I'm a sixteen year old guy with a nine year old sister. One day I overheard my sister, Carly, and her nine year old friend, Jessica, in Carly's bedroom talking about - and experimenting with - sex


(Recap: I'm a sixteen year old guy with a nine year old sister. One day I overheard my sister, Carly, and her nine year old friend, Jessica, in Carly's bedroom talking about - and experimenting with - sex. Later I taught my little sister all I knew about the subject. Then, Carly confided Jessica's secret to me...)

A week went by. Me and Carly, always close and loving beforehand, were even closer than before. Neither of us could wait to get naked once mum and dad went to work. I loved seeing my angelic-looking little sister without her clothes on. She was such a sweet doll to look at that I could hardly keep my hands off her small immature body.
Not for one moment did I regret making love with her that first time, despite her tender age. If anything, the fact that we’d become so intimate so soon in her young life made it all extra-special to me, as it did every time we were alone together. I loved to hold her small undeveloped naked body against mine.
Feeling my swollen prick slipping into her tight pussy was as exciting the second and third and every time I did it as it was that first time. Not only that, she enjoyed having my prick in her arse as well. In the week that had passed since that first time, I had slipped myself into her other sexy hole as often as I had her sweet tight pussy. Never would I have believed that a little schoolgirl could make me feel so horny all the time when I was alone with her, but my nine year old little sister did.
My prick was pounding her sexy arsehole for the second time that day. The first time, just after mum went out, I had been in too much of a hurry to have my sister in bed with me and had cum too soon. This time, some three hours later, I was taking my time. While my prick filled her sphincter, I had two fingers buried in her pussy, my thumb rubbing the tiny nub of her immature clitoris. Carly, on her knees with her face buried in one of my pillows, was making noises of pleasure as she felt her little body being sexually stimulated once more.
The all-too familiar tingles of my climax built in intensity. I held my nine year old sister’s hips and thrust myself into her little body more quickly and firmly, feeling my balls contract as the tingles became a rush and then I was cumming in her arse.
I continued to shove my prick into Carly’s little body until the mind-numbing sensations subsided and all of the cum in my balls was emptied into her arse. Only when there was nothing left to give her did I remove my prick and lay beside her.
We kissed and touched one another, totally comfortable with one another’s bodies by then. It felt as beautiful and natural to me as holding her hand had been just a week or so ago. I truly loved my little sister and she loved me in return. I couldn’t have been much happier.
After another prolonged kiss I turned onto my side and faced Carly.
“What are we going to do about Jessica?” I asked.
“I have invited her round” Carly said, “but her brother won’t come with her”
In light of what Carly had told me about Jessica and her brother, I was keen for the both of them to come to our house (we couldn’t go round to theirs as Jessica’s mother was in a wheelchair and didn’t stay out very long when she did go out).
“Well, if he won’t come, we’ll just have to teach Jessica, then” I said, grinning at my sister.
“I suppose so” Carly agreed, then took hold of my limp prick. Christ, for a kid who wasn’t supposed to be sexually active yet, she was insatiable! My prick didn’t stay limp for very long, nor did my little sister’s pussy stay empty!

A few days later - a Thursday I think - Carly came up to my bedroom and told me that Jessica would be coming round that afternoon, if I was interested... You bet I was!
It turned out that she turned up just a couple of hours later, about one o’clock. And she wasn’t alone. Her older brother, Stuart, had come with her.
Carly led them into the lounge where they sat next to each other on the sofa. Carly sat with me in an armchair. It was mildly distracting for me as she was wearing a skirt, a blouse... and no panties! I’d only found that out a few minutes before our guests arrived when she’d sat on my bed and opened her legs to me. I was just about to slip my hand under her skirt when the doorbell rang, so I was already feeling horny.
Jessica looked nicer than usual. She had on a fluorescent-yellow pair of cycling shorts and a loose-fitting short-sleeved top in white. Her face looked somehow prettier to me than it usually did, but that was perhaps because I was looking at her through different eyes that day. I mean, I already knew things about her that she didn’t know I knew and I was fervently hoping to get to know her nine year old body a whole lot better before the day was over.
Stuart, her brother, was three years older than Jessica. Like his sister, he wasn’t necessarily a handsome lad, but would, I thought, have no problems pulling girls as he matured. He was about five feet, six inches tall, slim built, bordering on girlish, actually. He had close-cropped hair and a sour expression on his face. The clothes he was wearing was considered fashionable at that time: oversized baggy jeans that just about hung onto his hips, revealing the waistband of his boxer shorts, an even baggier, tatty-looking so-called ‘designer’ sweatshirt that had probably cost a small fortune and worn, scuffed trainers. He probably thought he looked cool and trendy. I thought he looked like a tramp, but what did I know?
We sat in an awkward silence, the four of us, each lost in his or her own thoughts. Now that the brother and sister were in our house, I didn’t quite know how to broach the subject that was uppermost in my mind. I could hardly come out and say “hey, Stu, so just how long have you been touching-up your little sister, then?”, could I? So we just sat there, not really looking at one another.
