In which I overhear two young girls discussing matters that they should not have been concerned with...


At sixteen years old, I'd learned a thing or two. Admittedly, I still had an awful lot to learn, but I had knowledge already that took me out of the naive bracket. At least, that was what I thought until my eyes - more truthfully, my ears - were opened by a couple of nine year old schoolgirls.

I was 'between jobs', having been fired a week or so previously after telling my last boss exactly where to shove his job when he asked me to do something I didn't want to do. Yeah, I had a bit of a problem with authority in those days! Anyway, it meant that I had a lot of spare time on my hands, which also meant that I could be put to use by my mother as a babysitter for my kid sister.

My availability coincided with the start of the long school summer holidays. Both mum and dad worked full time so making arrangements for someone to look out for Carly was always a problem in between school terms. Previously, mum roped in her sister or a friendly neighbour to help, but, as she put it, as I was doing nothing else useful, I could save her worry and money by taking care of my sister. Great...

Actually, although I'd never admit it to mum, I didn't mind in the least. Carly was a good kid most of the time. Sure, she was a pain in the arse at times, but weren't all kids? On the whole, though, she and I got along just fine. Hell, I liked her company most of the time. She was really bright for her age and had a curious nature that led her to asking questions whenever she came across a subject she didn’t know much or anything about.

I know it’s not usual for sixteen year old guys to speak nicely of their siblings, especially younger siblings, but my little sister was a real sweetheart. She was a late addition to the family; mum had had difficulties conceiving again after I was born, hence the seven year gap in our ages. Although she was indulged, Carly certainly wasn’t spoiled. She was brought up with the same parental love and care as I was, and treated with the same level of respect by both of our parents. She was special to all of us, which she knew but never took advantage of, although she could have so easily had she been of the type to do so.

Again, it may seem strange for a teenage boy to describe his own flesh and blood as beautiful, but my little sister was an absolute doll to look at. She was so small and petite that she looked like a living Barbie-doll: curly blonde hair, angelic pretty face, a smile that broke your heart with its radiance and sheer joy of being young and her affectionate nature all combined to make her the most delightful child of her age I knew. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit that I loved her to bits. I would happily have given my life to protect her, if that’s what it took. And she in turn loved me, which she told me at least once every day I and I loved her as much for that as anything else.

So, there it was: me out of work with time on my hands. Mum and dad out at work and not due home until early evening and Carly upstairs in her bedroom with a friend, Jessica, from school. It was mid-afternoon and I was a little bored. I’d spent the better part of the day applying for jobs I didn’t particularly want and wasn’t optimistic of being offered interviews for, let alone being asked to fill the vacancy. The two little girls had been shut away in Carly’s bedroom for most of the day, only showing their faces when they wanted food or a drink. I’d seen neither of them for the past hour and a half, but I’d heard their girlish giggles occasionally.

I sealed the last of about a dozen envelopes and realised that I’d left the postage stamps up in my bedroom. I sighed in frustration and made my way upstairs. My bedroom was next door to Carly’s, which meant I had to pass her door, which was slightly ajar, to get to mine. It appeared that neither of the little girls had heard me come upstairs for, as I approached my sister’s bedroom door I could clearly hear what they were saying.
“Where do you think it goes, then?” a voice I recognised as Jessica’s asked.
“I don’t know” my sister replied, her voice sounding puzzled. “It looks like it goes in here”
Jessica giggled.
“It can’t!” she squealed, “it’s too big. Look, I can hardly get my finger in there!”
I don’t know what made me stop and eavesdrop. It was, perhaps, the tone of their voices because it sounded to me like they knew they were saying or doing something a little bit naughty. I don’t know. I was, however, intrigued.
“Let me try” I heard my sister say. “Open your legs a bit wider”
WHAT! Did I hear that correctly?
“Ouch!” Jessica squealed, “be careful!”
“Sorry. It is tight, isn’t it?” Carly said. “Are you sure it goes in there?”
“That’s what it looks like in the picture” her young friend replied. “Look at the picture”
I heard the unmistakeable sound of magazine pages rustling. It was a sound that was very familiar to me as it was exactly the same as my wank-mags made! I barely heard the following exchange of words between the two schoolgirls as I began to suspect what they were up to behind the door. Surely not?
“”His thingy is bigger than her hole” Carly said, “and that lady looks like she likes him putting it there”
“Yeah, she does” agreed Jessica.
I heard the sound of the magazine dropping to the bedroom floor; that ’slap’ sound as it hit was also very familiar to my ears as I’d heard it dozens of times when I’d wanked myself to the point of climax and threw the magazine aside so that I didn’t splash cum all over it.
“Let me try again” my sister said.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Although I couldn’t actually see what was going on just a few feet away from me, it didn’t take a great deal of imagination to picture the scene: two nine year old schoolgirls sitting on a bed, both with their panties around their ankles, a men’s wank-mag nearby. As I pictured the scene I began to get an erection as I ’saw’ my little sister probing her friend’s tight little virgin pussy with one of her fingers. I began to rub the front of my trousers.
Jessica was making small noises of pain as my sister tried, unsuccessfully it appeared, to penetrate the other girl’s sex.
“Why don’t you try me” Carly said after another pained squeal from her friend.
“Okay. then. Open your legs” Jessica said.
Oh my God!. My imagination was working overtime as, like a movie playing in my head, I saw my sweet little sister sat on her own bed with her legs spread wide open. My hand unzipped the fly of my trousers and reached for my stiff prick. I freed it from my boxers and began to slowly wank myself.
“That’s it!” Carly gasped excitedly, “your finger’s right inside me!”
“Does it feel nice, then?” Jessica asked.
“Sort of” my sister replied. “It feels kind-of funny; a nice funny” she said ambiguously. At just nine years of age, she didn’t yet have the vocabulary to describe her first real sexual experience. “Don’t stop, though”
For a couple of minutes there was virtual silence from the other side of my little sister’s bedroom door. I was still wanking myself, becoming ever more aroused as the image I’d painted in my mind became more clearly defined: Carly’s pink hairless pussy stuffed full of another little girl’s fingers, her own equally pink virgin pussy exposed for my sister to look at.
“Try me again!” Jessica gasped excitedly.
“If I lick my fingers, perhaps they’ll go in a bit easier” Carly suggested.
“Yeah, that might work” her young friend agreed.
I heard the unmistakeable sound of sucking followed by Jessica’s voice urging my sister to keep trying. After about a minute, she yelped in obvious delight.
“That’s it, Carly. I can feel you in there!” she squealed.
“It feels nice, doesn’t it?” my little sister asked.
“Yeah, yes it does” Jessica agreed.
“Put your finger back in me, then” my sister told her friend.
I almost fainted with sexual delirium! My hand grasped my swollen prick more firmly as my mind pictured the two nine year old schoolgirls: they were facing one another, skirts hiked up around their slim waists, legs spread wide, pink virgin pussies exposed, each with at least two of the other little girls’ fingers shoved to the hilt in her sex. Oh, my God! I was wanking furiously as the picture became clearer and clearer in my mind. I felt the first drops of pre-cum dribble from the end of my prick and had to slow myself before I deposited the sac-load of cum in my balls right outside my sisters’ bedroom door!
“I wonder what it feels like to have a boys’ thingy in there?” Jessica speculated.
“So do I” I heard my little sister say. “It must feel like this”.
Jessica murmured in agreement but said nothing else.
I stood there, stiff prick in hand, waiting for whatever came next. A minute went by without another sound coming from my little sisters’ bedroom.
“We’d better get dressed, now” I heard Carly say, “in case my brother comes upstairs”
“Okay” Jessica agreed cheerfully.

