've already failed in my mission to behave. I reach out and grab his ass, playfully, but it definitely has a second message:

I want to fuck you. Now.

He turns around, a surprised look on his face, but Xavier's smirk says he's about to throw the TV over the loft and jump me on the bed.

He pushes the television faster, and with his father's help, he gets it down the stairs and rushes up to the room. I'm sitting in the computer chair, and when he comes in, I pretend to be interested in the computer. Xavier jokes, "Hey, that's my computer," and picks me up to put me on his lap. I can feel a bit of a bulge beneath my ass cheeks.

As I surf the internet - checking e-mail, my school information - I can feel him beginning to grind slowly, gently into me. His hands slide around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I feel his chin over my left shoulder, and you couldn't get our bodies closer if you tried.

"Ooohhh why'd you go and do that," he groans, grinding a little harder into my ass.

"Aw, behave!" I tease, playfully smacking his hand.

Instead, both hands slide up to cup my breasts. He begins to massage them, trying to distract me from my meaningless surfing.

I moan, and grind back into him. Xavier picks me up and tosses me to the bed. He crawls up my body, leaving stray kisses as he slides past my abs and my breasts. He pulls the fabric of my dress and bra aside, exposing my hard pink nipples. I begin to moan as he licks the hard nubs, blowing cool air to harden them further. He then moves up to my lips, kissing me hard. He tastes incredible, and I can't help but run my tongue over his bottom lip before nibbling it. He groans against my lips, and our hips roll in unison against each other.

"Please let me see you naked," he begs.

I giggle and get up. "Only if you don't touch," I say playfully.

I walk across the room, and face him sitting on the bed. I untie the dress, pulling it down to reveal my white silk push up bra. I then wiggle the dress past my hips, showing my lime green thong. His eyes are as big as saucers, and I can see him gripping the bed sheets. I drop the straps of my bra, and I hold the front while I undo the back. The result is the back falling away, but not revealing my breasts yet. I turn around and let the bra drop. I can hear him groan in frustration, but it doesn't last long as I pull down the thong.

"Oh Jesus! Please turn around," he begs.

I turn around, letting my arms drop.

His jaw drops, despite having seen me naked before.

"Oh god. Bend over."

I turn around, and bend over.


He can't seem to get enough of me, and it's pretty obvious as he rushes across the room, ripping the shirt from his body. Our bodies clash against the closet door behind me. Xavier groans into my neck as he pushes his jeans down, desperate to get his skin on mine.

"Fuck, please.. I need your mouth on my cock."

I continue to rub my wet pussy against his boxer-clad dick, working him up to more desperate begging.

"Veronica PLEASE!!"

I giggle and push him back onto the bed. I wet my hand and reach into his boxers, grabbing his huge dick. I want him to be so desperate that he's begging me like a dog. I slide my hand up and down his cock, circling the head and sliding down the shaft. He's moaning continuously, staring at me and my hand as it tortures his aching cock. I slowly pull down his boxers, and his eyes light up thinking I'm finally going to such his dick. Instead, I speed up my actions on his head, massaging his balls with my left hand.

"OH FUCK!! Veronica please!!! Suck me!!"

I stop, and I can hear the desperation finally starting to tinge his voice.

"What?! No!! Don't stop!"

I giggle and lick the head of his dick, reveling in the sounds he's making. I then resume his handjob, focusing on the head, just like he likes, circling and sliding fast.

"God I need your mouth, Veronica!!" he begs.

I stop again.

"NO!! No no no no no.."

"Well I better get home..." I say, pretending to go and grab my clothes.

He bolts from the bed, grabbing me and throwing me back onto the mattress. He traps my hands above my head and begins to rub his dick between my legs.

"No!! You can't leave, please!!! Don't go, I need you."

I giggle again and flip him over.

"I know what you want," I say, swirling my tongue around the head. His hips buck upwards from the bed, and his hands tangle themselves in my hair.

"Oh gooddddd Veronica.. don't stop.. DON'T STOP!"