It was Carly who got things moving. She slipped off the arm of my armchair, miraculously managing to do so without her skirt sliding up and exposing her little pussy. She walked over to Jessica and began to whisper in her ear. I watched as Jessica’s face went pale, then beet-red. I had a good idea that my little sister was telling her friend that she had told me about hers and her brother’s secret. Then Jessica began to nod her head enthusiastically and smiled.
Carly kissed her friend’s cheek and with a big smile on her own face, walked back towards me. She clambered onto my lap, turned to look at Jessica, then nodded. She turned to face me then kissed me. At the very same time Jessica did the same to her brother. I watched as Stuart, taken aback at first, tried to pull away from his sister. However, when Jessica pointed his attention in mine and Carly’s direction, he grinned and took his sister into his arms and kissed her freely.
As an ice-breaker, it worked perfectly. After some five minutes of heavy kissing, and the atmosphere in the lounge growing more excited by the moment, we all broke off kissing at roughly the same moment. Now seemed a more appropriate time to ask my question, or a variation on it anyway.
Carly turned herself around on my lap so that her back was against my chest. I laid my hands in her lap, my fingers tantalisingly close to the hem of her skirt. I put the thoughts in my mind to one side for the moment.
“It looks like you and Jessica are as close as me and Carly” I said to the young boy.
Stuart looked at his sister, smiled, then looked back at me.
“Yeah, we are” he said.
“Have you, you know, been... for long?” I asked vaguely. I knew the answer to my own question as Carly had already told me about her friend and her brother.
Stuart appeared to be reluctant to answer and broke eye contact with me. Seeing her brother’s discomfort, Jessica spoke for him.
“Since I was six” she said. Her brother looked at her and blushed. “He used to touch me between my legs” the little girl added.
“You always let me!” Stuart said, defensively.
“It’s alright, Stu” I said, “nobody’s criticising you or anything. Anyway, it feels nice, though, doesn’t it?”
The schoolboy nodded his head enthusiastically, and grinned at me. Two guys in it together. Just what I wanted.
“Me and Mike only started a week ago” Carly told him.
Stuarts eyes opened wide as they looked at me. I nodded my head to say, yep that’s right, and kissed the back of Carly’s neck. She let out a little giggle.
“I knew you were up to something, Carly!” Jessica squealed and began to giggle like the little girl she was. I found it rather arousing for some reason.
“Well, Mike overheard us when we were, you know, up in my bedroom” Carly told her young friend. Jessica’s face was a picture of shock, horror and amusement. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.
“It’s your curiosity that got me and Carly started” I told her, “and I’m glad it did”!” I said emphatically.
“Have you and Carly, er, done ‘it’ then?” Stuart asked, his voice hushed with awe.
“Lots of times, now” my little sister answered for me, as though she was mentioning how nice the weather was or something.
I’d heard the expression a million times, but had never seen it happen. The twelve year old boys’ mouth literally dropped open when he heard just how close me and my little sister had become in such a short space of time.
“We haven’t” Jessica admitted, looking almost accusingly at her big brother.
“Well, I didn’t think you’d want to” he told her.
I suspected it wasn’t so much that she didn’t want to; I was fairly sure it was because the schoolboy didn’t yet know how to... I thought I could probably help him out there.
“I don’t know about anyone else” Carly announced out of the blue, “but I’m bored with talking about this”
To my ears, it sounded like a challenge to Stuart. He was still looking at his sister so didn’t see my little sister’s hands quickly whip her skirt up and reveal her small pink pussy. Jessica did, though. Her eyes went big and wide and her mouth formed an ’O’ of surprise. Stuart, realising that something was going on behind him, slowly turned around.
I saw his face turn from puzzlement to shock to something approaching lust as his eyes were confronted my the full-on view of Carly’s little pussy. His eyes opened wider still when he saw me slide my hand between my little sister’s legs and start to finger her sex.
“I agree with Carly” I said conversationally, fingering her sweet young pussy as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
The young schoolboy squirmed on his seat, seemingly unable to tear his eyes away from Carly’s pussy and what my fingers were doing to it. At that point, one of my fingers was slipping in and out of my nine year old sister’s tight sex.
Jessica reached over and placed one of her hands in her brother’s lap. He let out a small groan of surprise and pleasure as he felt his own little sister’s fingers stroke his stiffness. It was enough to break the spell Carly’s pussy had over him. He turned to Jessica and she allowed him to part her legs so that he could feel her.
The young brother and sister began to kiss again. I had two fingers deep in Carly’s pussy and she was making little sounds of pleasure as I finger-fucked her sex. My own prick was rigid under her cute arse. With my fingers in her pussy, she wriggled her arse around on my stiffness, which did nothing to ease my arousal!
“I, uh, think perhaps we ought to go up to my bedroom” I suggested as Stuart and Jessica stood up. The schoolboy was trying to remove his sister’s tight cycling shorts at that point. Although the street we lived on was quite quiet and our house reasonably secluded, the lounge had a very large window that overlooked the street. I didn’t want to run the risk of anybody passing by glancing in and seeing what was going on.