I heard Carly’s bed creak as the two little girls got off of it. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Wanking furiously even as I lifted the toilet seat, in a few seconds I brought myself to a fantastic climax and spurted stream after stream of creamy cum into the toilet bowl as I replayed what I’d heard. I still couldn't believe what I'd heard, but that didn't stop my mind from conjuring-up all sorts of incredibly erotic images. Nine year old schoolgirl lesbians? Christ!

Not that I actually believed that Carly and Jessica were would-be lesbians; more a couple of little girls asking too many questions that they had no right, to my mind, to be asking at their tender age. Even so, I was glad that they had and I was doubly glad that I had overheard them. If nothing else, they had given me enough material for one fantastic wank already and I knew that I'd be able to use it for many more wanks over the next few weeks.

I cleaned myself up and left the bathroom. I knocked on Carly’s bedroom door as I went past and asked if they were okay. Two young girlish voices assured me that they were fine and didn’t need anything, thank you. I smiled as I made my way back downstairs to the lounge.

I was still feeling incredibly horny, in spite of the fantastic wank I’d just had. I could not get what I’d overheard out of my mind. It wasn’t so much the subject matter of the girls’ conversation, but the age of the girls themselves. I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that nine year old schoolgirls had any inkling of sexual matters, let alone be curious enough to experiment - and on one another! Christ almighty! At their age I’d not even really thought of my prick as anything more than a means to pee with. I was maybe eleven when I discovered that my prick had more than one use - and only a couple of years after that was given the opportunity to put my new knowledge to the test with the older sister of one of my schoolmates. It wasn’t, I recalled, a particularly memorable affair as she was fat, ugly and had terrible acne! Still, that didn’t stop me going back a second, then a third time...

The thing I found most puzzling was that it was my sister who, judging from what I’d heard, was the protagonist in what went on in her bedroom. It seemed to me that she was the one taking the lead, which struck me as very odd. Carly was, even at nine years of age, a very girly-girl; she liked feminine things and was incredibly modest about being seen unclothed. I’d not seen her naked since she was maybe three or four years old and she had already, at her tender age, taken to keeping her bedroom door firmly closed whenever she was dressing or undressing.

It appeared to me that there was another side to my little sister than I, not only never knew existed, but could never have even suspected existed until just a short time ago. If anything, I would have forecast that she would grow up to be a ‘good girl’, and keep her thighs tightly clamped when boys were around. That she had not only willingly opened her legs, but had actually encouraged her girl friend to finger her sex, blew me away.

Yeah, I have to tell you, the thought of two nine year old little girls experimenting with sex was more arousing to me than I really wanted to admit to myself. However, I had the undeniable knowledge that they did and, I strongly suspected, that one or other or both of them would more than likely investigate and experiment further. To a point, that concerned me.

I was only sixteen, sure, but I knew enough to know that there were people - guys - out there who would, given the opportunity, exploit the curiosity of little girls like my sister and her friend. Stories like that appeared in the newspapers almost on a daily basis. I didn’t want either little girl to become a newspaper story, especially Carly. But what could I do about it?

