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A group of sick men capture a young girl and proceed with the sinister and demented plans to exploit her
Jennifer woke suddenly and gasped. She was sitting in a small dark room, with stone walls and floor. She was still in her school uniform. Her head throbbed, and in a rush she remembered what had happened. She had been walking home from school when she had suddenly been grabbed by two men. She remembered one had a nightstick, and while she struggled she must had been hit in the head.

Jennifer had just turned 16 a week ago and had moved to the states from korea two years ago, and went to an all girl boarding school, which still made her a virgin. She stood at about 5’2”, and had firm b cup tits, with her black hair just reaching her shoulders.

She looked around the room, which only had one door, and no windows.

“Good morning”

Jennifer jumped at the voice, spinning around, looking for the source. It had come from a speaker next to a security camera in a high corner of the room.

Trying to keep a cool head, she asked, “Where am I?”

“You are in a room surrounded by hundreds of other almost identical rooms. I don’t know if you noticed the door at the back…”
Jennifer looked and saw a door she had missed. It was painted the same color as the stone walls.
“… but behind that door is a little surprise. And each room has a different surprise behind the door. We will record everything that happens in each room, and it would be better for you if you cooperated with us.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Jennifer asked, starting to panic.

“We are going to satisfy all of the fantasies that my friends and I have ever had about women, fantasies that you wouldn’t find on the internet”

“Please! Just let me go!” Jennifer cried out, starting to breathe harder as her heart pounded harder and harder in fear of what was going to happen to her.

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll let you go as soon as you’re done with all the rooms”
the voice clicked off.

A grating sound started coming from the door at the back.

Jennifer scrambled as far back as she could, away from the door. She looked through the now open doorway and saw pitch black.

Then she detected some movement. Suddenly a man stepped out of the darkness into the light of the solitary light bulb in the room.

Jennifer couldn’t breathe. The man was at least 8 feet tall, and was completely naked. He was incredibly fat, and his face was deformed. He looked like something from Hills have Eyes. Mucus dripped from his nose and covered the lower half of his face. His cock was whole other thing. It was also deformed and looked to be 20 inches in length, and almost 4 inches think. In some places were dark lumps and bulges, and the whole thing stuck out, twitching, the head black and purple in color. His balls were the size of softballs, and hung down several inches in the hairy sack behind the monster cock.

The man was looking at her with a look of lust on his deformed face.

“Pooo…seeee” it said in a long drawl.
And suddenly it lunged. Before Jennifer could get over the shock of the sight of him, she suddenly found her arms in the hot sticky hands of the monster.
She screamed for him to let go but he ignored her.
He pulled her to the ground sat on her legs, pinning her to the cold floor.

“NOOOO!! PLEASE!! STOP!!” she screamed.

He grabbed the top of her skirt and gave a sharp pull, tearing it all along the seam exposing her smooth legs and panties, which quickly followed the skirt.

Jennifer tried to press her legs together, hiding her shaven virgin slit. The monster deftly spread her legs with his hands, and ignoring her screams held her hands above her head with one hand, while the other brutally grabbed her left breast through her shirt.

“Oww!!” she yelped.

And then she felt the touch of something slimy at her slit, before suddenly the man gave a great thrust.


It was pain beyond anything she had ever experienced. The man howled his victory as he began to slam the rest of his dick up inside her.

“OHH GODDDD!!! STOP!!!! NOOOO!!!” she screamed.

Through the agony she could hear the slaps of the man’s balls against her ass as he fucked her. “Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh” the man groaned as he fucked.

She could feel his cock hitting her womb, the whole time screaming.

Suddenly the man sped up and suddenly thrust as deep as he could into Jennifer. She felt the first splash of cum hit her womb and began to fill her up. The man came over and over. He bent down, crushing his lips to hers, coving her face with mucus. Almost causing her to vomit. Cum started spurting out of her pussy around the man’s cock spraying on the floor. she could taste mucus in her mouth. The man pulled out of her now gaping hole, still shooting, and pointed it at her face. She now realized that his cum was pale green in color, coving her face and shirt. She curled up sobbing while the man continued to shoot. Suddenly a sharp pain at the top of her head brought her up to her knees, and suddenly ten inches of still cumming cock was shoved down her throat. Her eyes bulged open, not even able to gag or breath through the cock and cum.

Finally it stopped. He pulled his cock all the way out of her in one quick pull. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the giant puddle of jizz and blood at her feet…

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Continue awsm

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2014-12-31 22:11:57
It was pretty gross but really hot too

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It was pretty gross but really hot too

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that was.............. revolting. but damn it was hot

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