He pushes me down onto his dick, and I take the entire length. I jerk him off at the base. Sucking hard on the head, I feel him begin to tense up, about to cum.

I stop.

"NO!!" His hips arch off the bed, fingers now digging into the sheets. I kiss his stomach, and I listen to his ragged breath.

"Goodd I fucking love you," he says, and my mouth descends again onto his dick head. This time I don't tease him. I suck hard on the tip, sliding my hand up and down his shaft while massaging his balls. It doesn't take very long thanks to all of my teasing, and he cums hard, his load shooting into the back of my throat. I swallow it all, and he lays there panting, unable to move.

While he's laying there, I get dressed. I know if I let him recover a few minutes, he'll give me another great fuck to remember.

I lean over him and whisper in his ear: "Want some chocolate dipped strawberries?"

Xavier's eyes quickly open and he groans, "Yyyesss" before sitting up and sliding on his boxers and jeans, no shirt. He pulls me onto the bed before we get up to go downstairs: "Payback's a bitch, princess."

In the kitchen, he gets a pot to melt the chocolate chips in. I laugh, telling him that men are only good for a few things and this isn't one of them. Filling the pot with water, I put a cover on it to make it boil faster. He looks on in confusion, having assumed we were just going to throw the chocolate into the pot and voila! melted chocolate.

Seeing Xavier's confused look, I explain: "If you put the chocolate directly on the heat, it'll burn. This is a makeshift double boiler. The heat from the steam gently melts the chocolate without burning it."

He snuggles against me as I place a glass bowl over the boiling water and pour the chocolate chips into it. As I stir, I feel him running his lips up and down my neck and shoulder. The chocolate quickly melts, so I remove it from the stove. We both grab strawberries from another bowl and dip in. He feeds me a chocolate covered strawberry, and I look him dead in the eye as I suck the chocolate from the it before biting into the fruit.

"Mmmm.. you just sucked that strawberry like you did my dick," he muses.

I giggle and grab a grape. I pop it into my mouth, sucking the tips of my fingers after to clean them. Following suit, he grabs a grape as well, but feeds it to me. I gently suck his fingertips before pulling away.

We quickly finish the fruit and see we are left with some chocolate. Xavier gets some on his finger tip and offers it to me. I suck the chocolate off of his fingertip, using my tongue and lips as if it was his delicious cock covered in the sugar treat.

He then paints chocolate onto my shoulder and licks it off. I shudder as his tongue cleans off the sweetness.

"Upstairs. Now."

We race upstairs, and he pushes me onto the bed. Xavier continues licking and sucking on my neck, distracting me from what he's doing with his hands. I feel him trap my right hand above my head, and I turn to stare as I realize he's strapping me to the bed. I struggle slightly, turned on with anticipation and submission. He traps my left hand. I pull at the straps, testing their strength. He explains there's an entire harness under the bed, and if I'm really bad, he'll tie down my feet as well.

I've never been so wet in my life. The idea of him having total control of me has already pushed me to the brink of orgasm. Xavier pulls my breasts out of my bra, licking and sucking each nipple like he did before. This time, however, I can't move my arms. The only real movement I could possible do is flip onto my stomach, resulting in my arms being crossed over my head and my face down in the sheets.

Xavier licks his way down my abs, raising my dress. He's surprised to see I have no panties on, having stashed them in my purse while he was recovering from earlier.

Licking up my inner thigh, he laughs as I groan and struggle to get his tongue by my pussy. He runs his tongue up the crease of my leg, between my pussy and inner thigh. I whimper, thrusting my cunt to his face.

"Aw, told you payback was a bitch, princess. I haven't even started yet."

I whine, and his tongue licks up the other side. "Please.." I moan.


I gasp as I feel his breath warm the juices flowing from my pussy. My legs are spread wide, and I'm struggling against the ties. I then feel the tip of his tongue lick up my outer labia. I let out a small scream, pulling so hard against the straps that I hear the headboard creak against the force.