I removed my fingers from my little sister’s pussy and she hopped down from my lap. The two little girls held hands as they exited the lounge. Stuart and I followed two tiny, but very cute, little arses up the stairs to my bedroom.
Stuart wasted no time in helping his sister undress once the bedroom door had closed behind us. I joined Carly on my bed - a double - after I’d quickly taken my trousers off. My nine year old sister, with her skirt hitched up around her waist, opened here legs wide and I easily slipped my swollen length into her waiting sex.
Jessica and her brother were to the side of us. I watched Jessica as my prick slipped in and out of Carly’s pussy. She knelt down in front of her brother, who still had his boxers on. Her hands pulled them down by the waistband, freeing his stiff little prick.
Even though my own prick was tightly enveloped in my sister’s pussy, my first sight of Stuarts erect prick sent a funny, but not at all unpleasant, sensation through my body. It brought back to me memories of another boy I’d been at school with and the sexual experimentation we had indulged in for a few weeks around Stuarts‘ age. I’d not seen a little boys’ prick since.
Already highly aroused, I felt myself becoming even more so as nine year old Jessica took her older brother’s small stiff prick into her mouth and begin to suck it. It struck me that it was something she must have done plenty of times, judging by how confidently she took him into her mouth. I found it an incredibly erotic and sexy sight. It drove me to slam my prick into my own little sister’s pussy harder and faster.
It didn’t take too long for Stuart to cum. I watched as his girlish young body went rigid and his face reddened. He held onto his young sister’s head as his hips thrust in her mouth. He let out a strangled cry and his face tensed. Jessica quickly released her brother’s prick as it began to spurt cum into her mouth. Stuart's little prick spilled an impressive amount of creamy cum over his sister’s chest.
It was all to much for me. With the young brother and sister watching, my balls soon gave up their load of cum and I filled my nine year old sister’s pussy with it. I slammed myself into her over and over again until I had emptied my sac. I laid beside Carly then Jessica and Stuart joined us on my bed.
The two little girls chatted animatedly about, of all things, something they were doing at school! I couldn't believe it. There we all were, a sixteen year old, a twelve year old and two nine year olds, stark-bollock naked, one little girl's pussy full of cum, the other little girl with cum over her chest, and they were talking about school. Unbelievable.
Stuart was laying next to me and we chatted, too. However, our conversation was about what was uppermost on our minds: our little sisters.
"How long has Jessica been giving you blow jobs, then? I asked
"About a year now, I think" the boy answered.
"And you've never had sex with her?"
"No, not yet". His answer was vague, embarrassed even.
"Haven't you wanted to?"
"Well, yeah!" the boy said with a little more animation.
"So what's stopped you, then?" I waited to hear what he'd say. It took a beat too long for him to answer. I knew for definite, then.
"I thought she was too small; too young and that I might... I might hurt her or something" he muttered unconvincingly.
"Or, maybe" I challenged, "it's because you don't really know what to do?"
A fleeting look of annoyance crossed his face, as if I'd caught him out in a lie. I wasn't trying to goad the lad. Hell, I wanted to help him!
Stuart said nothing for maybe a minute.
"Yeah, you're right. I feel stupid, you know?"
I almost laughed. I mean, come on, a twelve year old kid getting stressed over not knowing how to have sex? I knew of blokes older than me who didn't have much more idea than young Stuart.
"Hey, c'mon" I said, putting my arm around his shoulders companionably, "we all have to learn sometime, don't we?"
"Yeah, I guess so. Jessica wants me to, you know". He sounded desolate and miserable.
"She wants you to make love with her?"
"Yeah, but..."
"Well, my young friend, before you go home today, you'll have all the answers you'll need, I can promise you that!" I declared, hugging his slender body. The schoolboy smiled at me gratefully. I felt an odd lurch in my chest as I held his naked young body. Christ, I was getting horny again, and it had nothing to do with the two nine year old schoolgirls laying on my bed...
I'd been so engrossed in my conversation with Stuart that I hadn't noticed that the two young friends had become quiet. I turned to look at them and felt my breath catch in my throat.
They were sat facing one another, their legs spread. Each little girl had one of her hands on the other girl's pussy, gently fingering the other. Immediately my prick began to stir to life again. Stuart just gaped in amazement as he watched his little sister engage freely in lesbian activity with my sister.
Although it was the first time I had seen it, having heard the two nine year old's last week, it wasn't as much of a shock or surprise to me as it was to Stuart. Even so, my prick became rigid in no time at all, as did the schoolboy's, I noticed. We sat and watched for a while, both of us becoming obviously aroused.
"Hey, you two" I said, "what about us, then?"
The two little girls looked around at me and Stuart, looked at one another, then burst into giggles. As she was closest to me, I grabbed hold of Jessica. Stuart got off the bed and walked around to the other side where my sister was. I shuffled over to give him enough room to get back on my bed beside her, taking Jessica with me.
The schoolgirl lay in front of me, looking up at me and smiling. I leaned forward and kissed her lips, at the same time reaching between her legs for her still-virgin pussy. I felt her slim young body give a small shudder of pleasure as my fingers stroked the soft petals of her tiny pussy.