My mind was in such a whirl of confusion, erotic memories, sexual arousal and frustration that I got a headache. In the back of my mind thoughts were taking root that I didn’t dare to allow to fully develop. It was a scary place to go, even inside my own head. I found it really difficult to look at Carly when she and Jessica came downstairs an hour or so later. Both little girls looked so young and full of life that it was hard to reconcile what I’d heard with the schoolgirls standing in front of me.

Carly, as ever, looked so sweet. She was wearing a pale pink tee shirt, jeans and pink trainers. She had put her hair into two pigtails, which actually made her look younger than she really was. The whole effect was, in a word, winsome. I couldn’t help but smile at her and give her a huge brotherly hug and a kiss on her cheek.

Young Jessica wasn’t hard to look at, either. She was cute rather than pretty. Her face, somehow, just didn’t work. All of her features, taken individually, were nice enough; large brown eyes, cute nose, small mouth, but together they made an interesting face rather than a pretty one. She was a nice enough kid, though, and she and Carly had become almost inseparable from the day they started school together.

She was wearing, like Carly, a pink tee shirt, but hers featured the words ‘Too Cute For School’ in different coloured letters; a short skirt that flared out around her rather cute bum. It was small and rounded, and stuck out just enough to make it interesting. She was an inch or two taller than my sister and her long tawny-brown hair fell limply to her shoulders. Both girls were small built, without any physical shaping yet that would mark them out as girls, but I couldn’t see past the image of the pair of them sitting on Carly’s bed with their legs spread wide...

It was a difficult evening for me. I was in a state of almost permanent arousal, helped not in the least by Carly insisting on sitting very close to me while we watched telly. That in itself wasn’t unusual. However, this wasn’t a usual day, given that I knew that she had had another little girl fingering her little pussy earlier that day. It made it almost impossible for me to see her in the same light as I had previously. Pleading a headache again, I went to bed much earlier than I normally would have. Carly, as she always did, threw her arms around my neck for her ’bedtime hug’. Was it just my imagination, or did she cling to me just that little bit tighter and that little bit longer? I could not have said one way or the other.

Wearing only my boxers I padded on bare feet from my bedroom to the bathroom. In one corner was the family dirty laundry hamper. I never took a great deal of notice of it as I used it every day, as did mum, dad and Carly. However, in my peripheral vision, as I made to reach for my prick, I saw something hanging over the edge, under the lid, as though something hadn’t quite been put inside it properly. That something, I saw, was undeniably a pair of panties; girls panties. Little girls’ panties. I knew they weren’t mums’ as she was much bigger than Carly. Inexplicably, I felt my prick begin to stir as I walked over to the hamper. I began to stiffen further still when I lifted the hamper lid and reached for the white panties. I was fully erect when, in a fugue-like state, I carried my nine year old sisters soiled panties with me over to the toilet.

With one hand I pushed my boxers down and freed my stiff organ. I began to idly wank myself as I examined Carly’s panties. They were tiny, like my little sister herself. The realisation that the small piece of fabric I was holding had been wrapped around my little sisters’ arse made my prick throb with excitement. Then I checked out the gusset and gave myself another thrill when I told myself that that small strip of fabric and been pressed tightly against Carly’s virgin pussy. I actually groaned in sexual frustration as I pressed the gusset of my nine year old sister’s panties to my nose and breathed in the smell of her.

I didn’t expect to smell anything in particular; it was just the perverse pleasure of pressing my nose against what had been that close to her pussy that was my motivation. However, there was an aroma there; stale pee and sweat I thought. Okay, it wasn’t that heady musky smell of an older girl, but it sure as hell was as erotic in its own way. It smelled of innocence and virginity. It smelled, in short, of a immature and sexually inexperienced little girl. It smelled wonderful.

With Carly’s panties pressed tightly against my nose I began to wank in earnest. The more I smelled my little sister’s innocent pussy, the more aroused I became and for the second time that day I brought myself to knee trembling climax. I was panting heavily by the time I’d finished cumming and had to sit on the edge of the bath to catch my breath. When I was sufficiently calmed I tenderly placed Carly’s panties in the laundry hamper then made my way to my bed. Sleep did not come quickly or easily to me that night, but I did make a big decision.

The following morning, a Wednesday, I couldn’t wait for mum to go to work. Dad had usually already been gone an hour or more by the time mum left. I felt a sense of relief and an unaccountable nervousness when I was finally left alone with my sweet little sister. Somehow or other I managed to appear my normal brotherly self for an hour or so while me and Carly had breakfast, washed up and did whatever else needed to be done. I was actually trembling a little when I asked Carly to sit with me on the sofa in the lounge.

I couldn’t help but notice that she looked even prettier than usual. Her curly blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, which showed her pretty ‘peaches and cream’ complexion off to its best. Today, she was wearing a short royal blue skirt and another tee shirt, this one a creamy-white colour with a pattern of pale bluebells around the neck and hem, and a pair of white ankle socks. She looked the picture of health and youth. I thought she looked gorgeous. Her sweet face looked at me so trustingly that I almost changed my mind about what I was going to say. It was my needs that swayed things for me, though. I couldn’t spend another day suffering the same agonies as I did yesterday.