Instead of digging in, he stops, waiting for me to stop moving. The result is me whimpering, begging, "Please.. oh god please okay okay I'm sorry for earlier please.. just.. .goddamnit PLEASE!!"

He doesn't give me what I want. He licks the other lip, making my cunt spasm as it begged for an orgasm.

I moaning loudly, muscles taut as I pull against the cuffs around my wrists. He watches me struggle, enjoying my torturous pleasure.

Xavier gives me one, quick lick up the center. I scream, "XAVIER!!!" as he sits back and listens to me beg like a whore.

"FUCK!!! Xavier, oh my god please lick my cunt!!! PLEASE!! Goddamnit eat my pussy, Xavier!! I need it!! I need your tongue in my cunt NOW!! PLEASEEEEE!!!!"

He finally relents, and I feel his wet tongue slide up my slit to my clit. He circles my pleasure button, flicking the tip of his tongue against the sensitive nub. When he slides his tongue into my wet hole, he uses his thumb to rub my clit.

I explode, the tension boiling over and my pussy juice flowing onto his face. He laps it up like the sweetest syrup, lovingly cleaning every last drop. He then kisses me, and I lick the residue of my juices off of his face.

"Delicious," I purr.

Xavier let's me recover slightly, before putting both knees over his shoulders.

His boxer-covered dick is mere millimeters from my warm cunt. He rubs the head against my wet pussy, and I begin to rub back. I feel him drop the boxers, and his precum covered dick touch my pussy.

"Please fuck me, Xavier.."

He smirks at me, and then thrusts hard. I scream in pleasure, and he stops, worried he hurt me. "GO!!!" I scream, nearly pulling my arms out of socket thanks to the restraints. He fucks me hard and fast, my breasts bouncing with his rhythm. My sensitive clit makes me prone to a quick second orgasm, and I cum again, my tight pussy clenching his dick.

Xavier slows down, and flips me over. I can't see a thing, my face buried in the pillow, but I can feel inch by incredible inch slowly enter my wet cunt. I let out a loud, long moan, and he withdraws - again, inch by inch. I shudder beneath him, and I feel his hands slide underneath me. He plays with my breasts and gently massages my clit as he slowly fucks me from behind. With my arms crossed and tied, I feel completely helpless, and I can't help but love the control he has over my body.

He begins to pick up speed, and I feel my pussy begin to clench again.

Xavier stops.

"NO!!!" I scream. "I was about to cu-"

He cuts me off, thrusting hard and fast. Not skipping a moment, I cum again, moaning and screaming his name into the pillow.

I barely have time to catch my breath before I'm back on my back.

"Hold you legs."

I'm a dancer and therefore extremely flexible. I'm sure he remembers me doing a split on top of him, demonstrating that sex is SO much better with flexibility. I spread my legs wide, holding my ankles with my strapped hands. He thrusts into me, harder and faster than before thanks to my legs being out of the way.

As he watches my breasts jump at his fucking, he knows exactly what he's going to do.

"You like me fucking you, princess?" he groans, fucking me harder.


He pulls out and begins to jerk his dick. With a groan, he cums, one, two, three, four! huge shots of cum right onto my tits. I let my legs down, and before he collapses, he undoes the restraints. I run my fingertips through his cum, smearing it into my skin and licking it up.

Xavier watches me from half-closed eyes.

"You're amazing, you know that?"

As I get the last drop, I look over and smile, "Oh, I know, I'm your bestest friend!"

He gets a serious look.


I feel hurt. Maybe we shouldn't've done anything. But he eases my thoughts:

"You're more than that. I want you to be more than a fuck buddy."

He kisses my lips softly, "Be mine, princess."

Xavier didn't need any words from me what my answer was.

I kissed him back passionately, and then whispered the best words a man can ever hear:

"I can't wait to fuck you again."

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Hi all. Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day.
I am from Thailand and , too, and now am writing in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "When cindy took into coming polesitter, her card made retailer kenny sia."

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Good morning. Man is only miserable so far as he thinks himself so.
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