At some point Carly had removed her clothes and was lying naked next to Stuart. They were kissing and my sister had his stiff little prick in her hand. She was slowly wanking him whilst his fingers probed her cum-filled pussy.
With my fingers still stroking her innocent sex, I began to kiss my way down Jessica’s naked little body. I kissed her all over her face before starting to work my way to her shoulders, her chest and her tiny hard nipples. I lingered over the nine year old girl’s hard pink buds for a couple of minutes, relishing the feel of them in my mouth and against my tongue, before moving on to her flat stomach.
Eventually my mouth found the smooth swell of her pubis. I lathered her velvet-soft skin with soft gentle kisses, which made the immature little girl squirm. I removed my fingers from her tiny pussy and eased apart the folds of her sex before snaking the tip of my tongue between the two folds.
From her reaction, it appeared that her big brother had never licked her there, for her small body almost jumped off the bed when she felt the tip of my tongue licking her sweet virgin pussy. I felt myself become harder as I lapped Jessica’s sex, licking my way from the top to her tiny dark anal ring.
I heard Stuart cry that he was going to cum and moments later he let out a small cry as my little sisters’ hand brought him to climax again. I was concentrating on his sister’s pussy but noticed Carly and the boy shifting their positions on the bed next to us. I wasn’t about to stop what I was doing to confirm what I thought; that my sister and Stuart were watching me and young Jessica.
My tongue flicked up and down Jessica’s virgin pussy, seeking the bud of her undeveloped clitty. Each time I licked her sensitive bud, her hips bucked, as had Carly’s when I’d done it to her. I smiled inwardly at the thought that, in another two or three years time, the two little girls would probably be seeking that bud themselves with their own fingers, trying to reproduce the incredible feelings my tongue was producing. Not so many years after that..., well, then they’ll learn just how nice that tiny little bud would make them feel.
With my mouth busily working her sweet pussy, my hands were sliding under Jessica’s sexy arse. I gently parted her bum cheeks and sought her anal ring with one of my fingers. I lightly pressed the tip of my finger against the tight ring of muscle and met strong resistance, which I expected. Undeterred, I kept pressing the nine year old little girl’s ring, eventually feeling it relax a little. I eased the tip of my finger into her, then immediately took it out again. I did it again, then again and kept on doing the same thing until I felt Jessica’s anus relax to the point that I was able to slip almost the length of my finger into her young inexperienced body.
I gave the little girls’ pussy another long, slow lick before removing my face from between her legs. Carly had already located my bottle of baby oil and was holding it out to me when I looked up. She had a big smile on her face and her other hand between her legs. I saw her rapidly rubbing her little pussy as she handed me the bottle without a word.
Stuart sat cross-legged next to his young sister. He was also aroused again I noticed. His little prick stood proudly to attention once more. God, how well I remembered how I was able to recover so quickly after cumming when I was his age. I often used to wank six, seven, eight times a night when I was twelve years old. I even made myself sore at times because I couldn’t leave my prick alone for too long!
Jessica watched me as I poured some of the oil onto my hand then apply it to her pussy. I also applied a liberal amount to my prick before handing the bottle to her brother. I placed the head of my swollen organ against the nine year old schoolgirl’s virgin sex and eased my hips forward.
It was like hitting a brick wall. Jessica was so tight that I could get no further than the very end of my prick in her. The harder I tried to press myself into the little girl, the more resistance I met. It was hopeless. Carly, watching closely, came to the rescue.
She eased Stuart out of her way then positioned her self over her friend’s face. She squatted down so that her pussy was directly over Jessica’s mouth.
“If you lick me, Jessica” she told her friend, “it’ll take your mind off other things”
I watched and waited to see what the little girl would do. Several long, agonising moments of suspense passed before the little girl cautiously poked her tongue towards my little sister’s waiting pussy. Carly gave a shudder of delight when she felt her young friend licking at her pussy, and she smiled at me.
Stuart just sat there, a look of dumbfounded amazement as his little sister, with more confidence now, licked Carlys’ pussy. One of his hands had found its way to his stiff little prick and he was rubbing himself furiously.
“Hey!”, Carly cried out, “don’t do that. Why don’t you stand up next to me?” As I made to press my prick against Jessica’s virgin pussy again I saw her twelve year old brother rise to his feet. He put a hand against the wall to steady himself as my sister took his small swollen organ into her mouth and began to suck him, hard. Christ, she’d never even done that to me! I made a mental note to make sure that I learned what it felt like to have my nine year old sister’s mouth wrapped around my swollen shaft. In the meantime, I had another nine year old schoolgirl to think about.
With her attention elsewhere, my prick still struggled to slip easily in to the little girl. However, I pushed my hips forwards more firmly and was delighted to feel the head of my organ break through the schoolgirl’s resistance at last.
Jessica let out a muffled cry of pain as she felt her immature body invaded by a prick for the very first time. As I slid all of the way into her, feeling her pussy walls close vice-like around my length, she bucked and cried out more loudly when I bumped up against her hymen.