“I, uh, overheard you and Jessica yesterday” I said softly as I placed my arms around Carly’s shoulders and pulled her a little closer to me.
“Were we being noisy, then?” she asked, a note of concern in her voice.
“No, darling, you weren’t. That’s not quite what I meant” I added.
“Oh” she said, very quietly. Her head dropped and she looked down at her lap.
“Do you know what I’m talking about?” I asked gently.
“Yes, I think so” she replied in a very small and shy voice.
I couldn’t think of what else to say now that I’d begun. Shit! I was normally so good with words, too.
“You’re not going to say anything to mum and dad, are you?” my sister asked, turning her face to look at me again. Her eyes had darkened and narrowed with concern.
“Of course I’m not!” I exclaimed. “You know you didn’t even need to ask”
“Sorry” she said.
“To be honest with you, Carly”, I went on, feeling better by the moment, “I was kinda surprised, you know...”
“What, that me and Jessica...?”
“Well, yeah”
“We were only curious” Carly said, just a hint of tears thickening her voice.
“Yeah, I know” I said in the most reassuring tone I could muster. I reached over to her chin and turned her face to look at me again. She looked so young, so pretty, so bloody cute that all I really wanted to do was kiss her. Her eyes shone with unshed tears and her cheeks had a healthy looking pink blush to them. I felt the first stirrings of sexual arousal begin in my groin as I stared intently at my sister. “Don’t look so worried” I admonished.

Carly managed a weak smile for me and I felt my heart melt, really melt. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I leaned my face forward and placed the lightest of kisses on her lips. It was as chaste a kiss as a brother would give a sister, but, by God, did it ever send a thrill through my entire body!

Carly reached for my hand and held it tightly, as though I was her anchor.
“We found a magazine, one with naked ladies and men in it” Carly explained, looking down at her hand in mine, “and, well, we sort of thought it would be fun to, er, try things” she managed to stumble out. Her face was blushing beet-red by the time she’d finished speaking and I had to turn my face away from hers so that she couldn’t see the big grin spreading across it.
“Well, I bet that opened your eyes a bit” I said, as though we were discussing something ordinary and mundane.
“We didn’t know what everything meant” Carly went on, sounding a little more confident now. It was lucky that we had such a close relationship and were used to speaking quite freely with each other. Sex, however, had never been a subject we’d discussed. I never for a moment thought I’d be having this discussion now, at her tender age.
“I’ll bet!” I said, laughing lightly
“Some of the words were very rude!” Carly exclaimed and this time I couldn’t help but laugh more freely. The look on my nine year old sister’s face made it impossible for me to keep a straight face. She actually looked disgusted! It was even more hilarious given what I knew she and her equally young friend had been up to!
“But the pictures seemed to help...” I prompted
“A little bit, yeah” Carly agreed.
“Well, you know...”
“We tried things, but we didn’t really know what we were doing” Carly admitted and smiled at me.
I felt my heartbeat begin to quicken. This was the point at which everything could turn one of two ways.
“Yeah, pictures are only so useful” I said slowly. “Those magazine don’t exactly come with full instructions” I concluded.

My little sister sat beside me, my arm holding her close to my side. I didn’t necessarily want to put the words in her mouth, but at the same time I didn’t want her to think that that was the end of the conversation.
Carly sat perfectly still, her fingers squeezing mine tightly. I sensed an inner turmoil going on within her small body. I could almost hear her thought processes. She took a deep breath, held it for a couple of beats, then released it slowly. She squeezed my hand again as though to give herself extra assurance then turned her face to mine.
“I would really like to learn more” she said slowly, her pretty eyes boring into mine, “and so would Jessica”
Oh. That brought me up short. I’d fantasised and plotted to teach Carly anything she wanted to learn, but another little girl, too? That prospect hadn’t even entered my consideration, if it was me who was going to be the teacher, that was.
“Well, that’s good” I managed to say after a slightly-too-long pause. I waited.
Carly looked at me and I at her. The atmosphere between us was growing more and more heightened the longer this conversation went on. We both knew where it was heading, but, it seemed to me, that neither of us wanted to be the one to push it in the required direction.
“We need someone to teach us” Carly finally said, turning her eyes away from mine.
I felt my heart skip a beat and a surge of adrenalin and sexual arousal shot through every fibre of my being.
As she had made the first approach, in a manner of speaking, I felt it only fair that I should provide the rest.
“I know somebody who would not only be happy to help you” I said, reaching for her face again and turning it towards mine, “but would be proud and honoured to do so” I finished. I drew my little sisters’ face close to mine and kissed her again. This time, it wasn’t the chaste kiss of a brother, but the gentle sexual approach of a would-be lover.

Carly returned my kiss with more aplomb than I had expected. She had kissed before, properly. I wondered if she and Jessica had experimented a lot further than I had overheard yesterday? It struck me as my nine year old sister and I exchanged several more kisses that the two little girls hadn’t sounded in the least hesitant or uncomfortable with seeing - and touching - one another’s nakedness. How many other times had they ‘experimented’ I wondered.

I didn’t let those thoughts detract from the present, though. My prick was already becoming uncomfortable in my trousers. After another couple of long, increasingly passionate kisses, I sat back and looked at Carly.
“Brothers and sisters...” I began
“I KNOW it’s wrong” Carly scolded. “I’m not stupid, you know” She actually sounded really offended!
“I’m not suggesting you are, darling” I said in a mollifying tone, “but it has to be mentioned”
“No it doesn’t!” Carly insisted. “I want you to teach me stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that!” she said firmly, her little face scrunching up in unaccustomed anger.
“”Okay! Okay” I said, laughing and throwing my hands up in mock surrender. I had never seen my little sister so passionate about anything before. It quite took me by surprise, I have to say. Hell, she wanted this even more than I did, it appeared.

I genuinely didn’t have a problem with the incest angle of what we were talking about. I saw it more of an educational exercise than a sexual one. It was, admittedly, a tad strange that my little sister was so young. If I’d given any consideration to the subject (which I had in an abstract way) I had thought Carly would be more around the eleven or twelve years old mark, not nine before this sort of conversation cropped up. On the other hand, everybody develops and matures at different rates, some faster, some slower, than others. If, at nine years of age, my own kid sister was that interested in sex, then I saw it as my being more helpful to her in understanding the subject than perverting or corrupting her.

Furthermore, I suspected that, at some point, had I not been willing to help her, she would have sought answers elsewhere. That could have been disastrous and dangerous. That would have been the very last thing I would have wanted.
“Okay, honey-bunch” I said, taking her into my arms and placing soft kisses all over her face, “we won’t mention it again“. I rose to my feet and helped Carly to hers. Hand in hand I led her upstairs to my bedroom. I closed the door behind us and led the little schoolgirl to my bed.

We lay side-by-side, just kissing for a while. I felt a swell of love - and pride - for my little sister. The fraternal love we had shared as brother and sister had always been strong, but now, laying on my bed, exchanging increasingly heated kisses took that love to a whole new plane. Carly rolled onto her back and I began to stroke her small immature body. I ran my hand over her flat chest, down to her waist, to her thighs then, moving very slowly, eased my hand under her skirt.

I stroked the inside of each thigh before working my way up towards her panty-clad crotch with a slowness and patience that even I didn’t realise I possessed. I was drawing that special moment out for as long as possible; that first moment when my fingers would finally touch my nine year old sister’s pussy for the first time.

Carly’s breathing slowed to a whisper as, it seemed to me, she held her breath waiting for that first touch of my fingers. I teased her a little, coming within a whisker of her sex before easing my fingers away again, then doing the same thing again and again. At one point she even made a moaning sound of frustration as one of my fingers traced the outline of the elasticated leg of her panties but went no further. She began to kiss me with a hunger and urgency that belied her immaturity and sexual inexperience as she became aroused in a manner that she had surely never experienced before.

I was, of course, teasing myself, too. I was reaching a point where I could no longer resist her charms. I eased my hand up her thigh once more and reached for the soft cotton gusset of her panties. My little sister gave an involuntary shudder of pleasure as my finger softly stroked the taught fabric stretched over her virgin sex. I ran the very tip of that one finger up and down her slit over and over, causing the little girl to make small mewling noises of pleasure. I smiled to myself, marvelling that such a young girl could take such enjoyment from such intimate touching at her tender age.

I began to press my finger more firmly into her sex, then placed a second finger there. My prick, already highly aroused before we’d come upstairs, needed attention, too. I managed to manoeuvre myself so that Carly’s hand could reach my groin. To her credit, she wasted no time in rubbing the swelling she found there. Now it was my turn to make noises of appreciation as my little sister gave me a whole new type of sexual pleasure.

I continued to finger Carly’s little pussy for several more minutes and all the time the air of sexual tension was rising in my bedroom. It rose another couple of notches higher still when I stroked my hand further under my schoolgirls sisters’ skirt and felt the swell of her pubis. She raised her hips into the air a little as she felt my hand cupping her sex in my hand. I felt her fingers grab the swell of my prick more firmly as I gave her little pussy gentle squeezes. She cried out softly and looked at me with such love that I felt very emotional. Tears flooded my eyes and I had to take several deep breaths to stop them from falling.

I pressed gently on my little sisters’ crotch so that she returned her backside to the bed. My fingers found the waistband of her panties and I began to ease my hand into them. In moments I was feeling the incredible smoothness and softness of her hairless pubis.

Oh, my God! I had never felt anything so soft, so smooth, so goddamn sexy in my sixteen years! If possible, my prick swelled to even greater stiffness as my fingers gently stroked my nine year old sisters’ pubis. I was revelling in the feel of her and she, for her part, appeared to be revelling in being touched so intimately. Her lips constantly sought mine and we kissed with genuine passion and sexual arousal.

My hand had reached a point whereby it could not move comfortably in Carly’s panties. With extreme reluctance I withdrew my hand from them and removed Carly’s hand from my prick.
“Let’s get undressed” I whispered, not wishing to speak in my normal tone for fear of breaking the spell we had woven around us.
My little sister made to undress herself but I asked her to wait. She lay and watched me as I stripped off my shirt, trousers and socks, leaving just my boxers with the tell-tale evidence of my arousal clear for her to see.

I asked her to sit up, which she willingly did. She raised her arms into the air as I removed her tee shirt then lay back down again and rolled onto her stomach. I undid the single button that held her skirt around her waist and lowered the zip. Carly raised herself to her knees so that I could slip the loosened garment over her sexy little arse then off her legs. I dropped it on the floor with my clothes and looked at my little sister.