I had assumed that, as my little sister had broken her hymen at some point before my prick got anywhere near her pussy, Jessica would have done so also. I was obviously wrong.
“This will only hurt for a couple of moments, honey” I told the little girl. I then thrust my hips firmly forward and felt it break through the nine year old schoolgirl’s virginity.
Jessica yelped and her legs locked tightly together. I could feel her pussy trying to eject my prick from her, but I just lay still, allowing her sex to get used to the feel of my length fully in her body. After a minute or two of tension, during which I couldn’t help but wonder if things with me and the nine year old would go any further, I heard her sigh.
“I’m alright now” she said. I could hear the tears that she was holding back in her voice.
“That’s the worst bit, Jessica” I told her soothingly, “it’ll be much nicer now”. With that I slowly withdrew my prick to the very entrance to her sex before sliding back in again. Then I did it again, and again. The tightness around my shaft that was preventing me from moving feely in the schoolgirls’ body began to ease until I was able to make love with the little girl comfortably.
Seeing that her friend was now okay, Carly released Stuarts’ prick from her mouth and laid down again. I heard her instruct the boy to lay between her legs and to lick her sex. Moments later I heard her making noises of pleasure as the schoolboy did to her what he’d seen me do to his little sister.
I began to make love to the little girl, leaning over her small immature body and kissing her. I slid my hands under her arse again and quickly located her anus. Some of the baby oil I’d applied to her little pussy had leaked down to the crack of her arse cheeks. I used it to lubricate her anus and found that the tip of my finger slid easily into her.
Jessica’s face wore an expression of surprise when she felt me fingering her sphincter at the same time her pussy was full of my prick. I smiled encouragingly at the little girl as I began to make love to her sexy little body. As we kissed again I managed to ease a second finger into her rectum, at the same time thrusting my prick into her young body more firmly and quickly.
Each time my prick thrust fully into the schoolgirl my fingers in her sphincter became buried more deeply in her, too. Jessica made little ‘oh’ noise every time I thrust myself into her body. I found it very arousing and it turned me on even more than I already was.
My little sister and Jessica’s brother were locked together, with the boy laying on top of her. Carly was whispering in his ear. The schoolboy got off my sister and positioned himself between her thighs. Carly helped him to guide his stiff little prick into her young body and I heard her sigh in delight as her tight sex was satisfied. She had to tell Stuart to slow down when he began to frantically hump himself in her. “He’ll learn” I thought to myself as I turned my attention once more to his nine year old sister.
I was able to move freely now in the little girl’s sexy little body. I removed my fingers from her arse and began to make love with her properly, thrusting my swollen organ into her sex hard and fast. I gradually increased the speed at which I was shoving my prick in her sweet young pussy, slamming into her immature body over and over again.
Beside me I heard Stuart cry out as he lost his virginity to my sister. I felt a moment of pleasure for him as I took his little sister’s sexual innocence. I was approaching my own climax, the tension in my balls building with every thrust of my organ in Jessica’s pussy. The tingles began, in my toes at first, before spreading up my body. I felt my balls contract and my prick swell, becoming tight again in my nine year old lover’s pussy, before, like a dam bursting, my prick exploded its load of cum into the little girl.
Like a well oiled piston, I kept slamming my organ as deep into the little schoolgirl as I was able, drawing every moment of enjoyment from making love with another innocent and immature girl. It felt to me like a well had burst as spurt after spurt of cum burst from my organ and filled the little girls’ pussy. And still I kept thrusting my hips forward, driving my rampant organ into her young body, my mind a maelstrom of the most wonderful sensations, centred entirely around my organ. It was heavenly.
All too soon the sensations subsided, flowed away from me like water and I ceased thrusting my hips forward. My sac was drained for the time being and my wilting prick slipped slowly out of Jessica’s pussy. It was followed by a stream of my cum, where it pooled between her arse cheeks.
The little girl had one of the biggest smiles I'd seen on her face.
"Thank you" she said to me as I lay down beside her.
Her brother and my sister were still wrapped up with one another after their lovemaking. I held Jessica in my arms and kissed her. Holding her small naked body with the knowledge that her tight pussy was full of my cum made me feel very affectionate towards her. I think I even loved her a little bit, too.
Carly and Stuart disentangled themselves. Stuart went to the toilet and Carly slid across to me. She looked at her friend and smiled at her.
"I told you it'd be good" she said to Jessica
"Mmm, it was" Jessica agreed dreamily before kissing me.
I put my arm around my little sister and hugged her to my side. She turned her face to me and I kissed her.
"I want some of what she's just had" she told me
I laughed.
"Not just yet, honey. I need to recover a bit first!"
Carly grinned wickedly at me and slipped out from my embrace. I felt her fingers wrap themselves around my flaccid prick and try to bring it to life, but it was a no-go. I couldn't recover that quickly, not even for her! Undeterred, the next thing I felt was my prick become enveloped in moist warmth as my nine year old sister - possibly inspired by her young friend - tried to give me a blow job. I did feel some sort of stirring, but there was no way I was ready yet to slip myself into my sisters' sexy young body just yet. Stuart, however, had no such problems.