Her snow-white panties hugged the curves of her tiny little ass. I leaned forward and placed soft gentle kisses on each cheek as my fingers slowly tugged the soft cotton fabric of her panties off her hips. Again, the nine year old schoolgirl, without needing to be asked, raised her hips slightly to enable me to slip her panties down her thighs and legs where I eventually dropped them to join the rest of our clothing. She still had her little ankle socks on, which I left. For some reason, I found it incredibly erotic to see my little sister laying there like that with her socks on. It just served to emphasise, to my mind, just how young and innocent she really was.

My hands stroked her sexy arse cheeks, my fingers gently kneading the small round orbs. I leaned forward again and began to place soft kisses all over each cheek, licking and kissing them. I ran my tongue down the slit that separated the two cheeks before carefully parting them and licking the smooth sensitive skin there. Carly shuddered in pleasure as she felt my tongue leaving a moist trail of saliva down her bum crack, but when she felt the tip of it probing the tight puckered ring of her anus she gasped. I pressed my tongue against that tight dark hole and began to lap at it like a cat lapping up milk. My little sister began to squirm as I pressed the very tip of my tongue against the dark ring and I felt her muscles relax. I was now able to slip about half an inch of my tongue into her tight arsehole. I began to slip it in and out of that most secret of her orifices, which caused her to writhe and squirm beneath me. After five minutes or so I gave her sexy hole a final lick and, after placing my hands on her hips, eased her onto her back.

As I said earlier, I hadn’t seen my little sister naked for several years. In truth, her little body hadn’t changed a great deal in the intervening years. The difference today, though, was that Carly was in the throes of high sexual arousal, and that made a huge difference.

Her flat chest bore two tiny dark nipples, which were surrounded by a paler, coffee-coloured aureole. The nipples themselves were standing up stiffly from her chest and my fingers lightly brushed over them. I had felt erect nipples before. They, though, felt nothing at all like the erect nipples of a nine year old schoolgirl’s. Carly’s felt much harder and stiffer and when I gave them the gentlest of tweaks, Carly jerked as though she had received an electric shock. I assumed it was because they were very sensitive and was reassured by the sweet smile on saw on my sister’s pretty face. I tweaked each nipple again, then several more times before finally placing my mouth over them. My tongue licked each tiny hard bud repeatedly, which Carly seemed to really enjoy. I sucked as hard as I could on them, enjoying the feel of that hard bud on my tongue.

My hands had been constantly stroking my little sister’s face, shoulders and flat belly as I made love to her nipples. I gave each nipple a final kiss before beginning to kiss Carly’s small body all over, from her forehead to her eyes, her little nose, her cheeks, lips neck and shoulders. I kissed my way down her chest and her belly until I arrived at the swell of her pubis.

I paused momentarily before placing my lips onto that sexy mound. Feeling her there had been incredible; kissing that smooth hairless swell was amazing! I could not stop licking and kissing her there, so much did I enjoy the feel of her oh-so-soft skin against my lips. Carly had placed her hands on my head and was stroking my hair. After many minutes of me kissing her pubis she began to press her hands against my head, urging me to move on. I took the hint. My tongue snaked out and located the slit of her sex. I ran it slowly down between the folds of soft flesh towards her virgin sex.

I knew from sniffing her soiled panties the previous evening that there would be no musk-like smell or taste on my little sister’s sex. However, she did have her own little-girl aroma there, that of pee-and-sweat that I'd smelled on her panties last night. When my tongue lapped at her little pussy for the very first time I thought that I would cum in my boxers before my prick got anywhere near where my mouth was!

Even in my limited sexual encounters to that point, I had discovered that I loved the taste of pussy. I could happily lick pussy for hours on end. Licking my nine year old sister’s pussy was something else altogether. It was a different taste to an older girls and, in its way, more erotic and enjoyable. My tongue greedily lapped up the taste of Carly’s innocent sex, flicking up and down her slit over and over and over again.

Using my thumbs I eased apart the folds of Carly’s pussy and located the immature bud of her clitty. I had no idea whether having that super-sensitive bud stimulated would have the same effect on a nine year old girl as it did an older one, but I was curious to find out.

My little sister’s young body stiffened as my tongue flicked her hard little bud. She made noises of appreciation, telling me that whatever I was doing felt especially nice and to not stop. I licked and flicked her clitty continuously while my fingers probed the pink moistness of her virgin pussy.

She wasn’t producing any love fluids, but the thorough licking I’d already given her sexy pussy had deposited plenty of saliva. I eased one finger at first into her tight hole, pushing it into her tight passage as far as I could get it. I had expected Carly to cry out as my finger broke through her hymen, but she didn’t make a sound. I wondered if that had already happened - with Jessica. I found the thought of one nine year old schoolgirl taking the virginity of another highly erotic and began to push another finger deep into my little sisters’ sex.

Carly’s pussy was very, very tight and felt tighter still with two of my fingers as far into her as they could go. I was still paying a great deal of attention to her clitty and, as she became more used to my fingers in her innocent young body, the tightness around my fingers eased considerably. I was then able to finger-fuck her comfortably.

My prick had softened while I had been licking and kissing my little sister’s sexy young body, but hearing her making sounds of sexual arousal and pleasure soon brought me back to full erection. Carly’s pussy had lost a lot of its tightness and my fingers were moving freely in her sex. It was the right time.

I withdrew my fingers from Carly’s pussy, gave it another lingering lick and kiss before I raised my face from between her thighs. I looked her laying there in front of me, her face flushed, naked and very young. She was beautiful.

My little sister watched as I pushed my boxers down from my hips and freed my erect prick. Her eyes widened when she saw my manhood in its full erect glory for the first time. Now, I was far from being the biggest guy in the world in that department, but the girls who had enjoyed having me in their bodies had had no cause for complaint. They, though, were older and more sexually experienced than my little sister. I guess to a nine year old virgin schoolgirl, any mans’ prick would seem huge and impossible to fit inside their tight little pussy. I aimed to prove to at least one nine year old schoolgirl that she had nothing to worry about.

I smiled reassuringly at Carly as I presented the purple head of my prick to her pussy. I leaned right over her and sought her lips with mine as I eased my hips forward. Carly kissed me hungrily - desperately, even - as she felt my swollen organ attempting to penetrate her virgin sex.
“Just relax, darling” I encouraged gently, whispering into her ear. “It’ll be okay”

I was applying slow gentle pressure through my hips, pressing my prick more firmly against my little sister’s pussy. God, she was tight! I felt myself entering her by slow painful degrees until, suddenly, like a cork popping out of a champagne bottle in reverse, I slipped all the way into her. Carly gasped in surprise as her tight virgin pussy was suddenly filled with about five inches of stiff prick. She was no longer an innocent nine year old virgin schoolgirl.

I just lay on top of my sister, allowing her to get used to having her little pussy full of prick. The urge to begin humping her was strong, but I restrained myself. I knew that if I got this right the first time, other opportunities to be in this exact same position with her would occur. So I waited a few minutes, just kissing Carly and reassuring her. Only after I had assured myself that she was okay, did I begin to properly make love with her.

I eased my hips back a little, then pushed them forward again. Then I did the same thing again, then again. I saw the tension drain from Carly as she felt my stiff prick moving inside of her. Encouraged, I withdrew my prick about halfway then slipped it back in. Again, I repeated the move several times until I was sure that my little sister was entirely happy and comfortable. She was smiling at me now and some of the tightness around my prick had eased.

Carly was still incredibly tight, even so, It was wonderful! I had not had the pleasure of making love to a virgin before, so in that respect, this experience was as new to me as it was to Carly. If all virgins were as tight as my own little sister, man, I could fuck virgins forever! The walls of Carly’s nine year old pussy gripped my prick like a vice, and the feelings I was getting were the most intense I’d had in my limited sex life. Every tiny movement of my prick in my little sister’s body was another new pleasure, the sensations magnified. I was in heaven.

Until the moment I actually slipped my prick into Carly, I had never considered nine year old schoolgirls as being sexy. Certainly the conversation I’d overheard Carly having with her friend had taken me aback a little. However, the reality of feeling my swollen organ slipping in and out of such a young girls’ pussy had me converted. I knew that my whole perspective on young girls - very young girls - had changed literally overnight. From seeing pretty little girls out and about, I would see sexy little girls; little girls I would like to fuck.

I have to admit, also, the fact that my prick was buried to the hilt in my own little sister’s sex was also a huge turn on. Seeing her small naked body joined to mine, looking into her face and seeing some of my own features there was an amazing sensation. Incest, as far as I was concerned, was just another form of love and I was a convert.

All of these thoughts flitted through my mind in moments as I began to increase the rate of my movements in Carly’s little body. She was so small and so sexy that I wanted this to last forever. Never had I felt so aroused as I did with my prick slipping comfortably in and out of my schoolgirl sister’s sex. Never had I been so aware of being naked with another girl. Never had I enjoyed sex as much as I was with my own nine year old sister. There was nothing before it to compare it to, and that was what made the whole thing so special.

I was now thrusting my prick more quickly into Carly’s pussy, making love with her at a regular and steady pace. We kissed frequently, long and deep kisses that left us both gasping for breath afterwards. My mouth licked and kissed her chest, especially her dark nipples and I kissed her all over her pretty face.

I slipped my hand under her arse and quickly found the tight ring of her anus. I gently probed the ring of muscle as my prick thrust in and out of her pussy. I was able to ease just a fingertip into the dark passage, but as I thrust myself into her pussy, Carly’s arse also gave up its resistance to being penetrated and I soon had a finger buried deeply into her back passage. A few minutes later it was joined by a second.
Carly gasped as she felt her sphincter muscles being stimulated in a manner she had never expected. Being pounded both back and front at the same time seemed to unleash something passionate in her as she began to thrash about on my bed wildly. She tossed her head from side to side, bucked her hips up and down, rising to meet the thrust of my prick and feeling my fingers deeper in her arse as her arse hit the bed again. She was making animal-like grunts and other noises as her innocent young body experienced sensations totally outside of her experience.

Seeing my little sister enjoying her first sexual experience served to raise my enjoyment too. My prick felt longer and thicker than it ever had and I felt that I could keep pumping it in Carly’s nine year old pussy for hours on end. I had never reached the height of arousal as I was enjoying at that time with Carly and I never wanted it to come to an end.

Unfortunately, nature always takes its course. Far sooner than I would have liked I felt those all-too familiar tingles, that seemed to begin in the tips of my toes and travel slowly up my legs to my cum-swollen balls. My prick felt as though it would rip Carly apart as I began to frantically pound myself into my little sister’s body. I was like a human piston, thrusting my stiff length into Carly over and over and over. The tension in my balls was becoming unbearable and I was grunting loudly every time I thrust into my sisters little tight pussy.