He returned from the bathroom with his little prick already semi-erect. He slid onto the bed and Jessica went into his open arms. In moments the young brother and sister were kissing passionately, the schoolboy with his fingers buried in his little sister's cum-soaked pussy. While Carly sucked my prick back to erection I watched her friend and her brother as they took their relationship to a new level.
Stuart had somehow managed to roll Jessica onto her back and was kneeling between her open legs. His little prick stood proudly erect as he guided himself to her waiting pussy. Both of them sighed in pleasure as the schoolgirls' pussy took the schoolboys' length and he began to make slow love with her.
Carly had given up trying to suck my prick back to stiffness and was trying her hand again. I tapped her head and she looked at me.
"Give it a little while, sweetie" I said gently. "Come here and watch Jessica and Stuart” I suggested. A pout of dissatisfaction appeared on Carly’s pretty face, but she did lay herself beside me, her head on my chest.
Stuart was his little sister were oblivious to me and my sister. He was a quick learner, moving slowly and gently in his sister’s body, touching her and kissing her lovingly. Carly hadn’t given up trying to arouse me again as she watched her little friend making love. Her hand played with my only semi-hard prick continuously.
I had my arm behind my little sister, just laying straight out. I brought it closer to Carly’s naked body and found that it was in just the right position to feel her cute arse. I wasted no time in feeling her firm cheeks and sliding a finger along her crack.
When she felt my finger touching her anus, her hand tightened around my prick. When I began to push a finger against her tight anal ring, she started to pump her hand up and down on my now-stiffening shaft. By the time I had slipped a second finger into my nine year old sister’s sexy arse, I was fully erect again. Even so, I still didn’t think that I could do much to please Carly properly, so I satisfied myself, and her temporarily, with my fingers.
Along with the fingers in her arse I had inserted two fingers in her cum-wet pussy and was none-too-comfortably finger-fucking both her pussy and her arse. I watched as my little sister again took my swollen organ into her mouth and started to suck me again.
Stuart was humping Jessica harder and faster now. He was grunting with the effort as his small stiff prick slipped in and out of the little girl’s pussy.
“I, I, I’m gonna cum!” he yelped suddenly, then arched his back and groaned loudly as he deposited another load of creamy fluid into his sister’s sex. His hips continued to thrust in the little girl as his sac emptied. He collapsed on top her when he was finished, panting but grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Jessica looked at her brother with such love and tenderness that I felt so pleased I had been able to help both kids learn to enjoy themselves with one another.
My tired prick had wilted again, in spite of Carly’s efforts to revive it. I suspected that, in spite of his youthful powers of recovery, Stuart would not be able to perform much more for a little while either. I suggested that the four of us took a break for a drink and maybe a bite to eat? A reluctant agreement from Carly, but Jessica and her brother agreed straight away.

Stuart and I remained downstairs after we’d eaten a sandwich and had a drink. The two little girls returned to my bedroom. Carly had barely been able to keep her hands away from her little pussy the whole time we were downstairs, so I had a pretty good inkling of what she and Jessica would be up to.
None of us had dressed properly; me and Stuart had pulled on our boxers while Carly had dragged on her skirt and Jessica her cycling shorts. Standing in the kitchen with the schoolboy, I mentioned to him what I thought our sisters were up to and he grinned at me. I noticed, too, that his boxers developed a small bulge.
I don’t know what came over me, but when I saw the twelve year old boy’s prick get stiff again, I felt a rush of sexual excitement like the one I’d felt earlier in my bedroom. This time, I was going to do something about it.
I walked up to Stuart and stood directly in front of him. Without saying a word, I cupped his balls and swollen prick in my hand. I felt myself begin to stir again, too.
Stuart just looked at me. I stroked his small stiff prick through his boxers and saw that he was enjoying the feelings I was causing him to have, even though he was probably trying to fight them.
“I’ve only ever done this once before” I said softly, still stroking him.
“I. I’ve never..., you know... with a guy...” he mumbled.
“That’s okay” I said, “you’ll enjoy it”
We were standing in the lounge. I took the schoolboy’s hand and led him to the kitchen. He leaned his back against the worktop as I knelt in front of him. Almost exactly replicating what his little sister had done earlier, I reached for the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down to his ankles. His stiff little prick stood proudly away from his body and a whole host of pleasant memories of another boy at another time flooded back to me.
I looked up at Stuart, but he was looking away. I smiled as I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around it. Immediately I was taken back to my schooldays as I sucked another young boys' prick.
Stuart's prick was about four inches long and very thin; about the thickness of a marker pen. It felt beautiful in my mouth as I lashed my tongue around the smooth shiny head, which caused the schoolboy to gasp out loud. I again looked up at him and saw that he was now watching me draw his stiff organ into my mouth, a faraway, dreamy look in his eyes.
I reached for Stuart's arse cheeks and started kneading them with my fingers. They were quite small and firm, like his sister's, and just as sexy as far as I was concerned. I moved my head backwards and forwards at the same time as I ran my fingers between the crack of the twelve year old boys' arse cheeks. I soon found his dark anal ring and probed at it gently with my finger tip. Stuart began to make low noises of arousal and placed his hands on the top of my head as he began to thrust his hips forwards, encouraging me to suck his little prick harder still. I needed no second invitation.
With my own excitement rising, and after a couple of minutes of teasing Stuart's anal ring, I pressed my finger more firmly against his arsehole. Moments later it slipped smoothly into his young body. I felt his prick swell bigger still in my mouth and his hip movements began more urgent as he became more sexually aroused than I guessed he ever had before.
My prick, which had been in a state of semi-arousal for some time, rose to full erection as I inserted a second finger into the schoolboy's rectum. He began to thrust his hips frantically in my face, and I held myself as still as I could. I was finger-fucking his arse as he fucked my mouth. Stuart was groaning and panting with the effort he was putting into face-fucking me, which turned me on even more.
I felt the twelve year old schoolboy's fingers grip my head more tightly and his small stiff prick leaked the first drops of pre cum. Without a word he humped harder still and then his body went rigid. Moments later I tasted his cum, which I swallowed greedily. More spilled from his organ before, as suddenly as it happened, his prick lost its stiffness and slipped from my mouth. I slowly withdrew my fingers from his rectum and Stuart sank to the floor beside me.
After he had regained his breath he told me that he hadn't expected what we had done so be so enjoyable.
"Yeah, it's cool" I said as I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and hugged him. "I've waited a long time to do that again! I told him.
"I think I might like to, you know, do that to a boy" he said, shyly. "I mean, have him in my mouth, like"
"You should try it" I agreed, "it's a totally different feeling to having your own prick sucked" Then, because it felt right, I kissed him. I kissed the schoolboy in exactly the same way as I kissed girls. At first, Stuart seemed a little taken aback at having another guy's lips on his, but quickly got over his discomfort. We sat side by side on the kitchen floor kissing and touching one another like lovers.
I was still aroused, my prick standing rigid. I kissed Stuart again then after untangling our arms I asked him to get on his knees, which he did without question. With his rather cute and girlish arse facing me, I parted his arse cheeks then I leaned forward and licked at his puckered anal ring. I applied a liberal amount of saliva on and around that tight ring of muscle before pressing the head of my swollen organ against the schoolboy's body.
With just a few gentle thrusts of my hips I felt Stuart's ring of muscle relax and the head of my organ slipped into his sphincter. He let out a whoosh of breath as my organ penetrated his virgin rectum and I began to fuck him.
With slow gentle strokes to allow the twelve year old schoolboy to get used to having his arse filled with stiff prick, I moved my swollen organ backwards and forwards. I was thrilled again at the feel and sensations of feeling my organ being gripped by the tight sphincter of a young boy once more. I had never forgotten what it had felt like the first time I'd done it and now, with my organ buried fully in Stuarts' arse, all of those wonderful memories flooded back to me. I began to fuck him faster.
I reached under the schoolboy and found his prick. It was still flaccid after cumming in my mouth. However, with the tiny thing gripped in my fingers and slowly rubbing it, Stuart was soon erect again. I wanked the boy gently as my prick slipped in and out of his rectum.
Stuart was making sounds of pleasure as his young body was stimulated in a manner it had never been before. With his sphincter full of prick and his own little prick being wanked, the twelve year old boy was having a sexual experience completely beyond his imaginings. He gasped and grunted with every thrust of my prick in his sphincter, which aroused me even more than I already was.
I felt myself approaching climax. I released Stuart's prick and placed both of my hands on his arse cheeks to steady myself. I was thrusting my hips harder and faster into his young body, lost in the pleasure my own body was experiencing. Harder and harder, faster and faster, my prick pounded the young boys' arsehole, the tingles of impending climax building to an almost unbearable pitch.
My balls tightened, my prick swelled thicker still then my mind went completely blank as my organ erupted and fired its load of cum deep into Stuart's body. He let out a sound of surprise when he felt my warm cum filling his rectum, his hand reaching for his own prick and wanking himself furiously as I continued to hump myself in him. I felt his body go rigid and he cried out again as he spilled his cum onto the kitchen floor.
My balls had emptied themselves in Stuarts sphincter and my prick was wilting. I stopped humping and allowed my spent organ to slip slowly from Stuart's body before I sank to the floor and lay on my back. Grinning broadly, the twelve year old schoolboy joined me on the kitchen floor where we lay side by side. We didn't speak, but words were unnecessary anyway.

Our sisters were laying next to each other on my bed when me and Stuart rejoined them.
“Where have you two been, then?” Carly asked
“Boys stuff” I said as I sat next to her.
“What sort of boys stuff?” she persisted.
I had no idea how she would react to hearing that her big brother had been intimate with another boy. She was only nine years old, after all. I looked at her for a moments or two, quickly debating what to tell her.
“The sort of boys stuff you and Jessica have been doing, I guess” I told her. My little sister’s eyes opened as wide as they could, then she smiled at me; a knowing sort of smile.
“Oh, wow!” she exclaimed, then kissed me. So, that was alright then!