Those tingles built and built and built to such a pitch that I thought I would die if they didn’t peak. I was bathed in sweat and was grunting like a rutting animal myself as my prick slammed into my little sister’s innocent sex, over and over again. Suddenly, just when I felt that I couldn’t stand it for a moment longer, with one final thrust my whole world exploded. My brain went into meltdown as my entire body became swamped with sensations of the like I had never enjoyed or experienced before. I became a single mass of sexual sensation as my swollen prick erupted steam after thick stream of cum into Carly’s little pussy. I could not see or hear or even think as my balls emptied their load of creamy fluid into my nine year old sister’s sex.

And still my hips kept thrusting, drawing every single nanosecond of pleasure from this most illicit of sexual encounters. It seemed to me like a whole millennium passed before the physical world began to re-emerge from the sensual heaven I had been all-too-briefly transported to. I was still moving my prick in Carly’s pussy, but with less vigour now. In a few moments I stopped altogether and I slipped out of her. Cum began to dribble from her tiny pussy hole and pooled between her legs onto my duvet. At some point I had removed my fingers from Carly’s arse, though I couldn’t remember doing so. Panting like an overworked dray horse, I collapsed alongside my little sister and grabbed her into my arms. Our kisses were wild and abandoned, just like two lovers who had enjoyed a fantastic sex session and were reluctant for it to be all over.

We lay like that for quite some time until we both eventually drifted off to sleep. I awoke first, some three hours later. Carly was curled into a little ball. She looked so cute, so young and so bloody sexy that, even after the load of cum I’d poured into her, I felt myself begin to stir to arousal once more. I began to finger my little sister’s sexy dark arsehole, which woke her up.

I asked her to lay as she was, on her side with her back to me. I bent my face to her cute little arse and began to lick her dark puckered ring. I could smell my own cum from her pussy, which actually turned me on. My prick was ramrod stiff again and I was as horny as I'd been a few hours earlier.

I rolled Carly onto her front then positioned myself between her legs. I asked her to get to her knees, which she did without question. My hands parted her arse cheeks and I licked greedily at her anal ring, slathering the tight hole with saliva. I probed the dark hole with a finger and was delighted that it slipped into my little sister's arsehole quite smoothly and easily. I slid a second into her and finger-fucked her sexy little arse for several minutes whilst, with my other hand, I finger-fucked her cum-soaked pussy.

Carly was making noises of pleasure as her arse and pussy were once again sexually stimulated. For a nine year old schoolgirl, she sure wasn't shy at making her feelings known! I withdrew my fingers from her arsehole and pressed the purple head of my prick against the dark ring. It took only two or three firm thrusts of my hips before I felt myself slipping into Carly's sphincter.

God Almighty! If her virgin pussy had been tight, then her sexy arse was tighter still! I could barely move as her sphincter muscles closed around the length of my prick, holding it painfully tight. I began to thrust my fingers in and out of my little sister's pussy hard and fast, which had the desired effect of distracting her attention away from her arsehole. I felt her rectal muscles relax and I was able to move my prick more freely.

As I had when I'd slipped into her virgin pussy, I moved slowly at first, only increasing the tempo and strength of my movements in her as I felt her become more used to and more comfortable with having my length buried to the hilt in her most private orifice.

I'd only once before had anal sex, but that was under a whole different set of circumstances. However, I had never forgotten what it felt like and now, several years later, I was revisiting those sensations with my own nine year old sister. If anything, it felt even better than that first time and I revelled in the sheer illicit delight of feeling my prick inside Carly's immature young body once more.

I began to thrust myself harder and faster in Carly's arse, slamming my prick as deep into her rectum as I could shove it. I felt myself approaching climax and humped myself harder and faster still. My prick began to swell and those tingles become another mind-blowing rush as I tipped myself over the edge and exploded in my sister's arse.

Once more, I was transported to that special place that only happened when I had sex. Never before had it been so wonderful or as intense as it was making love with my little sister. All of the 'wrongness' about what me and my nine year old schoolgirl sister were doing served to magnify the experience and intensify the pleasure of it all. It was utterly amazing and beautiful!

I filled Carly's arsehole with cum, more than I would have thought I could produce after the amount I'd unloaded in her pussy such a short time ago. I humped her furiously, depositing every drop my balls had to give in her tight passage until I was completely drained. Only when my head cleared and there was no more cum left to give did I stop humping and allowed my wilting prick to slip from Carly's young body.

I collapsed alongside her and she threw herself on top of me, babbling about how nice it was and how much she loved me. I told her that I loved her, too and we kissed passionately. I had never felt so sexually fulfilled or as happy.

Later, when we had finally made it down to the lounge (a lot of messing about in the shower had nearly led to Act Four!) Carly brought up the question of Jessica. She said that she felt a little bit guilty as she now knew more than Jessica did. I asked her if Jessica was trustworthy: could she keep a secret? Carly became unusually reticent all of a sudden, then said that she had a secret that Jessica had confided in her. She wanted to tell me but didn’t want to betray her friend’s confidence. I asked if it had any bearing on what we had done and she said that it could do. I told Carly that anything she told me would stay just between the two of us. What she told me almost blew me away. That, though, is another story.

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