I was surprised to see that only a couple of hours had passed since Jessica and Stuart had arrived. That meant at least another two to two and half hours before mine and Carly’s mum and dad were due home from work. Plenty of time for more fun...
Jessica and her brother certainly weren’t wasting time. With his new-found confidence - and with his powers of recovery far quicker then mine - Stuart was already stiff again. His little sister had his prick in her mouth while his fingers probed, not only her tight pussy, but her arsehole as well. Just seeing the two youngsters enjoying themselves like that was enough to arouse me again. My own dear little sister wasn’t slow to notice, either.
I lay on my bed and watched Stuart position himself behind Jessica’s upraised arse. His small stiff prick disappeared as it was swallowed by her rectum. Carly was also watching the brother and sister, with one of her hands wrapped around my now-stiff prick and the other fingering her own pussy.
The schoolboy had learnt quickly; he made love to his nine year old sisters’ cute arse carefully and gently whilst she, too, fingered her own pussy. It was an amazingly erotic sight and I felt myself becoming more and more turned on. It helped, of course, that my own nine year old sister’s hand was making my swollen prick feel wonderful, too.
I removed Carly’s hand and asked her to kneel on my bed. In moments I was pressing the head of my organ against her tight anal ring. Moments after that I was fully in her sexy immature body and making love to her arsehole again.
Stuart looked at me and grinned. I couldn’t help but return his smile. We both fucked our little sisters, our bodies moving in unison. Then I had another idea.
I managed to get Stuart’s attention. Using hand signals I indicated to him what I wanted to do. He nodded at me eagerly, grasping immediately what I meant. At the same moment as I slipped out of my little sister’s body, he slipped his prick out of his sister. We quickly swapped places and I was sliding my prick into Jessica’s arse and my sister’s was filled with Stuart’s.
The two girls looked at one another then they kissed. I slipped my prick out of Jessica’s arse and immediately shoved it into her tight pussy. Seeing what I’d done, Stuart followed suit. Both little girls giggled and kissed as their sexy young bodies had both of their holes made love to alternately.
Because of the number of times I’d cum already, it was quite a while before I felt the first tingles of another climax begin. My prick was filling Jessica’s pussy at the time. Her brother was nearer to cumming than I was and was pounding himself in my little sister’s sphincter. I felt myself becoming more aroused as I watched him slamming his small stiff organ into Carly. She had her own fingers buried deeply in her pussy and was moaning in pleasure as the schoolboy humped her. The sight of them drove me to hump Jessica harder, too.
I quickly slipped my prick out of the nine year old schoolgirls’ pussy and into her rectum. Immediately I began to pound her little body, slamming my organ as deep into her sphincter as I could, feeling the tingles in my balls grow in intensity with every thrust of my hips. I heard Stuart cry out as he deposited his load of cum in Carly and I felt myself reaching the brink.
I could feel my little sister and Jessica’s brother watching as my swollen organ pounded into the little girl’s arsehole over and over again. The ache in my balls and prick was becoming unbearable and I drove myself harder and harder into Jessica. Just when I was beginning to think that I’d never cum, my prick seemed to explode. I actually yelled as I felt my balls release the load of cum they had been holding back for so long and I cried out as much out of gratitude as release. My hips continued to thrust my prick into Jessica’s sexy immature body, once more filling her rectum with cum. Only when that incredible sex rush had subsided, then disappeared altogether, did I allow my spent prick to slip out of the little girl’s body.

We were all knackered. We lay on my bed for some time, all lost in our own thoughts. It was Carly who suggested that we ought to clean ourselves up. When we had showered and dressed we were sat watching the telly like innocent kids when mum and dad arrived home.
Me and Carly walked Jessica and Stuart home. We all agreed that it had been a fantastic afternoon and said that we couldn’t wait to do it again. After we left them at their house I felt fairly certain that Stuart, with his newly learned knowledge, would be spending a lot more time with his little sister. Me and Carly, also, would be having a lot more fun in future.


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Very good story. But one thing bothers me, not once did you describe any of the girls having orgasms. That is the most arousing thing with little girls. Making them cum.

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2012-08-05 05:24:28
As I expected after reading Pt 1, this is just as sexy and erotic. Personally I loved the 'gay' stuff: I had experiences like that when i was a young lad and to this day those memories still get me off. thank you for including the boy-on-boy stuff. Will you be writing a Part 3?

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I to loved the story but could also do with the gay part, but it did not really take anything away from my enjoyment.


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Great Story. I like where it is going, It would be be really cool if you could write more chapters. Really really well written.

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I was sitting with my young daughter watching tv when she asked me if she could see my cock , I was a little surprised and asked why she wanted to see it,She said her friend had seen her dad's and told her it was beautiful and she wanted to see if mine was as well. So i said ok but not to say anything to her mum,She said ok so i dropped my shorts and let her see it and i asked her if she wanted to hold it she nodded head and put her hand round it so i showed her how to wank me off. she made me shot my cum all over her hand and my stomach, I thanked her said that was great and next time if she want's she can suck it, She said she would like that.

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